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Dee Blue waves

by Brit Columbia

Type of story: This is an excerpt that I believe can stand alone as a one-shot.
Pairing: Drake/JJ
Fandom:  FAKE
Rating: Not a lemon. I'd say this qualifies as a lime.
Spoilers: None. Dee and Ryo are not mentioned.
Timing: Set in May during the events of my story FAKE First Year Together:  a new day (May)
Summary: This is basically an excerpt from a larger story, the one where Drake and JJ go to Canada to gather the clues that cracked the Lydgate case. It's likely to be a year or two before I write that story, so here's a small taste of the part that everyone's mainly interested in: Drake and JJ's first sexual experience together.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They are the property of Sanami Matoh. I am not making any money from this.
Author's notes: Not beta-ed by anyone, so if you see any mistakes, let me know.   
Dedication: This is for  </b></a>cattidono. I hope this scratches that little Drake/JJ itch of yours!

Drake came slowly awake to an awareness of creaking sounds and the distant cries of gulls somewhere above him. He lay still for a moment without opening his eyes, relaxing into the gentle rocking motion of the boat, cradled in becalmed waters. His groggy brain briefly wondered what the hell he was doing on a boat, sleeping naked with his arms around a lover. A moment later it all came rushing back. The panic he had felt when he had hauled a half-frozen, semi-conscious JJ onto the boat, his desperate efforts to warm him, the despair that had seized him when he realized that there was no source of heat anywhere on the boat, nothing warm except himself... and now JJ was still in his arms, still naked, their bodies pressed close together. Skin on skin.

They were not lovers, in fact, far from it, but the forces of nature didn't know that. The laughing waves performed their age-old dance, gently lapping at the sides of the boat, shifting it softly to and fro. And as the boat moved, Drake's body moved unwillingly against JJ's, and JJ seemed to rub subtly back. Drake began to consider the notion that his partner was not only awake, but that he was also consciously mimicking the movement of the waves, perhaps even increasing it a little. Drake raised his head from the hard pillow and squinted down suspiciously at JJ.

"Hey, partner. You okay?"

"Yeah, think so." JJ's voice was sleepy. "Thanks for getting me warm again."

"Oh, well if you're feeling better now..."  Drake made a genuine effort to disengage himself, but was stopped by JJ's arms rather frantically tightening around his back.

"I didn't say I was 100 percent warm! Don't let go."

Drake had no choice but to lie there while the boat rocked JJ's nakedness against him. "You feel warm enough to me," he said after a minute.

"Maybe on the outside, but inside I feel cold to my bones." JJ's voice came back muffled against the furriness of Drake's chest.

"I've got you," Drake murmured, running one big warm hand up and down JJ's back from shoulder blade to kidneys and back up again. He winced as he remembered how truly, profoundly cold JJ had been when he had first bundled him into this bed. His limbs had been like ice and his lips and nail beds had been bluish-grey.  Drake had stripped them both and held the violently shivering body of his partner against his own large, warm one, terrified that JJ's hypothermia had advanced to the point where blankets and another person's body heat would not be enough to prevent his heart from developing a pattern of arrhythmia. What if his heart had stopped?  What if he had gone into cardiac arrest? They were far from shore, on a boat with a busted radio. How far were they from the nearest hospital? Drake didn't even know. He wondered how the hell he could have performed CPR while simultaneously driving the boat. Even now, he couldn't quite believe that JJ was going to be all right. He tightened his arms around his partner in gratitude and pressed his lips without thinking against JJ's white gold hair.

JJ mumbled something against Drake's chest that he didn't quite catch.  Drake shifted the warm body in his arms and asked, "What was that?"

"You wanna fuck me, Drakey?" JJ lifted his head, gazing up at Drake through half-closed eyes. They gleamed with an expression both challenging and seductive.

"Wha---what--Jesus H Christ, JJ!" Drake stared down at JJ, utterly shocked. He knew his mouth was hanging open and his face was probably wearing a horrified expression, but really, at that moment, he wasn't in control of such things. What the hell was JJ suggesting? The kid knew he was straight. How could he make such an offer? He had to be either still lightheaded from lack of oxygen, or joking. Yeah, joking, that was it. Drake broke into a relieved grin. "Wiseass," he said.

JJ's expression didn't change. His crystal blue eyes never left Drake's face. "I'm not joking," he said softly. "And, yeah,  I'm in my right mind. Go ahead. Ask me anything."

Drake blinked at him, dimly aware that tendrils of fear were unfurling deep in his gut. His partner was a man. A rather pretty man, to be sure, but male in every way. Especially anatomically. Drake suddenly became aware of a hot, hard length of something anatomically male pressing against his thigh. Holy fucking shit. He knew he should jerk away, make a lame joke, kill the moment, get some distance. But when he hesitantly opened his mouth to say something humorous, he gasped in surprise instead. JJ's hand, no longer cold, had found its way to his package. For some strange reason that Drake could not comprehend, his cock was as hard as the stone dicks on those nude Greek statues they had at the Met. But considerably bigger of course. And all by itself, without having waited for permission, it was arching into JJ's hand.

Man, did JJ ever know how to handle a dick. Drake closed his eyes, bargaining silently with himself. Just for a moment, just a couple more strokes, then I'll pull back, I'll get off this bed, I'll explain that I can't...I really can't....

When he opened his eyes a few moments later to steal a wary glance at his partner, he saw that JJ's mouth was twisted in a small but knowing grin. The kid's breath was coming faster but kind of trembly, and when he spoke it was in a breathless, husky voice. A lover's voice.

"Drakey, put your heat inside me." A sure hand steadily milked Drake's extremely appreciative dick. "There's still a big knot of ice inside me. Make me warm inside. Please, just this once..."

Drake stared, caught like an animal in the headlights of an oncoming car. Maybe it was only the late afternoon light, but JJ looked different. There was a strange new intensity about him. Golden light filtered past the grimy windows of the cabin, gilding the finely chiseled line of JJ's cheekbone, gleaming on the curve of his shoulder. Drake suddenly realized that the chance to pull back had come and gone. No retreat was possible now. He had crossed a distinct line, and he knew that to step back over it again would take more strength of will than he would ever possess. He was going to fuck JJ. He was going to take what had been offered, and to hell with tomorrow.

"You sure?" Drake's voice came out unexpectedly low and thick. A wave of goosebumps swept over him at JJ's eager nod. He slid one hand experimentally down JJ's side and then underneath him to grip and knead one of his buttocks.  "C'mere, then. Now."

"Yes. Now..." JJ whispered just before their lips met.


(Deleted comment)
Erin, thank you! I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing that you love my writing. Seriously, what writer could?

And judging by the number of times per day that I get spam mail trying to sell me pills to increase the size of my nonexistent 'gentleman parts', I think the guys who originally modeled for the statues must have passed their genes on down through the millennia.

AAAARRRGGHH! This has been *torture* I first saw this at about 8:00 this morning, when I checked my updates before work. I meant to read it the instant I got home, but then my neighbor needed a ride, and I had to to the dishes and go grocery shopping... it's 5:30, and I'm only now getting around to reading and reviewing.

So, onto the actual reading and reviewing. A great job, as usual. I'd always wondered about this, and now it is made (semi-)clear. Of course, now I'm wondering what JJ was doing in the water in the first place, why their radio is broken, why there's nobody else on the boat, why they're on a boat in the first place... But all will be made clear in time, I assume. That's the nice thing about you: if any other writer promised to write a story a year or two from now, my response would be a sort of scoffing noise. But with you, I actually belive that you'll get to it.

Drake is just so *cute* when he's concerned! Sure you were just trying to keep him warm...

BTW, Drake keeps calling JJ "the kid." How much older is Drake in your FAKE-verse, or did Matoh-sensei tell us at one point? 'Cause JJ and Dee were at the Police Academy at the same time, so I assume their ages are similar, and Drake and Dee were rookies together, so they also seem to be pretty close in age.

Sorry for rambling on like this!

Ramble away, darlin', ramble away. I'm about to do the same myself! Thank you for believing me. I will write this story. Last year, I wasn't so sure because I was thinking that it had a pretty good plot and would make a good original story. But because it's an indelible part of Drake and JJ's history in my FAKE-verse, and has been referred to so many times, I really think I have to write it as a part of my FAKE series. It's not like I'm going to run out of plot ideas anytime soon, anyway!

In my FAKE-verse, Ryo is 30 going on 31 on November 25th, Dee is 29 going on 30 in September (his birthdate is September 23rd, but he doesn't know his exact date of birth, as he was found abandoned several days later), Bikky just turned 13 on April 27th, Carol is 15 going on 16 on August 8th, Drake is 32 going on 33, JJ has recently turned 28 on March 01st, the Commissioner is 37 going on 38 on October 30. In fact, he'll turn 38 just before the events of Slave to A Gladiator.

Ms. Matoh provided birthday info (but not the year) about everyone except the Chief, Drake, Ted and Diana. It was always unclear exactly when Ryo and Dee first met and at which times of the year their various relationship milestones happened, and even Ms. Matoh herself said that it was 2 to 2 and a half years from the time that Dee and Ryo met until they began the sexual part of their relationship. There was a fair amount of conflicting information, but I go with canon whenever possible, so I've kept their birthdates and arbitrarily assigned ages to the Commissioner, Drake and JJ. To have JJ so young at this point in his career would necessitate making him some sort of prodigy who would have had to really distinguish himself in the early years of his career in order to make detective so young.

I haven't given Drake a birthday yet, but I see him as being 4 to 5 years older than JJ, plus he tends to think of JJ as being younger than his actual age much of the time because JJ is so exuberant and emotional.

Drake and Dee don't have to be close in age even if they were rookies together. People of different ages try out for the police academy. They have to be under 35 on the first date of the application period for the examination.

Anyway, I think I've rambled on long enough! Thanks for being excited about this little story and for looking forward to it all day. I just hope its short length wasn't too disappointing for you after all the anticipation.

Drake suddenly realized that the chance to pull back had come and gone.



*hugs you tight*

Thank you! *Hugs back* I was waiting for you to turn up, big Drake/JJ fan that you are. Glad you love it!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, karuune. It's been a really frustrating and negative weekend and I needed an outlet for my energies. I tried reading, but the happy feelings from losing myself in another world didn't last. I wanted to create something instead, something beautiful. I find that creativity is a more effective outlet for feelings of frustration than escapism. And then cattidono made her second request for info about Drake and JJ's first time, and I thought, why not? Thanks for enjoying it and also for letting me know.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I believe it was a fashion in ancient Greek that there was something bestial about having a big one and that it was somehow more noble or classy to have a small one. It's hard to believe, though. Besides, if sculptors had done male nudes with large genitalia, no one would have noticed the artistry of the work because they would have all been too busy staring at the goods! (Well, I would have.)

Thanks for commenting, twiyah! I'm happy you liked it.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for this piece. There's just never enough Drake&JJ.


That was great...you really know how to write. You should become a pro, seriously!! :D
I want more!


Thank you, Yukiangelz, for that lovely compliment. It is my very great desire to be a pro, and I'm working on it slowly, and I do mean slowly because I have a serious spare time problem!

I'm glad you enjoyed this little piece.

Nice to see this linking piece. Thanks! Very well done, as usual. Looks like we've both been having a strange time of it these past few weeks, eh?

Thank you! I'm afraid I have to apologize because I can't send you that promised email tonight. I have a new house problem (a sagging floor with a broken joist that is resting on the hot water pipe!) and a huge family problem that necessitates a lot of emailing back and forth to various family members. I've been on the computer or the phone all evening, but I have to stop now and go to bed.

However, if you have time to drop me a line about what's new with you, I'd love to hear about it.

Kami..Brit...you are so nice to me...domo arigatou for the side story... now we jus need an update on the main story..A New Day...hint, hint...laughs...love you...

Hi Catti,

I actually wrote you a reply two days ago, but then LJ ate it and I just kind of threw up my hands and gave up, since I was having one of those days.

I'm putting in time on A New Day here and there, whenever I can. I must try to make some progress this week because I've got a couple of major deadlines coming up at work, and I'll really have to buckle down and do overtime next week and the one after.

Anyhow, I'm very pleased that you came by to read this little Drake and JJ story. Thanks for not giving up.

*dies* Oh, that was fantastic. I am usually a Dee/Ryo girl to the bone, but that was delicious. Thankyou very much. :)

Thank you, thank you! Me too, BTW, about Dee and Ryo. To the DNA of the bone, in fact. But a little bit of Drake/JJ scattered here and there adds a few necessary side dishes to the FAKE buffet.

WOW!! I can't wait for you to write this story. I love Dee and Ryo but, JJ and Drake! This has got to be the hottest story that has no actual sex in it I have read in a long time. You have teased my taste buds and now I want more.

Please hurry with the rest! You are such a tease!

Thanks for your very kind compliments. I know it's really not like me to write a lime. I'm usually more than willing to bound on over into lemon territory, but in this case, I wanted to save the lemon for the actual story, which--I'm so, so sorry!--is, unfortunately, quite a long way away from being written. I made the mistake of starting Slave to a Gladiator before I'd finished A New Day, so now I've got readers waiting for two stories, both of which have been forced to slow down because of all my RL troubles. I really hate disappointing my readers, so I'm determined not to start anymore stories until I've finished those two.

But thank you so much for finding this lil' lime as hot as you did. *Grins foolishly and hugs you happily!*

This whole fic just oozed heady sexual tension and yummy 'H' thoughts, I just loved it!! So I've read and reread this so many times now... and every time I fall deeper in love with Drake/JJ as a couple! This, personally, is my favourite Drake/JJ fic you've shared with us.

I'm not going to ask for more, I think this could stand alone as a one-shot. We can all let our own imaginations run smexy hentai thoughts of what they do next. ^_~

Thank you once again for writing and sharing with us, Brit! ♥

Oh no, I just realized I hadn't thanked you for your comment. It's been a mad, mad, mad couple of weeks for me, that's for sure.

I'm so glad you liked it. This one was definitely the most mysterious story I've ever written, since it leaves so much to the reader's imagination. But I think writers can get away with that kind of thing sometimes--in moderation, of course. It's kind of like a movie clip, except with naked men! Besides, I've noticed that my readers seem to have plenty of imagination. As you say, people's imaginations are supplying them with all kinds of smexy hentai thoughts about Drake and JJ's next half hour on this boat. If getting his butt pounded into the mattress doesn't make JJ toasty warm inside and out, I don't know what will!

(Deleted comment)
Erin, I love you! I can't believe you just spent what was probably your whole damn weekend reading that behemoth again! I've kind of been doing the same thing, mainly to remind myself of plot threads that have to be picked up again and woven some more. Since I'm so close to the end, I'm sifting through what I've got and making decisions about what has to be wrapped up in A New Day and what's going to get carried over into Justice. I'm writing Chapter 43 of A New Day right now, but a lot of the scenes I wrote this weekend found their way into Justice. I'm probably at about 5000 words on chapter 43. I think I need to go up to 7 or 8000.

Thank you for reading (again) and laughing and then telling me!


I've been waiting for this story forever and it's been here all along!?? I really ought to actually register with LJ!