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Happy Canada Day!
Dee Blue waves

To my Canadian readers (Come on, there must be one or two...), I wish you all a happy holiday. I'll be wearing my Canada Day tee-shirt with pride when I go out soon to take part in the festivities.

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Happy Canada Day back atcha!

Being married to a Canadian, I found the New York Times recognition of the day rather entertaining: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/01/opinion/01canadaday.html

Thank you for the link. It WAS rather entertaining. I think I too would miss the health coverage if I didn't live in Canada. I'd probably also miss kilometers (AND the Canadian spelling of kilometres) and celsius and Crunchie bars and Canadian beer and wine. Which part of Canada is your Canadian from?

He's a Brockville boy. We spent more time in Canada back when it was a hop across the border (honeymoon in Quebec, weekend trips to Stratford, spring break in Winnipeg -- ok, we got strange looks for the last one, but it was FUN. No other tourists at all in March! :-) ).

I lived for three years in Winnipeg, so yes, I can understand the strange looks and the lack of tourists!

BTW, 'Brockville Boy' sounds like a good title for a novel. (Note that out of respect for your husband I didn't say M/M novel!)

You know I'd love to celebrate with you, but I seem to have this grant that is still being written ....

I meant to send you a greeting last night but kinda got forgotten with all the mayhem from above.

Happy Canada Day. Lovely country!

I meant to send you a greeting, too. I was thinking of you, though! That damn grant of yours is breaking my heart on your behalf! *Snatches grant and dashes it to the ground before jumping up and down on it, then grabs V by the tie and dangles him from a third floor window. offering no response to his frenzied pleading save the quoting of various grant-oriented statistics.* pant, snort, heave!

*Straightens hair and smoothes Canada Day tee-shirt* All right, I am myself again. I apologize for that most unladylike outburst. Please tell me it's finished and sent off and you once again have the right to eat and sleep?

Like you said before, that Pippi Longstocking cat is just...wrong.

Why thank you, Brit! I've been holding myself back. Must think happy thoughts.... Of course, there have been six more versions since then. And the word 'grant' has gained honorary 4-letter-word status around here.

Happy Canada Day to you too, Brit!

Thank you! I'll be thinking of you on the 4th! I hope you guys are getting a long weekend this year, despite the fact that the 4th is a Saturday.

Yes, indeed! Tomorrow is a holiday from work, and I'm taking an extra day on Monday. Hooray!


Aaaaand your holiday has begun! Yay! *Orders fireworks for you*

(Deleted comment)
Hi Karuune. You're right, it is still so far away. I live really close to the US border, but I still have the sense that there's a huge distance between our two countries, more so since September 11th. Now there's more suspicion at border crossings all over the world. In the old days before Canadians and Americans needed passports to get into each other's countries, I lived in Vancouver and I used to cross the border once a week or so, mainly to buy Hershey Symphony bars (family size, with whole almonds and toffee chips) as well as inexpensive American cheese. It was so easy! However, since security has been tightened so much at the border, I don't cross it lightly anymore. But I can still enjoy interacting with my American friends via email and LJ. plus I'm very fortunate to be able to see the beautiful Olympic Mountains in the state of Washington on almost a daily basis.

I hope you someday make it to Canada!

(Deleted comment)
Canadian-y? I really think that should be added to Webster's. I only hope we weren't boring. Canadians are sometimes accused of being boring. After all we're not very fiery or passionate ('cept on those loooong winter nights). Maybe I'm just thinking of Can-lit and Canadian content TV.

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