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Dee Blue waves
Hello friends, Fake fans and lurkers,

I wanted to let you know that I'm back online. I was released from THE hospital a week ago (it seems so weird to say it with 'the') and I'm in one piece, in my right mind, not hooked on morphine, and not a pale shadow of my former self, despite the hospital's best efforts to starve me on a diet of mostly jello and soup. Since my arrival home, I've been lying in bed watching DVDs in between receiving visitors. My home is full of flowers and my fridge is full of little tubs of food because visitors tend to show up with those things. I'll admit that the hospital kind of got me addicted to jello. I've been eating it every day. My favorite is lime, if anyone cares. I'm about to make the leap to chocolate jello. I keep putting off making it because I'm afraid I'm going to eat the whole bowl. Hold on, let's get real here. I KNOW I'm going to eat the whole bowl.

I'm able to get up and take short walks, but the doctor has forbidden me to ride my bike or go to the gym for at least three weeks. :(  I'm not allowed to drive for another week, so I got my father to drive me downtown where I bought a new front light and a gel seat cover for my beloved bike. Then I went to the basement  and looked longingly at my neglected bike, which was pathetically glad to see me because it had been wondering what it could possibly have done to offend me. We had a joyful reunion, but alas, more time must go by before we can again become one, transforming into an extraordinary fusion of woman and machine, fearlessly pedaling the mean streets of this west coast city, heedless of traffic or rain!

I wrote a few pages of Justice Chapter 3, and I am happy to report that this chapter is going to open with a lemon! In my outline I had stated: 'Ryo goes to Dee's apartment to wake him up and make sure he shows up on time for the noon meeting with the Chief. Affection or sex ensues.' Whether it was sex or affection did not have a great bearing on the plot, you understand, but dammit, can I resist a lemon? No! They just happen. Actually, it was Dee's fault.

Movies I've watched so far:

  Twilight. Loved it. I know everyone says that vampires are played out, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.
Quantum of Solace: Liked it very much, even though Bond conducted his global romps enveloped in a palpable aura of glum and brooding bitterness. But... Daniel Craig. Sexiest and most genuinely athletic Bond ever.
The Bourne Trilogy:  These movies were first on my list. I've never seen them, because I'm part of that small percentage of the population who never goes to movies and rarely watches TV.  Loved 'em all. They were better than I expected, and my expectations had been high.
Dirty:  Hated it. Want to lose your faith (if you have such a faith) in the essential redeemability of humanity? Watch that movie. 
Street Kings:  Depressing story of police corruption. Extremely violent, but very powerful. It's still with me, although I can't really say I enjoyed it.
Australia: Loved it, although it was way too long. Loved the little aborigine kid. The number one reason why I rented it, however, was because Hugh Jackman was in it.

Today I picked up three more movies, which are Augustus, a Roman flick I hope will not be gratuitously bloodthirsty, Memoirs of a Geisha, which I know something about, having read the book, and Eight Below, which I rented because although I'm a cat person through and through, I LOVE movies about dogs, especially wolfy-looking breeds or Huskies. Feel free to weigh in on my choices, but don't spoil Augustus for me, please. I know nothing about that movie, but I'm absolutely one hundred percent sure that there will be nothing in Eight Below that I can't already see coming a mile off.

While at the shop, I fondled season one of Battlestar Galactica, but didn't take it home. It was over twelve hours long! I can't watch twelve hours of TV in the three days they would have allowed me to keep the rental for, at least not if I'm planning to get any writing done. And not with those other movies to watch as well. Plus, I'm still getting visitors. They keep arriving in the middle of my movies. The other day I was watching Australia in a race against the clock (did I mention it was like three friggin' hours long?) because it was due back at 4 pm, and two sets of visitors arrived at separate times. I had to call the store and get an extension. Oh, the trials and tribulations of an invalid...

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I'm happy to read you are on the road to recovery. If you are bored and love vampires have you seen Black Blood Brothers? It's a great anime and the song at the end is touching.

I hope you get better soon and I'm looking forward to reading Justice. Take care of yourself.

Thank you. It's really good to be home. I really wasn't a happy camper in the hospital, especially after the morphine wore off. My IV unit and I were wandering the halls together as soon as I was able to get out of bed!

I've never heard of Black Blood brothers, but I'll check it out.

(Deleted comment)
I'm doing my best to take it easy, but it's difficult. I'm a person who's always doing something. I feel driven to produce in one way or another. Probably by the time I finally get used to having all this wonderful free time, it will be time to go back to work!

I'm sure I'm going to end up renting Battlestar, if not this week, then next. I keep thinking about it! I know I'm going to enjoy it. Thanks for the tip about the third season. I'll keep that in mind if I start getting impatient with the slowness of the plot in seasons one and two.

Glad to hear things went ok. You never really get much rest in a hospital! *hugs*

Y'know, I'm sort of glad to hear you're not tired of vampires - I might have something of that sort for you to read soon - when you're feeling better, of course.

*passes you some lime jello*

*HUG!* I'm feeling better now and I'd love to have a read of whatever you've got.

No, I very soon realized that the hospital was not the place to get anything approaching sleep. My extended health insurance provider pays 80% of a private room, so with fantasies of peace and quiet-- relative peace and quiet, that is-- I had signed papers for a private room. But no private or even semi-private rooms were available, so I ended up in a room with three other women. The nurses were in and out all day and all night attending to them, particularly one poor old girl of 89 who had a long list of health problems, a lot of pain, and a list of meds so extensive and complicated that everyone was getting confused about what she was supposed to take when, and how much, and which substitute drugs were in the hospital's pharmacy, etc.

I hardly saw any cleaning staff during my time there, so I was the one who got out of bed and cleaned our totally disgusting shared toilet two or three times a day. (When I got home, the first thing I did was to sterilize my slippers in bleach water)

The staff were all very kind and knowledgeable; there just wasn't enough of them. Canada's overburdened health system is in financial trouble, but socialized medicine is a deeply ingrained part of our national identity. I don't know what the solution is.

Thanks for the hugs! *Slurps lime jello*

Good to hear you're doing well. I can't imagine wanting to ride a bike, but I'll just assume it's a very special bike. With a really awesome...er...seat. :)

Thanks for the awesome pic! (I hope his runaway nipples return to him someday)I'm going to assume that he's getting undressed, rather than dressed, and when he has removed that modest robe thingie, he's going to slowly unwind his loincloth and drift around my apartment in the buff, performing small chores for me. At least until my husband comes home. Then I'll send him to the store to buy more jello and pick up Battlestar Galactica.

And you know, I believe that particular bike seat you've got in your one-of-a-kind mind would probably be against the law. Blissed-out cyclists everywhere would be rear-ending cop cars or just grinding their, um, gears in the middle of intersections while wondering if they should press forward or hold back. They'd be getting their seats lubed at the bike shop, along with their chains. "Riding' in traffic would take on a whole new meaning...

Oh, Brit, I'm so glad that everything went well, and you are home now! *gives you a big hug*

Although I'm at work (just used cold water in a vain attempt to clean pizza sauce off my blouse - guess I need a bib) I'm more than happy to read about what you've been doing. What is up with hospitals and jello? Pudding is much better and costs only a bit more. And it's low in calories, so you can feel GOOD about eating the whole bowl - chocolate or vanilla - yummy! Speaking of which, have you tried lime jello with pineapple, pecans, and sweet whipped cream? Also yummy.

Did you see my email? You'd probably already gone into THE hospital when I wrote it. And isn't it nice not having to cook? And in addition to the visitors, is Fluffy providing good company?

Your films. Can you subscribe to Netflix? I'm not even a movie person but I love it. I've heard of most of your films, but I've only watched Eight Below - it made me depressed. But I am a sap when it comes to animals.

I regret to say I could not get into Battlestar Galactica, but I have become a fan of Torchwood (okay, I only started watching it because of the m/m action between Jack/Ianto). But still, it works for me.

I still need to leave fb for Chapter 2 of Justice - sorry I'm so slow. I'm just very happy that you are doing so well. I don't like hospitals; I haven't been a patient in one since I was born. But anyway, take good care of yourself, and no sneaking any bike rides!

*tight hugs again*

Oh, you're so cute with your pizza! I hope you can get the stain out later. *Hugs you on the dry part of your blouse* I swear that happens to me nine out of ten times when I eat pizza. It's so bad that I try to eat pizza only at home, and I change into an old ratty tee-shirt before I settle down to gobble.

I made a big bowl of lime jello this morning with chia seeds in it. Chia seeds (yes, from chia pets) are apparently one of the healthiest foods a person can eat. They've got protein, soluble fiber, calcium and omega-3's in them. The lime jello is saving me from making chocolate jello. I've only got enough room in my currently overstuffed fridge for one bowl of jello at a time. I'm able to control myself somewhat with clear fruit jellos (I even share them with my husband) but if I make chocolate jello pudding, I'll probably eat the whole bowl before it has a chance to set! I know myself quite well, you see.

I was trying to do the no-sugar, no dairy, no wheat lifestyle for a while there, but when I got to hospital, they kept giving me milk and creamy soups. They also gave me cream of wheat, and on my last day, a single slice of whole wheat toast. Yum! And as you know, there's sugar in jello. It was eat that or seriously starve, so I ate what they gave me and rediscovered how much I like sugar, wheat and dairy. And how much I still hate cream of wheat!

Yes, I got your email and I even read it before I went to hospital. Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your positive energy.

What is Netflix? Some kind of movie rental company online? Do you subscribe to it?

Don't worry, I won't sneak any bike rides. I seriously considered it yesterday when I wanted to try out my new gel seat cover, but fortunately good old-fashioned fear came to my rescue. I do NOT want to have a fall or other mishap and wake up back in that damn hospital again!

Welcome back to the land of the living, Brit! I think you're going to enjoy Memoirs of a Geisha. It has it's tearjerk-y moments, as all movies do, but ultimately I thought it was rather sweet. I've never read the book, although I've always wanted to.

Possibly the best jello-involving food I've ever eaten is chocolate pie, with chocolate jello as the filling. Pre-made crust, some whipped cream...*Homer Simpson drool*

Anyway, here's hoping your recovery is swift and hassle-free, and for a new chapter of Justice!

You fiend! Now I'm quivering with lust for chocolate jello! Preferably in a pie. I went and ate the leftover peach jello from yesterday in an effort to suppress the need for chocolate, but it's not working. Arghh! I want whipped cream, too.

I liked the Twilight books much better than the movie, but even then, I only liked the first book really. Anyway... Isn't Eight Below the movie about the huskies getting left in Antarctica? I found it rather depressing. Ah well... I hope you're up and about now that you are out of THE hospital! (lol)

I thought Australia could have been two movies, split right down the middle. The beginning is all about humor and then it takes such a sudden turn for depressing it's rather surprising. I swear that when I was watching it, I found at LEAST three different places they could have stopped before the end.

Yeah for lemons! (It's always Dee's fault... what are you talking about?! lol ^_^)


Uh-oh, you're the second person who said Eight Below was depressing. But...But...But it's a Disney movie! I'm watching it now and absolutely loving the dogs. They're so cute! The big storm hasn't happened yet and everyone is still alive. The sled almost fell into a crevasse, but the dogs pulled it back out again. My cat is watching it with me (well, actually he's trying to sleep) but he keeps raising his head anxiously and looking around every time the dogs bark. I hope nothing bad happens to the dogs...Disney wouldn't do that to us, would they?

You're right. The lemons ARE always Dee's fault. Even if he were locked in a closet wearing a gag and handcuffs, he'd still find a way to seduce Ryo.

(Deleted comment)
Heya, Erin! Thanks for caring about my fav flav. Of course I like all jello, but lime is a couple of notches above the others.

Why Twilight? Why, hot vampires, of course! I vastly prefer the good-looking variety to the hygiene-challenged spectral ones whose sense of humor long ago ran screaming into the night. It was a pity about the sparkling, since Edward really looked more sweaty than ten carat, but I was just relieved that he didn't burst into flames and set the forest on fire.

(Deleted comment)
I haven't met any jello haters yet, but no doubt they're out there. What's to hate about jello? It's the most innocuous food. My husband's excuse for eating it is that the gelatine is good for his joints. Yeah, okay! And I eat chocolate because it's an antioxidant.

I agree with you about the second movie, but even so, it was still pretty good. It was full of suspense and action, just like the other two. I've never liked the 'Hey, let's kill the character's wife or girlfriend at the beginning so that he can embark on a righteous revenge spree' theme, however. That movie was the most melancholy of the three.

Thanks for the well-wishes. At first I had difficulty with the concept of taking care of myself, but I seem to be getting the hang of it. I'm getting people to shop for me and cook for me, and a girlfriend is coming over tonight to give me a pedicure! Whoo-hoo! All I have to do is give her dinner, which is easy, because I've got a huge container of tasty chicken and rice in the fridge, cooked by someone else. Dessert is going to be jello, naturally.

I could totally get used to this... but I'd better not.

It's good that you're out of the hospital.

Hope your strength returns to full soon. ^^

Thank you! I'm toying with the idea of doing a longer than usual walk today with 15 minutes at the gym in the middle of the walk.

I guess I'm a bit late?

I havent been on for a while sadly and when I check, you've been up to so much!

I'm glad your out of hospital and in good shape! And I'm sure you'll be able to ride your bike in no time! (well, looking at the calender, I'm sure you can by now ^-^)

Jello = Happiness :D

Re: I guess I'm a bit late?

Believe it or not, I haven't tried yet! I've been feeling extra cautious. But the time has come to take it for a spin, even if it's just around the block. This morning I fitted my new comfort-gel seat cover on it and filled up the front tire with air.

Thanks for checking in! i hope you've been having a great summer.

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