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Batting For The Other Team, Part Three
Dee Blue waves
Hello friends and readers!

I forgot to tell you about my new bicycle, which was a Valentine's day present from my husband. It's a retro style ladies' bike, so it doesn't have one of those nasty bars that go across the top like on guys' bikes. Most bikes I've seen have that bar, and I've never liked it. My new bike has seven gears, a bell, a skirt guard, a covered chain, a dynahub generator that powers the front light, a key to lock up the wheel, a double kickstand and a big basket on the back. It's so comfortable to ride! I love my new bike. It's the perfect bike for a skirt-wearing, stuff-packing commuter like me.

Although my husband is seriously into fitness, he's much more of a summer weather cyclist than my father or me. My husband commutes to and from work in the warm months, but I ride a bike year round, and so does my father, although he's retired so he doesn't have to commute. The only thing that stops us is snow and ice, and fortunately we don't get too much of that in the southwestern part of Canada that we live in.

I even ride my bike on the weekends. It's my primary transportation, my independence! It was the perfect gift for someone like me. I'm going to go outside and ride it right after I've finished posting this chapter.

Batting For The Other Team  
By Brit Columbia

Pairing:  Drake/ JJ
Fandom: Fake
Spoilers:  To Volume 7 & and beyond
Rating: NC-17.  Blowjob, anal sex, hot guys getting each other off. NOT worksafe!
Timing:  Set on Halloween night after Diana's party at the New York Palace Hotel.
Summary: Drake and JJ, a carnal Batman and Robin!
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Sanami Matoh, not me. I wasn't paid to write this story.
Author's notes:  Buttsexy begins.
Thank you to  mtemplar, the_ladyfeather, and  shelley6441.
Dedicated to daxemon.  I hope you're back on both feet soon, sweetie!

Part Three: Up to Bat
It hadn't taken JJ long to strip off most of his costume, as well as to produce condoms and lube, but while he had been doing that, Drake had not exactly been idle. He had used those few seconds to divest himself of his mask and cape. He then lost no time in climbing onto the bed behind JJ's temptingly upturned cheeks.

He was absolutely mesmerized by his partner's ass. It was extraordinarily beautiful--small, but with perfectly rounded and very firm, hairless buttocks. He couldn't wait to get his hands on them. Each one was about the size of a cantaloupe. Soon, he would grip them, squeeze them and dig his fingers into their firmness while he rode the puckered little hole between them.

As Drake was ripping open a condom wrapper and easing the sticky thing down over his throbbing and swollen member, he was aware that JJ was pumping his own dick with his hand. Drake felt vaguely guilty in a distant corner of his mind because he knew he hadn't really paid any attention to his partner's prick, not since that little bit of soapy stroking he had done in the shower. Then, after they had come into the bedroom, he had just stood there passively, on the receiving end of some really great head, and now he was being offered an orifice to fuck. JJ certainly hadn't made any demands on him so far, a fact for which he was grateful.

He would touch JJ's dick later, he told himself. He wasn't ready to pay too much attention to it yet.

Flipping up the spout on the lube, he poured some onto his hand, and used it to add extra slickness to the already prelubricated condom he was wearing. When he applied lube to JJ's rear opening, JJ emitted a sort of yelp. Drake hoped that wasn't a bad sign.

"All right?" he asked as he penetrated JJ with one finger. Drake was no stranger to the technicalities of anal sex. He knew the drill. He had to loosen up his partner's hole a little before he would be able to penetrate it without pain.

"Yeah, great." JJ wiggled his ass. "Only..."

"Only what?" Drake was being very gentle, even though all he wanted to do was seize JJ by the hips and plunge his newly sensitized and engorged penis inside him. Even with a condom on, that cock ring was still making its effects felt. It made him feel both more sensitized, yet more in control than usual.

"It's just that... Drakey, I don't need the fingers. See?" He squeezed and then loosened his anal muscles deliberately around Drake's big finger. "I'm not one of those guys that needs a lot of prep. I have pretty good muscle control. All I want right now is for you to stick your big, swollen bat-dick inside me and ride me like the bat-pod bike."

"Fuck, you got it," whispered Drake huskily, yanking JJ's ass closer to him and holding the head of his dick against that tiny little hole, wanting in so badly he couldn't stand it.

"But don't go ramming it in like a caveman, 'kay? Go easy on the first few jabs. You can fuck me harder when I've accommodated to you."

"Yep, gotcha," growled Drake, one hand on JJ's left butt cheek, the other hand holding his dick in place as he leaned slowly against the tightly coiled ring of muscle at JJ's entrance. He looked down at the unbelievably hot sight of his thumb holding JJ's cheek away from his own slowly invading cock. He watched JJ's pink hairless hole lose its puckered appearance and become a smooth shiny pink ring that stretched around the flared head of his penis as it slowly swallowed him up.

"Drake, yes! Fuck me, yes!" JJ's voice was the same voice he heard every day at work, but tonight it held a different quality, a sensual note that he had never heard before. That time he had fucked JJ on the boat, JJ hadn't spoken. He had moaned and wriggled around, but he hadn't said 'Fuck me.' It made Drake's erection even harder to hear those words. JJ was really into it, not doing it as a huge favor for him, for which retribution or payment would be extracted at a future time. That had been Cordelia's style. "Yes you can put it in my ass, but you have to take me to the Hamptons for the weekend. Maybe I'll let you have it again while we're there. But don't take too long, okay? It kind of hurts, and don't forget it's way more fun for you than it is for me."

He was half inside JJ now, and the younger man was urging him to go faster. "Not that slow, Drakey! Come on, fill me up! I can take the whole thing, you know. I wanna feel your balls slapping against my ass."

JJ yelled as Drake obeyed him to the letter. "Yessss! Like that, yeah. Now move, Drakey-pie. Give me a night to remember."

"Don't call me 'Drakey-pie," growled Drake, pulling back a couple of inches before shoving it in again. That made JJ moan. "'Drakey' is kind of my limit."

"Aw come on, you big lug. You know you...love it. Oh! Yeah, do it like that! Oh! Oh!"

Over the next few minutes, JJ fucked back, made a lot of noise, and addressed him as Drakey, Drakey-pie, Batman and Bruce several times over in his exhortations to be taken harder and faster. Drake just tuned it all out and tried not to think about the neighbors, as he held that perfect round ass and drilled it into the bed. Finally JJ emitted an oddly sexy, high-pitched whimper and arched his back. Drake gasped as the first of the internal spasms started milking his dick and he belatedly realized that JJ was coming. The little guy was pumping his own pecker. Feeling guilty, Drake reached down and covered JJ's hand with his own, feeling hot wetness pulsing over his fingers. When he felt his partner was done, he hastily wiped his hand on the sheet and returned it to JJ's ass, which he was still buried deeply inside. He really wanted to stay in there until he came.

"Should I pull out?" he whispered hoarsely. Cordelia had always demanded that he pull out as soon as she had orgasmed. For some reason, she couldn't stand to have anything in her ass even one second after she had released her own tension.

JJ giggled, a sensual sound, muffled against the sheets. "No, silly. It feels so good. Just keep going. You want to come like that, or do you want me to suck you again?"

"I...I'd like to come like this..." Drake started moving again, as per JJ's instructions. God, it felt incredible. So hot, that tight ring of muscle, sucking up and down his shaft like a mouth. JJ was doing it on purpose, he suddenly realized. He was squeezing and releasing him, and wriggling about.

"So...fucking...tight," Drake ground out, sliding his penis in and out, giving JJ longer and longer strokes. "It feels fantastic."

"Come then, Drakey. You can come with that cock ring on. I didn't make it too snug, seeing as how this was your first time." He giggled again. "You were a cock-ring virgin."

"Shh," said Drake, fucking harder. It felt good, really good and he knew his orgasm was imminent.

Before long, he felt the huge pressure building up in his tightly bound balls. "Aw fuck," he exclaimed, wondering how on earth it was going to get out past the black leather cock ring that was constricting the base of his penis so effectively. It was a very intense feeling, and quickly rose to a peak that left him gasping with the power of his building, but bottled up orgasm. A moment later, it was indeed exploding out of his dick. He was groaning and clinging to JJ as he emptied himself inside the condom. JJ was lucky not to have had that load really pumped inside him, he thought to himself. The jets were so strong that JJ probably would have felt them shooting up against his tonsils from the opposite direction.

He stayed inside JJ for a few minutes after he had finished, panting and becoming conscious of the sweat that was dripping down his chest and back. What a fucking workout.

He wasn't aware that he had spoken out loud until he heard JJ's voice saying, "But an enjoyable one, I hope!"

"Oh, way beyond enjoyable," Drake assured him, still somewhat out of breath. He was going to have to quit smoking.

"You know, you're going to have to quit smoking," JJ said, which made Drake laugh.

He eased back slowly out of JJ's very well-stretched little channel, and busied himself with removing the condom.  "Where's the trash can?"

"Right here. But wrap it in a tissue first. I don't want it to stick to the bottom of the trash can so that I have to chip it off later."

"Yes. 'Mo--'" Drake was stopped mid-syllable by a hand pressing hard against his mouth.

"Drakey, if you call me 'Mom' again, I'm going to smack you upside the head! Just because you're a slob doesn't mean that those who live more organized lives should be called very unsexy names."

Drake laughed again, shaking his face away from JJ's hand. "I'm sorry, kiddo," he said. "I was just messing with you. I'm sure my mom never said anything like that about a condom in the trash. At least I hope she didn't!"

"I hope my mom didn't, either," said JJ. "Although I wouldn't put it past her." He got up from the bed and stretched languidly before shooting Drake a naughty grin. "You should take off that cock ring by the way and let that extra blood return to your brain where it belongs," he added. "If you have any trouble getting it off, I have the number for a hot line you can call..."

"Huh?" Drake stared at him for a moment before realizing it was a joke. "Bastard." Uneasily, Drake looked down at where his still heavy but much less swollen cock was still being constrained by the cock ring. It was quite an alarming purplish shade by now, and he hoped he hadn't done himself an injury.

"Don't worry," said his mind-reading partner. "That color is pretty normal. And quite fashionable, might I add!" He laughed in a way that Drake found both alarming and reassuring.

Drake fumbled for the snap and pulled on it, grunting in surprise as the tension was abruptly released in his groin area. He could feel his penis lose its extra sensitivity as it went back to normal, and he had to admit that it was with a touch of disappointment that he watched it return to its usual size. He had a pretty respectably-sized dick anyhow, but what guy didn't want to be bigger?

"See, that wasn't so scary, was it? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to freshen up a bit." JJ started moving toward the door.

"Okey-dokey," Drake said before he could stop himself. Saying 'okey-dokey' was a habit he was starting to pick up from JJ. It was amazing how people who spent a lot of time together started looking or sounding like each other. For example, JJ's boundless enthusiasm and cheerfulness was somehow catching, too. He always felt more upbeat around JJ, but not for any logical reason he could pin his finger on.

He lay back on the bed feeling a familiar ache in his buttocks and thighs that had not been there earlier in the evening. He sighed happily. Those were his long-neglected sex muscles calling out a 'thank-you' to him. His whole body felt better, from head to toe.

A short time later, JJ's voice shook Drake out of the light doze he had fallen into.

"Here, put this on." Something that felt like a coat landed across Drake's lower legs.

"Mmph---wha?" Drake turned his face toward the sound of the voice and opened sleep-befuddled eyes.

"Maybe you should hang up your clothes."

"I should…what… my what? " Drake sat up and picked up the item of clothing that JJ had tossed on top of him.  It was a sort of bathrobe, but he was flummoxed by the fact that it seemed to be, well, purple. Pale purple, to be exact. Not exactly his color. 

"Your clothes, Drake." JJ stood at the door of the bedroom wearing an outrageously colorful, embroidered silk robe loosely tied around his waist. "The ones you're gonna wear tomorrow. They're starting to look pretty scrunched up in that bag the skanks gave you."

"Oh right. I gotta wash that sucker out first."

"I don't mean your costume, dummy, although you should deal with that, too. I mean those dad-jeans and that stupid sports jersey you insisted on wearing to the costume shop last night. I can't believe I'm going to be seen having breakfast with a guy who looks like a refugee from a mall in New Jersey."

Drake, who had never been to a mall in New Jersey, looked at JJ suspiciously. "Come on, it's my lucky hockey shirt," he said. "I was hoping to get lucky tonight. Damn if it didn't work, huh?" He gave him a weak grin and swung naked legs over the side of the bed.

"Whatever. You never would have gotten lucky if anyone'd seen you in those jeans. I swear, if they weren't your only pair of pants right now, I'd toss them off the balcony and let some poor homeless guy find them."

"But--" Drake had been stretching, but he stopped abruptly when JJ mentioned throwing his jeans down to the street.

"No, Drake. We're going shopping together on our next day off and we're buying you some decent pants. Or rather, I'm choosing them and you're paying for them." JJ eyed him with his hands on his hips. "I mean, hasn't it ever occurred to you that the reason your love life has been such an arid desert recently is because of your clothes?"

"No way!" Drake protested. "Come on, people aren't that shallow."

JJ rolled his eyes and huffed impatiently. "Of course they are, dumb-head. Where do you think you live, the suburbs of Milwaukee? You live in one of the fashion capitals of the world! AND you have a nice body that you ought to be showing off."

Drake, who was actually from Madison, not far from Milwaukee, had been about to protest, but he got derailed by the words 'nice' and 'body'. "Really?"

"Yeah. All that hockey and tennis you've been playing to distract yourself from your single life have really paid off. Now if you could just quit smoking..."

"Hey, come on, I did cut back some."

"Yeah, you did. But eight cigarettes a day is still a habit that can kill you. Anyway," JJ waved a dismissive hand. "I don't want to talk about that now. Why don't we have those cute rum drinks I was talking about earlier?"

"Booze?" Drake grinned at him. "I'm in! But first I gotta go smoke on your deck, as usual."

"Oh, all right. Just hurry up. Drinks'll be ready when you get back. Then we can discuss breakfast places."

After tossing the purple robe aside with a brief shake of his head, Drake followed JJ into the living room and from there, proceeded to the foyer, where he had set down his bag of clothes. He quickly dressed in what JJ called his 'dad'-jeans, although God knew what the hell that meant, as well as his Flyers jersey. He threw on his coat and stuffed his feet into his boots, and was just opening the drapes that covered the sliding glass doors when he heard JJ say his name.

"Yeah?" he asked, looking over at where JJ was unwrapping a package of small paper drink-umbrellas and smirking at him.

"So, are you still only bi-curious, or do you think you might be full-blown 'bi' by now?" JJ selected two pale pink umbrellas and gave Drake a mischievous look.

"There's still a lot of things I'm curious about," countered Drake, fishing his lighter out of his pocket.

"Oh, like what?"

"You'll find out when you've gotten some rum into me," said Drake with a grin and ducked the ice cube that JJ pitched at him.

"Don't freeze your balls off out there or anything," called JJ. "You might need them again later."

"Sounds like you've got expectations."

"One or two." JJ admitted with a flirtatious shrug.

"I guess I should warn you about the way rum affects me, then," said Drake, stepping outside and closing the sliding door halfway.

"How come?"

Drake looked at JJ in a way that actually brought a flush to the younger man's worldly cheeks.

"It's been known to turn me from a once-a-night guy to a three-times-a-night guy."

He quickly shut the door before JJ could answer, and watched him through the glass as he smoked. That had been a lie, of course. It wasn't the rum, he knew that much. It was JJ. He wanted to fuck his co-worker again, all night if he could. He wanted to explore him, maybe even taste him. He certainly hadn't felt this eager with any of his ex-girlfriends. Well, not for a hell of a lot of years, anyway.

He thought about the conversation he had had with JJ earlier in the men's room at the New York Palace Hotel.

"We're not gonna have a relationship," JJ had said. He made it clear that he didn't do relationships with straight guys. Or 'bi-curious' guys, either. All he had promised was a night of hot sex, and that they would still be friends in the morning.

Drake blew smoke out of his lungs and considered whether he was okay with that. He thought so. He admitted that he had been both disappointed and relieved when JJ and he had returned from their trip to Canada a few months back and JJ had immediately resumed his hopeless pursuit of 'Dee-Sempai', not to mention his usual club activities. Drake knew JJ had several regular lovers, in addition to new ones that he picked up from time to time. JJ certainly didn't have to put up with the same sexual dry spells that plagued Drake. Anyway, JJ had made it clear that he wasn't looking for a relationship. Drake wasn't sure what that meant, since as far as he was concerned, they already had a kind of relationship. After all, what was friendship, if not a relationship of sorts?

However, he couldn't exactly see himself at this point in his life telling his friends and family that he was suddenly dating a man. That would bring a whole raft of questions he had no idea how to answer.

If JJ didn't want to have a relationship, it was probably for the best, he told himself. JJ was a good friend and a damn good cop to be partnered with, and he enjoyed his company with or without sex. If they could occasionally get each other off as well, where was the harm in that?

He stubbed out his cigarette in the white porcelain ashtray that JJ kept on his glass-topped patio table for visiting smokers, just as JJ appeared behind the glass door and rapped on it.

He held up a cocktail with a pink umbrella in it, and after pointing to it with a broad gesture, he beckoned to Drake to come inside.

Drake grinned back at him and nodded assent. "Okey-dokey," he murmured to himself and slid open the door.


Author's notes: Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that, specifically you anti-Drake/JJ readers. Now I really have to get busy on A New Day. Wish me luck. It seems like everyone in my world, including the cat, is involved in a conspiracy to make sure I get interrupted every ten minutes!

(Deleted comment)
Hi Twiyah! I was thinking about you when I posted this (like I always do) but this time I was thinking that since it was so much later than my usual posting time, i.e. NOT 2 or 3 AM, I probably wouldn't hear from you for a while. Yet, here you are, first as usual! How's the pharmacology going? It must require a lot of memorizing. I take my hat off to you for undertaking such a difficult course of study.

I'm so flattered that you like my JJ and that he comes across as a man to you! My philosophy is 'Just because someone is flaming doesn't mean he's not still a guy'.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to so much as look at A New Day so far today. This has been a day that's very heavy in family activities (the next activity is coming up in 10 minutes) and then after that, I must get ready for and then put in an appearance at the housewarming party of a dear friend. But I plan to eschew alcohol and return home alert and ready to write. I'll see what kind of progress I can make on A New Day between 9 pm and 1:00 AM.

Thank you for reviewing and good luck with cramming pharmacology into your brain!

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Long wait paid off. Thanks for the chapter. This one was quite a love-ly!

You're most welcome! Glad you liked the buttsexy.

Yummy, hot, and a beautiful setup for later. I especially like that you mention JJ getting plenty of action in spite of his pining for Dee -- that matches what I've seen in reality, as does his pre-emptive refusal to have a relationship with Drake.

Thanks! I always thought that JJ would be able to separate sex from love. He's sexy and attractive and he enjoys sex, so why waste his youth pining in chaste sexual denial? Of course he hopes to someday have Dee for his very own, but while Dee obstinately continues refusing to see the light, JJ is not about to let cobwebs grow on his man-parts.

I never saw much in the Drake/JJ pairing before this, but damn if you didn't get me liking them! It's a nice change, although hopefully not a permanent one, to see Drake, a regular schmoe, getting some buttsexy, as opposed to the Dee, Ryo, and JJ, who are all acknowledged lookers. Ryo/Dee is still my OTP, and hopefully always will be, but Drake/JJ has certainly grown on me. That's almost a little poem!

JJ isn't looking for a relationship, hmm? I wonder how long that's going to last...

Yay! A new chapter of A New Day is in the works! I have to admit that your last one, with Tina's outburst, Dot the awesome and unflappable waitress, and public smoochies, was one of my favorites, so I wonder what you'll cook up this time?

I'm cooking up a Dee/Ryo lemon loaf, my dear! That's what I've been trying to write with all the umpteen million interruptions that have got me tearing out my hair.

I'm thrilled that my Drake/JJ offering has got you liking this pair! I'm just like you in that Dee/Ryo is really my OTP, but I had some fun with this one.

Your little poem was beyond awesome, BTW!

Hm, I still don't think that I will ever really like the pairing, but I'm always happy to read something written by you.
As always your interpretation of the characters is great. JJ, the so so gay bundle of energy, nonetheless clearly male and the one in control, and Drake, who thinks too much.
I can totally imagine them on their shopping trip.

One of my betas, the_ladyfeather, has written a funny short story about their shopping trip! I don't know when she plans to post it, though.

Yep, it's clear that JJ, although the bottom, has a stronger personality than Drake and will always be the boss in any of their dealings.

Thanks for reading the story, even if you don't care that much for the pairing. The fact that you were willing to read it because I wrote it means a lot to me.

This was a yummy chapter. I love Drake and JJ together. I think JJ is slowly bringing Drake to his side of the fence. He may be bi-curious now, but he will be bi-sexual soon, if JJ has his way. love this chapter, Britt!

Thank you, Akasha. It will be a slow process for Drake, as he's still very much attracted to women and basically sees himself as a straight guy who's just a little more sexually open-minded than most. I really wanted to highlight the emotional connection that already exists between Drake and JJ. JJ is even less aware of it than Drake is!

Your description of your bike makes me want to go for a bike ride really badly. Unfortunately, my bike is 300 miles away at my parent's house. :(

Great chapter! I liked the set up for a possible further relationship, yet you didn't make the characters all angsty. Nor did you immediately make Drake abruptly realize that he's totally 100% gay after this interlude. The characters always stay honest to themselves. I really like that about your writing.

And a new chapter of A New Day! Very exciting!

Oh noes on the bike! I hope it's safe from pilfering siblings who claim they're only 'borrowing' your stuff. One of my brothers did that to me so many times. One of the times was with my then-bike. Finally, I forced him to give me $200 bucks for it, although I never got back my TV or my Ikea floor lamp.

I'm glad you like the chapter and the lack of angst. I'm just not a fan of angst. I think it's because in my family there are too many angsty people and I unfortunately get too much of that on a regular basis to want to read or write about it in my free time. I'm big on escapism!

Thanks for the kind feedback! A New Day is coming slowly again. Scenes with Abernathy in them usually come slowly for some reason.

"I guess I should warn you about the way rum affects me, then," said Drake, stepping outside and closing the sliding door halfway.

"How come?"

Drake looked at JJ in a way that actually brought a flush to the younger man's worldly cheeks.

"It's been known to turn me from a once-a-night guy to a three-times-a-night guy."

I LOVE this coming from Drake! And JJ's reaction.

Thank you so much. I hope there aren't too many anti-Drake/JJ readers out there. They need some lovin' just like Dee/Ryo.

*hugs tight*

p.s. Can you post a photo of your cool new bike? I always wanted a bicycle with a basket on it...

You know, you're talking to a techno-moron here. I've so far never posted a picture on LJ because I'm daunted by the process. In fact, I haven't even been able to get my pictures out of my camera and onto my computer for a long time. I don't know whether it's because there's a problem with the cord that goes between computer and camera or whether it's because my camera is a few years old. But, tell you what. I'll get one of my friends to take a picture of my bike and email it to me, and then I'll forward it to you! That much I can do.

As for cool, I don't know how cool this bike is to the eyes of others. My father's first comment when he saw it was to remark that the midwife arrived on such a bike to birth my sister, long ago when we lived in England!

It's Twiyah's bike that sounds cool! (You know, light and sporty) My bike is very functional. Naturally, I think it's beautiful. Function is extremely important to me, practical creature that I am.

I think after Drake has had a couple of rum cocktails, he and JJ are going to keep the neighbors awake for a few hours.
Thanks for the hug and the comment! *Hugs back*

Mmm, happy buttsexy...loved it! And I love that you left the open the possibility of continuance should the desire come up. (For some reason, I've always liked the Drake/JJ pairing. They're just too cute together.) And I love that "hotline for cock-ring help". That's just awesome.

Grats on your new bike! Sounds beautiful and very efficient (the whole skirt-protector thing). What color is it? And it sounds as if you live somewhere around the Vancouver area, based on the weather/location description? That's awesome...hubby and I have talked about Vancouver as an option once I have my degree, if I can get a work visa there for my chosen field.

I don't live in Vancouver now, although I'm not too far away from it. Still in the good weather zone, though! You would love Vancouver. It's very beautiful and the weather is mild year round. I used to live in Kitsilano, which is a gorgeous, central neighborhood close to the beach, the university, downtown, Stanley Park and the North Shore if you want to do a little night skiing on one of the three local mountains after work in the winter. I lived only a couple of hours from Whistler, which was another skiing option. Vancouver is very spread out, however, so if you choose to live in one of the surrounding municipalities like Port Coquitlam, New Westminster or Surrey, then you have to spend lots of time in your car. Some people don't mind that, but I do. In Vancouver, I was a cyclist like I am now, but only on weekends. You really need a car to get around in Vancouver.

If you come and live here, you'll love us Canadians! We're just like Americans, only we're less patriotic and we have fewer guns. And you'll find the West Coast very friendly. Actually, Prairies-people are friendly too, but their weather really sucks.

Any time you want more info about Vancouver and area, just email me at brit.columbia@gmail.com.

I wonder if there really is a hotline for people who are having sex-toy mishaps? It was just a joke in the story, but it would be a funny idea to build a one-shot around.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Me thinks that JJ's neighbours are gonna be kept up most of the night indeed-y!

...This was most definitely worth the wait!! I love a good Drake/JJ lemon-pie I do.

Thank you~ + I can't wait for the new chapter of New Day!!

Thanks! I'm working on A New Day now, but I'll have to stop shortly for a bit of exercise. I'm thinking....bike ride!

*phwew* Smokin'

I love Drake trying to sort of define the relationship...

JJ probably would have that kind of muscle control... I love how he gets on about 'unsexy names' and the condom in the trash can.

They'd be real funny if they got together.

Excellent job, as always, Brit.

Thank you, Poshu. They probably would be real funny if they got together. They're such opposites. I'm trying to imagine Drake's family meeting JJ...

Hey Brit,

Gimmie a sec

*goes to get mop*

Damn, gimmie another sec

*goes to get wet vac*


*goes to get industrial wet vac*

That did it. Sorry about that, had a slight puddle situation.

Well Brit THANKS!!!!!

This was so ju-u-u-u-uicy. Lip smacking hotness.

It was raw, honest and maybe the equivalent of my migraine in mind blowing-ness.


I may invest in a cock ring.....no seriously.

You think Ted would mind? Not that he has a choice

*laughs maniacally as Ted inches away*

Where you going Ted? Hey come here!!!!

Later Brit

*chases after a fleeing Ted while dropping Aviators in place*

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I know you're feeling better because I laughed all the way through your comment, and I know you wouldn't have been able to make me laugh if you'd been suffering. 'Slight puddle situation' indeed! Aw jeez, now I'm laughing again.

And yeah, I think Ted might mind just a little about the cock ring, but just praise his prowess to the rafters after the first time and then he'll want to wear it every time! Men are such simple creatures... Besides, we all know Ted's got a weakness for authoritative women wearing aviators. How can he possibly say no?

Buttsex is such a wonderful word. Buttsex, Buttsex,Buttsex, Buttsex,Buttsex, Buttsex!
Thank you for making me want a cigarette (I don't smoke, though).

In that case, have a chocolate cigarette!

You know, if Aliens ever came to our civilization and the first reading material they picked up was yaoi manga/fanfiction, they'd probably start worrying about their butts! If they HAD butts, that is.

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the buttsex.

Whew! *yet another passenger addition to the ship*

I'd never really looked long at that pairing before, but OH if I don't love it now- it's like Dee and Ryo, if their personalities (or simply top/bottom positions =D) were reversed!

And, I think I'll keep a watch on you for this upcoming doozy of a update you promised, and then for *any* following drabbles, because they're bound to be yummy and sweet.

*HUGS ALL AROUND....and a slice of strawberry cheesecake*

Re: Whew! *yet another passenger addition to the ship*

Yeah, I thought about the Dee/Ryo reversal too. Drake is an uncertain, straight-guy top with a bossy bottom in JJ, whereas Dee, the pushy top had to get shy, inexperienced (with man-sex, anyway) Ryo to take the bottom role.

My chapter 42 of A New Day is almost done, except for that lemon, which is partially written. I have to write it in small chunks because I get interrupted a lot.

Thanks for the review, the hugs and the cheesecake!

I don't ever remember a JJ/Drake story like this! You always out-do yourself. I love checking your homepage looking for something new.

Thanks for the hot man smex!


Thank you very much! And just so you know, I'm writing hot man smex nowadays, in small chunks because I'm so damn busy. Chapter 42 of A New Day is done and beta-ed, except for that lemon scene. I absolutely hate being interrupted while I write lemons, but I don't have enough energy to stay up late at night (when everyone in my world is asleep) anymore. I don't think I can publish the chapter this weekend. It'll either be the middle of next week, or the weekend of the 21st.

Thanks again, Neengy!