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Need technical help with tag list
Dee Blue waves
I would like to have a separate list of my tags for the world (and me) to see right on my LJ, not as a post, but as a regular thing that comes up every time. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea how to do it.  I tried and failed.  I know it's possible because I see such tag lists on other people's journals. Can anyone offer me any advice?

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A tag list on display is a feature of several journal theme. You can look under "Journal > customize Journal style > Style - Sidebar" if your theme offers it.
If not, you can choose another theme for your journal that has that feature (also under "Journal > customize Journal style"). My theme (Flexible Squares) has it, for example.

Thank you! I see what you mean. Certain styles automatically organize my information for me. I'm playing with different styles right now.

If you like this journal style, the easiest way is to create a link to your tags page that people click on.


I don't have my tags displayed, but I created links for my common tags. I also have a page that has all of my fics in one place. I just edit it when I write something new. Like this http://jdr1184.livejournal.com/29925.html
I created a link under my name that is always displayed and will take people to my fic list. Let me know if you need help.

Ooh, you're so clever! That first link was just what I needed. That was what I tried to do before, but it didn't work. I've got a links section now. Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks anyway for being willing to help. I did really like my nautical theme, but it had a few limits. I'm going to experiment with this one for a while. The New York cityscape is an apt theme for my Fake stories.

I wonder why the Fake tag is so big? Maybe it's because I have more entries with that tag than any other.

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