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It's been so long!
In case there's anyone out there who might occasionally check my journal and is wondering whether I got hit by a bus and have been lying in a morgue for the past couple of weeks or so, I am happy to report that I AM STILL ALIVE! Yes indeed. And no, nothing wildly interesting happened to me. I wish -- I'm one of those people who would just love to be kidnapped by aliens or something. I would dine out on it for the rest of my life, as long as the aliens hadn't conducted unspeakable experiments on me that resulted in my not being able to dine like a normal person... Nope, it was just work, dammit. Too much, all at once, forcing me to --shudder!--SKIP MEALS ( way to hurt a Taurus), stay at the office until 11pm or later, skip exercise classes ( okay, I can kind of live with that one) not be able to work on my Fake fanfic, and above all, not be able to follow FAKE Second Chances! Now, that was the worst part. If I want to enter into discussions on the chat site, it's all gone by and no one cares anymore. I like getting into those discussions while they're still warm. And a wonderful new website on Fake 2nd Chances was introduced, which I can't seem to navigate on. Other fans referred to features on the site that I can't see -- mtemplar or youyahua, can you help me? Why don't I have any kind of scroll bar or buttons? I promise that even if the answer to this question is too technical for my poor brain to comprehend, I will pay that Mac woman to come back here and set it up for me.

Anyway, I'm back. At least for the long weekend. We'll see what new torments my company devises for me on Tuesday. And I haven't even bitched about my Karate injury, incurred earlier this evening, an which will probably preclude my being able to ride my bike for the next few days. But I don't care! My evenings are mine again for the next four nights. Big happy grin.

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Yay - you're still alive!

As for the website, when you get to the main page, clickie on the 'chief' icon that scrolls across the top of the page with all the other players' user icons. That should get you to the main page, from there you can navigate from the menu on the left hand side of the page. Hope that helps.

You know, when I left-click on the chief-zilla, absolutely nothing happens and when I right-click, a window informs me that the page is protected and is preview only. Also, great chunks of text are obscured by the picture of the gang leaning on the car. Do you have any suggestions? I really wanna go play on that website!

No rush, as usual. I'm back at work tomorrow anyway. Thank God I had today off. Hope you did, too!

Weird. I'd recommend consulting youyahua then - I've no idea what is going on with your computer. Try her on 2nd_chance_chat.

Oh and Happy Day Off! Sounds like you've been working pretty hard lately.

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