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Well, I watched my first ever episode of Full Metal Alchemist today. It was on a video I taped from last week. Usually on Fridays, Inu Yasha comes on at 9 pm here, and Gundam Seed comes on at 10:00. Naruto is in between, and although I'm not interested in that, I set the VCR to tape for an hour and a half because it's easier. Well, this time, it looks like Naruto has been replaced by FMA. I begin to see what all the fuss is about. I wasn't overly impressed by the actual episode OR the script, but the part at the beginning where 10 and 11 year old Al and Ed had their horrible alchemy-gone-wrong experience was absolutely riveting. I watched that part twice. It was gory, but I don't mind gore if it's not merely gratuitous and actually serves to further the plot.

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