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Batting For The Other Team, part one
Dee Blue waves
Batting For The Other Team  
By Brit Columbia

Pairing:  Drake/ JJ
Fandom: Fake
Spoilers:  To Volume 7 & and beyond
Rating: NC-17.  Blowjob, anal sex, hot guys getting each other off.
Timing:  Set on Halloween night after Diana's party at the New York Palace Hotel. Kind of a sequel to slave to a gladiator, although that story isn't yet finished as of the time of this posting.
Summary: Drake and JJ, a carnal Batman and Robin!
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Sanami Matoh. I have no claim on them. I wasn't paid to write this story.
Author's notes:  Apologies to the readers who were expecting this a lot earlier. I was supposed to write this Drake/JJ lemon over the Christmas break, but fell ill. Unfortunately, very little got written during that time, and when I did start writing again, the going was slow. Incidentally, although I initially said this was going to be a one shot, it kind of expanded itself, so now I'm presenting it in three parts. I need to give myself time to work on my next offering, which I think really must be the next chapter of  a new day . I've told myself that I can't have any more chocolate until I've written at least ten pages of that! (I'm going to hold myself to that, really!)
Thank you to  mtemplar,   the_ladyfeather, and  shelley6441. You guys are great for catching all those mistakes!
Dedicated to Daxemon because of her sprained and fractured ankle.  I SO sympathize!  *Sends hugs, chocolate and a big box of healing*

 Part One:  Bi-Bi Batman Suit

"Drake! Give me a chance to close the drapes before you go giving my neighbors a thrill." JJ bustled to the big sliding glass doors that opened onto his eleventh floor balcony.

"Don't worry about your neighbors, man. I can't get this thing off by myself anyway. I think I'm gonna need a hand."

JJ surveyed his partner, who stood in the center of the living room, presenting the image of a very disheveled and overheated Batman. The two of them had just returned from a Halloween party which they had attended dressed as Batman and Robin. The costumes had been JJ's idea, and Drake had gone along with him as usual.

In JJ's opinion, Drake appeared sexier than he ever could have imagined his normally low-key and slightly rumpled partner looking. Drake had lost a few pounds around the midsection by stepping up the sports over the past few months--typical behavior for Drake whenever he went long periods of time without a girlfriend--and now his body was leaner and more defined than it had looked in a long time. Drake had just spent the evening clad head to toe in close-fitting dark latex, which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. JJ wouldn't have admitted it, but he thought that Drake's costume had been even hotter than Dee Laytner's. The ever-gorgeous Dee had appeared as a sexy gladiator, with his insipid partner predictably in tow. Although JJ had naturally drunk in the sight of his favorite sex god wearing leather and sandals, there had been something about the way the shiny black rubber of the Batman costume had molded itself to Drake's new body that had drawn his eye again and again.

But several hours of sweating in latex had obviously taken their toll on Drake. The dramatic hooded bat cape now lay in a crumpled heap beside him, with his mask on top of it. Drake's hair lay flattened to his scalp in damp brown waves, and beads of perspiration stood out on his brow.

"Well, somebody sure needs a shower," observed JJ critically.

"No kidding. Hey, is this zipper stuck? It went down about three inches and then it wouldn't go any further."

"Stop tearing at it like that! Do you think you'll ever get any of your deposit back if you rip the zipper right off the latex?" JJ stepped behind Drake and batted his hands away. "Hands off. Let me at it." He tugged at the zipper that ran down the back of Drake's costume, and frowned when he wasn't able to budge it. "Try exhaling."

Drake did, but that didn't seem to help either. He glanced anxiously over his shoulder at JJ's blond head. "Any luck?"

"Hmm. Try lowering your arms. When you lift them like that, it makes your lats stick out."

Drake meekly obeyed. He couldn't wait to get out of the hottest, sweatiest Halloween costume he had ever worn in his life. Of course he would hate to give up the three hundred bucks he'd had to put down as a deposit, but if JJ couldn't get him out of this stretchy rubber prison in about ten minutes max, he was perfectly ready to take a pair of scissors to it.

Well, maybe. On the other hand, three hundred dollars would buy tickets to at least two Rangers games, with money left over for beer. Perhaps he should try to be a bit more patient.

"How's it going back there?" he asked hopefully.

"Arch your spine and push your shoulders back...Yeah, that's doing it. Here she comes."

Drake felt cool air touch his damp back as the tightly clenched teeth of the zipper slowly parted and set him free. "Arghh! Thank God!" he groaned, and started yanking on the material of his costume again, trying frantically to get it off his arms.

"Stop that, Drake! You're splattering me with sweat for heaven's sake!"

"Oh, er... sorry," Drake mumbled and stopped mid-stretch.

"I specifically don't want you to drop any sweat on my new Thai silk cushion covers. Step away from the couch, okay?" JJ took hold of the section of the costume that held Drake's arms prisoner in front of his body, and towed him rapidly out of the living room, not stopping until they fetched up in the bathroom together.

"Okey-dokey," said JJ firmly. "This is the best room for you to undress in. There's no sensitive silk in here. Now, let's get this damn thing off you slowly and carefully. Latex is actually quite fragile, you know."

"Thanks for helping me," said Drake humbly. It had taken almost half an hour for the girls at the rental shop to get him squeezed into his tight latex costume with the aid of liberal amounts of talcum powder. He had been hoping he would be able to remove it in a fraction of the time. He pulled his arm back gently as JJ peeled the rubber material over first one wrist and then the other. Relieved to have his torso free, Drake took a deep breath and unbuckled his yellow plastic belt, which he handed to JJ. 

JJ dropped both items on the floor in one corner of his spacious and stylish bathroom. "Yuck. I know some people are into latex wear, but how can they put up with that awful smell?"

"No idea. But trust me, the human-condom feeling is worse than the smell of latex," Drake muttered. Now for the 'bat-briefs'." They came down a little easier than he expected, perhaps because they were made of a slightly heavier grade of rubber. He tried to hand them to JJ too, but his partner just wrinkled his nose and pointed to the corner.

"You think I'm just gonna stand here holding your underwear for you? What do I look like--a friggin' valet?"

Drake tossed the bat-briefs where he had been directed and grinned apologetically at JJ. "The real underwear is yet to come, I'm afraid," he said, and began to tug down the tight latex leggings that were the last remaining piece of the costume.

"Drakey! Are those bikini briefs?" JJ stared delightedly. "I never would have figured you for a bikini-brief kind of guy. Holy bat-shit."

"Yeah, they're bikini briefs. So what?" Drake glanced at JJ defensively before lowering his eyes along with the latex tights. "I thought they would be the best gaunch for under the costume. The shop said I had to wear something under it. Come on, quit laughing."

"They're so gosh-darn skimpy! I gotta know.... Did you buy them yourself?" JJ leaned back against the wall, arms folded, smirking at Drake as he watched the show.

"Nope. Women are always giving me stuff like this for some reason." Wouldn't hurt to remind his partner that women obviously found him sexy, even if they did dump him at regular intervals. Having peeled the leg coverings down as far as his shins, Drake ran into the same problem he had encountered with his arms. There was too much costume pooled between his lower legs and he suddenly felt awkward and off-balance. He grunted in frustration and started jerking at the tights in an impatient effort to get them off his calves and ankles.

"Oh, you're impossible," said JJ, emitting a sharp little huff, and pushing himself away from the wall. "Go on, sit on the toilet and stick your legs out."

Drake shuffled backwards over the aqua floor tiles and sat down heavily on the toilet seat, causing JJ to roll his eyes and mutter something under his breath.

Slowly, gently, with many small tugs, JJ got the stretchy rubber leggings down over Drake's muscular calves and large, callused feet. He then flung them into the corner with the rest of the costume.

"You're gonna have to wash out all the pieces of your costume tonight and then hang them up to dry," he informed Drake. "But not until we've both had a shower, of course."

"Yeah, I guess I should." Drake sighed, his hand on the back of his neck. "That's what Miranda and Jessie said I should do, you know, the girls at the rental shop."

"You mean the skanks at the rental shop," retorted JJ. "The one with the black hair was a junkie for sure, and the mousy brown one was so desperate for a man you could practically smell--"

"Hey c'mon, I didn't think they were that bad," protested Drake.

"Hmph. You wouldn't." JJ sniffed dismissively.

"What a pain in the neck this costume was," said Drake, changing the subject. "That's the last time I do a latex one." He stood up, feeling oddly nervous about removing his last piece of clothing, the black bikini briefs that Megan had bought for him. Or had it been Cordelia? He wasn't sure. It couldn't have been his sister Della, even though she often gave him practical gifts like socks, undershirts and...

"Drake, are you listening to me?"

"Huh?" He blinked at JJ, who was standing next to the open shower stall. "Sorry about that. I guess I zoned out. What were you saying?"

"I was trying to give you a tour of the shower. Okay, here we go again, from the top. This one is conditioner, here's the shampoo, shower gel, soap, of course, and more conditioner." JJ pointed to various bottles and tubes in rapid succession.

"Oh, I never use conditioner," said Drake. "Which one was the shampoo again? This one?"

JJ looked at him like he was from another planet, which made Drake grin. JJ often did that.

"No, that's lube," JJ informed him and snickered when Drake started and dropped it. "You don't wanna wash your hair with that one. THIS one," he added, lifting a pale yellow bottle, "is shampoo. And make sure you use the shower gel, not the bar of soap." His blue eyes looked Drake up and down boldly. "I don't want to find chest hairs embedded in it later."

Although a part of his mind was still reeling from the concept of a guy who actually kept lube in the shower stall, Drake put a self-conscious hand to his chest. "I'm not that hairy," he protested, hoping this wasn't going to be an issue. It had been for a girl he'd dated a couple of years back who had actually offered to wax it for him. Four times.

To his surprise, JJ suddenly smiled at him affectionately. "No," he agreed. "You're not. You have just the right amount."

"Really?" Drake felt himself blushing slightly.

"Yeah." JJ transferred his gaze to Drake's underwear. "By the way, are you planning to take those off tonight?"

"Uh-huh." Drake forced himself to look JJ in the eye, although he was suddenly feeling embarrassed again.

"Like, when?"

"Um, when you leave the room, I guess."

JJ rolled his eyes for the second time since they had entered the bathroom. "Drakey," he said in his snarkiest voice. "I'm going to be sucking your cock in the next 20 minutes or so. You've got about nineteen minutes to get over these ridiculous bashful feelings of yours, okay?"

"Fuck, JJ," Drake whispered huskily, taking an impulsive step toward him. His partner's words had gone straight to his dick.

JJ took a big step back, looking at him indignantly. "Don't even think about touching me until you're no longer covered in sweat and slimy old baby powder! Now, hurry up and take your shower. I'll be back soon with a towel and a washcloth for you."

Drake acquiesced with a murmur of assent. At that moment, if JJ had ordered him to dance a jig with a rose in his teeth, he would have done so without hesitation. It had been a long time since he had had his cock sucked, and an even longer time since anyone had offered to do it willingly without first having been worn down by lots of begging and wheedling.

Drake waited until JJ had briskly exited the bathroom, before turning on the water in the shower stall. He peeled off his damp briefs and idly hand-washed them with JJ's banana scented shower gel, while looking around him at the attractively appointed bathroom he found himself in.

JJ's bathroom, which had been done in two shades of aqua contrasted with white, consisted of a glass walled stand-up shower and a separate soaker tub. Drake remembered when JJ had had the renovations done last March. It had led to the first time he had ever seen his partner naked, strangely enough. JJ usually couldn't stand to use the communal showers in the men's change room at the Bronx 51st, where they had been stationed at that time, but for a week there, he really hadn't had much of a choice.

The way that JJ had soaped himself at that time had exercised a strangely compelling effect on Drake. He hadn't really been able to explain it, especially since he was newly with Megan and actually getting some regular sex for once.

"Guess I was 'bi-curious' back then, too," he muttered to himself, the corners of his mouth lifting in a half smile as he recalled what JJ had said to him at the Halloween party they had attended together earlier this evening.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, JJ stripped the covers off the bed in readiness for the evening's activities, and then stood in front of the mirror, regarding himself with interest. JJ had always liked looking in the mirror. He usually liked what he saw. He was still wearing his costume from the party, minus mask and cape, of course. He grinned at the 'R'-emblazoned red bodice over a close-fitting cap sleeved tee-shirt.

"No one could mistake you for a straight boy, Robin my dear," he said to himself with amusement. "Especially not with that green satin bikini."

He quickly stripped off what was left of his 'Robin' costume and put it away, except for the bikini, which he tossed on the bed. Then he returned to the living room and gathered up the two masks and capes. He had plans for them. It wasn't every day one got to screw Batman after all.

Drake had just turned around to get more shower gel, when he felt a slight coolness between his shoulders as the temperature in the shower stall changed. He started to turn back but was forestalled by the feel of JJ's arm coming around his middle. A thumb traced a soapy line from his pecs all the way down the central line dividing his abs.

"What's up, Drakey?" JJ giggled as his hand came into contact with the soapy erection that Drake had been playing with.

Drake gasped and thrust forward into JJ's hand. It felt so good to have someone else's fingers on his dick instead of his own, for once. JJ's firm body pressed up against his back also felt good--until he felt an erection rubbing itself over his right buttock. That freaked him out. He didn't quite know what to make of that, and he froze uncertainly.

JJ laughed. "Do you think I'm going to rape you or something? Grow up, Drakey."

"Sorry," Drake muttered, hyperconscious of the dick. The dick that wasn't his. Holy bat-shit, as JJ had said. What the hell was he doing?

"You're wilting, Mr. Bikini Briefs. Are you scared or something?"

Drake decided to go for honesty. "Yeah," he mumbled.

"Really?" JJ sounded surprised and a little bit uncertain, which made Drake decide to turn around and face him.

"Yeah," he said again, speaking louder than he wanted to over the 'shhhhhaaaahhh' sound of the shower. "I don't know what you expect, see. Maybe you expect things I'm not comfortable doing. I don't actually know what I'm comfortable doing... The one time we did this before, it was all kinda 'spur of the moment', and there was no time to, you know, think about it."

"So now that you're thinking about it, do you want to stop?" JJ's blue eyes met his fearlessly.

"No!" Drake reached out and touched his partner's shoulder. "No," he repeated. "I just wanna know what the plan is. I assume you have some kind of plan?"

JJ nodded with a small grin. "You know me, Drake.  I always have a plan."

"Well then," Drake said. "Let me in on it, would ya?"

JJ's hand found its way to Drake's hip and stroked down over his thigh and back up. "Drakey, just trust me, okay? I know you have a typical straight man's fears, so let me reassure you that absolutely nothing is gonna go in your ass tonight." He slid his hand around Drake's hip until he was grasping one hard buttock. "No fingers, no tongues, no toys, and especially, no cocks." One fingertip rested at the top of Drake's crack however, and it made the larger man flinch. "Don't be so jumpy, you dope. Although I have been known to top when the occasion calls for it, I'm primarily a bottom."

"A what?"

"It means I'd rather get fucked than do the fucking."

"Oh," said Drake, looking relieved. "Well, good, because I..."

"Mmm?" JJ stepped closer and kissed one of Drake's nipples.

"I--I'd like to fuck you again," said Drake quickly, before he lost his nerve. "L-like last time. That was... hot."

"Yeah?" JJ smiled up at Drake before turning him around so that their positions were reversed. Now it was JJ who stood under the shower spray. "Drakey, do me a favor."

"Sure," said Drake, who couldn't get over how fast his penis was returning to life under JJ's knowledgeable fingers.

"Wash me, you sexy bat-hunk. I want to feel your hands on my body. Can you handle that?"

 ~end of part one~


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*Long suffering sigh* Only for you would I subject myself to JJ porn. Well, Drake continues to be adorable and while I still think he could totally do better than JJ (Except that my far too tired brain just did a run through of the other male characters and landed on a Walrus. Wow. There’s a ship I’ve never seen. And for good reason. ), it was just a tiny bit hot. JJ and Drake that is not JJ and the Walrus and OMG what have you done, Brit? This is what happens when you force me like JJ porn. My brain gets even. :)

Gaaaah! Don't you realize that the Walrus is a married man with children??? What are you trying to accomplish here, you manga homewrecker you? And just who were you picturing taking a romantic walk on the beach with the Chief? Drake or JJ? Because it wasn't clear, especially after you insisted that Drake could do better than JJ. And when you say, "...a tiny bit hot," just who exactly were you picturing on the bottom? (Not the Badger, please, not the Badger... I'd be willing to bet serious money that he has hair on his back. I mean, okay, it'd be possible, but there would have to be a really dark room with a really f--good lock and a helluva lot of booze involved) *Mind boomerangs wildly and flings JJ and Drake back together with more force than ever before*

Oh, your evil brain got even with that one, all right.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I know better than most how you'd just as soon JJ received a promotion and buggered off to the West Coast where, with a bit of luck, he might never be heard from again, what with serial killers, cults, smog, heavy traffic, and the possibility of earthquakes. But... it was Ms. Matoh who kept him around, probably because he's such a madly successful character, and she's the one who paired him with Drake in the first place.

However, I seem to be digressing from the thanking part. Please grit your teeth and keep going with this. It's 90% in Drake's viewpoint, and the sex is rather hot, despite the presence of JJ. Thank you. Only for me? I do know and appreciate that. *Smooches you and hands over the rest of the Lindt chox that are making my life hell with their nagging insistence that I eat them.


Oh, that is HOT.... more, more!! *throws a cup of coffee at your head*

Nah, kidding.

I do hope you are feeling better, dear.

Yikes! *Ducks cup of coffee, and is relieved to find it was made of nerf-foam*
Yes, thanks, I feel a lot better. Still tired, though. I think I have to give up sugar for a while.

Thanks for the vote of hotness! Part two will be here in a week. It'll go by fast! Honest.

hehe! I love it!

Thank you sweetie


Thank-YOU, my dear. You were extremely helpful. I decided to save the missing title for another story that is closer to the time where they actually make a commitment to each other.

I'm so glad that you liked this story. Thanks for everything.

Cordelia? Are you a Buffy fan, or perhaps Angel? I don't know if your Cordelia matches Joss Wedon's, but Joss' is totally the kind Drake would date: attractive, flirty, high-maintenence, tends towards bitchiness, would dump him in about a week.

While Drake/JJ isn'tmy OTP, your lemons are always of the highest quality, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got in store for the "bi-curious".

Buffy, a true Heroine that I would follow into Hell Worlds and beyond

I am a total Buffy fan, you perspicacious reader, you! (My fave TV series of all time) And I only ever watched that lame, under-budgeted and increasingly under-lit show Angel because it took place in the Buffyverse. I lost the final dregs of respect for that program the day they brought in the muppet-puppets. I mean, talk about desperation. And how could that idiot Angel ever have imagined himself in love with Cordelia, of all people, after having Buffy, who was ten times the woman that Cordelia could ever be? I kept watching week after week, waiting for the show's writers to come to their senses, but they never did. Come to think of it the last season of Buffy sucked big-time, too. But man, it sparkled in earlier years.

Anyway, I freely admit to channeling the Buffyverse Cordelia. Drake's version didn't dump him in a week, though. She waited almost two months before doing that, and apparently left quite an impression behind. JJ has a similar sort of personality, and that's Drake's type, as I see it.

Drake/JJ isn't my OTP either, but I'm working up to writing original M/M stories, so this is good practice for me. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence regarding my lemons! I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint. If I write lemon scenes from the heart (and I did with this one) then they usually work out well and click with readers. Next part in a week! Thanks again! *Hug*

I really enjoyed reading this chapt ... I like how Drake is being truthful and voicing out his fears ... can't help but love JJ here ... keep up with the posting. Meanwhile, I laughed when I read your self-motivation tip to getting the next chapt of a new day written. What no chocolate ... well, here's cheering you on from the sidelines. Looking forward to your next update.

Thank you! I figured Drake wouldn't try to hide his fears in this situation, because he really does feel comfortable with JJ.

Yeah, no chocolate for me for a while! That means I've got to make some progress ASAP, because there's dark chocolate embedded with roasted whole almonds in the kitchen and it's calling to me.

JJ isn't all that bad, I really like him when he isn't pawing at Dee... I do prefer him with Drake! I gotta say I really enjoyed reading this one and it's only the beginning too--!

I also especially like how you've portrayed Drake, his feelings and fears are normal for anyone in his position... bi-curious or not.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next two chapters of this one!

Thank you Brit.

I don't like it when JJ paws at Dee either, although it bugs Ryo more than anyone.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate the support.

So, here we have Drake, fantasizing about using his costume deposit money for Rangers tickets and beer. And here we have JJ, fretting Drake's sweat will stain his new Thai silk cushions.

So very very straight and so very, very gay. How hot will this sex be? I don't read Drake/JJ by just anyone, since 9 times out of 10 the writer gets the characters wrong or make JJ call him 'Drakey-poo', but for you I'm giving it a shot. So far - hot.

Thanks for the 'hot so far' vote! I know that you're not a huge fan of this pairing, so I'm honored that you're willing to read this story. It does get hotter, but I'm afraid I go one worse than 'Drakey-poo'...*ducks*

Here's an excerpt from part three:

"Don't call me 'Drakey-pie," growled Drake, pulling back a couple of inches before shoving it in again. That made JJ moan. "'Drakey' is kind of my limit."

For some reason, I love Drake/JJ porn, and this was just awesome. Very realistic for a normally-straight man reluctantly giving in to his bi-curious side, and I love how reassuring JJ is. I really, really, REALLY can't wait to read the next chapter!

Gah, so much catching up to do on FAKE fanfics. I keep forgetting how much I love them.

And I'm glad you're feeling better, Brit :) *HUGS* Sick sucks!

Thank you, Karuune! I really, really, REALLY can't wait to bring you the next chapter! JJ is reassuring and snarky together: 'Nothing's gonna go up your ass, but you've got 19 minutes to get over the ridiculous bashfulness, starting...now.'

Yeah, I'm feeling much better, thanks, but I'm still low energy. However, I'm optimistic! *Hugs back... likes hugs*


Hey Brit,

So freaking great.

Right now I'm hopped up on Percocet, a narcotic pain reliever, seeing as I, not but two days ago, sprained and fractured my ankle.


Reading this was like salve to the wound.

*smiles insipidly*

I feel so good right now, that even if there was a cliffy..........I wouldn't give a damn.

Drake and JJ are a fierce couple. Love the way you interpret JJ..........I love a strong JJ.

Glad you kept the interpretation of Drake honest, even if they did get it on once any straight man would have reservations about getting it on with another man.

*grins happily and bops in chair with foot resting on folded body pillow*

So Brit Real Life sucks sometimes, but my Drake/JJ fic (and it is mine, I claim it for me.....sorry Percocet *waves dismissively*)from you is a comfort.

Will wait patiently for the remaining installments.

Later Brit

*picks up crutches and hobbles off to bed*


Aw, Dax. I really know what you're going through. I spent November on crutches, and boy was it ever hard to work. I missed riding my bike so much. And every day, at least ten people asked me, "What happened to you?" (I work with the public a fair bit)and eventually, even my legendary patience started to fray around the edges.

Anyhow, my problem was less serious than yours because all I had was a strained ligament. It's still painful, but I can ride my bike now, walk without limping, even do the elliptical trainer a couple of times a week. I'm worried about your fracture, especially with you being such a hyper and (I imagine) active person.

Please, please, don't make it worse by trying to jump up and do stuff too soon. Take care of yourself and put yourself first as much as possible. I can more or less guarantee that some of your nearest and dearest are going to have a problem with this concept.

This story is now yours. You reached out and grabbed it! I changed the author's notes to make sure everyone knows this one's for Dax.

Yay! A Drake/JJ fic! There are not enough of these on the 'net. ;__; *gives you a hug for being awesome*

I have to admit, I used to really dislike JJ in the beginning too. He was annoying. :x But, over the years, I have grown to love him. And then when Like, Like, Love came out I was excited at the prospect of him and Drake. I don't know why, but I thought they'd be a cute couple. JJ isn't at all a bad character, as long as he's not around Dee. And I always loved Drake. Hehehe. I hope there are some more Drake and JJ interaction in the manga. Whenever there's a new chapter. *crosses fingers*

Anyway. Back to the fic before I go off on even more of a tangent. I can't wait to read the next part. Seeing how it is you writing the sex scenes, I know it's going to be hot. ^.~ You never fail to deliver, my dear. *gives you another hug*

Kelli, thanks for all the hugs. I agree that JJ is not bad--annoying perhaps, but not bad. I kind of enjoy making him catty and snarky! However, we know he has depth because of the events of Volume 5. Thanks for your vote of confidence regarding the sex scenes! *Hugs you back*

(Deleted comment)
Erin, you're brave to be on LJ at work. I used to check it out sometimes at work, but then I started getting paranoid about our computer tech guy, so I stopped. Now that I have a laptop, I can always go to a coffee shop at lunch and not have to worry that my conservative coworkers are going to find out about my interest in hot, sexy M/M relationships!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this chapter!

(Deleted comment)
Twiyah, thank you so much. I see JJ as a man of course, but a very out-of-the-closet and sexually confident bottom. Actually, the process of writing this story has almost got ME shipping Drake/JJ, too!

(Deleted comment)
D-d-d-d-d-dddd.... *DED*

Brit, only you could write a second-string-cute-enough-but-not-exactly-sexy couple so well that it instantly becomes my metaphorical hard-on for the series. THANK YOU.

SO much. Snarky JJ is sex on legs.


Thanks! I tell you, I get such a kick out of writing snarky lines for JJ. The next two chapters get sexier. I hope you'll come back for them! I'll post the next one either on Friday night or Saturday morning.

I must say that I am one of those people who doesn't normally read Drake/JJ fics, but since you're writing it, I was sure it would be good.

And it is definitely good.

I love how you never sacrifice a character's integrity just to make your stories easier to write. Most writers seem to make Ryo and JJ very weak-willed and forget how bad-ass they really are. It is so refreshing to read your takes on the characters.

Anyway, I very excited for the next installment!

Thank you! I've hardly read any Drake/JJ myself, enthusiastic Dee/Ryo shipper that I am, but several of my very nice, kind, faithful readers are interested in Drake/JJ, so I'm really writing this for them.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I've said before that there are a lot of different interpretations of the FAKE characters out there, so I'm very glad you like mine.

The next installment will be published Saturday morning at the latest! Thanks again.

Yea! I can't wait for more...

On the subject of hurting ourselves... (I know, that's a great way of starting a conversation, not to mention what that must sound like to those with selective hearing)... I myself was recently in an accident, but I'm fine now ^_^

I want more hot man smex! Peas? *Gives puppy eyes*


I'm so sorry to hear you were in an accident! I hope it wasn't too painful. I'm glad you're all better.

I will certainly give you more hot man smex. Who can resist the eyes of a recently wounded puppy?

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