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Slave to A Gladiator, Chapter 15
Dee Blue waves
Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Fifteen

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  We might be back to mature here, although there's quite a bit of violence.
Spoilers:  to Volume 7.
Disclaimer: Dee, Ryo, Drake, JJ, Commissioner Rose, Diana and Ted all belong to Sanami Matoh, who created the popular manga, FAKE. But James, Lily, Niko, his EMO slaves, as well as Serena the cat-eared whip-mistress, Todd the bartender, Agent Boris Brasov the David Beckham look-alike, and Trevor and Cliff the palanquin bearers are mine. I was not paid in any way for writing this story.
Summary: Ryo and Dee attend Diana's Halloween party, dressed as a slave and a gladiator. The Commissioner has been roused to new heights of badness by the irresistible sight of Ryo in his skimpy tunic. Dee, naturally, takes exception. Whips are cracked.
Author's notes: I'd just like to remind everybody that I believe that Ryo and Dee are equals. I hope no one is disappointed that Ryo ISN'T curled up in a fetal position sobbing his heart out.
Thank you to mtemplar and  the_ladyfeather for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator
Chapter 15

As Ryo's fist sent the Commissioner reeling out of the alcove, Ryo himself lost his balance and staggered forward after him. They went tumbling against the curtain together and somehow managed to bring it down on top of themselves before the astonished eyes of the other party guests.

"What the - " Dee lowered his whip, his attention no longer on the can of club soda Jordan had launched a half-second before. Todd, who had just handed Diana a cell phone with one hand, stepped forward briskly and caught the descending can of soda in his other hand before disappearing back into the crowd. No one noticed because they were all staring at the heaving, roiling curtain on the floor in front of them.

There appeared to be two men under it, fighting...or something. The shrouded figures seemed to be struggling with each other, one cursing and one laughing. Were they wrestling? Then there was a thudding sound, like a fist making contact with flesh, and the laughing abruptly stopped.

"Outta my way!" Dee strode forward urgently. He had a feeling -  a very strong feeling - that the mystery as to where Ryo and the Commissioner had gotten to was about to be solved.

"Berkie!" called Diana anxiously. "Is that you in there?"

"Yes, Diana," came the Commissioner's muffled voice. "If you would like to be of assistance, kindly get this curtain off Detective MacLean and myself before he does me an injury."

"That skulking, low-down, weasely scumbag!" Dee exploded, his face flushing with fury. "What the hell is he doing under that curtain with my Ryo?"

"When will he learn?" whispered JJ, rolling his eyes at Drake. "That sexless dried out stick of a man is nobody's Ryo. Dee-Sempai is just wasting his - "

"Shh!" said Drake. "I think he's gonna - oh shit -"

Dee took aim with his signal whip at one of the figures crawling on his hands and knees toward the edge of the curtain. That was where the Commissioner's voice had come from. Last time he had let the bastard off easy, but not this time. That son of a bitch had clearly had his slimy hands all over Ryo, and now he was going to pay.

"Dee, no!" yelled Diana and Drake at the same time as the whip went hissing toward its target, but they were too late. The end of the whip cracked as it struck the raised buttocks of the man who was within a couple of feet of being free of the curtain. This action promptly produced a loud "Yeeeee-ow!" of pain. A quick backhand snap of the wrist and Dee landed another blow. That asshole may have a fancy leather chair in his office, but he wasn't going to be able to sit down on it for a week, he thought maliciously.

The savage grin of triumph on Dee's face gave way to one of ludicrous dismay when he saw the face of his victim. Ryo shrugged the velvet curtain off his shoulders and leapt to his feet, yelling and clutching his buttocks with both hands.

"FUCK!!" he yelled, and then swore a blue streak while jumping around in pain.

"Some slave," muttered Jordan critically to Rowan, who nodded in agreement, arms folded.

Behind him, the Commissioner had also emerged from underneath the curtain, glasses askew and hair standing up, and he was staring at Ryo with his mouth open. He had heard the two whip cracks along with everyone else, although he hadn't been in a position to see what was going on. What the hell had happened to cause Ryo to start springing about, hollering, and holding his buttocks? Surely Laytner hadn't.... Oh, but he had. Laytner was the only person holding a whip, and the expression on his face was really something to see.

As Berkeley got to his feet, his glasses in his hand, Diana glided over to him and whispered, "Make yourself scarce for a while, Berkie. I'll do what I can."

Although he was loath to miss whatever was going to happen next, Berkeley deemed her advice to be his best possible course of action at that time. After all, Ryo's anger was positively incandescent, and although that fool Laytner appeared to have sealed his fate by inadvertently whipping his partner, Rose was sure that Ryo's thoughts would presently return to the role that a certain NYPD Commissioner had played in his current state of discomfiture. Yes, disappearing to the men's room at this point would perhaps be the wisest thing he could do.

Ryo eventually stopped all the hopping as the horrible, shocking sting of the lash simmered down from searing agony to a more bearable burn. At that point, his eyes lighted upon Dee, whose stricken face was advertising his guilt like a neon billboard in Times Square.

"Dee, you complete dickhead! I take it you're the one who's responsible for the un-fucking-believable pain I'm in right now?"

"Ryo, I'm so sorry! It was an accident - "

JJ listened indignantly as Ryo cussed Dee out. Couldn't that uptight, emotional retard understand the concept of 'accident'? How dared he spaz all over poor Dee like that! Dee's, and for that matter, the Commissioner's, attraction to Ryo continued to be a great source of mystery to JJ. From his perspective, the man had exactly two settings: dull, boring, self-effacing bump-on-a-log, and angry, scolding, violent freak. When he was in that second mode, he sure let loose with the swear words, though. It was always something of a surprise to hear such language from Ryo. JJ wouldn't have admitted it, but he was actually a little afraid of Ryo when he was in that state.

"Baby, I'll do anything, only pl - "

"Don't you 'baby' me! Give me that whip right now! This instant!"

Ryo snatched it out of Dee's hand and said, "Do you have any IDEA how much pain I'm in because of you?"

"Uh, well, yeah - "

"You think so? Well, you're shortly gonna be in that much pain, too! Turn around!"

"Ryo, no!" Dee's eyes widened in genuine fear, and he started backing away. "Those things do real damage, you don't understand - "

"Oh yes I do understand! My butt understands PERFECTLY! Now turn around!"

Dee did, but only to make a run for it. He would have made it to the door too, if Agent Brasov hadn't rather treacherously kicked a coffee table into his path, which caused him to lose his footing and wind up sprawled on the hard floor. Ryo caught up with him in a flash.

"Don't try to escape, Dee! I mean it! I'm not giving up until your ass hurts as much as mine. Turn over!"

"Help!" yelled Dee. "Somebody stop him, for the love of God! He's gonna send me to hospital!"

"You big baby!" snapped Ryo. "You can dish it out, but you can't take it, huh?" He swung the whip back, ready to strike.

At that moment, JJ flung himself bravely between Dee and the whip, his arms out.

"Stop, Ryo!” he cried passionately. "I can't allow you to hurt Dee-Sempai. I will shield him with my body, if necessary!"

An appreciative murmur at this act of heroism ran through the crowd.

Ryo regarded JJ through a jaundiced eye. "Fine," he said. "I owe you some payback for throwing fruit punch all over me, anyway. I suppose THAT was an accident too?"

"I did it for love!" JJ's voice rose in fear as Ryo snapped the whip off to one side a couple of times. "But love is something that a cold fish like you  wouldn't know anything about!"

"You did it for love? What the hell are you talking about?"

"JJ, quit talking," said Dee quickly from his position on the floor.

"JJ," called Drake anxiously. "Come away from Ryo. Dee's a big boy, you know. He can take care of himself."

Ryo snapped the whip again, but more powerfully this time, and the crack it made caused everyone to flinch, including JJ.

"Keep out of this, Drake," he ordered. "JJ's not going anywhere until he tells me why he tossed punch all over my jeans and what love had to do with it."

"Oh my God," said Serena to Drake. "I feel bad now for thinking that JJ was exaggerating when he asked you to save him from this Ryo person!"

"Ryo's usually not like this," said Drake. "Only when he's really, REALLY pissed off. This is the first time I’ve seen him this mad. Most of the time he's a super nice guy."

"Man, this is the best Halloween party ever!" sighed Ted happily.

"Run for it, Mr. Sexy," JJ stage-whispered loudly to Dee, trying to sound more confident than he felt. "I'll cover for you."

Dee glanced at the door and saw that Agent Brasov had taken up an unobtrusive position next to it. There would be no quick escape that way. Damn it, he was going to get revenge on that FBI cocksucker if it was the last thing he did, and to hell with Diana. There was a large potted plant nearby, however. Maybe he could take refuge behind that. He just needed to keep himself shielded until Ryo's blood cooled. Man, his beloved could be scary at times.

"Ready, JJ?" Ryo raised the whip. "You still wanna take one for Dee? Here it comes!"

"EEEEEEEEEEK!" JJ's resolve abruptly crumbled and he scuttled off to one side, hurling himself straight into Drake's waiting arms.

Ryo snorted with contempt, and turned his attention back to Dee, who had slithered behind some kind of potted shrub and was now cowering there instead of coming out and facing him.

"Dee, get out here and take it like a man!" Ryo cracked the whip at the plant, shearing off the top twelve inches of its foliage.

"Not 'til you calm down, dude! Ack!" Dee ducked as low as possible as the whip next severed a branch near his head, sending a small shower of vegetation down on top of him.

Ryo tried to raise the whip again, but found that something was stopping him. He turned to see what the whip had gotten caught on, and saw a beautiful, slender woman wearing cat ears and a latex bustier facing him. One high-heeled black patent pump was firmly pressed on the tail of the whip.

"Detective MacLean," she said, inclining her head respectfully. Her voice was gentle and feminine, and her eyes were full of compassion. She held half of a raggedly severed soda can in her hand.

"Ma'am," said Ryo guardedly. "Would you mind taking your foot off my whip?"

"In just a moment, Detective. I certainly agree that Dee deserves a bit of pain for what he did to you - "

"A lot of pain!"

"All right, a lot of pain. But I can't allow you to cut his flesh open and leave him permanently scarred."

"What are you talking about?"

"A whip, especially one wielded in anger, can do serious damage. Easily. I'm talking stitches and scars. Do you really want to see your partner's blood all over the floor?"

"What? No, of course not..."

"Look at this." She held up the sliced soda can. "That whip you're holding did this while you were out of the room." Serena knew that wasn't technically true, as it had been the bullwhip that had done it, but she didn't think Ryo needed to be acquainted with that detail. Plus, from her own experience, she was aware that if cracked hard enough, a signal whip could do almost as much damage. "This soda can is made of metal and the whip cut it clean through. Imagine what it would do to human skin. Dee's skin."

Ryo's reddened face suddenly drained of its color, and his stricken eyes darted from the cat-lady to Dee to the whip in his hand. Abruptly, he flung it from himself as though it had burned him. "Oh my God," he breathed, his hand flying to his mouth. "Dee..."

Everyone crowded forward, all talking at once. Serena put her arm around Ryo and led him away, after asking Ted to keep the other guests back. Dee tried to follow them, but she gave him a look that warned him to keep his distance for now. She guided a dazed-looking Ryo to a nearby sofa and settled him down on it. Almost immediately, he sprang back up with a soft cry of pain, his hand once more on his backside.

Todd materialized with a packet of ice cubes wrapped in a linen napkin that was monogrammed with the initials of the hotel. He handed it wordlessly to Ryo and melted away.

"Let me see your injuries," Serena said gently, but Ryo shook his head rapidly. This night had contained enough humiliation already. He wasn't about to expose his thong-clad ass to a strange woman he had just met, no matter how nice she seemed.

"I'm an expert on whips." There was confidence, but also kindness in her voice. "You're looking at the three-time winner of the Tri-State Whipcracking Championships. I've also whipped rather a lot of consenting human beings," she added. "Recreationally, not professionally."

"Um..." Ryo's face got even hotter as he tried to digest this information. "All right," he finally said. "But not here, not with everyone so interested. Let's go to the coat check area where we can maybe find a bit of privacy. I think I'd like to put my coat on, too. I don't think I've ever felt so... exposed."


"Thanks a LOT, JJ," snapped Dee sarcastically. "'I did it for love!' Why the hell did you have to say that? Ryo's not stupid, you know."

"Hey, give JJ a break!" Drake protested angrily. "He was facing down an irate guy with a whip. Who cares what he said?"

"Thanks to you, I'm in even MORE trouble now," grumbled Dee.

"Thanks to yourself, you mean. I don't know how you get yourself into these messes. I know you were aiming for the Commissioner when you had whatever brain wave made you swing that whip, but if you'd gotten him, you'd be unemployed right now! At least there's a possibility that Ryo will forgive you. And you have the nerve to bitch at JJ for saving your sorry ass?"

"It was Serena who saved my sorry ass," muttered Dee ungraciously.

"Yeah, she may have scored the goal, but it was JJ who made the assist," said Drake, who was fond of hockey analogies. "And I think you owe him an apology." He folded his arms and waited.

"It's okay, Drake," said JJ meekly. "Dee's right. I shouldn't have opened my mouth like that. I was just so scared! I couldn't think straight."

"Okay, okay," said Dee irascibly, rolling his eyes. "I apologize, JJ. Thanks for tryin'. But next time, keep your mouth shut, okay?"

"Okay!" JJ brightened up considerably and gathered himself for a pounce. He stopped however, when he felt Drake's hand on his shoulder.

"Ahem!" Drake said meaningfully, a slight pinkness to his cheeks.

That reminded JJ of the night ahead, so he pounced on Drake instead. "Thanks for sticking up for me, Drakey! Come on, let's go. The night is yet young and we've got things to do."

"We sure do," murmured Drake in a husky voice that made Dee look twice at him. "Should we say good night to Diana?"

JJ shuddered. "No, let's just take this opportunity to escape. I wouldn't put it past her to hand me a mop and make me start cleaning up the spilled soda."

"You're right. Let's just get the hell out of here. Ciao, Dee! Good luck getting Ryo to forgive you!"

"Yeah, whatever. Fuck off, you guys."


"It's not too bad," Serena said encouragingly. You've got a couple of nasty stripes that are already starting to bruise, but he didn't break the skin. You're lucky you had that thick curtain protecting you, or you would have been cut for sure."

They stood between two aisles of coats in the coat check area. The lighting was not the best, but at least they had a certain amount of privacy for Serena to examine Ryo's weals away from prying eyes.

"That bastard! What the hell was he thinking?"

"I'm sure he wouldn't have done it if he'd known it was you," she said. "But it was a really stupid thing to do, and I don't think he should be allowed to get away with it, do you?"

"No, but what can I do? I don't want to injure him." Ryo spread his hands. "By the way, thank you for stopping me. I don't think I could have ever forgiven myself if I had really hurt him."

"You're welcome," she said. "But don't be thinking that there's nothing you can do." She leaned a little closer and dropped her voice just in case someone was lurking nearby and listening. "Don't forget that I'm an encyclopedia on the subject of punishment without permanent marks or health complications."

"Er... " Ryo blinked at her, feeling his face go pink again. "I suppose you are."

"Would you like a few suggestions?"

His mouth tightened, then twitched in a half smile. "Yes," he said. "I believe I would."


~end of Chapter 15~

Additional author's notes:  The next chapter will be in either one week or two. I can't write during the week, so if I don't get it done this weekend, it'll be another week.  Unfortunately I've got two Christmas parties this weekend, but I'm hoping to leave one of them as early as possible.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll post mid week to let you know.

Thank you for reading!


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Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. I *love* cranky!Ryo.

We all love cranky!Ryo. Niko's certainly seeing a whole new side of him. Even Diana keeps a safe distance when Ryo's yelling at people and cracking a whip. It's just as well Berkeley went off to the little boys' room to fix his hair.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting!

Eeeeee! Best chapter yet! (Grinning at Ted's "Best party ever," too.)

So much love for sweet Serena and scary Ryo! *happy flails*

Ted's having a great time watching all the fireworks, but he has no idea what's going to happen to him later. (Bwa ha ha!)

Ryo is quiet, helpful, polite, patient and accommodating most of the time, but all of his co-workers have seen him snap at one time or another and no one wants to arouse his wrath. Unfortunately, Dee has a talent for it!

Serena is a very responsible and experienced top. She'll help Ryo come up with a suitable program of revenge.

Thank you for flailing. It's really very cute!

Oh, wow, and I thought Dee was going to be in trouble before. I hope Ryo doesn't let him off too easily!

Wow, I can't imagine this party getting any crazier, and then you come up with this. I can't wait until the next chapter!

Dee is in so much trouble it would take an excavator to dig him out. Ryo's not going to let him off easily, don't worry.
We're not quite done with the craziness, either. Thanks for reading!

*lounging on white polar bear rug in front of roaring fire in floor to ceiling fireplace*

Hey Brit,

Now it wasn't a cliffie per se, but..........ah damn it....ahhhh!

*looks around cabin*

I'll let it pass.

Poor Ryo, I hope Serena gives him some good advice, because Dee certainly deserves it and I hope Berkley gets what's coming to him for touching my Ryo, Dee's Ryo, Our Ryo.

Drake/JJ I feel like I just want to be a fly on the wall with a digital camera to witness the hotness and hotness....and the.....hotness?LOL

Dee, Dee, Dee you are in so much trouble, but I understand I would have probably done the same thing.

Ted go for yours boy, I'll be waiting back at the cabin, like I said bring Serena if you wanna or if you are up to it.

Diana good party, actually GREAT PARTY!!!!

You outdid yourself.

Brit another hysterical update. I laughed myself silly and I am quite enjoying the cabin. Hope you don't mind, but I kept the Yaoi Lumberjacks. Too much eye candy to let just walk away. They're killer in the kitchen.

*stretches like a cat*

Merry Christmas Brit

Well, don't you look comfortable. It sure smells good in here! I just might invite myself to stay for dinner.

You can certainly keep those two Yaoi lumberjacks tonight, but they have to get back to work on lunasariel's cabin tomorrow. There was an angsty kerfuffle amongst them today when their little love triangle came to a head. Hirofumi shouted, Lars stormed off the job to brood by himself and Masaki ran away crying, so consequently lunasariel's sauna isn't finished. Serena says she's sure she can find a way to make them all kiss and make up tomorrow. Ah, Yaoilanders.

You DO realize what they're going to be getting up to on your bearskin rug tonight? After all, you and Ted will be busy in the loft.

Dee is going to be so sore later (*snicker*), but Berkeley won't get any extra punishment. Ryo did get two pretty good shots in on him, don't forget.

Thanks for commenting. You've done a wonderful job decorating your cabin! Inside AND out. Somehow you also ended up with most of the eye candy, you clever girl.

Thanks for updating in one week, not two! The Christmas (or Hannukah, or Yule, or Kwanza, or whatever) season can get really crazy, so we readers really appreciate you updating when you can.

Boy howdy, did Ryo lose it! I didn't think he was capable of going crazy like that, especially not while a) almost half-naked, b) in public, and c) on Dee, of all people (although he did kinda deserve it), but damn if psychotic, mindless rage doesn't work on him! But like Drake said, he's usually not like this.

So now Serena is giving Ryo some ideas, hmm? I sense more M rated chapters on the way! Yay for kinky!Ryo!

Thanks for sending Hiro my way! My log cabin and sauna are lovely (it turns out that he drowns his depression in work), and he and I have made great use of the latter discussing the fickleness of attractive coworkers, but he's been talking my ear off, so I've sent him over to JJ (as soon as he's done with Drake, that is), to discuss unrequited love. He came back with a decidedly devious look on his face, so I almost feel sorry for the new guy!

And yes, his feet did stick out of my tent. There wasn't a lot of room, so we were just *forced* to cuddle up.

Well, Ryo had a few meltdowns in the manga, and I think I counted more acts of violence from Ryo than from Dee over the course of the seven volumes.

Plus, I bet being whipped full strength when he wasn't expecting it probably hurt like hell and made him fly into rage-filled revenge mode. Poor guy.

You sent Hiro to JJ? Uh-oh! Next we'll have JJ here pretending to be Hiro's new boyfriend so he can make his ex jealous. I think your cabin is soon to be the scene of some excitement, especially if Drake gets the wrong idea!

Yes, you can expect more 'M'-rated chapters and at least one (but hell, knowing me, probably more) 'X'-rated ones!

Cuddling a super-tall, broken-hearted, bisexual Yaoi lumberjack is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Keep up the good work!

(Deleted comment)
It's going to get a little more complicated because I have a couple of loose ends to tie up before we get all distracted by hot kinky sex.

Have you done that snow-to-sauna thing before? I ask because I think my heart would stop if I did that! plus, we don't have snow here, so I can't exactly practice.

Oh, are you watching the Yaoi lumberjacks too? I think there are about five of them running round. Maybe six. It seems like there might be a pair of twin brothers in the group, unless I've been seeing the same guy in lots of different locations. Anyway, did they do a good job on your cabin? Did they put in skylights like I asked them to? You're also supposed to have a little examination room in which to see your patients, and lots of storage for medicine and equipment.

If you see the Yaoi guys doing anything naughty, or even just suggestive, please memorize every detail so you can report it back to us!

Thank you for the eager waiting. I hope I can post another chapter next weekend.

(Deleted comment)
No, they're just young and lithe and surefooted on ladders. And horny as hell, obviously!

I just love it when Ryo gets really pissed and you even managed to protect Rose's backside in the process. Dee hiding behind a plant was so funny. I love the idea of Serena giving Ryo tips on punishment and I love the little confession by Ryo that even though he's pissed, he doesn't want to really hurt Dee. I'm not sure the same is true of JJ. Boy deserves a little pain, me thinks.:)

JJ is just NOT your favorite person, is he? Well, sadly for you (but happily for him), he's going home for a night of satsifyingly hot sex with Drake and he'll even successfully make Drake pay for breakfast tomorrow morning. But if you like, I could make him stub his toe on the way to the bathroom! How would that be?

Yes, Ryo has cooled down now and he's appalled that he might have actually injured Dee. Of course he doesn't want to TRULY hurt his beloved, but he still wants a little revenge.

Of course, Rose's dignity must be protected at all costs! He must also not be handed any solid opportunities to fire Dee.

Thank you for commenting! Your icon is wonderfully appropriate.

Funny, I thought this was the WORST chapter yet. Yes, I believe they are equal and everything, but still, I do not believe Ryo being capable of such vengefulness or this kind of display of public anger. I think he's more of the sulky type, the kind that might threaten but won't do anything in the end. I think he'd be way too embarrassed to be screaming at anyone.

I KNEW this long response wouldn't fit in one comment box...

Ryo actually had several displays of public anger in the manga series, always when he was under duress. He punched Rose on the street, yelled at JJ outside Bikky's school, and screamed at Leo while shaking a gun in his face. He also punched or smacked Dee several times in less public situations. He has a temper and it gets the better of him at times. I see Ryo as a guy who presents himself as being calm, rational and in control of his feelings, which he is, right up until the point when he gets overwhelmed and snaps.

In this situation, he's hit bottom as far as being embarrassed goes. He's been ogled in his short tunic and he's had his ass painfully, unexpectedly and publicly whipped by the last person he would have expected to do that to him. He's taking back some of his power, but of course he's not consciously thinking that because he's currently in the irrational grip of temper.

Everyone gets angry when they feel they have been unjustifiably hurt by someone. I see Ryo as a physical man, who lest we all forget, has the normal amount of testosterone that men have. Ryo also chose a job which requires him to be ready to take a position of authority and have physical exchanges of power with other people when necessary. (TBC next comment box)

Well, aren't you diplomatic. Don't worry, I think Ryo's reaction was excellent and well overdue. Add up all the things he's been forced to endure tonight, and you can't blame him for throwing a fit! And it's good for the relationship that Dee gets scared into submission now and then, or he'd just always bully Ryo into doing whatever he wants. Ryo is sharp, smart, and scary.

Thanks, Peacewish. I can't believe that along with listing Ryo's annoyance at being ogled and the shock of being whipped, I forgot to mention how pissed off he was at Rose for HIS behavior as well. Ryo got groped, made a fool of, and then laughed at. He is not exactly having a happy night.

I agree that Dee getting scared into submission is good for the relationship, because he's so much more pushy than Ryo. Sometimes Ryo has to give him a sharp push back.

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That reminded JJ of the night ahead, so he pounced on Drake instead. "Thanks for sticking up for me, Drakey! Come on, let's go. The night is yet young and we've got things to do."

Mmmmmm *purrs in anticipation*

Hi Shelley6441,

I've pretty well decided to write the Drake/JJ lemon as a separate one-shot, rather than as part of Slave to a Gladiator, otherwise this story, which is already a little on the long side, will get right out of control. But I WILL write it, and when I do (think 'Christmas holidays'), can I ask for your beta-help?

Thanks for reviewing! Love your Christmas-y icon!

I can't believe I missed the last two chapters! But I finally caught up and I gotta let you know Brit, that I laughed so hard reading this chapter!!

I'm really looking forward to what Ryo will do next~ I think Dee should continue to hide if he knows whats good for him!! XD

..and did I read correctly?! JJ/Drake lemon one-shot!! \^_^/

If you laughed hard, then I'm very, very pleased with myself!

Dee can't hide. He's totally in the doghouse and he has to do what he can to get out of it, or he can kiss his all-important sex life good-bye for a while.

Yep, you read correctly. Drake/JJ one-shot lemon cream pastry!

"Man, this is the best Halloween party ever!" sighed Ted happily.

yes, Ted; yes it is.

Brit, I hope your Christmas parties are nice and sedate, no whips. That will leave you rested for more writing!

My other favorite part is of course the Ryo swearing like a sailor bit. Well, he was in the army. I'm sure the nice little cultured art collector's son learned to swear there.

Hope RL is good to you. Have a merry Christmas !


Hi Moon! I'm so sorry I forgot to reply to this. It's been all snow and injuries around her recently, and yes, it's ME who's leaning on a crutch! Before you start worrying, let me just reassure you that it's nothing serious. I just really need the crutch right now, and I'm hoping to be in better shape by next week. I absolutely hate having my mobility restricted like this, though. All the snow and ice is complicating everything, as well.

Thanks you for your kind words. I hope I get a nice sedate Christmas, too. I'm just dying to write the next chapter of A New Day. Plus there's a whole bunch of sexiness coming in S to a G. I'll try to write as much as I can, but people are already starting to book me for social activities over the holidays.

Re Ryo in the army, perhaps he wasn't. Some FAKE fanfic authors may have written him with a military background, but all we really know from the manga was that he once had an 'old army buddy' who taught him how to make bombs.

I don't know if there would have been enough time in his career for a stint in the army between getting an education as well as paying his beat/patrol cop dues, before becoming a detective at the age of 28.

Anyway, I hope RL is good to you too! My best Christmas wishes to you and your family.

I am completely impressed with your ability to completely complicate what should have been a simple Halloween night. All 15 chapters happen in one night -- that is amazingly. This is a Drama Queen's master piece. It should win awards. I love reading FAKE and FAKE FF, but you have made me a fan all over again. You are a very creative writer and must have a really awesome person proofreading this, because it is easy to read with very few grammatical and spelling errors. In fact, I don't remember any. Excellent work. Bring home the happy ending and you will have completed the best masterpiece (for FAKE). Would you consider writing some UGH or Sexpistols FF?
Thank you

Thank you for this fabulous review! I truly do appreciate it. The writing of this story has actually involved a tremendous amount of writing 'choreography' to get all the events of the Halloween party happening with the right timing, and it's not finished yet!

Yes, I have several awesome betas helping me out. They're all really smart and sharp, and they assist me with everything from catching the typos to the price of imported velvet to what the layout of the New York Palace Hotel is really like! So far, I've really lucked out in the beta department. I can't imagine what I did to deserve them.

I've thought about writing UGH because I absolutely adore Sword and Sen, but I've got too many unfinished FAKE projects on the go right now to really justify starting anything new.

Thanks again for reading and liking!

This really is the best chapter that I've read so far. Pure chaos! Hilarious chaos. And the little Drake/JJ bits you have sprinkled in there....*drools* I'm not usually a huge fan, but they're really hot! Looking forward to reading about their Canada experience.

Did you read Batting For The Other Team? It ended up being three chapters rather than a one shot, but it was the story of what happened when Drake and JJ (Batman and Robin) left this party and went back to JJ's place so that Drake could have his second-ever M/M sexual experience. You can click on it in my tags on the sidebar, if you haven't read it elsewhere. I think I published it on AFF, but not on FFdotnet because there was too much sex in it.

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