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Happy Fourth of July
Dee Blue waves
To all my American friends and readers,

Best wishes from this Canadian for a peaceful and joyful Independence Day, with sunshine, barbecues and good friends around you.

From one young country (Canada is 142) to another, Happy 233rd birthday! Enjoy your fireworks, and if people start firing guns into the air, take cover please!

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Thanks! And happy partying right back!

Oh I hear you on the bbqs, those are awesome.

But yeah I hear you on the gun firing- make sure they're blanks!!
Even Mythbusters proved that those trigger shooting celebrations are dangerous, because any bullet that's not straight 90 degrees up, can be life threatening, and can even travel great distances to hurt someone else.

Re: Thanks! And happy partying right back!

Thank you! We had our party on Wednesday. It's over now for another year.

In Canada, the population isn't really allowed to have guns, so it's rare that anyone fires a gun. I say 'isn't really' because in hunting season, hunters can use their guns, but gun owners have to fill out lots of paperwork make sure their guns are registered here, there and everywhere.

It actually really freaks me out when people fire their guns into the air in celebration of the 4th of July. I mean, I understand why they do it--after all, the right to bear arms is in the American constitution, but those bullets have got to come down somewhere, sometime. What if someone gets hurt? I know, I know, I'm a worrywart! I hope those who shoot tonight shoot blanks! (Except guys whose wives/girlfriends want to get pregnant)

Re: Thanks! And happy partying right back!

(Hehe, I was agreeing so seriously until that last sentence, then I just couldn't help a sudden snorty giggle)

I hear you, it's a weird law, and those who usually have them say they have them "to protect themselves", and I just think, from who? Others who have them to 'protect' themselves? Just seems kind of silly really, but I'm sure there are lots of other more important issues with the Bill of Rights, than that little talked-about second(?) amendment. And it's not even the least heard of one! What about the one of "Right to refuse to quarter(house) soldiers"?

Anyway, silliness aside, I'm nicely stuffed from my cookout fun.

Re: Thanks! And happy partying right back!

You guys have the right to refuse to quarter soldiers? Now that's a new one on me. I never even thought of that one. I think it's very sensible, especially if the soldiers are large and hungry and your house and grocery budget is small. But you shouldn't refuse if they're sexy yaoiland soldiers. In fact, you should make them welcome, show them where the shower is, offer them your bed to sleep in and then run out and buy them some lube. Yaoiland guys are always shocked to discover that the lube is a commodity available to everyone in the outside world. For some reason, it's very hard to find in Yaoiand.

Re: Thanks! And happy partying right back!

Yeah, I just wikied them- Here

Most of them are obvious from the issues of the American Revolution. (British presumption on their colonies what what?) The rest?
Well, Yaoiland soldiers are welcome to the basement if they ever visit my house, besides- it'd be the only part of the house that'd be cool enough to handle the heat ;D

Why, thank you! I did enjoy the day. We picnicked outside in the nice weather. The sky was slightly overcast, keeping the heat down, and the mosquitoes bit somebody else for a change. Had to cuddle the dog though, she hates any loud noises and runs to me to save her.
And I, for one, don't see the connection with firearms and holidays. "It's a holiday, let's go shoot something?"

Did your GrantFromHell leave you enough life force to be able to enjoy your picnic? I hope so. And who did the mosquitos bite? If there's any justice in the world, it ought to have been those troublesome neighbors of yours.

Cute kitty in your icon!

Life force? Just barely enough. I've been wiped out all weekend. Still so tense I'm not sleeping well. Gotta work this out. 3 hours sleep don't cut it.
As to the mosquitoes, I really don't care who they bit, as long as it wasn't me, though the neighbors might be possible victims.

Kittie icon is Monsieur Chocolat. he hasn't been more than 5 feet from me since I've been home. Except for the picnic. He cried at the back door the whole time I was out. This one is Gabby. Both keep me company in the sewing room.

Edited at 2009-07-05 05:42 am (UTC)

They're both adorable. I love cats. Honestly, I think the house cat is the most beautiful animal on the planet. Poor M. Chocolat! He doesn't care about grants and overtime. All he knows is that his mom was gone and his world wasn't right without her.

I bet Gabby is better behaved in the sewing room than MC. She looks like a good, quiet girl.

I hope you got some real sleep last night and are feeling less tense today.

Lolol, I'm glad I'm not in the Army, there'd be a lot of that going on. As it stands, where I'm stationed it's illegal to shoot off fireworks because of a drought.

And despite being in the American military, I am like, the least patriotic person, besides my Master Sergeant. I don't know why but I'm not all over the whole freedom and rights stuff. I'm glad we have it and I'm not AGAINST it, but I don't get a huge boner for it like most of the people in my squadron. Man, after typing that I feel like an asshole D:

And just so I don't feel like too much of an asshole, I'll use an icon of my boss.

Gee, you sound sort of like a Canadian! We're just like you Americans except that our patriotism is more mild than yours, and of course, we don't have guns. Well, most of us don't have guns. Hunters do, and gang members. of course. And my husband has a stupid orange plastic gun that shoots pellets at a target. He cracked the face of my alarm clock and wounded one of my matching dressers. Grrrr! At least no one lost an aye.

Canadians really like your boss! We're jealous. We wish we had one like that.

Do you have muscles now? Can you fire more than one kind of gun? Do you wear big boots and dark shades and give off a subtle aura of danger? And when exactly are you going to Alaska?

I totally have muscles now, I'm qualified to carry an M16 and I've shot both an M16 and an M9. My boots aren't all that big but they're the awesome desert combat boots and I do wear dark shades ( all black as is regulation) I don't know about the aura of danger but sometimes in my uniform I feel like a badass.

Oh, and I'm going to Alaska in the beginning of October and I'll be there for 36 months. Wooo, so excited.

Edited at 2009-07-05 11:01 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the best wishes.. we did havd a barbeque, but it was raining, so our picnic was inside. Oh well... my whole family came over and we watched the rather sad display of fireworks of our small town, and then when to a tea party. ^_^ (supporting economic reforms and such)

Thanks for the birthday wishes... and a belated "Happy Canada Day" to you, I missed the post.


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