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Dee Blue waves
After spending the first half of the weekend perving on  yaoi_daily, I finally got down to business and started writing. I'm almost finished writing Chapter 17 of . I wish I didn't have to go do laundry and shopping! I forgot how much fun that story is to write. I would love to keep going for the rest of the afternoon.

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Do you plan to post Chapter 17 in time with Halloween?
Because now there is a naked Dee with a slave collar dancing in front of my inner eye and he won`t get away.

Yes, I do! Halloween is my target date for the next chapter. First I need a few days to tweak it, then I'll send it to the betas.

But I have to warn you that although Dee does wear a slave collar, he won't end up quite naked yet! Not for this coming chapter, anyway.

An excerpt:

Serena and Ryo exchanged glances. Dee eyed them uneasily for a moment before returning his hostile gaze to Ted.

"Someone's gonna GET it..." sang Ted softly.

Dee couldn't stand it.

Slave," said Ryo, "bend over this sofa right now."

Weeee! >.< Go Ryo, he deserves punishment!

Five sentences of this made me laugh and now I can't wait to read the chapter.
Maybe I will celebrate Halloween with a few American friends, and if not, it's nice to know that there is some fanfiction-candy waiting.

A naked Dee is better than a dressed Dee(not counting uniforms), but then, every Dee is good, especially if he wears a slave collar!
I'm sure he would look hot even if he wore Ted's lion costume.

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