brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

slow cooker

I got my husband to pick me up a slow cooker the other day. I was excited about using it, so I looked up recipes online, bought the ingredients and set it up on Monday morning to have beef stew ready for when my husband and I got home from work. I didn't temporarily forget that I really hate beef stew, I just thought it might taste better for having been slow cooked and I was pretty sure I could make my husband eat it. He's way more of a carnivore than I am.

It was supposed to be ready in about 8 hours. I knew I wouldn't be home in eight hours, but I thought, what the heck, the beef will just be even more tender, right?

Well, I got home first (after ten hours), lifted the lid and looked at the brown sludgy mass in the slow cooker. I tasted some and so did the cat. The beef was not tender at all (!), but Fluff didn't seem to mind. My husband arrived home at that time and looked over my shoulder at the aforementioned brown, sludgy mass. "Do I have to eat that?" he asked plaintively.

I sighed and got out a frozen pizza, to which I added extra herbs, mushrooms and cheese. It was a great dinner. The B.S. mass is in the freezer until I decide what to do with it.


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