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FAKE First Year Together, A New Day (May), Chapter 44, PART TWO

This is part two of the chapter.  if you haven't read part one yet, go back to the post just before this one. This half is also Not Worksafe.

But before we start, here's the promised Vegan Chocolate Fudge recipe.

Brit's Healthy Chocolate Fudge

(Don't let that word 'healthy' throw ya)

Ingredients: 10 large medjool dates, and I'm talking the big, soft ones, not hard, dried ones. Three heaping tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa.  I prefer organic because it's darker, but ordinary Fry's in the yellow tin is also fine. Two or three heaping tablespoons of almond butter, preferably the crunchy kind. Not peanut butter. Almonds are the only nuts that are alkaline forming, and since this dessert is very rich, you need all the alkaline you can get. Half a cup of dried cranberries. A handful of whole almonds, raw or roasted. I think roasted are tastier. Two tablespoons of almond milk. A handful of whole hazelnuts, it you like, but they're optional.

Directions: Take the pits out of the dates and discard them.  If you have a food processor, use it to mash/puree the dates.  If not, then you're going to have to do as good a job as you can of mashing them energetically with a fork. The first time I made this recipe, I made a very small amount of fudge using only two dates, and I did it all by hand. When the dates are mashed, add the cocoa and continue to mix and mash.  If it's too tough and dry, add the almond butter.  Then throw in half of the cranberries and the almond milk.  Keep mashing/food processing until it's all chocolatey-sticky and well mixed. If you think it's too dry, you can add a tiny bit more almond milk, but I caution you against making this mixture too wet.  Remember, it's fudge you're making, not ganache, so you want it to have some body. Right at the end, throw in the whole almonds and the rest of the cranberries. Then, spread the mixture in a small, square pan. I recommend lining it with parchment paper. I find that this amount of fudge fills about half of a small baking pan. Cover, and refrigerate for one hour or more. When it's chilled and harder, cut into squares with a sharp knife. You'll find it gives you a lot of energy, unlike real fudge which gives you a brief sugar high and then a crash. This fudge is so rich you don't want to eat more than two squares. It's very good for you, but it tastes like a bad-for-you food. You'll see what I mean if you make it. Enjoy!

And now for Part Two of A New Day, Chapter 44

 Ryo moved restlessly in bed and hugged one of the extra pillows. Damn it, it was pushing one o'clock already and he wasn't even sleepy yet. He missed Dee. He was sure he'd be able to sleep if his partner was in bed beside him. He wondered if Dee was still awake, and briefly considered calling him, just to hear the sound of his voice.

Almost without thinking, he rolled over in the darkness and picked up the phone. Dee was number three and four on speed dial, three for his cell and four for his home number. Ryo's fingers caressed the number pad of the phone. Dee was probably awake. It had only been two hours since they had finished their shift. Dee was the kind of person who could never go to bed as soon as he got home from work, anyway. He was probably watching TV, or reading that motorcycle magazine he had bought at the train station after the funeral. Ryo lay on his back deliberating. Should he call? He would feel pretty foolish if he did. And what would he say? 'I'm lonely' or 'I miss you'? He couldn't imagine confessing to such weakness.

He wasn't quite sure how it happened, but suddenly he became aware that he had  somehow, unconsciously perhaps, pressed a couple of buttons in the darkness and now his phone was in the process of calling someone, probably Dee. Agh, no! He didn't want to call anyone at 1:00 am. He had a parental disapproval of late night phone calls, unless there was an emergency. Fumbling for the disconnect button, he managed to drop the phone somewhere in the bed, and before he was able to find it again, he ran out of time. He could hear Dee's voice on the other end of the phone line, saying, "Ryo? That you? Hello? Hello?"

"Damn," Ryo muttered and put the phone to his ear. "Yeah, it's me. Sorry, Dee. I didn't mean to call you. It was kind accident. I was, um, holding the phone and..." Stop talking, idiot, he told himself fiercely.

He could hear Dee chuckling next to his ear.

"There are no accidents, babe. Well, except for that time I broke your mug, of course. But I've got a theory about this phone call. Wanna hear it?"

"Not really," said Ryo trying to sound bored. "You know, I should probably let you go back to sleep--"

"Whoa there, not so fast. I wasn't asleep. I was just laying here on the sofa, thinking about you."

"You were not, you liar." Ryo could feel his face going pink with pleasure. "You're probably just channel-surfing and thinking about basketball scores."

"Nah, I did that earlier. TV's off now. Couldn't concentrate, anyway. My brain's on the Ryo channel."

"Dee, that's nonsense and you know it," said Ryo. "You should go to bed. I know we don't work 'til three, but your neighborhood starts getting noisy pretty early."

"I'll go to bed after I beat off," said Dee in that voice he used when he wanted to get Ryo excited. "Like I said, my brain's on the Ryo channel and I can't change channels as easy as you think."

"Don't tell me you're going the sofa? That's gross."

"No it's not. Got take-out napkins. I won't get any spunk on the upholstery, I promise. Hey, wanna stay on the phone and listen while I get the job done here?"

"What?" Ryo was appalled and excited all at once. To his surprise, he realized that his hand was on his own penis, feeling it through his pajamas.

"Just stay on the phone with me. Let me hear you breathing. Even the sound of your voice will do it." There was a grin in Dee's voice.

"This is just a ploy to get me talking dirty, isn't it?"

"Only if you really want to," replied Dee, who was starting to sound a little breathless. "But you know, it doesn't really matter what you say. Talk about the weather. Anything."

"Really? All right, the weather then," said Ryo, who told himself that all he was feeling was amused. "I heard that there's more heat in the forecast tomorrow, with highs of 78..."

 "Aw yeah, heat," muttered Dee. "And what was that about thighs?"

"There's a twenty percent chance of precipitation, possibly even a thundershower."

"Mmm, picturing you soaking wet, babe, with your tee-shirt sticking to your skin...What are you wearing right now? Are you naked?"

"Of course not. I never go to bed naked."

"Ah, so you're in bed then!" Dee's voice dropped even lower. "Pajamas or boxers?"

"Um, both."

"Ryo, isn't it a little hot for pajamas? I think you should take them off."

" IS kind of hot..."

"Are you taking them off?"

"Yes, but only because it's warm in here. That's the only reason."

"Whatever. Just get 'em off," Dee groaned.

Ryo rustled around and wriggled out of his pajama bottoms. He hadn't intended to take his boxers off, too, but somehow they went down with the pajama pants. It was rather difficult doing that with one hand while holding the phone to his ear.

"Oh God, yeah, sweetheart, just keep breathing like that. I can see you so clearly."

"Oh, you can?" Ryo tried to sound sardonic. "What am I doing then?"

 "You're lying on your back in the middle of the bed. You're naked. Your legs are open and your dick is hard." Dee stopped talking long enough to take a couple of deep breaths through his nose. "It's hard, right?"

Ryo hesitated. "Yeah," he finally said.

"And you're touching it, right?"


"What does it feel like?"

Ryo panicked, and went silent.

"Ryo?" Dee paused and tried again. "Ryo! Are you still there? Say something. Anything. We can even go back to the weather if you like. Did you happen to hear anything about the seven-day forecast?"

"Er, hot, I think," Ryo mumbled shyly.

"That's my baby. It's gonna be hot and sweaty, huh? Should I wear a muscle tank tomorrow?"

"Um, you know the Commissioner hates it when you dress like that for work."  Ryo's voice came out sounding slightly hoarse.

"Yeah, I know." Dee snickered. "He's just jealous 'cause I'm more ripped and less hairy than he is. But let's not talk about that asshole. Come on, play with your nipples, love. That's what I'm picturing you doing."

"What are you doing, Dee?"

"I'm pulling on my cock. I'm touching my nuts with my other hand. I'm looking at your naked body in my mind. Your nipples are hard and I'm about to suck 'em. You like it when I suck your nipples, don't you?"


"I'm gonna suck other parts of you, too, Ryo..." Dee's voice trailed away and he seemed to be waiting.

Ryo couldn't resist. "Like...which parts?"

Dee laughed a soft, throaty sound. "Jesus, I love you! Which parts. Fuck. Ryo, Ryo. I'm going to kiss you, like right now. In my fantasy, I'm owning your mouth with my tongue."

"I--I like that," said Ryo shyly.

"And then when your sweet little tongue comes poking into my mouth to try to get some of its own back, I'm gonna catch it and suck on it. I'm gonna suck it and let it go, but if it comes back, I'll suck it again and again, for as long as you'll let me."

"Dee, cut it out!" Ryo opened his legs wider, the palm of his hand moving flatly up his penis. His lips felt swollen. He wasn't sure whether he really wanted Dee to stop or not.

"And when I'm done kissing you, I'm gonna suck your dick for you, babe. I'm gonna do it the way you like it, deep and tight, lots of friction. You like that, don't you?"

"Yes, Dee," Ryo whispered.

"In my throat, in and out. I know you like that. I know you fantasize about it. You do, don't you?"

"Well, maybe," murmured Ryo noncommittally.

"In, in, all the way in, to the root, your balls on my chin, everything hot, wet and tight..."

"For Pete's sake, Dee! This is--I never--this is...weird!"

"Shh, baby, trust me here. Go with it, keep touching yourself. Don't bail on me now, you sexy thing."

Ryo just moaned in response. He felt exceedingly foolish, but painfully aroused at the same time.  He had a real weakness for Dee's particular brand of bedroom talk.

"Ryo, love, fuck my face. Go on, do it, I can take it. I love it when you go in deep. It gets my dick hard."

"Dee," Ryo panted. "This is hot, it really is. B-but I feel silly. It's not like the real thing. The real thing--you, that is, there's no substitute for that."

"Really? There's no substitute for me?"

"I mean it. It's the truth. But this--this, er, phone sex we seem to be having just isn't...I'm sorry, maybe..." Ryo paused, trying to gather his thoughts. "Maybe we should just say good night."

"Say good night?" Dee's voice rose in disbelief. "Okay, babe, listen up. I've got a raging hard-on here, and I'd bet my Valentino jacket that you do too. There's only two ways this thing can end. Either we do a satisfying mutual jerk off over the phone like this, or you put your pecker on ice and give me ten minutes to get there, and to hell with Bikky when I do."

Ryo hesitated, his thoughts chasing each other disjointedly. His jerky inner dialogue went something like this: Dee, sex, sleep, wake up, Dee, more sex, must be quiet! Dee, love...

"Dee," he said softly, and then took a deep breath. "I know this is asking a lot, but please come here. I need you. I need to touch you."

"Gimme ten," said Dee with finality, and hung up.

Ryo hung up too, feeling exhilarated and guilty. He was making Dee drive to his place on short notice after one AM on a Sunday night, after refusing the same plan over two hours earlier when Dee had been the one to suggest it.

He lay in bed for a moment, idly caressing his own body, wondering if Dee would really be there in ten minutes like he said. He had never had this kind of power over a lover before. In fact, he had always been the one that his female lovers had power over. But he had never been as eager for them as Dee was for him. He just couldn't imagine turning out on short notice in the middle of the night, especially for a nonessential purpose, for any of the women he had previously believed himself to be in love with.

Should he take a shower? No not necessary. He had taken one when he got home and the air conditioner had been on ever since. He hopped out of bed feeling his erection bob as he did so, and threw on his robe so as to go to the apartment door and unlock it. On the way back to the kitchen, he paused long enough to dig out a coconut-scented candle that JJ had brought him back from his last vacation. It was tacky, but it would do. He lit it and returned with it to the bedroom, selected a CD and popped it into the small portable stereo he kept by his bed. He moved the little stereo as close to the door as its electrical cord would allow. If Bikky, for any reason, ended up outside his bedroom tonight, hopefully he would hear the music and not the sex. In any case, Ryo was determined to be as quiet as possible. As long as Dee didn't penetrate him, he felt that he could probably pull that off. There was something about the intensity of penetrative sex--'fucking' as Dee would have unhesitatingly said, in Ryo's recent and new experience of playing the bottom role in a gay relationship, that made him noisier than he had ever been before. He didn't understand it, but for once, he didn't care.

Dee had talked about sucking. Well, that was what he wanted: to be sucked. And he would certainly suck in return, fair being fair. He planned to insist upon it, just in case Dee tried to dissuade him. As for, well, fucking, that could wait until tomorrow when Bikky was at school.

Having returned to the bed, he lay in the flickering candlelight, naked and spread-eagled, exactly as Dee had described him earlier, and waited for his lover to come. He felt sexy, and even a little assertive. To hell with Abernathy and Detective Greenspan and all those who felt that homosexual love was a sin. They could just go jump off Pier 88. They would change their tune quickly enough if they ever had the good fortune to meet a same-sex lover who possessed even a fraction of the sex appeal and skills that Dee did.

Ryo knew he had a lot to be grateful for. And when Dee walked into his bedroom twenty, rather than ten, minutes later wearing his dress blues, his gratitude rose to new levels.

"Dee!" he whispered, raising himself up on his elbows and staring at his lover in unfeigned and incoherent delight. "You--you--you--"

"Look unbelievably hot? Yeah, I know," Dee murmured, still managing to sound cocky despite the necessary softness of his voice. "Sorry I'm late."

"Don't apologize. It was worth it." Ryo's eyes drank in the sight of Dee in his uniform. Its brass buttons seemed to spark in the candlelight.

Dee saluted him. "Detective Dee Laytner, reporting for duty," he said. "Ready, willing and able to protect you from the debilitating effects of blue balls. I'm here to serve you in any way you require."

Ryo's penis, which had gone half-soft during the twenty minute wait, had been growing longer and harder since the moment Dee had entered the room. He looked at his penis and then he looked at Dee. "Good. I accept your offer." He hoped he sounded confident, but more than that, he hoped Bikky stayed asleep. "Now, what the hell are you waiting for?"

"Uhhh, orders?" said Dee hopefully. He kicked off his shoes and started forward. "How exactly would you like me to serve you, Ryo my love?"

"Your mouth," Ryo mumbled, his face pink, but his eyes bravely meeting Dee's. "First, use it here." He touched his lips. "Then, here..." His hand strayed to his nipples. "And finally--" his hand swept down the flat muscular plane of his stomach until it rested on his penis-- "here. Like you said on the phone."

Dee straddled him and tugged his tie loose with one hand. He grinned down at Ryo in his typical cocksure way, but Ryo could see that his eyes were full of love. "Yes, sir," he whispered. "I swear to perform my duty to the best of my abilities. And my best is pretty damn good," he added confidently.

Ryo reached up with both hands and ran them appreciatively over Dee's uniformed chest and shoulders. "Quit talking," he muttered, "and get busy!"

Dee's mouth suddenly descended onto his, kissing him in exactly the commanding way he had described earlier when they had been talking on the phone. Ryo kissed him back for all he was worth, clinging to Dee's lapels, moaning when Dee lifted his head to change the angle, reveling in the plunge and sweep of their tongues, even the slight scratch and scrape of their late night whiskers.

Then Dee's mouth withdrew from his, and he felt his partner's weight come down to settle fully upon him for a moment, before moving slowly, an inch at a time, down his body. He could feel the brass buttons of the uniform scraping coolly against his skin. Then Dee's mouth and hand were on his chest, his tongue darting wetly over one cupped pectoral. When Dee's strong mouth finally closed over the nipple he had selected, Ryo reacted by sucking in his breath and arching his hips.  For reasons that he was sure did not make biological sense, his nipples seemed to have changed inside the space of about two months from two useless little nubs of nothing to a pair of wildly sensitive and responsive mini-sex organs. They seemed to be wired directly to his penis. When Dee pinched, rolled, bit, sucked or licked his nipples, the action would inexplicably send his erection into a state of almost feverish hardness. It was certainly leaking preseminal fluid and although Ryo was aware of this, he couldn't seem to stop himself from lifting his hips and rubbing his penis excitedly against Dee's uniformed belly.

"Dee," he gasped presently. "I'm--I'm making a mess of your uniform..."

"That's what drycleaners are for, sweetheart.  Besides, it's not like it's motor oil, or something. Rub away to your, er, dick's content, but don't get too excited. If you come ten seconds after I get you into my mouth, I'm gonna feel gypped."

"Dee," said Ryo again, and then moaned long and low as Dee's tongue set up a hard flicking action on his other nipple.


"We must, we absolutely must keep it down okay?"

"You're the noisy one, babe. Are you telling me not to turn you on?"

"No...Just help me to be quiet, okay?"

"You got it. If you don't wanna chew on a pillow, I'll cover your mouth--" his hand moved up to Ryo's face and Ryo felt Dee's fingers across his lips-- "like this." Without thinking, he darted his tongue out at them, and Dee responded by moving them back and forth and slipping his thumb into Ryo's mouth. Ryo sucked it and Dee smiled.

"If it'll help set your mind at rest, I forgot to tell you that a couple of days ago I moved the head of your bed out another inch or two from the wall. There won't be any headboard percussion on Bikky's wall tonight."

"Mmph," said Ryo and then turned his head aside to get Dee's thumb out of his mouth. "Can you... Can you keep the blues on as long as possible?" he asked shyly, pushing his penis steadily against the slightly stiff fabric.

Dee chuckled. "You bet. It was kind of obvious today that you've got a thing about the uniform."

"Not just the uniform," Ryo corrected him. "I've seen a lot of guys wearing it during my career so far. It's you in the uniform."

"Well, that's even better," said Dee, sounding satisfied. "I promise to keep it on, even if it gets in the way. Good thing you've got the air conditioning on." He returned to Ryo's first nipple and worked it gently with his teeth while pinching the other one with his fingers. Ryo emitted a sound that was quickly cut off, and Dee almost laughed at the sight of his lover pressing a corner of the pillow against his mouth.

He slid further down Ryo until his face came into contact with a very rigid, hot, sticky cock. He licked it hard, tasting the man-essence that leaked from the head, and Ryo made another of those muffled sounds.

For a while, Dee teased it with his tongue, licking it up and down, not allowing it to go inside his mouth. A couple of times Ryo's hand came down onto his own dick and tried to guide it inside Dee's mouth, but Dee laughed softly and evaded it. He mouthed Ryo's ball sac, licking and sucking gently on each of his testicles. The musky scent that rose from Ryo's groin filled his nostrils and caused his dick to harden almost uncomfortably in his trousers. He reached down to undo his fly, and suddenly Ryo's hand was nudging his shoulder. He looked up questioningly at his lover.

"Dee, don''t..." Ryo's face was flushed with excitement, but even if it hadn't been, Dee knew that he would have been red from embarrassment.

"Yes?" Dee said encouragingly, but with a look of mischief. He had an idea what Ryo wanted to say and he wondered if he would be able to actually spit it out this time.

Ryo laid his head back on the pillow and looked at the ceiling. There was a pause and then when he spoke, the words came out in a rush. "After you do me, I want to do you. So, don't, uhh, finish yourself off early, okay?"

"Okay," said Dee meekly, hiding his smile. "I would love for you to 'do' me, baby, any way you want. But first, I'm gonna take care of you." He licked the length of Ryo's dick and it jumped excitedly under his tongue. "I may need to take my cap off for this next part. Is that all right?"

"Okay," said Ryo softly, watching as Dee removed his eight-point cap and spun it across the room like a frisbee. It landed neatly on the bedroom's only chair.

Dee shifted most of his weight off Ryo's legs so that he was more or less lying alongside him. Then he glanced up at Ryo and gave him a cocky wink before lowering his head to to the hard, eager dick that awaited his attentions.

Ryo kept his eyes open throughout. The flame from the single candle flickered and jumped, illuminating the fully clothed form of the man in his bed. The positions they were in prevented Ryo from being able to see the brass buttons of Dee's dress blues uniform, but he had looked and touched his fill earlier, and he knew they were there. The sight of a man in uniform performing fellatio on him, struck him as extremely exciting, as well as vaguely familiar. He realized that this very image had been one of many that used to flash through his head on numerous occasions in the past when he had been nearing orgasm with a female partner. He had never really paused to examine or analyze it, not that he would have been willing to ask himself any hard questions in those days. But now he knew something about himself that he had spent a lifetime trying to erase: he was attracted to men, and in particular to this tall, lean, dark-haired man in his bed. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Dee, and sooner or later, he would have to deal with how he was going to reconcile that fact with his heterosexual public image. It was worrisome and more than a little frightening. But somehow, he felt that everything was going to be all right.

As Dee's hot, wet throat enveloped his penis tightly over and over, Ryo tried not to moan. One hand gripped a fistful of the sheets; the other periodically caressed Dee's hair, that is, when he wasn't using it to hold the pillow against his mouth. He admired and enjoyed Dee's skill at what he was doing. Twice, Dee let his orgasm rise within him, almost to the point of no return, before withdrawing his head and the smooth, slick tightness of his throat, while gripping the base of Ryo's dick firmly in his strong fingers.

Ryo whimpered in helpless frustration behind his pillow as the practically overpowering urge to ejaculate subsided each time. He knew Dee was delaying his orgasm for his own enjoyment as well as for Ryo's. It had been hard for Ryo to understand when Dee had first pleasured him in this way, that his partner really liked doing this, that it was a compelling turn-on for him, and he truly wanted to do it. Ryo's previous sex partners had been nowhere near as enthusiastic, nor as adept.

Dee was back to sucking him again, moving his tight mouth up and down Ryo's shaft, flicking his tongue over the head, catching that sensitive spot over and over in a maddening and incredible way. His timing was perfect, his control, flawless. Ryo almost never felt Dee's teeth, except occasionally as a mild and pleasant scraping sensation, which he was sure Dee was doing on purpose as part of his repertoire. He realized that he was totally in Dee's power. He was conscious of a desire to be that good, to have that kind of power too, just before his orgasm began to build within him for the third time. God, he wanted to release it, to pump the contents of his balls deeply into Dee's throat! Would Dee let him? There was only one way to be sure. He would have to beg, and it wouldn't be the first time.

"Dee, please," he whispered. "Let me, let me! Go deep. Please! Now, Dee, please..." The pressure in his balls was almost unbearable. He rocked and thrust, the muscles of his hips and buttocks tightening, and suddenly Dee's mouth, oh thank God, was sliding down, down his shaft. He felt Dee's throat open for him and take him all the way in, right down to the base. Dee's hand was on his balls, pulling them gently to one side. Ryo pressed his pillow firmly to his mouth as his lover's throat muscles began working him. The moment he felt Dee's tongue come out and tickle his tight balls, he exploded, whimpering and groaning through clenched teeth. Dee held his position as Ryo ejaculated into his throat in several hot, pulsing spurts.  When it was over, he slowly withdrew his mouth and throat from Ryo's manhood but continued to caress it in slow strokes with his hand. Ryo quivered and jerked under him and one last little pulse rushed out of the head of his dick and ran in several droplets down its length. Delighted, Dee quickly lapped it up.

"Liquid sex," he said. "Tastes like heaven."

"Dee, was I noisy?"

"Better than usual. Not noisy enough to wake the brat up, I don't think." He sat up and they both listened, but all they could hear was the acoustic guitar music of the Oscar Lopez CD Ryo had put in earlier playing softly near the door. "Hear that?" Dee said. "No pattering of rugrat feet."

Their eyes met, and Dee gazed at him affectionately. "Feeling better?"

Ryo nodded and smiled shyly.

"Want me to keep wearing the uniform for the next part?"

Ryo licked his lips self-consciously, his eyes falling on the sizable bulge in the front of Dee's rumpled uniform trousers. "Uh-huh."

"Then get on your knees and suck my cock, Detective MacLean." Dee sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread, looking expectantly at Ryo.

Ryo quickly got up and retrieved Dee's cap from the chair in the corner. He held it out to Dee in mute appeal.

The corners of Dee's mouth twitched with amusement as he tried not to laugh. "You," he said to Ryo as he took the cap and set it on his head, "are fucking adorable. Now, c'mere." He pointed at the floor between his knees. "Don't worry, it won't take long," he added. "Giving you head got me in a hair-trigger condition. I'm ready to blow any moment."

Ryo suddenly felt as though a little light bulb had come on above his head. "Ohh!" he said. "That's why they call it a blowj--" He clapped a hand over his mouth while Dee snickered.

Ryo frowned and put his fingers to his lips. Then he dropped to his knees in front of Dee and reached for his partner's fly. For some strange reason, his thoughts went to Detective Greenspan. She would find this beautiful, sensual and loving act disgusting, ignoramus that she was.

"What are you smirking about?"

"Nothing," said Ryo as he drew Dee's zipper down. "You'd better not be planning to talk all the way through this, you know. We have to be quiet."

"I'm the quiet one, remember?"

"God help us, then," Ryo said with a confidence that wasn't one hundred percent real. But it was stronger than before and growing every day. He smiled up at Dee, who grinned down at him.

"I want to make you feel good," Ryo continued, as he freed his partner's lust-swollen erection from the prison of his uniform pants, "for all sorts of reasons. But mostly because I love you. Now stop talking." He bent his head down and licked the salty tip of Dee's penis, enjoying the little gasp that this action produced.

Suck my cock, Detective MacLean. If Lieutenant Abernathy could see him now! But of course, he didn't want to think about that dirty son of a bitch any more tonight. He firmly pushed that pathetic little man out of his mind. Now is the time for love, he thought. There would be time enough for justice.

End of A New Day

Additional author's notes: There's an epilogue coming really soon, like, maybe a week, possibly less. It's not very long though, just a few pages. And it doesn't have buttsex in it, either! However, I hope you'll read it anyway. And very soon after that, I'll publish chapter one of Justice, the sequel to this story.


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