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Brit Columbia's character list for FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May)
Dee Blue waves
Okay, here it is, and it's rather long.  However, I want to point out that many of the people on the list didn't even have speaking parts. They were just referred to. Anyone whose name appears in a light grey color and is italicized is a person who didn't utter any dialogue, or didn't make a physical appearance in the story. Most of these listed are minor characters.  I basically listed anyone who had a name, whether they were important or not.

All of the characters on this list are the inventions and property of  brit_columbia. They will appear in my other stories because they are part of my particular 'Fake-verse'.  If you want to use any of them in your own FAKE fanfics, please ask first and don't forget to credit me.

The characters have been alphabetically listed by their first names. Each name is followed by a reference to the chapter in which he or she was first introduced.

If you want to look up a character whose name is not on this list, it could be because the character is one of Sanami Matoh's. I took  some of her minor characters and expanded their roles. Try checking my other character list A comprehensive list of Ms. Matoh's FAKE characters ) and hopefully you'll find him or her there.  If you think I have missed anyone, please let me know!

Incidentally, I'll be posting Chapter 41 of  a new day  either late tonight or tomorrow, if you want to check back.

Aaron Brody:  a guy Bikky had a fight with. (ch 9)
Mrs. Abrams:  a youth services rep (ch 32)
Al:  a drug dealer that Ned Shaver is associated with (ch21)
Alan Radley: a young man that Abernathy hauled off a bus (ch 36)
Andre:  a street acquaintance of Mike Abernathy's. (ch 24)
Andrea Fowler:  a Narcotics detective with the Bronx 51st Precinct. Ned Shaver's partner. (ch 12)
Anna Darden: a manager at Verizon (ch 32)
Annette: a police clerk who works in the records department at the 27th Precinct. (ch 27)

Battista: a Corporate America gang member (ch 40)
Bear: a skinhead (ch 22)
Becky: a Karate student in the youth class (ch 18)
Ben: the sensei of the Tuesday and Thursday youth class at Ryo's Karate dojo. (ch 18)
Benny Lam: a street acquaintance of Mike Abernathy's. (ch 24)
Bill Mitchell: a detective with the 62nd precinct (ch 35)
Blake: a sergeant with the 88th (ch 36)
Bo: AKA Crazy Bo, a highly religious acquaintance of Bikky's from his old neighborhood. (ch 18)
Boydie: a skinhead (ch 22)
Brian Webster: an incarcerated younger cousin of Arnon's. (ch 10)
Brian: Ryo's Karate teacher. A different Brian from the incarcerated one. (ch 18)
Bridget: an attractive woman who works in a kitchen shop (ch 5)
Bryce: a nurse at Bellevue Hospital (ch 23)

Casey: a stripper at The North Pole (ch 31)
Cindy: a 'customer' who wanted to buy something from Eddie. (ch 24)
Collins: a detective with Internal Affairs ( ch 36)
Crystal: Shantaya's aunt (ch 31)

Danka: a barrista at Cafe Bruno (ch 34)
Dari: a waiter at Helene's (ch 31)
Dave McDormand: One of Bikky's friends. (ch 4)
Delbert Oliver: owner of Bam's restaurant in Queens (ch 29)
Denny: a street kid that Dee knows. (ch 6)
Dizz: a skinhead (ch 22)
Dot: a waitress at Marv's Diner (ch 41)

Eddie Carlo Calvetti (AKA 'Karl'): a junkie, drug dealer/shoplifter with a heart of gold. (ch 4)
Eliza Austen: a detective at the 27th Precinct and a co-worker of Ryo and Dee's. (ch 15)
Essien Ibo: leader of a Brooklyn gang called the Stone Blood Boys (ch 29)
Evan Mitchell: an old co-worker of Ryo's (ch 19)


Fedorov: a sergeant at the 99th Precinct (ch 33)
Fenton: a patrol officer with the 27th (ch 37)
Flor Guerrerro: a lieutenant with the bomb squad (ch 39)
Fox: A lieutenant with IA (Chapter 41) He was to take over Abernathy's cases while he was ostensibly on vacation with his wife.
Frank Marchall: a homophobic guy who taunted Dee and Ryo in the parking lot of Freddie's Convenience Store. He reappears several times, but he first appears in chapter 1.
Frank Rizzo: Leader of Corporate America, a Bronx-based gang (ch 32)

Sister Germana: a nun who works with Mother Maria at the orphanage (ch 38)
Gill: a CSI tech. (ch 16)
Giovanna (AKA Martha Elwood): a glamorous prostitute who is attracted to Dee (ch 31)

Hammond: an orderly at Bellevue hospital. (ch 25)
Helen Hayer: the Commissioner's secretary. (ch 32)
Henley:  a patrol officer with the 36th Precinct, currently being investigated by Internal Affairs (ch41)
Hiro: a Karate student in the youth class (ch 18)

Isadora Abernathy: Mike's British wife. (ch 8)

James Chang: a detective at the 27th Precinct. A co-worker of Ryo and Dee's. (ch 16)
Jerry: a police clerk who works at the front desk of the 27th with Janet and Marianne (ch 37)
Jeff: a technician in the fingerprint lab at the 27th Precinct. (ch 16)

Jimmy: a member of the Stone Blood Boys (ch 29)
Julie: a cute little girl who was playing in a McDonalds Play-Place. Daughter of Karen. (ch 11)

Karen: an attractive woman who talked to Ryo in McDonald's restaurant. Mother of Julie. (ch 11)
Kerry Bristow: an officer with the juvenile division (ch 28)
Kevin Shaver: the ten year old son of of Ned and Sheila (ch 19)
Kyle: a bouncer who works at various clubs (ch 31)
Kyle Baker: a boy from the prequel to A New Day. Remember at the end of Book Seven, Ryo found Dee on the roof and told him that they got a full confession on that 'Baker' case they were working on? Ryo mentions his name in A New Day. (ch 23)

Larry: a homophobic guy, who along with Frank, taunted Ryo and Dee at Freddie's Convenience Store. (ch 1)
Leona: the Chief's secretary (ch 27)
LeRoy: a Dyre Street Devils gang member (ch 40)
Lily: a grumpy waitress at a Chinese restaurant. (ch 15)
Linda: a stripper at The North Pole (ch 31)
Linda Ehrman: a detective in the Narcotics division at the 27th (ch 33)
Lindsay Masters: The lawyer Ryo hired for Bikky (ch 33)
Liz: a lab technician (ch 12)
Lyle: a uniformed police officer at the 27th. He works in holding. (ch 11)

Mac Perlman: a uniformed police officer who met Dee and Ryo at a crime scene. (ch 16)
Malcom Dyer: a sergeant at the 27th (ch 28)
Mario: Robbie's cousin (ch 18)
Mark Lesnik: an old co-worker of Ryo's (ch 19)
Marlon: Giovanna's pimp (ch 38)
McCormick: the Captain of the 51st Precinct in the Bronx (ch 37)

Megan: a patrol officer from the 19th. She was Drake's girlfriend. (ch 11)
Mel: a skinhead (ch 22)
Meredith: a woman Ryo was dating circa Book 6 (ch 7)
Mike Abernathy: an Irish lieutenant in Internal Affairs. A real bad guy! (Ch 8)
Miri: a waitress at The North Pole (ch 31)
Mohammad: a friend of Bikky's, who works at a CVS (ch 31)
Mosquito: an acquaintance of Bikky's from his old neighborhood. (ch 18)

Ned Shaver: a Narcotics detective with the Bronx 51st Precinct (ch 12)
Nels: A big strong friend of Bikky's (ch 31)
Nick Contadino: a Corporate America gang member (ch 40)

Palmer: a detective with the 62nd precinct (ch 35)
Paul Abrams, a lieutenant at the 27th. Leona is his secretary, too. (ch 27)
Pete Dory: a handsome fire chief (ch 39)
Pettigrew, Robert. A patrol officer with the 27th (ch 37)
Peyton: a patrol officer with the 36th Precinct, currently being investigated by Internal Affairs (ch41)
Price, Teresa: Alan Radley's grandmother, (ch 42)

Ralph: a morgue attendant at the Queens Hospital Center (ch 26)
Reggie Marotta: a Corporate America gang member (ch 40)
Rick Romero (AKA Ja Romeo): Tamara's Pimp, then later Shantaya's. (ch 11)
Rob: Andrea Fowler's husband. (ch 12)
Robbie: the son of Eddie's Aunt Rosa (ch 18)
Rosa: the wife of Eddie Calvetti's deceased uncle. He died and she remarried, but Eddie still called her "Aunt" Rosa. She's the mother of Robbie. (ch 18)
Roy Bannerman: a Narcotics detective. Deceased. Ned Shaver's ex-partner prior to Andrea. (ch 17)

Father Russell: A Catholic priest who performs services at the little church on the orphanage property. (ch 38)
Ruth Massey, a detective at the 99th Precinct in Queen's.  Tina Greenspan's partner. (ch 34)
Ross Pekoe, Sergeant: Commissioner Rose's Supervisor of Staff at One Police Plaza (ch 44, part one)

Scott Saunders: a detective with the 99th (ch 32)
Shantaya: a street prostitute (ch 31)
Sheldon Arios: a detective at the 27th Precinct. A co-worker of Ryo and Dee's. (ch 15)
Sheila: Ned Shaver's wife and the mother of his son (ch 19)
Simmonds: the lieutenant in charge of Andrea Fowler's Narcotics division at the 51st precinct (ch 39)
Dr. Stein: a young doctor at a medical clinic on First Avenue (ch 28)
Tamara Stanley: a teenage hooker that Eddie helped. (ch 11)

Tania: a black belt in Ryo's Karate class. (ch 18)
Thomas Abernathy: the teenage son of Mike and Isadora. (ch 6)
Tina Greenspan: a detective at the 99th Precinct in Queens. (Ch 26)
Tino: Shantaya's former pimp, currently doing time. (ch 31)
Tony De Luca: a member of the gang Corporate America (ch 40)
Tony Elliot: a drug dealer Bikky knows. (ch 18)

Tyrone: a member of the Stone Blood Boys (ch 40)

Vic Bhalla: a TARU tech. (ch 35)
Vik Hogan: a gang member of the Dyre Street Devils (ch 40)

Wayne: the boyfriend of Carol's aunt Elina (ch 24)

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Wow. There's no way I could ever create so many characters, let alone keep track of them! This is really helpful, and not just for when someone from 20 chapters ago shows up again! Now, the question is, who among these is Abernathy's mole...

Hmmm...who indeed? I'm not ready to reveal the mole just yet!

I'm glad you find this list helpful. I hope it makes the story a little easier to read.

Thanks for commenting! And liking my list.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, Erin! What a sweet thing to say. Perfect timing, too, because I kind of had a sinking feeling when I counted up all the names and realized how very many there are... and the story's not over yet! (My poor readers)

In the sequel, I'll try not to introduce quite so many new ones. I do plan to recycle a lot of the people on this list, so maybe I'll be able to keep the population of minor characters down.

P.S. I did my whole reply in italics, just for you! :D

Re: Спасибо за статью

Well, everyone who was in A New Day is on this list. However, some new characters that I created for Justice, are not on this list. I started making a character list for Justice, but then I lost interest when I realized that fewer and fewer people were reading.

Do you want me to make a character list for Justice?

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