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Doughnuts At The 27th Precinct, part 2, The Hunted
Ryo with badge
Okay, here we are with Part Two. I was planning to post this sometime tomorrow, but tomorrow is already shaping up to be such a busy day that I seem to be staying up late, trying to stave off tomorrow! I really should go to bed, though.  Happy Thursday to you all.  I hope you wake up feeling well-rested and raring to go.

Doughnuts at the 27th Precinct

By Brit Columbia

Part Two:  The Hunted

Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Fandom: Fake
Spoilers:  To Volume 7 & and beyond
Rating: Teen.  Kissing and talking about sex.
Timing:  Set in March, toward the end of Dee and Ryo's first year together.
Summary:  Dee corners Ryo at the 27th Precinct.  Sparks fly.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Sanami Matoh, not me. I make no money doing this. I love Dee and Ryo, so I write stories about them.
Author's notes: This one is mostly Ryo's POV, but we skip back to Dee for the very end.
Thank you to mtemplarthe_ladyfeather, and moontatoo

Doughnuts at the 27th Precinct
(Part Two of Two)

Judging by the look on Dee's face, Ryo knew he had just made, in his partner's opinion, a typically airheaded suggestion.

"Why not both?" Dee complained. "A ten-second kiss now, and a ten-minute kiss later. I'll work better for it, you know."

"Not a chance. I thought I made myself clear last time you pulled this monkey business--no more kissing at work."

"I don't remember that conversation at all." Dee moved closer to Ryo, who hastily snatched up a sharpened pencil to ward him off. Unlike the ones on Dee's desk, Ryo's pencils were always sharp.

Dee batted it out of the way and insolently tweaked Ryo's nipple right through the thin fabric of his shirt without taking his eyes off his partner's. Ryo wondered indignantly how Dee could know the exact location of his nipples without even looking. He himself would have had to look. He raised his hands to protect himself because it looked as if Dee was going to try it again. Stepping quickly backwards, he suddenly felt his wheeled office chair strike the backs of his legs. He all but fell into it, and quickly looked up at Dee from his chair, the extent of his disadvantage striking him for the first time. As Dee took another step toward him, Ryo seized a second implement of self-defense. This time, it happened to be a calculator.

"Dee, I'm warning you..."

"Geek," said Dee. "What are you gonna do with that? Multiply me to death?"

"No, but I'll probably whack you with it if you don't back off."

"That little thing? It'll probably turn me on, not slow me down." Dee's grin was distinctly wolfish.

Ryo tossed the calculator aside in disgust, realizing Dee was right. Being whacked with a calculator would probably translate in his partner's twisted mind as a new and exciting method of foreplay. Ryo continued to roll backwards in his chair until he was brought up short by the wall. There was nowhere left to retreat to, and the fact that Dee was regarding him with an incredibly annoying expression of gleeful triumph brought a scowl to Ryo's face.

"You will kiss me," Dee informed him. "Resistance is futile."

Ryo raised a foot. "Don't make me kick you. And don't pretend you don't remember the 'no more kissing at work' conversation we had last week."

"I thought we were talking about blowjobs," protested Dee, eyeing the foot warily.

"You know perfectly well we weren't. Now are you going to back off, or what?" To Ryo's surprise, Dee actually did take half a step back, but his eyes were suddenly fixed disconcertingly on a spot on the wall. "What are you looking at?"

"Don't move, dude," said Dee softly, without taking his eyes off whatever it was he was looking at. He reached for Ryo's latest copy of Sharpshooter.

"Dee, if you think I'm going to fall for such a cheap trick, you've got another thing coming."

"Whatever. Just let me kill it." Dee came forward slowly, still looking at the wall.

Ryo fought the urge to turn around and look. What if there was really something there? He hoped it wasn't a cockroach. They gave him the willies. What if it jumped on him? He slumped down further in his chair, trying to suppress a shudder.

Dee raised the magazine. He was almost directly above Ryo, so close that Ryo could detect the smell of his own designer deodorant wafting down from Dee's armpits. That irritated him. Ever since Dee's first shower in Ryo's bathroom, Dee had apparently developed some kind of fixation on using, correction, using up any products he found there. Yet every time Ryo thought about speaking sternly to his partner on this topic, something always distracted him.

The magazine hit the wall with a tremendous whack. "Gotcha!" Dee cried.

"Did you get it?" Ryo asked anxiously.

"No, you adorable, clueless, hot-looking stud. I was talking about you." In a flash, Dee dropped down so that he was suddenly astride Ryo's legs, and was in fact pinning his partner's legs down with his weight.

"What?" Ryo was outraged. You mean there wasn't any damn cockroach?" He pushed hard at Dee's chest with both palms. Dee naturally resisted.

"Now, did I at any time say the word 'cockroach'? Be fair, my love. I think I've more than earned my kiss." He brought both hands up under and between Ryo's straining arms and knocked them down onto the armrests on either side of the chair. Then he quickly leaned his weight on both of Ryo's forearms, holding them in place.

Ryo swore, and struggled mightily, feeling himself go red in the face. How the hell did his partner think these things up so consistently, and why couldn't he see them coming? Maybe Dee was right and he did have a nonexistent guard. Or could it be that Dee was just a conniving, manipulative, sneaky, self-serving son of a bitch? Yeah. He liked that one better.

"Dee, let me go," he snarled, glaring up at Dee, whose face was now only inches from his own. His partner's breath smelled rather distractingly like cinnamon. Despite himself, Ryo's eyes were drawn to the other man's mouth, and most specifically his full lower lip. It blurred slightly in his vision as he felt Dee pluck his reading glasses off the bridge of his nose before setting them carefully on a nearby filing cabinet. He belatedly realized that Dee's action had freed one of his own arms - he could use that arm to push him away! His agitated brain sent the message down to his arm: push Dee away. But his arm didn't listen. Instead, it stole around the back of Dee's neck and pulled him down toward Ryo's suddenly-impatient mouth and waiting tongue.

The kiss was glorious. Kissing Dee always was, and for the past year or so, it seemed to Ryo that every time Dee kissed him, it went straight to his penis and stirred it to life, no matter where he was, or what he was doing. He knew that Dee, from his position on Ryo's lap, could probably feel the effect he was having down there between Ryo's legs, and was probably already getting ideas. Ryo knew he ought to stop, knew he was behaving recklessly, but had no more success with getting his mouth to obey him than he had with his arm. The taste of Dee's mouth and the masculine-sexy smell of his body were absolutely intoxicating.

Finally, it was Dee who broke away, panting, his pulse leaping at the base of his throat. They looked at each other almost wildly, their breath mingling.

"You complete and utter bastard," breathed Ryo.

Dee climbed off his lap and blew him a teasing kiss. "Love you too, babe! You were magnificent in your surrender, by the way."

"Oh? Well, you're going to be magnificent in yours tonight. And equally magnificent in your inability to walk properly tomorrow. We may even have to stop at the drugstore and get you an inflatable doughnut cushion."

Dee gave a shout of laughter. "Is that a promise? Should I start looking forward-- er dreading it, then?"

"I wouldn't look forward to it, if I were you," said Ryo firmly, hoping his penis would decide to return to its normal resting state sometime soon. "I'm totally in the mood for revenge."

"Revenge? Hey, now. YOU kissed me first, remember?"

"I did not! You kissed ME. At work, like I specifically told you not to. And you're gonna pay for that tonight. Now get back to work. You can start by unlocking the door."

As if on cue, Ryo's phone rang, and he turned away from Dee dismissively to answer it.

After obediently cranking the lock back on their office door and leaving it partially ajar, Dee returned to his desk, trying not to let a big shit-eating grin creep over his features while he was in Ryo's line of sight. "I'm gonna need a... doughnut cushion?" he muttered to himself disbelievingly. "Dude!" He proceeded to finish off Drake's discarded doughnut while dreaming of the night to come.

Finally, something to look forward to.


Author's notes: Of course, Ryo is kidding about the doughnut cushion! He's not really going to hurt Dee. But he's certainly going to teach him who's boss. And that person is not Dee.

Also, re 'another thing coming' versus 'another think coming', I'm one of the 'thing-ers'. I’ve never liked 'think'. To me the meaning of the phrase changes significantly, depending on which word one uses. 'Think' implies that you ought to think it over or think again, but 'thing' seems to have more of a threat to it, in that someTHING other than the thing you were expecting is coming toward you as a result of your erroneous thinking! Anyhow, it seems to be subjective.  By all means, contribute your two cents.

Regarding the Drake/JJ lemon, I think you can expect to see the first installment in about 8 or 9 days. I'm hoping that on the weekend of the 6th I'll be able to get it up on my LJ. Thanks for your patience.

PS: Hello Twiyah! You're probably in class, but you might be online during my Canadian west coast wee hours here on the other side of the world.  I hope you didn't hurt any of your professors with that slightly soggy banana...

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You can argue that Dee has a thing coming, but if you want to go with thing then the word 'another' becomes superfluous. Another would mean that this is the second 'thing' coming along in the sentence, but it's only the first, because the first clause of the sentence uses 'think'.

Dee's grin was distinctly wolfish! I love that! I also loved how Dee can pinch a nipple (insolently, no less), without even looking, and that pisses Ryo off.

That's a very good point. My brain love juicy pieces of logic like that! However, allow me to put forth the weak argument that although 'another' indisputably introduces the second (or third or fourth or even last item in a series) it doesn't absolutely have to have an antecedent noun in every case. The antecedent can be implied. For example, if Janet catches Dee tweaking Ryo's nipple, she will have another piece of gossip to circulate around the building.

'Think' is much more logical and establishes a nice, clear relationship between the first and second clauses of the sentence, whereas 'thing' is more idiomatic. I guess I prefer the idiomatic usage in this case, which is a bit of a departure for me, since I prefer language to be as rational as possible, at least at its base. Hey! I just created a crappy little poem there, totally by accident.

Anyhow, thanks, as always, for reading and commenting!

Hello, hello, Brit! I was dying and testing bacteria again, indeed, but nothing better than to come home after a long day to a nice cup of tea and your writing! And I hope you've gotten better and that your plumbing has been fixed by now.

You make their dialogue so funny and sweet, even if they could be described as retarded for each other. They're so obviously smitten.

Sadly, my plumbing is not yet fixed, and may not in fact be fixed until next week. Healthwise, I guardedly say that I think I'm back on my feet. I've been less exhausted this week. I think posting and writing again has been good for me.

I'm so glad I could provide you with a pick-me-up after a hard day battling bacteria while fending off colleagues brandishing sharp objects! Thanks for the nice comment about their dialogue. I love writing dialogue between Dee and Ryo.

I love the playful tone of these two parts, and the changing POV. It feels very close to 'canon,' and that is always nice to revisit.

Btw, I have received 'Blood Ecstasy' featuring our beloved NYC cops. Have you seen this already? If not, its a yaoi novel written completely in Japanese, but fortunately there are a couple of nice illustrations. Please let me know if you'd care to have it -- maybe you know someone who speaks/reads the language?

Thanks again, and I'll get busy with 'Blind' hehe!
I am partial to that title, and to 'another thing coming'.


I'm excited about Blood Ecstasy, but so frustrated that it's only available in Japanese! I don't know anyone at present who could translate it for me. I know several Japanese people, but they don't know about my lil' yaoi habit. I wonder if it has any hot sex in it? How many pics are there? Isn't it driving you crazy not knowing what it's about?

We have another potential title contributed by the_ladyfeather: Bi-Bi Batman! Isn't that cute? Another variation could be Good-Bi Batman. But I still like Blind...

I forget who first said it, but one of my favorite sayings is "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly." Your stories constantly remind me of this, especially that little bit with the calculator.

On a related note, Dee can be so sneaky! His little trick with the magazine reminds me of the one he pulled in volume...2? 3? They had just come off the firing range, once again discussing Ryo's non-existant guard, when Dee lifts his hand over Ryo's head, Ryo looks up to see what's going on, and Dee steals a kiss.

Dee's trickery aside, you sound better. I hope that RL has stopped hitting so hard! A RL mess is one thing, but a continuous RL mess is another thing altogether.

Oh you liked the calculator part? Me too! I like love to be funny. To me, humor is such an important part of interpersonal relations.

Yes, thanks, I'm feeling somewhat better. I seem to be getting some of my energy back. I actually got the plumber on the phone today and nailed him down to a time. I'll found out how big the problem is tomorrow, and therefore, how expensive it's going to be. Argh, I don't want to think about it...

Anyway, thanks for reading and saying nice things about my stories!

(Deleted comment)
Wow, what a great review! Thank you so much for taking time away from your thesis, not just to read my fanfics, but also to let me know how much you enjoy them.

You know, if I could just write forever (and not have to do other things like earning a living or cleaning, etc.), life would indeed be grand.

*Hugs you!*

This was a lot of fun. I love Dee trying to get Drake to scram and of course wanting to steal a kiss. I also loved that Ryo's arm is smarter than he is. It can't say no to some tasty Dee. :)

I hope things are a little less crazy in your world.

Thanks JDR! It wasn't lemony hotness, and there was no Berkie for you, although Berk would have roared with laughter at Ryo's doughnut cushion threat (before going home to jerk off two or three times at the very thought...) but still it was typical FAKE chicken soup-type comfort food.

I'm sorry to report that things are crazy again. There is nothing for it but to endure. This is my Year of Hell, after all. All I can say is that I have high hopes of 2010. Life is long and we have good and bad years. I knew last September what was coming, so it's not like any of this took me by surprise, except the damn plumbing, which is absolutely huge and unfortunately, still ongoing.

And, significantly enough, worse things have happened to me. 2005 and 2006 were the, bar-none, worst years of my life. 2007 and 2008 were the respite years. I hope I'm shoring up some spiritual strength for my next life!

I know you're not nuts about JJ and Drake, but I hope you'll read my upcoming story about them. To be honest, I'm not crazy about them either, but when I started writing the story, which was supposed to be a simple lemon, I started getting into their heads. So it has hot sex in it, but it has character development, too. However, I don't have plans to spend a lot of time with them. Dee and Ryo's relationship is my passion.

Thank you, thank you for always taking an interest and coming by to support me. I hope you know how much I enjoy our association!

HELLO *waves sleepily*

*curls into a chibi ball*

This was the best thing I could read just before going to bed. *yawns*

Now I'm going to have nice yaoi dreams.

*stretches cat-like*

I'm not surprised that Dee knew exactly where Ryo's nipples are positioned without even being able to see them. He probably wakes up in the middle of the night and inspects Ryo's body from the top of his sexy lustrous head o' hair down to his (probably manicured) toenails. So he's probably memorized every mole, scar and strand of body hair that Ryo has and recorded it to memory.

Well Dee will be Dee and Ryo will always be Dee's. They are so cute together.

You know of course Brit that I am waiting patiently for my Drake/JJ that I've been always praying for you to write.

I guess my pagan sacrifices worked after all.........just kidding.........maybe.

Well anyway loved the ending and will be trying to continue with my WIPs. Wish me luck.

Nigh' Nigh' Brit.

Come on Ted it's bed time and I promise we'll really only be sleeping tonight........maybe.

Re: HELLO *waves sleepily*

Hi Dax. I'm whispering so as not to wake you and Ted up. First off, good luck with the WIPs. You're probably right about Dee memorizing everything about Ryo. In order to finally succeed in getting him as his life partner, he really needed to 'know the terrain'. *Laughs at the thought of Ryo's manicured toenails--you're probably right about that.* But he would do his own manicures. He would never be caught dead in a spa, unlike JJ.

Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting, despite your extreme sleepiness. Drake and JJ are coming (literally!) soon.

Re: HELLO *waves sleepily*


*pants at thoughts of Drake and JJ entwined wantonly together*


Later Brit

The smile on my face must be kind of creepy.. everyone is looking at me as if I've just gone mad (or is that happy) about having to work. XD

Adorable read right here Brit, I really enjoyed the light hearted feel of this one; your FAKE universe reminds me so much of Matoh-san's it is always a pleasure to read again and again! I'm also looking forward to the yummy Drake/JJ oneshot~!

Thank you, anjichan. That's a great compliment. The main thing I wanted to do when I started writing FAKE fics was to summon the feel of FAKE as Ms. Matoh had written it. After all, FAKE fanfics are all that's left for those sad people who have come to the end of volume Seven and can't let go.

And re the oneshot, I'm afraid it's no longer a oneshot. It was originally supposed to be Drake and JJ stumbling home from the Halloween party and into bed, but then it kind of got expanded. In my Fake universe, it was only the second time that Drake and JJ had sex together, and Drake had some feelings, questions and anxiety around that that I really wanted to explore. So it got expanded into three parts. However, it IS pretty sexy and NC-17-ish. I hope you enjoy it Part one will be up on my journal in a few days.

OMG, there's going to be three parts of Drake/JJ yummie!? Thanks for being the sun today.

Me? The sun? *Looks doubtfully at self in mirror* Okay, I'll do my best to start shining! Yeah, the story had to be a three-partner because it grew bigger and longer than I had originally expected. I just read that last sentence and it sounds like an ad for penis enlargement miracle pills. (Once a perv, always a perv, even first thing in the morning) I think I need coffee. Thanks for being excited!

Being whacked with a calculator would probably translate in his partner's twisted mind as a new and exciting method of foreplay.

Good I hadn't brewed my cuppa yet, because definitely snorting with laughter here.

Ever since Dee's first shower in Ryo's bathroom, Dee had apparently developed some kind of fixation on using, correction, using up any products he found there.

Nice bit of characterization, that. Could be read in multiple ways -- Dee wanting any part of Ryo he can sample, the street kid making use of whatever's available...

Finally, it was Dee who broke away, panting, his pulse leaping at the base of his throat. They looked at each other almost wildly, their breath mingling.

"You complete and utter bastard," breathed Ryo.

Mmm, yes. Yes, yes, yes. *all melty and happy envisioning this*

Thanks for noticing the part about the products. It's like you said, a little of both. There's also an element of, 'How much can I get away with? Will he still love me if I do this ?'

I'm glad you didn't get tea all over your keyboard!

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