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List of Loose Ends from A New Day that will carry over into Justice

To all the people who slogged their way through FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) and are willing to follow the characters and their various unresolved issues into Justice, here's a handy list of loose ends that my helpful beta and fellow FAKE writer the_ladyfeather has thoughtfully provided for you. And my not terribly helpful answers have also been thoughtfully provided for you in red.

1. When is Bikky going to remember/find the package? Soon.

2. Why don't the higher-ups realize this LOA is time Abernathy could be using to cover his tracks, or even worse, making new ones? Because they have a lot of other things to think about.  Besides, they're higher-ups and higher-ups never understand.

3. When is Mrs. Abernathy going to leave the scene? In Chapter 1 of Justice.

4. Will her leaving push Mr. Abernathy's hatred to new heights? Well, he's pretty full of hatred to begin with, but with him, new heights are always possible.

5. How soon will Alan Radley come face-to-face with the real Randy MacLean? Soon! Well, okay, 'soon-ish'.

6. And what will he have done prior to realizing he'd been duped by Abernathy? One or two things...

7. What will the higher-ups do once they realize what Abernathy did? Go, 'oops'? Nope. Higher-ups never go 'oops'. They just blame underlings, bring out the spin-doctors, and either sweep the whole mess under the rug, or claim all the credit if the outcome has been successful.

8. Ja Romeo – does he return? and Ibo? Yes and yes.

9. Will the mole at the 27th cause any more trouble? Almost certainly.

10. Will Dee EVER buy Ryo a new cup? Yes, but...

And I think that about covers it! Did we miss any? Let us know!
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