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Dee Blue waves
Well, I watched my first ever episode of Full Metal Alchemist today. It was on a video I taped from last week. Usually on Fridays, Inu Yasha comes on at 9 pm here, and Gundam Seed comes on at 10:00. Naruto is in between, and although I'm not interested in that, I set the VCR to tape for an hour and a half because it's easier. Well, this time, it looks like Naruto has been replaced by FMA. I begin to see what all the fuss is about. I wasn't overly impressed by the actual episode OR the script, but the part at the beginning where 10 and 11 year old Al and Ed had their horrible alchemy-gone-wrong experience was absolutely riveting. I watched that part twice. It was gory, but I don't mind gore if it's not merely gratuitous and actually serves to further the plot.

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***is very excited that I'll have another topic to discuss with you***

The first two episodes are pretty lame, IMHO - they serve to introduce you to 15-year-old Edward and 14-year-old Alphonse as well as setting up some plot elements for later in the series. Wait until you see the third (?) episode 'Mother' before you render judgement on whether it's worthwhile for you to watch - it expands on THE incident from the first episode that you watched twice. I really think you'll like FMA - it's a very thought-provoking series and very slashable. :P

FMA is fab, but it doesn't pull any punches. I've cried several times but it's definitely worth it. I watched it ages ago on fansub but gave up because I couldn't stand Ed's voice. The dub is actually really, really good and seeing that got me back into it. I'm sure you'll be hooked in no time! :)


What's 'fansub'? And how old is this series, do you know?

Fansubbing is when people add subtitles unofficially (and then usually make it available on the internet). Fansubs are usually released when it's only available in Japan. As for the age, it came out in 2003. :)

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