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Slave to a Gladiator, Chapter 9

What's new with me nowadays: Crazy busy at work once again. What a year this has been. I also have a strained ligament in my foot, dammit. I walk with a slight limp, but I can still ride my bike, thank God. Last weekend my father and I rode about 50 K and managed to get home ahead of the rain.

slave to a gladiator resumes!  If you've never read it, just click on the tag or the link and it'll bring the whole story up for you. But you don't have to read it in order to enjoy Chapter Nine. The first eight chapters don't contain essential information, just a bunch of sex and spanking.

A New Day is on hold, but I'll work on it this weekend and see how far I can get. As an apology for falling behind on that story once again, I'll be posting a one-shot lemon called Legal Briefs on Sunday morning.

Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Nine

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  Teen.  The naughtiness is over for now. But more is on the way…
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Timing:  Set in October of Dee and Ryo's first year together. It happens after Keep It Down.
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A Halloween party, a gladiator, a slave, and a bunch of costumed supporting characters. Let the silliness begin!
Author's notes:  If you like it, let me know.
Thank you to  mtemplar, moontatoo, and  the_ladyfeather for beta-ing this.

 Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter 9

Diana met them at the door of the function room she had rented for her party, all squeals, smiles and plunging décolletage. She was dressed quite charmingly like one of the goddesses in the Greek pantheon. Ryo guessed Artemis by the bow and arrows she wore slung on her back. On her feet were high heeled, gold strappy sandals that laced up her calves.

"Boys! So glad you could make it. Come on in and meet the gang!" Sweeping a dramatic arm out, she indicated a sparsely-populated room of mostly females. Under her breath she huffed, "You're late!"
"Sorry," said Ryo, "but we - "
"The point is we're here, toots," interrupted Dee, thrusting a bottle of wine at her. "Where should I put this?"
"I'll show you," she said, beaming a big, dazzling fake smile in his direction. "But first, don't I get a kiss?" She stood on tiptoe and pointed to her cheek.
Ryo obliged immediately, but Dee had to be nudged. Diana took them both by the  arm and led them into a corner between two vine-draped pillars where a table was set up with bottles, ice and glasses. Looking furtively over her shoulder, she leaned in and whispered, "Okay, here's the drill. I want to make two guys jealous, so I need to look like a hot property on the dating market. You two are going to help me, right?"
While Ryo was assuring her they would do their best, Dee picked up a corkscrew and started opening his bottle. "Hot property? Sweetheart, even the entire PR department of the FBI couldn't help you there. In fact - AAGH!" He nearly dropped the bottle as Diana trod upon the bare toes of his sandaled foot.
"Dee, sweetie, when you're done hopping around in that adorable way, come with me for a moment," Diana said brightly. "I just want to explain something to you, okay?"
He looked at her warily. "All right, but I'm bringing this," he said, brandishing the corkscrew defensively in front of his body. "You and your damn stilettos just keep your distance, got it?"
Diana giggled and lightly smacked his arm for the benefit of a couple of mildly interested faux-convicts that were passing nearby. Then she tugged him over to a large potted plant and hissed, "Listen up, Neanderthal. I don't wanna have to pull out my bag of threats here, because I'd rather have your cooperation, but I will if I have to. Do you understand?"
"Too late, Sea Hag. You already pulled out your bag of threats for poor Ryo, and I see you're not above committing acts of violence on ME," Dee complained, rubbing his sore foot against the calf of his other leg. "Why don't you try honey instead of vinegar for a change?"
"Well, that just happens to be exactly what I wanted to talk to you about," she said, giving him a small but wicked smile. "Let's start with your partner. He sure looks cute in his costume, doesn't he?" She jerked her head in Ryo's direction, where he was pouring wine for a busty redhead in a sixties Star Trek outfit.
At the sight, Dee stiffened and narrowed his eyes. "Your point?"
"My point is that he'd look a whole lot cuter in that tunic if he wasn't wearing jeans. Gayer, too. The girls would probably lose all hope of dragging him into bed with them."
Dee turned his head and grinned at her in surprise. "Diana, you're a mind-reader," he said.
"Yeah I am, a lot of the time, actually, for all the good it's done me."
"So what do you propose? How are you going to get him to take off his jeans? He wouldn't take them off for me."
"Oh, I'm not going to get his jeans off him. That's your job. I'm just here to aid and abet."
"Smile at me and try to kiss me right now," she snarled through lips that to all outward appearances seemed to be curved in a seductive grin.
Dee obliged, putting an arm around her and trying to kiss her neck while she squealed breathlessly and pretended to fight him off.
"Aw, come on, Diana, why not? You let Ryo kiss you," he complained loudly, then added under his breath, "How'm I doing?"
"Not bad," she whispered and then added with more volume, "You bad boy. Maybe later. Now don't muss my hair." She patted it back into place, while pretending not to notice a handsome man dressed as a rugby player who was frowning in their direction from across the room.
"Back to Ryo's jeans," Dee reminded her.
"Oh right. Well, you find a way to get him to want to take them off. Put ice in his pants, or burn a hole in them with one of your filthy cigarettes or something. My job is to make them disappear for a while. I'll have the concierge whisk them off for cleaning or replacement or whatever is called for. I'll also ply him with my famous extra-strength blueberry 'tea', if you think that'll help."

"I dunno. I don't want him passing-out drunk, you know."

"Don't worry--one won't make him pass out. I'll even throw in access to a sweet little private alcove that's hidden behind the curtain next to the coat check area. There's a sofa in there that you could molest him on if you think you can get him to go for that." She regarded him with a knowing expression.
Dee looked at her as a criminal might look at his accomplice, and tried not to grin. "And what's in it for you?"
"Flirt with me, Casanova. Pull out all the stops. Live up to that legendary reputation of yours. I don't want anything half-hearted. There's a man over there that I'm trying to hook, and I want him to see that hot guys are into me."
"Why Diana! Are you telling me you find me hot?" Dee pushed his hair out of his eyes, unable to resist smirking.
Her eyes swept over him in frank appraisal. "Yeah. Right up until the moment when you open your mouth, that is."
Dee shrugged. "What about Ryo?"
"Oh, he'll be in on it, of course. We just won't tell him the parts about the jeans and the molestation, that's all. I'll ask him to flirt with me too, but to be frank, Ryo sucks at chasing girls."
"Yeah, he does, thank God. Half the time he can't even figure out when they're flirting with him." Dee glanced over at where the redhead was directing Ryo's attention to her phaser, which was tucked into a holster at the top of one of her stockings. "But he's such a looker that he doesn't have to do any chasing. All he has to do is stand there and they swarm all over him like ants on a roast beef sandwich."
"Yeah, well that's no help to me. Maybe it won't tax his limited flirting skills too much if I ask him to just gaze longingly at me and fetch me drinks and snacks." Diana smiled wryly. "So do we have a deal, handsome?"
"You betcha, toots. Hey, does this mean I can stare at your tits?"
"Sure, why not?" she sang, while resting her stiletto heel threateningly on top of his foot. Then she added under her breath, "Don't be crass, you bastard. If you make me an object of pity, you're gonna regret it a hundred times over."
"Just kidding, gorgeous. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go rescue Ryo before that chick starts offering to take him home to play with her jet pack."
"We'll both go. I want to tell him about his part of the plan, anyway."

"Which guy is she after again?" Ryo whispered to Dee.
"Guy in the rugby uniform. The one who's giving me a dirty look. I have to say, I think her plan is working."
"Wait a minute, didn't she say she needed to make TWO guys jealous?"
"Yeah, that's right, she did. I wonder who the other one is?" Dee looked around at the other men in the room. There weren't many there who would have fit Diana's criteria. She liked them big, even though she was quite a tiny little thing herself.
"Oh, look," said Ryo. "Some more guests are arriving. That pair is dressed like Batman and Robin. That's a pretty good Batman costume. I wonder if it's anyone we know?"
At that moment, 'Robin' turned his masked face in their direction and broke into a delighted grin. "DEE-SEMPAIIIIII!"
"Oh shit," growled Dee. "Hold this for me, will you?" He thrust his drink into Ryo's hand and disappeared.

As JJ rushed past Ryo, he created a breeze that lifted Ryo's hair and stirred the skirt of his tunic. Ryo didn't even bother to turn around when he heard the thud and the yell. A split second after that, there was a loud crash that sounded expensive. It made him flinch, but he was determined not to turn around for that either, although all the guests in his immediate vicinity were staring in horror at some point past his left shoulder and the air was now filled with loud, familiar cursing. With relief, Ryo spotted someone he recognized.

"James!" he said walking forward with a smile, and handing him Dee's drink. "Nice to see you."
"She got you too, huh?"
"Yeah. She kind of didn't give us a choice."
"Me neither,' said James. "She wouldn't let me bring my girlfriend, either."
"Lily? How's she doing?"
"Not bad...Hey, what the hell's going on over at the door?"
Ryo turned to look. Four muscular young men, stripped to the waist, entered through the double doors of the function room bearing a curtained palanquin. Two girls in Roman dress went before it scattering rose petals on the floor in its path.
"Looks like someone's making an entrance," Ryo remarked, wondering who it was.

Drake looked around the room feeling unbelievably hot and sweaty in his black latex Batman costume. How had he let JJ talk him into this? The damn thing was skin tight, and pissing was definitely going to be a challenge. He'd better not have too much beer tonight, he thought as he mopped the lower part of his face with a party napkin, and looked around him for familiar faces. The room was attractively decorated in a Greco-Roman style, with vines and bunches of plastic grapes hanging from the pillars and the walls. There were little jack-o-lanterns interspersed here and there as a nod to Halloween. The pillars seemed real, he thought to himself as he saw Dee clawing his way upright against one, while berating JJ over his shoulder. If it wasn't a real pillar, it wouldn't have supported his weight. Drake looked at Dee sympathetically. Shit, it must have hurt when JJ knocked him down on that marble floor.

He began to feel seriously overheated and looked around hopefully for an open window or a balcony. A sultry female voice spoke at his shoulder.

"Time for a smoke?"

He looked in the direction of the voice and was momentarily distracted from the heat and the sweating by the discovery that there was an attractive, slender woman in a black latex bustier and rather a lot of black eye make up apparently hitting on him.  A pair of furry cat ears poked up from between glossy brown curls.

"Yeah!" he said. "Do you know where we can go? Preferably outside, or somewhere cool?"

"Follow me," she said, fixing him with a long, smoldering stare. "You give me one of your cigarettes and I'll give you some tips about how to get through a party in latex."

"Deal," said Drake, tugging uncomfortably at the neck of his costume again.
"JJ, do me a favor,' said Dee.

JJ's eyes lit up. "ANYTHING, you Greek God of a Gladiator!"

Dee handed him the punchbowl. "Go spill this on Ryo's jeans."

"Huh? Why?"

"Never mind why. Just do it. But don't get any on the tunic - it's a rental."

"Are you mad at him or something?"

"JJ, for fuck's sake. You're always saying how you'd do anything for me, and now when I FINALLY ask you to do something, you're all 'Why?' I have a reason, okay? And the less you know, the better, okay?"

"Well, what if he decks me?"

"He won't deck you if you apologize convincingly enough. Now are you gonna do this for me or not?"

"All right, all right. But in return, you have to join my friends list on Facebook, and sit next to me in the lunchroom at least twice next week."

"Facebook? Not a chance. But I'll think about the lunchroom. Besides, you owe me this for knocking me into that plaster statue back there. That fucking hurt."

JJ looked penitent. "I'm sorry, Mr. Perfect. I didn't see it."

"Whatever. Now get over there and drench him good. And remember, I had nothing to do with this, got it?"

"Dee, you're lucky you're so gorgeous because you really are a bastard, you know that?"

Dee winked at him. "Aw come on, JJ. I'm only a part-time bastard nowadays. I'm gettin' old, you know."

JJ grinned back. "Like hell. You'll still be the sexiest man in the universe even when you're forty." He turned away with the punchbowl, looking mischievous. "Watch this," he said over his shoulder, and crossed the room to Ryo.

End of chapter 9

The next chapter will appear on Halloween night.  And there's FAKE_PORN coming in the next chapter!  Scroll down to the comments where you will see an animation of Dee doing something unmentionable to (we presume) Ryo, even though all we see of him are a pair of thighs... This animation is courtesy of the incredible  jdr1184.  If you like it, please help me to encourage her to make more, more!

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