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posting schedule
post or pre anime kiss
Hello readers,

I'm going to be publishing Justice Chapter 6 on Friday Oct. 9th. It doesn't have a lemon in it, but it's pretty action packed, so hopefully the lemon lovers will forgive me.

I don't think I can get to Slave To A Gladiator in the near future, but I promise that I will publish another chapter of that before the end of the year. I know I'm going to be super busy at work in the next three months. This week is the last of the post-sick-leave lull. Next week I really have to power up and start working more overtime. But health-wise, I seem to be doing well, so I'm feeling optimistic.

I'm currently working on Justice Chapter 7, but it's still not clear whether I can squeeze a lemon into that one or not. If it doesn't happen, I'll publish a lemon one-shot in mid to late October.

Thank you all for reading my stories and my chapters. I'm grateful for your support and interest!

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No problem, sweetie. I need to read chapter 5 (to see what's new) and leave fb. Regarding a lemon, it's only because I'm such a Dee/Ryo perv that I bug you about needing one every other chapter - lol!

*hugs memories of overtime*

Oh, you're not the only lemon hound, my dear. it seems that there are rather a lot of us out there. Even I get antsy if too many chapters go by in my own story without something sexy happening.

(Deleted comment)
Now, is that
the throaty howl of the lemon hound
or the
eerie squee of the fan of yaoiii...?

Don't worry, that wasn't poetry although it sounded vaguely like it was. High school throttled and stomped my burgeoning poetry senses, crippling them for all time.

But THANK YOU for squeeing! I know I should be working on Chapter 7, but I'm over on Yaoi Daily, lusting happily and emitting squees of my own.

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