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more FAKE questions
Dee Blue waves
Here's yet another of my Fake-related questions. I can't believe I never thought about this before, but in Book 7 when Dee and Ryo are talking on the roof, Ryo says that Bikky and Carol left for SUMMER camp. School finishes at the end of June, therefore it must be late June or early July, but the guys are wearing heavy winter coats still. Well, not right then, but later when they go to the Vietnamese restaurant. Approximately three weeks earlier, when the whole Alicia/Leo thing was happening, it would have been the first or second week of June, but everyone was wearing coats even in the daytime. Fur or fleece trimmed collars abound in book 7. Now I know why Fake second chances made it May that Ryo and Dee officially started their relationship. My question is, do you think Sanami Matoh meant 'summer' camp? Could that have been a translation error? And if it wasn't summer camp, what kind of camp was it? I mean, if it was that cold, I don't think parents would want their kids sleeping in tents or drafty cabins. I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill as usual, but I can't help it. Every tiny detail of Fake is of intense interest to me.

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Matoh admits that she made loads of mistakes with the storyline and timing, etc. Just don't forget that she's never actually been to NYC - she based her renditions on photographs. As for the rpg, we had a hell of a time trying to decide on the timing, and finally opted for early spring based on what people were wearing, what the trees looked like, etc. We couldn't do the 'summer camp' as NYC public schools don't get out until the end of June, so we did take a bit of artistic license there and sent Bikky/Carol to Boston. The tankobon translation really does say that they went to camp, btw.

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