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Posting schedule
Dee Blue waves
Hi everyone,

Because it's been a hell of a long time since I last posted a chapter of anything, I just wanted to give you an idea of when you could next expect something.

I'm at about 5000 words on the next chapter of A New Day. I need to write another 2 or 3000.  I may be able to do that this weekend, and if so, I can fire it off to the betas. From there, it'll be either one or two weeks before I post it, depending on how busy the betas are with their own lives and also how much revision of the chapter is needed. So you can expect to read chapter 43 on either the weekend of the 18th or the 25th of May.

Here's what else is going on with me nowadays:

I've lived for many years in the same small city. Also, through my work, I'm involved with a lot of people. As a result, I have a fairly wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and this is one of the reasons why my husband and I are always going to or holding parties. A few years ago, when I had more energy, (and more importantly, before I started writing!) I used to be even more active socially, and often organized groups of people into weekends away, drives in the country, picnics, and outings to art shows, fairs and festivals. I'm good at coming up with fun activities, coordinating groups, and bringing people together. I've often thought that I could probably parlay this into a second career if I ever decided to change jobs, or at least work less. However, I really enjoy my current job, so it may not happen anytime soon. And then there's the writing... Sometimes I wish there could somehow be enough time in life for everything that I want to do. This is why I believe in reincarnation. One meagre lifespan is simply not enough for all the things we poor humans want to learn and do and the places we want to go! 

I recently changed my hair color to a different shade of brown. It was not at all what I wanted, but hey, this is what comes of delivering your instructions to the stylist/colorist, and then falling asleep in the chair. I dozed through the whole appointment (very relaxing) and woke up with a reddish brown, practically auburn shade of color when I had specifically asked for light ash brown. Before my long snooze, I said, and I quote, "I don't want to end up with a warm shade of brown. If I see anything warm, orangey, or golden in my hair, I will NOT be happy." The stylist and her helper nodded confidently and assured me that wouldn't happen. Sigh.

My sister was outraged on my behalf, and kept urging me to go back and make them change it. I had in fact booked an appointment for the salon to adjust the color, but it turned out that my husband and ALL my friends and ALL my co-workers really liked my new look, so I thought, what the hell, and kept it. It seems to get lighter and redder with each passing week, though. When I was younger I would have really cared and gotten quite steamed and fretful if this had happened, but now that I'm older, there's a limit to the number of things I have time and energy to get upset about. I'm just not prepared to sweat the small stuff, and a hair appointment gone wrong is definitely small stuff! Hey it's not like it's a tattoo gone wrong. Hair is mutable and replenishable.

Health problems continue to plague me. I have slept through several weekends, losing hours of what was formerly writing-time. I don't know what's wrong with me, since I've never needed all that much sleep compared to most other people I know, and I often have difficulty staying asleep anyhow. My husband thinks it's accumulated exhaustion.

Recently I had my first experience with a practitioner of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and boy was that interesting. I feel very inspired, hopeful and confident as a result of that initial consultation. There is so much to report there that I think I'll have to do it in a separate post. She has me on a program to build up my health and physical resources because I have become very depleted over the past three years. I may be facing surgery this summer. I'll find out more after my appointment with a specialist in June. Just to give you an idea of what a dedicated writer I am--not that you would think so from the scarcity of my posts recently--the first thing I thought was, I wonder how long I'll be off work recovering and I hope I can sit in a chair and write!

I've told my husband that I want a new dining room table and chairs for my birthday, but so far I haven't been able to find one I love. I've found quite a few that I liked, however. Since I'm probably going to be using whichever one I buy for at least the next twenty years, I want to make sure it's one that I absolutely love. I'm partial to dark wood, and I don't like sharp corners or edges. I tend to like very classic styles, probably because I'm a first-born child.

Well, I'm going to go and make a cup of coffee to have in my kitty-mug (I bet a lot of you guys also have kitty-mugs!) and see if I can locate my rain pants. The weather looks pretty wet and dismal out there today, and if I don't want to arrive at work on my birthday looking totally drenched and bedraggled, I'd better get some gear together.

Thank you for reading.  If you've made it this far, then I'm honored!

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Thanks for letting us know how you are doing, Brit. And again, Happy Birthday!

I, too, have been procrastinting about acupuncture treatments for weight management and high blood pressure. I have witnessed the process on my mom, and it did indeed look very interesting. So, as I've said before, it's past time to get my butt in gear.

Isn't it weird how you get to a certain age, and your body begins to have a life of its own? Ailments pop up from nowhere, and take their sweet time leaving.

But we can only do our best. And I truly believe that focusing on the mind and body to make them stronger is a very good thing.

Have fun searching for the new dining set. And I must say that I LOVE rainy days :D

*hugs tight*

I love rainy days, too, as long as I don't have to ride my bike! Fall is my favorite season followed by winter, followed by spring and with summer dead last. I have a really gorgeous new umbrella that I haven't actually used yet, since I'm always riding a bike. When I lived in Japan, I saw lots of people riding bikes while holding umbrellas, and I was impressed that they could do that. I tried it once and ended up crashing into a fence!

You know, I enjoyed a life of excellent health and vitality until that big traumatic event that occurred three and a half years ago (you know the one I mean) and it's been since then that everything started to go downhill for me, healthwise. This past year has been especially bad. I hope it's not age related! My regular doctor suggested that it was, but I find that unacceptable. I know people who are older than me and are very active and healthy and I also know people who are younger than me and are sedentary junk-food lovers.

I haven't had any needles stuck in me yet! My sister gets acupuncture regularly and she swears by it. If it worked for your mom, then maybe it's time for you to try it too.

Thanks for the b-day wishes!

It sounds like we have the same color hair now! *gentle hugs* Have a wonderful birthday!

So you've got reddish-brown practically auburn hair too? Well, I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you! At the rate mine is changing color though, I'll be a strawberry blonde in another three weeks!

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. It was great. I got tons of presents and even went to bed early for a change. I was absolutely knackered, as the Doctor would say.

Happy birthday! I'd be pleased with the weather if it's my birthday- I love damp drizzly weather (as long as it isn't pouring, unless I'm not going anywhere anyway).

I could agree to the ailments thing, though I shouldn't be complaining or worrying about them so much just yet, being little over a mere two decades old, but oh well, blame my family and move on.
Though I'd shy away from acupuncture or whatever myself *abject fear to the point of nausea of poky-needles-in-skin condition*.

I've never dyed my hair- I guess I stick with it because I kinda like it the dark nearly-blackish brown that it is, and because I'd be worried that I wouldn't manage to get anything like a color I'd want out of it- even if I could have one of my experienced friends do mine for me.

I've been lazy myself, but only to the point of constantly asking myself "well... I have nothing really planned today.. what the heck should I do?" and usually debating for a good deal of the day as to what I really *feel* like doing.
At least it's not bad enough that I feel too bored with whatever I do do. Or rather, not enough that I can't simply drop that and do something else.

^_^ I'll be looking forward to another update then, and I hope you have a wonderful fun-filled birthday!

Another drizzly-weather lover! Sun-worshippers just can't understand us.

If you like your color, then don't change it. It's really difficult even for high-priced experts in upscale salons to get precise shades of color, and you may not like the color you end up with. But you'll have to 'like' it if a friend does it for you!

Thanks, I did have a ton o' fun on my birthday.

Happy Birthday, Brit! Take it easy today, if such a thing can be done.

I know what you mean about the hair thing; I've tried highlights twice: once when I was about 12, and I did it myself. It did *not* turn out well. The second time was a couple of years ago, and I thought it worked out okay, but my boyfriend and friends reacted with nothing short of horror, so I got it changed back to the usual brown.

Here's wishes for the sugary confection of your choice, lots of nice presents, and a day of relaxation!

Well, I got the sugary confections and the nice presents, but the day of relaxation was a leetle hard to arrange.

I've done highlights on my hair myself in the past with mixed results. Sometimes I got lucky and it looked perfect and everyone asked me where I got my hair done. Then other times, it looked like a couple of half-drunk monkeys did my hair with oven mitts on in between fits of the giggles.

Thanks for remembering my birthday! I couldn't relax today either, but I might be able to swing some relaxation tomorrow, and when I do, I'll think of you!

Happy birthday & take your time. :)

Thank you! I'll do my best to get as much done as possible this weekend, but it's very kind of you to tell me to take my time. It's something I have difficulty saying to myself.

(Deleted comment)
You know, I find that to be true about obsessing in general. I'm not usually happy when I'm obsessing--unless of course I'm combing the internet for pics etc. of John Barrowman or Reynaldo Gianecchini, confident in the knowledge that the obsession will eventually pass when I run out of material! But on the other hand it may be possible to be too carefree, at least according to my husband. On Saturday, for example, I accidentally bought a jar of organic honey that turned out to be $15.95! Holy crap, is that ever expensive. But even though I discovered my error while I was still in the store, I didn't care enough to lug my shopping bags back over to the honey section to select something cheaper and then go stand in line again. My husband certainly would have, while thinking grumbly thoughts the whole time, and he would have saved $7 or $8 as a result.

I just decided to carefreely ignore the situation and mosey on home, where I put the honey out of sight in the cupboard and got rid of the receipt. I feel vaguely guilty.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Erin! I haven't found my table yet, but it's only a matter of time. I'm trying to think positive by focusing on the writing time I'm hopefully going to get.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it's only hair right? Color grows out and length grows back. And one can always choose another color when the roots get long enough to show. I guess the point is not to do it too often because we subject ourselves to hair color chemicals.

Do your friends like your new hair color? Does it suit your skin and eyes?

Your act was very good, btw! You really sounded like a doctor, there. Unfortunately this weekend I haven't been able to sleep again. My problem is that I sleep for about three or four hours and then can't go back to sleep. Then I run out of time and have to get up and go to work or appointments, so I have no choice but to go through the whole day on three or four hours of sleep. Then it happens again! Sometimes I take those Neo Citran-type lemon drinks before bed and sometimes it works well enough to buy me an extra hour or two of sleep.

It's true that I am doing a helluva lot each day. Maybe recovering from surgery will force me to do nothing for a while. (Except write, of course!)

(Deleted comment)
Ah, a new dining set... best of luck! ^__^

Happy Birthday!

Thanks! I'm really excited about it. I hope I can find the perfect dining set in less than a month. Every time I look at the old one now, I feel impatient.

*singing off key*






*empties out large tractor trailer of gifts*

It's so awesome that we share the same birth month. Mine is in about two weeks.

*Twirls happily*


Enjoy your gifts and you're right about being able to bring people together. Look at all your fans that you've accumulated to the point of now having a village of cabins awaiting the knowledge of FAKE YAOI 101!

Good luck with the furniture, I love cherry mahogany myself.


Later Brit

*Climbs out from under pile of gifts and shakes self off*

Thank you, Dax! Wow, I'm going to have to get some yaoi carpenters over here to build me a warehouse for these gifts. And look! One of the bigger boxes is moving and muffled sounds are coming from it...I think I can guess what it is. I just hope you remembered to punch him some air holes.

I love cherry mahogany too! I'm hoping I can find a design I love in that wood.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday and got lots of chocolate!

It’s so unfair that you have so much problems with your health, it seems that you are very careful with what you do to your body. I hope for you that TCM will help. Do you still benefit of the healing power of karate?

I never dared to dye my hair. I’m a natural blonde and I have very thin hair, because I used to wear it very long for many years. Maybe I should do it now as long as I am still in high school and it’s not too bad to end up with green hair. (Argh. Yes, it would. School is cruel.)

Weather in Germany isn’t any better, btw. But I like it. ^_^

Thanks, I did have a wonderful birthday, although I was unable to stay up late enough to enjoy it properly. I got tons of chocolate, which has long since been eaten.

I exercise a lot, but I don't always watch what I eat. I should probably eat fewer sweets and cheese and drink less wine for a while. Recently I've been craving spicy food.

Unfortunately, we don't do Karate anymore. The building was sold a couple of years back and we couldn't find another dojo for comparable rent that wasn't out in the boonies or only available at ridiculous times. It's too bad. When I was doing Karate, I was in the best shape of my life. Hard, fast, sweat producing exercise that requires endurance really suits me, but I don't think I could handle it right now. Maybe in a few months. I'm really anxious to get a date for my surgery because I need to plan all sorts of things around it. For example, I want to do a 120 km round-trip bicycle ride this summer.

You won't end up with green hair if you follow the directions to the letter! I once wound up with pink hair through not bothering to read the directions. Don't let that happen to you, because school is indeed cruel!

I've heard Germany has quite wet, grey winters. I once went to Frankfurt for a month in November, though, and I was really lucky with the weather. It seemed like every time I went outside, it stopped raining and the sun came out.

Keep on trucking, we will wait.

Thanks Akasha. I've submitted a hulkingly huge chapter to my poor, long-suffering betas--12,395 words! It's going to have to either be broken up into two chapters or have a lot of stuff chopped out of it. Yowza.

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