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posting schedule for next Justice chapter
happy Dee
 I'm going to post Chapter 5 of Justice later this afternoon, probably around three p.m. Pacific time. I had originally planned to post it last night, but I ended up going out with some girlfriends after work, and was waaaaay too relaxed after I came home. Thanks for your patience, people!

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Hmm.. Should I try and wait? I think I'll rather wake up to read it with my morning coffee in this house full of moving boxes all packed up. Thanks for giving me something nice to wait for! :D

No, Twiyah, don't wait! It's midnight where you are, isn't it? I personally like to read in the mornings with coffee. It gives me an incentive to get out of bed!

When are you moving? Is that going to happen this weekend or on October 01st?

Mostly on monday, but tomorrow one of my rent-boyfriends is coming to move my tv and maybe the washing machine. I got two young, strong men who will carry boxes for food.

"Rent-boyfriends?" Is that like a boyfriend one can rent by the month, week, or, dare I say, hour? And does a rent-boyfriend behave like a regular boyfriend (i.e. belching, wearing the same clothes three days in a row, taking his girlfriend for granted, computer games at bedtime) or an ideal boyfriend (flowers, chivalry, evidence of deodorant and hair gel, foreplay at bedtime)?

And you got them to agree to work for food? Well, that might be cheaper than beer, depending on what they're willing to eat. If they want steak and lobster...uh-oh.

Haha! Just renting my friends' boyfriends. With cheap pizza, or possibly greek food. :)

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