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Hello friends, Fake fans and lurkers,

I wanted to let you know that I'm back online. I was released from THE hospital a week ago (it seems so weird to say it with 'the') and I'm in one piece, in my right mind, not hooked on morphine, and not a pale shadow of my former self, despite the hospital's best efforts to starve me on a diet of mostly jello and soup. Since my arrival home, I've been lying in bed watching DVDs in between receiving visitors. My home is full of flowers and my fridge is full of little tubs of food because visitors tend to show up with those things. I'll admit that the hospital kind of got me addicted to jello. I've been eating it every day. My favorite is lime, if anyone cares. I'm about to make the leap to chocolate jello. I keep putting off making it because I'm afraid I'm going to eat the whole bowl. Hold on, let's get real here. I KNOW I'm going to eat the whole bowl.

I'm able to get up and take short walks, but the doctor has forbidden me to ride my bike or go to the gym for at least three weeks. :(  I'm not allowed to drive for another week, so I got my father to drive me downtown where I bought a new front light and a gel seat cover for my beloved bike. Then I went to the basement  and looked longingly at my neglected bike, which was pathetically glad to see me because it had been wondering what it could possibly have done to offend me. We had a joyful reunion, but alas, more time must go by before we can again become one, transforming into an extraordinary fusion of woman and machine, fearlessly pedaling the mean streets of this west coast city, heedless of traffic or rain!

I wrote a few pages of Justice Chapter 3, and I am happy to report that this chapter is going to open with a lemon! In my outline I had stated: 'Ryo goes to Dee's apartment to wake him up and make sure he shows up on time for the noon meeting with the Chief. Affection or sex ensues.' Whether it was sex or affection did not have a great bearing on the plot, you understand, but dammit, can I resist a lemon? No! They just happen. Actually, it was Dee's fault.

Movies I've watched so far:

  Twilight. Loved it. I know everyone says that vampires are played out, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.
Quantum of Solace: Liked it very much, even though Bond conducted his global romps enveloped in a palpable aura of glum and brooding bitterness. But... Daniel Craig. Sexiest and most genuinely athletic Bond ever.
The Bourne Trilogy:  These movies were first on my list. I've never seen them, because I'm part of that small percentage of the population who never goes to movies and rarely watches TV.  Loved 'em all. They were better than I expected, and my expectations had been high.
Dirty:  Hated it. Want to lose your faith (if you have such a faith) in the essential redeemability of humanity? Watch that movie. 
Street Kings:  Depressing story of police corruption. Extremely violent, but very powerful. It's still with me, although I can't really say I enjoyed it.
Australia: Loved it, although it was way too long. Loved the little aborigine kid. The number one reason why I rented it, however, was because Hugh Jackman was in it.

Today I picked up three more movies, which are Augustus, a Roman flick I hope will not be gratuitously bloodthirsty, Memoirs of a Geisha, which I know something about, having read the book, and Eight Below, which I rented because although I'm a cat person through and through, I LOVE movies about dogs, especially wolfy-looking breeds or Huskies. Feel free to weigh in on my choices, but don't spoil Augustus for me, please. I know nothing about that movie, but I'm absolutely one hundred percent sure that there will be nothing in Eight Below that I can't already see coming a mile off.

While at the shop, I fondled season one of Battlestar Galactica, but didn't take it home. It was over twelve hours long! I can't watch twelve hours of TV in the three days they would have allowed me to keep the rental for, at least not if I'm planning to get any writing done. And not with those other movies to watch as well. Plus, I'm still getting visitors. They keep arriving in the middle of my movies. The other day I was watching Australia in a race against the clock (did I mention it was like three friggin' hours long?) because it was due back at 4 pm, and two sets of visitors arrived at separate times. I had to call the store and get an extension. Oh, the trials and tribulations of an invalid...

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