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Batting For The Other Team, Part Two

Batting For The Other Team  
By Brit Columbia

Pairing:  Drake/ JJ
Fandom: Fake
Spoilers:  To Volume 7 & and beyond
Rating: NC-17.  Blowjob, anal sex, a toy. Man on man sex between two very good friends.
Timing:  Set on Halloween night after Diana’s party at the New York Palace Hotel.
Summary: Drake and JJ, a Dynamic Duo in the bedroom!
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Sanami Matoh. I have no claim on them and I wasn't paid to write this story.
Author's notes:  This is part two of three. There's one more chapter after this one. There are additional author's notes at the end.
Thank you to  mtemplarthe_ladyfeather,  and  shelley6441.
Dedicated to  daxemon, who is limping around on crutches, but is still trying to cook while kneeling on a chair in front of the stove....Stop that, you! Should we send a couple of firefighters to supervise the cooking activities?  *Sends small, soft pillows for the pits.  I know how much they hurt*

Part Two: Blowing Batman

"Um, yes!" said Drake firmly, in response to JJ’s request that he wash him. He actually thought that was a good idea. JJ's body was attractive to him, yet foreign. He had never explored a man's body before, and in fact, had never really been conscious of wanting to. Until now. He wanted to fuck this particular body, he knew that much. And before he fucked it, he wanted to feel it, the firm parts, the soft parts, all of it. Yes, even the dick part. As long as he could feel it on his own terms. "Would you prefer gel or soap?"

"Might as well use the soap," JJ said pushing his wet hair off his forehead and flashing Drake a brilliant smile. "You already smell like bananas so I'll smell like pineapple. Let's be a fruit salad!" He laughed at his own wit.

"Let's be a tropical drink instead," said Drake, who hadn't found being referred to as a 'fruit' the least bit funny, but also couldn't help grinning at his partner's exuberant silliness. "I don't suppose you've got any rum?"

"I do! Mix, too." JJ closed his eyes and basked under the hot stream of water. He could hear the squelching sound of the bar of soap turning over and over in Drake's hands as he worked up a lather. He almost moaned when he felt Drake's hand on his neck and shoulder. The scent of pineapple rose to his nostrils. "I even have those little umbrellas.... Ohhh Drake, that feels good..."

"No little umbrellas in my drink, please," said Drake absently, but only for something to say. He didn't give a damn whether they had little umbrellas in their drinks or not. All he could think about was the feel of JJ's warm, satiny skin under his questing hands. His partner's body was lightly muscled without being bulky, lean, smooth and delightful to the touch. Drake had once had a girl with a body like this, a star gymnast, back in high school when he had hung with the athletic set. Of course the proportions were different, but only slightly different. All he knew right now was that JJ's body felt strong, slippery and sexy. He wanted to feel those slender arms around him, those lissome legs wrapped around his back while he pumped the tight hole between JJ's firm round buttocks... He could feel JJ's legendary energy thrumming just under the surface. The kid was probably a lively fuck.

It had been too quick and urgent, that other time on the boat, plus JJ had been practically in a state of hypothermia. This time, he wanted to take things a little more slowly, draw them out more. After all, he didn't know when this might happen again.

"You're off tomorrow, right?" he asked, stepping close enough to JJ so that their dicks touched.

"Mm-hm. And you're on second shift, so we don't--oooh!--have to rush." JJ's voice was a little breathless. He ground his groin against Drake's, just to feel his penis rubbing harder. His excitement leapt when Drake's hand came down between their bodies and caressed both of their cocks together. Drakey, his nervous straight guy, was actually touching his dick! Wow! He hadn't expected that to happen quite so soon. Now Drake's other hand was all over his ass again, squeezing and kneading. Drake really seemed to like his ass.

Suddenly his partner was kissing him, tenderly, sweetly, with annoyingly slow, gentle movements of lips and tongue, and not nearly enough passion, in JJ's opinion. He broke the kiss to say, "Come on Drake! I'm not a woman, you know. Give a little! I like it harder than that."

In response, one of Drake's soapy hands came up and caught hold of the hair on the back of JJ's head. JJ felt Drake move him into position, firmly tugging his head back before abruptly lowering his mouth onto JJ's, which had fallen open in surprise. Now that's a kiss, he thought, as he felt Drake's tongue thrust inside his mouth, where it quickly wrestled his own into submission. He liked a man to be a forceful kisser, and Drakey was doing it right. This boded well for the rest of the evening.

Drake pulled back and looked down at JJ to see what kind of expression he had on his face. "You like it like that?"

"Mmmm, yes. Do it again!" JJ put his arms around Drake's neck and pressed his wet, soapy body flush against Drake's. He raised his mouth expectantly and moaned when the other man's lips descended on his once again. Drake was holding and kneading the globes of his ass, using his grip as a lever to rub JJ's groin against his dick, which was rock-hard and demanding attention. JJ was reminded that he had offered to suck that dick, and perhaps Drake had the same thought at the same time because he broke the kiss and looked down expectantly at him.

"You wanna move this out of here?"

"Yes, Drakey. Let's get the soap off. I wanna lick you all over and I don't wanna get a mouthful of soap." He flicked Drake's hard-on with his thumb and forefinger and smirked up at his highly aroused partner.

They hastily rinsed and then stumbled out of the shower together. JJ tossed Drake a huge white bath towel and picked up an aqua-colored one for himself. "Don't forget to dry your feet," he told Drake. "You're not allowed to leave wet footprints on my carpet."

"Yes, 'Mom'. Jeez."

"Do NOT call me 'Mom' if you expect to feel my tongue anywhere near your privates in this lifetime, you ignoramus!"

"Sorry, JJ. Come here..." Drake pulled him close and kissed him again. "What now?"

"Follow me!" JJ set off at a trot in the direction of the bedroom.

For a moment Drake stared after JJ's narrow-hipped form, feeling conflicted over the fact that he was about to make it with a guy. Was this really okay? What would his dad say if he knew about this? Or his brothers?

"I'm wa-a-a-aiting!" called JJ from the bedroom, and Drake shook off his thoughts about his family. So what? They were far away and his sex life was none of their business anyhow. It wasn't like he was about to spend the rest of his life with JJ or anything. This was just some harmless fun between friends, that was all.

He stepped into the bedroom to find JJ partially clad in a pair of green satin briefs and his Robin mask and cloak from earlier.

"What the--?"

"Drake, sweetie, I want you to help me with an unfulfilled boyhood fantasy." JJ held out Drake's discarded bat-cape. "Put this on."

"Latex again? But I just had a shower."

"It's only the cape, dumbo. Well, okay, it's the mask too.  Come on, pleeeeeeease?"

"You want me to be Batman again? For how long?"

"Just a little while. You see I've always wanted to--" JJ moved closer to him and stood on tiptoes to bite his ear gently-- "blow Batman. When will I ever get another opportunity like this?"

Drake reluctantly took the heavy black cape from JJ. Its rubbery smell brought back unpleasant memories of sweating and being overheated. "Okay, but I'm not putting up the hood. I don't want my hair to get gross again."

"That's fine! The mask and cape are enough for my fantasy." JJ watched as Drake pulled the cape over his head and settled its shiny black weight over his shoulders.

Drake put the mask over his face and fastened the strap behind his head. Then he threw his shoulders back and widened his stance. "How's this?"

JJ clasped his hands together in delight. "Perfect!"

"What do you want me to do now?"

"Just be a horny bi-curious Batman, that's all."

"Um, I never actually saw Batman doing anything like that with a guy in any of the movies..."

"For heaven's sake, Drakey, I mean 'Bruce'. Just use your imagination." JJ sashayed closer to Drake and took two folds of the bat cape in either hand. "Bruce!" he said. "I missed you. Where have you been?"

"Oh..." Drake thought fast. "I was just giving the Batmobile an oil lube and filter," he said in his best approximation of Batman's deep voice. "She's all, er, lubed up and ready to go."

JJ corrected him with an impish smile. "He, Bruce. The Batmobile is not a 'she'."

"Okay. He's all lubed up and ready to go." Drake grinned, feeling like an idiot, but unable to deny that he was having fun. It was like being a kid again. He hadn't played 'Batman' since he was about nine years old. But he had certainly never played Batman like this.

"Bruce," whispered JJ, "I wish you'd drive me the way you drive the Batmobile..." His index finger traced a little circle in Drake's brown chest hair before starting to tug and pinch one of his nipples.

"I plan to, Robin," Drake said, putting his arms around JJ and pressing a hot kiss against his neck. "In fact, I'm gonna drive you full throttle all over this bedroom."

"Call me "Dick', Bruce," JJ whispered.

"Suck my dick, Dick," growled Drake, too horny to laugh. He pushed on JJ's shoulders, and the younger man obligingly sank to his knees in front of him.

Wrapping an arm around each of Drake's spread thighs, JJ commenced aggressively licking up the length of Drake's penis in long, wet strokes. He licked and sucked Drake's balls, too, but more gently, working them with a confidence born of long familiarity with the male body.

To Drake's surprise, JJ sucked in silence and refrained from talking all the way through it, which had been what Drake thought he was going to do for sure. It was a damn good blowjob, one of the best he'd ever had. It put him in mind of something he had once heard Dee drunkenly leer at Ryo: "You ain't had head 'til you've had it from another man, dude. We know the hardware a little better than the chicks do." At the time, Drake had wondered briefly if that was true, then decided it probably wasn't. He had met women who were good at it and women who weren't--not that one ever told a woman she wasn't good at it--and although he didn't have much experience with men, he thought that the ability to give good head probably had more to do with enthusiasm and experience than gender.

It wasn't long before JJ's technique had destroyed Drake's ability to form coherent thoughts, not merely about what constituted good head, but about anything at all.

"Mmmm," he moaned softly, caressing JJ's hair. "That's good, JJ, so fucking good..."

"Hoghmimh," said JJ emphatically with his mouth full.

"Hmm?" asked Drake before shivering all over at the sensation of JJ's lips sliding up to suck the head of his penis.

"I said 'Robin'." JJ had lifted his mouth from his work, even though his hands were still busy. "Or 'Dick.' Not JJ, not until we're no longer in costume."

"Sorry, Robin." Drake looked down at him anxiously. "Hey, I was getting really close there. Do you think you could, uh, keep going?"

"Perhaps." JJ looked up at him through mischievous eyes. "But there's something I wanna know first, Bruce Wayne." He continued stroking Drake's erection.

"Uhhh, what's that?" Drake's body felt taut with desire, which almost, but not quite distracted him from the little warning bell that had gone off in his head at JJ's words.

"Are you a once-a-night guy or a twice-a-night guy?"

"Wha--? Um, jeez, what kind of question is that?"

"A very valid question, I think." JJ leaned back in his heels. "If I blow you across the finish line right now and then you turn out to be done for the night, I'm kind of screwed, aren't I? Or in this case, NOT."

"Well, er, shit. The truth is, I don't actually know for a fact that I'm gonna get it up a second time..." Drake's voice trailed off, as some of the life drained out of his penis. Had JJ been talking to his ex, Megan? That had been one of her chief complaints. It wasn't like he was ever going to be eighteen again, either.

"Don't worry, Dra--, I mean, Bruce. I've got just the thing." JJ sprang to his feet and over to the dresser, his yellow cloak whirling.

He fiddled about inside a drawer while Drake watched anxiously to see what he was going to bring to the game. He hoped it wouldn't be anything too kinky or intimidating. When JJ returned with whatever it was hidden in the palm of his hand, Drake couldn't help but feel relieved that it wasn't a huge neon pink dildo. He hadn't been there the night that Dee had brought a stake-out team to JJ's apartment and the now-deceased Detective Shaver had inadvertently discovered one of JJ's sex toys, but the gossip had been all over the station for days.

"Whatcha got there, buddy?" Drake looked dubiously at JJ's hands.

"It's a surprise," said JJ dropping to his knees again and giving Drake a sly grin.

"Dammit, JJ!" Drake suddenly became aware that there was a small knot of tension building in his stomach. "Tonight is not a good night for surprises."

"Hoghmimng," said JJ again, Drake's erection once more in his mouth.

"Come on, quit trying to manipulate me," Drake protested, pushing half-heartedly at JJ's shoulders. Damn, that hot, mobile mouth of his felt good. The little so-and-so was getting him hard again.

Just when he was beginning to think that JJ really was going to let him come after all, his younger partner abruptly lifted his mouth off his cock, and hit him with another question.

"Ever seen one of these before?"

"Huh?" Drake looked down at where JJ was dangling what appeared to be a very small, studded black leather bracelet.

"Guess not." JJ answered his own question because Drake's confused expression had apparently been answer enough.

" you trust me?" JJ continued idly fondling Drake's member with one hand.

"Uhh...well..." Drake stalled for time while he asked himself that same question. "Um, pretty much," he finally said.

JJ looked momentarily insulted, but then he got over it. "I guess that's good enough," he said. "Okay, now listen up. If you ever trusted me to back up your sorry ass on a bust, or to tell the Chief you were in the men's room when really you were catching a nap in the electrical room, then trust me now. This," he thrust his hand up closer to Drake's face and waved the little black bracelet practically under his nose, "is a cock ring. It will. Not. Hurt. You."

"Y-you-you sure about that?" Drake's expression was one of barely-disguised terror. "I'm not going to end up in Emergency later getting it professionally, not to mention humiliatingly, removed?"

"Definitely not. It's not only adjustable, but it easily snaps open and closed like this."

JJ demonstrated several times, and Drake flinched with each snap.

"So, is it okay if I put it on you?" JJ's voice purred in an overly innocent tone.

"Umm, yeah, sure. Go ahead if you think it's necessary," Drake said resignedly.

"I do," said JJ firmly. "I want us to enjoy this for as long as possible."

"Well, if you put it like that... Whoah!"

"Just relax, Drakey. I totally know what I'm doing here, 'kay?"

With no small amount of alarm, Drake felt his balls being tightened against the root of his dick, and the whole package being squeezed into a state of unnatural firmness. It wasn't exactly painful though, so he really had nothing to complain about when JJ asked him, "How's that?"

"Whooh! ...Well, o-ka-a-ay, I guess..."

"It's gonna feel more than okay in a minute." JJ was purring again, but this time there was nothing innocent about it. "This is not just for my benefit, you know. You're gonna be loving this too before we get done here tonight." Then his mouth was back on Drake's cock, and his tongue was doing magical things, and his lips, oh God, and those fingers...

"JJ! Don't--oh shit, don't---" Drake wriggled his hips as the sensations washed over him.



"Robin!" reminded JJ, popping his mouth off Drake's dick long enough to say so, before plunging back into a frenzy of wet sucking.

Drake had to admit that JJ had been right about the cock ring. He fucking loved it. He was experiencing heightened sensitivity, as well as a delicious, heavy fullness that he had never experienced before, and when he looked down at JJ's upturned face and watched his cock disappearing into it, he had to ask himself whether that big sausage down there was really his dick or the dick of his dreams. It was swollen all of a sudden, so much larger!

"Oh man, you were right. I like it. Wanna fuck you J--I mean, Dick. Get on the bed on all fours, but find me some lube first."

"Oooh, Bruce, you bossy bastard you." JJ sprang onto the bed and yanked open the drawer of one of his nightstands. He tossed a bottle of Aqua lube onto the bed, plus a packet of condoms. Then he pulled off his yellow satin Robin cape and after yanking down his bright green briefs, he assumed the position Drake had demanded, and looked back at him expectantly, eyes sparkling behind his mask.

"Fuck me, Batman," he breathed.

~End of Part Two~

Author's notes:  Don't kill me, you guys. Especially you, Dax! Let's be practical here--if you kill me (and you know that means you gotta catch me first), it'll be kind of hard for me to post part three from the Great Beyond.

Thanks for reading. Part three in a week! You'll like part three. It's all buttsexy.


Tags: batting for the other team, drake and jj, fake

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