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Posting Update
Dee Blue waves
Hello friends, readers, lurkers, my one and only stalker, and enemies too, if I've got any!  (One knows one has arrived when one acquires enemies.)

It is my great pleasure to bring to you the news that despite rumors to the contrary, I am actually still alive. Yes, it's true. Even I was beginning to wonder about that for a while there, when I spent almost my entire two-week Christmas holiday in bed. Oh, sure, I had to crawl out every couple of days to bathe, do laundry, and throw the odd casserole in the oven, but mostly I was lying in bed, medicated to the eyeballs (that part was rather nice, I have to admit) and watching whatever happened to be playing on the Space Channel. When, that is, I wasn't obliged to watch CNN, BBC and Worldfocus News, on account of having a news-addicted husband.

Eventually, it became necessary for me to leave my bed and drag my butt to work, where I lasted all of three hope-filled days before suffering a relapse and returning to bed. Added to these health complications have been other people's health complications, plus the fallout from the big snow that I mentioned in my previous post. Ah, I see a couple of heads nodding here and there. Frozen and cracked pipes? Insurance adjustors who don't return your calls for days because they're suddenly run off their feet with claims? Plumbers who refuse to crawl underneath your house until a restoration company has been in there to clean things up first? Restoration companies who put you on a waiting list? Telephone tag with absolutely everybody? Perhaps this sounds familiar to some of you. I don't believe I've mentioned recently how much I hate snow.

There have been other problems as well, really too many to list, at least not without revealing an uncomfortable level of detail about my personal and professional life, but the bottom line is that it has all been incredibly time-consuming, and the awful part is that it is Far From Finished. I just wish I could get my energy back. I'm confident that it will come back soon--I just don't know when.

This is why I can't make any promises at present about when I'll be able to update Slave to a Gladiator and Fake First Year Together: A New Day (May). However, when I do know, I'll tell you. I hope it's soon. In the meantime, I'm almost finished a Drake/JJ lemon story, set on the same night as Slave to a Gladiator, plus I have a filler story about Dee and Ryo that I started writing months ago for times just such as this. I sent it off to the betas at that time, and they duly beta-ed it, but I never did set about making the changes. It's called Doughnuts at the 27th Precinct, and it'll go up in the post after this one. That'll probably be sometime on Sunday.

So at least there is some FAKE-world reading coming your way soon from me, even though it's not the two main stories that people are interested in. I do apologize to everyone who has been left wondering what the hell happened to me. I just want to reiterate (for those who don't know me) that I will always finish my stories, and will never leave any of you hanging, barring death or serious injury, of course. I'm a very responsible person who's just going through a rough patch right now. I comfort myself by remembering that just as the good times are temporary (necessitating an ability to recognize them and enjoy them while we may), so too are the bad times, and they certainly will pass.

Thanks to all who are still interested in reading my writing.  If you haven't given up on me, then I'm glad.

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Glad to see you are still breathing - I was worried there for a while. Will be waiting until you can gather your strength and time to continue writing.

PS: are you sure you aren't just locked up with our boys enjoying the snowed-in closeness?

Yes, sorry about the long silence. I've been on the computer much less than usual. I hope you're doing well.

If I were locked up with the boys, I'm pretty sure I would be posting a lemon a day!

Blah, sick sucks >.< Feel better! *HUGS*

Sick certainly does suck, and not in that nice way that we yaoi fans like to think about. I'm already feeling somewhat better, although the energy is still low. Thanks for the hugs!

Of course we haven't given up on you. You are allowed, and it's strongly recommended, to also have a real life (even with set-backs). Infections can be real persistent (if you have one), so try to be patient and keep resting!

That thing with pipes sucks. At my childhood home it was also a frequent occurence whenever it was about -30 C outside. Luckily we had two ovens to warm the place when we had to shut the heating down. But I still remember when I went to the garage to fetch firewood and my shoes froze onto the paving. I hope you can have that fixed soon! :(

You know, every time I think I'm cold, you help me to remember that there are much colder places in the world. I actually lived in -30C weather when I was a kid. My family lived in the Yukon for a while. I was tougher in those days! Now my blood is poor, thin stuff by comparison.

It's hard to be patient and rest when I have so much to do, but my body seems to have taken that choice out of my hands.

The restoration company guy is supposed to call me on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thank you for not giving up on me. I'm so glad to hear from you, not only this time, but the time before when I didn't respond. I thought of you last night when I posted my update, and hoped you'd come by.

Man, hope everything looks up for you in the future. RL can be a huge bitch sometimes.

I've been uber busy lately too, although mostly with fun stuff like cosplay and packing up to go off to boot camp. Strangely enough, BECAUSE I've been so busy I've had the urge to write tons of fanfiction (mostly Batman D: ). Strange how that works.

News related icon, he's my TV boyfriend =X

Thank you. RL caught me with my guard down, but I'm still somewhat shakily in the game.

I'm glad to hear you're having fun! I'm actually envious of your going to boot camp. I wish I could go. I don't mind hard physical exercise and discipline. Life is simple while one is doing it and it sure takes one's mind off one's troubles.

Busy people are usually more productive than non-busy people. You know that proverb, "If you want something done, ask a busy man?" Well, I've found it to be mostly true.

Have any of your Batman fics been Batman-porn? *Drools hopefully*

*hugs tightly* Hang in there. Sometimes it takes a while to get over a nasty cold. *sends a virtual mochachino in your direction*

You know, every time you give me one of those lovely tight hugs, I swear I can feel your arms around me! Really, I'm not kidding. They've been very comforting.

Is it too late for me to beta your chapter? I can do it today, unless I should hold off because there's a more recent version. Let me know.

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Brit, I'm so sorry to hear that you have been unwell, and dealing with all kinds of weather-related headaches. *hugs you tight* I join you in our mutual hatred of snow. I just can't take all this cold everyday -- it seems very sapping to the soul.

I am so excited about the forthcoming Drake/JJ lemon. But I'm trying to contain myself *eeeee!!!!*

Please take your time with the story posts; I will always be around (kinda like your stalker lol) to gladly read your fics.

Continue to take good care of yourself, and I will see you on lj soon!

*hands you Fluffy & a hot cup of tea*


Thanks! *Tries to sip tea while balancing shifting Fluffy*

He's such a big cat that he doesn't fit easily on my lap. He overhangs, if you know what I mean. Feet or hindquarters are always sliding off. It doesn't stop him from wanting a good cuddle, though. I don't think I've ever met a more affectionate cat.

Here's an excerpt from the Drake/JJ lemon, just for you:

"You want me to be Batman again? For how long?"

"Just a little while. You see I've always wanted to--" JJ moved closer to him and stood on tiptoes to bite his chin gently-- "blow Batman. When will I ever get another opportunity like this?"

Thanks for your support!

*Hugs* It was when we hit -22 degrees that I decided I had enough of Mr. Winter. Of course, he said, “Bite me” and gave me four more inches of snow just to spite me. Keep warm and take care of yourself. We will be here to stalk you once again when you’re well. :)

Yeah, that Mr. Winter is a cold bastard, that's for sure. It's hard to get things done when he's around.

Thanks for being willing to stalk me! Doughnuts Part one will be going up as soon as I've finished responding to these comments.

Thanks also for your last email, the one I have yet to respond to. I still remember the content because it was very interesting. I will get back to you soon!

Yikes! Take your time with the writing; when RL decides to start making trouble, it usually doesn't go halfway. I'm impressed that you got two stories done, what with all the rest of everything that's been going on.

Yes, cooking while sick is *not* fun. I got something icky for a week or two last month, and my family pretty much lived on take'n'bake pizza and Chinese food.

Get well soon, and if this doesn't sound too ridiculous, don't let life get you down!

*sends over cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and nutmeg, big fluffy blanket, and smokin' hot detective of your choice to keep you warm and hurry along/holler at insurance adjusters, plumbers, restoration companies, etc.*

Oh, I'd love to have Dee here to take care of the hollering. He'd make things happen with a combination of intimidation for some guys and charm for others.

*licks whipped cream off upper lip and sighs happily*

My problem with this particular bout of sickness is that it keeps coming back. Every time I think I've been sick long enough and I'm starting to feel better...Ker-Pow! This has never happened to me before. It was probably a delayed reaction to the extreme stress of October/November. The last few weeks have been pretty harsh, too. My sister and I have dubbed 2009 'The Year of Hell', which sounds pessimistic, but unfortunately we know what we're in for. There's a lot of stressy family stuff coming down the pike.

I know all about take 'n bake pizza! We've had it twice in the last week. Not Chinese food, though. I'm probably one of the few people in the world who doesn't really care for Chinese food. I ate it in the UK a couple of years ago, and thought to myself, 'This is the last time'. It's possible I've just been the victim of bad Chinese food one too many times.

Life has been getting me down, so thanks for your reminder not to let it. I think returning to writing will help a lot. I'm always happy when I'm writing. I think it's the world-building. I get to create a world where I actually have some say over what's happening (unlike RL), plus, such stress and difficulties as there are happen to other people, not me!

Good to hear your still kickin'...sort of.

Best of luck with whatever is going on. Take your time, (I mean, because heaven forbid if you ever put real life before lj)

Hi Poshu! *Flails foot weakly in an effort to demonstrate kicking power* Thanks for the support, I appreciate it.

Glad you are okay!

I was truly starting to wonder
about serious injury,
since my oft refreshings of your page
yielded no new literature
over the past month.
I'm glad to hear you are mostly better,
and wish you luck
getting back on your writing feet!
(Or computer chair, as the case may be.)

Thank you for checking my page regularly, even though there was nothing there for so long. I'm really glad you didn't give up! There will be something new for you to read in less than half an hour.

If I didn't know any better I would think you were talking about me. I threw my back out so I've been in bed also for two weeks. I hope everything returns to normal for you soon and your health takes a turn for the better.

Waiting on New Day and Slave is worth the wait, trust me. However, we are not fickle here on the net. Life happens and we all have to live it sooner or later...right? Anyway, *hugs and kisses* you hang in there I'm rooting for you.

I'm very sorry to hear about your back! I hope you'll be able to get up soon. I saw that you managed to get out two chapters of The Engagement within the last month, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thanks for rooting for me! As always, I appreciate your support.

(Deleted comment)
You're right about the pipe situation being worse. I think I'd almost rather be s--- Whoops, best not say that! The universe often brings me what I wish for, not that I've been able to make that work with the lottery, or anything.

Thank you for caring. I'm very grateful that so many nice people have come by to offer support, and I'm especially happy to hear from you! I hope all is well in your world.

Hey Brit,

Take your time sweety and get better.

*squeals with delight when reaches the Drake/JJ announcement*

You treat me too good. I've been hinting around.....okay okay. I've be blatantly letting you know for a while on and off that I think it would be awesome if you wrote a Drake/JJ. {my fave couple}

Sorry to hear about the problems, but every hurricane has an eye, so look forward to calm times and then more turbulence and finally the storm will pass.

Me and Ted will wait out the Storm in our luxurious cabin provided by you.

Feel better and rest lots.

Hugs and Kisses


Dax! Ted! Good to see ya! Hugs and kisses back atcha. Ted, you're looking pleased with yourself. Getting it regular must agree with you. I always thought you needed a strong woman to whip you into shape. Hey Dax, how is he finding the commute to the 27th from the cabin at my journal?

Anyway, I was hoping you'd be interested in the thought of a Drake/JJ story, since I know you're one of the serious fans/writers of that particular pairing. I know, I know, not you, Ted. Run along, now.

Here's an excerpt (for DAX, not Ted):

JJ's hand found its way to Drake's hip and stroked down over his thigh and back up. "Drakey, just trust me, okay? I know you have a typical straight man's fears, so let me reassure you that absolutely nothing is gonna go in your ass tonight." He slid his hand around Drake's hip until he was grasping one hard buttock. "No fingers, no tongues, no toys, and especially, no cocks." One fingertip rested at the top of Drake's crack however, and it made the larger man flinch. "Don't be so jumpy, you dope. Although I have been known to top when the occasion calls for it, I'm primarily a bottom."

Can't wait to post this. It has a few problems of course, not least of which is the title, but they'll all be resolved soon, hopefully.

Thanks for your support! I love those black and white still photos you've got up opposite the fireplace of the Yaoi lumberjacks in action, BTW. Very artistic.

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