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Laptop Heaven
Dee Blue waves

I'm posting this on my new Asus 701 mini laptop from a coffee shop! I always wanted to have internet access on the go. I've just been re-reading my favorite (actually the ONLY one I follow) RPG, Fake Second Chances, which you can find here http://community.livejournal.com/fake_2nd_chance/2004/06/12/


if you ever want to check it out.


Before that, I was perusing Yaoi Daily, which if you've never tried it, is a fabulous Yaoi fix. This is it here:  http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/


By the way, I'll be posting Chapter 14 of Slave to a Gladiator in a few hours. I just have to apply the suggestions that the betas made and do a few more sundry tweaks, and it'll be ready.  I've also got visitors coming over for champagne and cake, but only for about an hour and a half.

I got my chapter back from the betas days ago, but I was too busy all day every day this week, and then too exhausted in the evenings to do anything about it. I couldn't even play with my new laptop until now! I'm sure you've all had weeks or months like that.
Anyway, I LOVE my new laptop! Just wanted to share that.

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You got to try your new laptop, yippee! Have you found a comfortable way to hold it yet? I usually balance mine on my knees, but then I have a larger one than you do.
Thanksgiving was good, but being with my brother was great. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

No, I haven't found a comfortable way to hold it yet! I sat in an armchair and tried resting it on my knees, but it was too far away from my eyes and typing wasn't comfortable. I tried raising my feet and propping it on my lap at an angle,but that wasn't particularly stable. It wasn't bad for reading, although typing was impossible. Finally, I moved to a table, and that worked best of all.

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! It's so nice that you got to spend time with your brother, too. Did you have stuffing with gravy? That's my favorite part of the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter etc. turkey dinner.

I absolutely love Fake Second Chances, though sadly it seems to be winding down now. It's probably one of the few fixes, aside from your fics that a Fake fan can get nowadays.

Congratulations on the new laptop!

I love it , too! It's so well-written, isn't it? I remember when I first discovered it. There was quite a backlog of posts for me to read to get caught up, and it totally dominated my life for about 6 weeks, there. Every day, I was looking forward to the evenings so I could immerse myself in that world.

It was just so damn inspiring for me.

Thanks! I love my laptop. (It's my darling) Well, so is Fluffy, but in a different way.

Is there anything worth reading on yaoi daily just now? I always fall out during the dry spells. ^^;

There have been a couple of people posting stories by Minase Masara, an artist I'm generally quite fond of. Try this one: http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/5342962.html#cutid1
You can click back to the beginning and then read several parts in a row. and http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/5338872.html#cutid1 for part one bccause the poster doesn't have a link up from part two. So, here's the address for part two: http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/5342199.html#cutid1
But don't bother if you don't like Minase Masara. I haven't been on Yaoi Daily for a while (it is a DRUG for me), so I don't know what else there is nowadays.

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