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Posting schedule

Hello Fake fans and readers of my humbly but joyfully proffered Fake fics,

I wanted to give you guys a sense of what's going on with me, fic-wise.  I have been working on Chapter 42 of A New Day, and have sent an incomplete version of it to the betas. The AND chapters are incredibly long (my kind, helpful, hard-working betas have never complained, but each lengthy chapter represents a lot of work for them) and I thought they might as well get a head start. I still need to write the lemon scene, plus one short non-lemon scene, and I'll hopefully be able to do that this weekend.

My personal life still contains lots of family-oriented and business stress, and it has really been taking a toll on my health, not to mention my writing! My time is much more limited than it used to be, and I've had to slow down on the writing a fair bit. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but sometimes life turns into a rollercoaster and we just have to ride it out.

I have no immediate plans to write another chapter of Slave to a Gladiator, as I'm back in A New Day mode and I want to focus my attention on that one for the next few weeks. However, I will get to StaG in the near future! I'm just not sure when. Maybe if the roller coaster hits a straight section of track. That story really writes itself. It's much lighter and less plot-heavy than AND, so it's easier to write, but AND has been on the back burner long enough.

It's faintly possible that I'll be able to publish Chapter 42 of A New Day on the weekend of the 14th; failing that, it'll be the weekend of the 21st for sure.

Thank you all for your patience.


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