brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting schedule

I'm planning to post Justice chapter 4 later tonight, but first I have to go to the gym and the vitamin shop, and then come home and make dinner for my husband.

I spent the morning making broccoli-cauliflower soup and working on Justice 5. The soup turned out totally awesome (oof!), and was so easy to make. That oof sound was me patting myself on the back.  Those of you who have been reading my journal regularly may have perhaps noticed an unbecoming lack of modesty whenever I talk about my culinary skills. I know, but I can't change. I'm good at so few things that I can't afford to play any of them down. Besides, I've always found false modesty in others vaguely annoying.

Anyway, I was not always the kitchen-wizard that I am now. I was a really terrible cook for years, and not only that, I was a danger to myself and others. I've made every mistake in the kitchen that a human being could possibly make. Yes, that was me who put the pizza in the oven, cardboard box and all, and put lettuce in a saucepan on high without any water in it. (It was supposed to be cabbage, but they were both green and round and my mind was on other things). The only thing I've never done is set the kitchen on fire. That time when flames were shooting out of the oven didn't count, because I closed the oven and the flames extinguished themselves when they ran out of oxygen.

I tell you all this in the hopes of getting the message across that whatever it is you suck at can be improved with practice. As long as the interest or need is there, you'll keep doing it and you'll inevitably get better.

Adios for now! I'll be posting the chapter most likely around 8 pm pacific time,

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