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I should NOT be awake
Dee Blue waves
Unfortunately, I'm having trouble sleeping nowadays. But I'm jumping into bed right after I post this. Wish me luck in falling asleep. This month is too damn busy, that's what it is.

Anyhow, the real reason I'm posting is to let you know that I'll be posting the next chapter of slave to a gladiator this Friday or Saturday on schedule because I got some good sleep last weekend and typed in a blur of speedy fingers on Sunday! It's a wild and fun chapter and I hope you guys will laugh when you read it.

I need a new bike helmet because I've been having bad luck with the bike accessories recently. I'm using a borrowed one right now, but pretty soon I have to take a deep breath and brave one of those seething malls that are bristling with bargain-crazed Christmas consumers. Or I could pay a few dollars more and go to the little bike shop downtown that does my repairs. Hmm.

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I'm looking at the time on your post. Oh dear.

Oh, it got worse after that. I think I got a grand total of one hour of sleep last night. And I don't get to go home (and cook, not rest!) until 8 pm. I'm kind of running on fumes right now. Well, fumes and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. But I'm sure you've been there too, many times. Hopefully, I'll get caught up on my sleep tonight.

Yep, been there. *sends you a tall mocha*

Oooh, perfect! Does it have whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top?

(Deleted comment)
Doesn't it just? It's a good thing we have fanfics to feed our escapism. The next chapter is definitely not going to be fun for Dee. Wild, yes, but not fun!

A good nights sleep is always something I aspire to, but an entire weekend's worth would be even better!

I guess a bike helmet is not something that can be purchased on-line, so I suggest getting to the stores early before it becomes unbearable. Or just go to your fav bike shop - perhaps they will agree to a bit of a discount for a good customer?

Let us know!


I promise I will let you know! I almost went there this morning before work, but then I decided I didn't want to purchase a helmet in a rush. Maybe they'll give me a discount. That's a good suggestion. After all, I praised the mechanic thoroughly the last time I was there, so they probably remember me. My other option is to tell my husband to go and buy me one, but I don't remember my size.

I agree, the month is definitely too busy - too many weekdays and not enough weekends! I can sympathize with you on the sleep. I haven't gotten to bed before 2:30 all this week. Too many ideas running through my head again. It would be nice just to turn them off for an hour or so.... I take care of one idea only to have two more take its place!
Since I hate 'mauls' more than anything else I'd say go with the bike shop for the helmet. And as shelley6441 says, they may give you a discount since you are a return customer!
Hang in there ... the 19th is coming! And I'm still chuckling.

Yes, you're having quite the rough week, too, aren't you? But isn't it nice to be having such a flow of ideas in spite of that?

Yea the 19th is coming and I can't wait. I can't believe you're still chuckling! But of course I'm pleased. Thanks for being so sweet.

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