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Dee Blue waves
I can't believe my husband gave the cat cottage cheese! 

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Well, the cat didn't eat it, naturally. He just nibbled little bits of it and spat it out on the kitchen floor, where unsuspecting me presently walked in it in my slippers before tracking it around! Grrr.

I'd just like to know what my husband was thinking. Who ever heard of a cat liking cottage cheese?

*chuckles* Um, mine do. Well, any cat I've had that liked milk liked cottage cheese. Those weird water-lovers frowned down their snotty noses at any dairy though.

The dog loves it too- he also likes carrots and popcorn, though he doesn't always eat a whole baby carrot. He does like to leave small chunks of his snacks around though, but that's a dog for you.

Dogs eating weird things, I can understand. My friend's dog ate a whole bowl of green beans off the dinner table once while no one was looking. We never could figure out afterward why she didn't go straight for the chicken.

But cats? They tend to be more picky than dogs. And our Fluff is extremely picky. He says no to shrimp! Plus, he's a puker. He has a somewhat delicate tummy. If we vary his diet any, we risk cat puke on the sofa.

Yeah, we've fed my dog peas regularly mixed with his food when he was dieting. He likes most vegetables too. But he'll pretty much try anything, and if he doesn't eat it the first few times, that never means he doesn't want to try it again, of course.

Eh, we have one silly Bengal right now who likes to try out everything, including the dogs food, licking the plates we put on the floor for the dog to lick, anything we drop that the dogs didn't snag. I've thrown popcorn to her once, though she walked off unimpressed and didn't eat it cuz I managed to hit her with it.

Sorry for butting in.

My cat only likes dry cat food. Nothing else. Once in a while, he'll lap at some milk - not right out of the fridge, not too hot. It must be the right room temperature.

My dogs would eat stones if they were edible. Actually, one of them loves the lava stones in the garden :D

Lee, really! You are never considered to be be butting in when you do me the honor of coming to my LJ page, okay? I'm always glad to hear from you!

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to your cat. Won't he eat chicken? Or beef or tinned cat food?

Recently one of my friends warned me never to give my cat Fancy Feast. She said she made the mistake of feeding it to her cat once, and now he refuses to eat anything else.

I hope your dog never actually swallows a lava stone because that might necessitate expensive surgical removal!

Well I was butting into your converstaion with your friend...

No, he only eats dry cat food - and quite a lot, btw. He's a little butterball.

The dog actually chews and breaks the lava rock and I guess he swallows a bit here and there, yes. Still alive...

My animals are all a bit off the wall.

Oh my God! I can't believe your dog does that. Are his teeth okay?

PS You're my friend, too! And Dauphkantus wouldn't mind at all if you joined in, because she's a sweetheart.

His teeth are great - but he's barely out of puppydom. And lava rock is very porous - it crumbles easily. He was much worse when we first got him, but now he leaves them alone. Probably realized they don't taste that good :D

*giggle* That's funny. I have 6 cats, all outdoor. They like a lot of things...Kraft cheese (won't eat any other brand, the silly things), milk, soup (tomato and chicken noodle), any type of meat, and milk. *sigh* They also like fish.

Then again, they go out in the warm months and hunt down all sorts of critters, so it doesn't surprise me that they aren't too picky. Although none of them like bread (that usually goes to the chickens).

My dogs, on the other hand, will eat absolutely anything that's "people food". They're outdoors, too, and they're lazy. You can call and call for them, and they won't answer, until they hear you open a pack of crackers. Then BAM! They're at my feet, sitting and looking up at me imploringly. Only an actual dog can give you real puppy eyes. LOL!

Be glad your cat only spit some of back out, and not on your couch!

Wow, you've got quite the gang of cats and dogs there!

My Fluff doesn't hunt, a fact for which I'm grateful, since my sister's cat is always hunting and dragging half-dead critters into the house. She didn't have a problem with mice until the cat brought in a couple of live ones, batted them around for a while, and then got bored and had a nap while the injured but still-mobile mice hightailed it for the kids' bedrooms where they hid amongst piles of toys and presumably got down to procreating after a suitable rest.

Do you think your dogs really enjoy the crackers, or is it that they just want them because they like the emotional feeling of getting you to part with your human food? She loves us! She's giving us crackers! Let's try for a ham sandwich!

If Fluffy felt the urge to throw up last night, hopefully it happened outside. He spent a couple of hours running around in the dark after dinner. He has about three cat friends that he looks forward to seeing, although I wouldn't describe their friendship as supportive. It's more competitive.

"I had Fancy Feast for dinner. What did you have?"
"Um... Some white stuff. It wasn't very good."
"White stuff?" *sniff, sniff* "Ewww! They gave you cottage cheese!" *snicker* "Don't they like you anymore?"
"Um, no, I'm sure they still like me..."
"Hey guys! Fluffy got cottage cheese for dinner! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!"
"Gonna puke, Fluff?"
"Let's watch Fluffy blow chunks."

*grin* We live on farmland, so there's an overabundance of rodents (let's see...mice, rats, bats, groundhogs, rabbits). They also hunt birds.

*shudder* I didn't see the point in having so many cats, either, other than that I happen to like cats, despite being allergic to them. Until, of course, we had a couple of mice actually die in the walls of our house. That was totally gross. It happens less often now, and if we suspect we've got rodents inside, we let the cats come in and go hunt. Heh.

I think the dogs actually like the crackers. Mainly 'cause they'll turn away from those things that don't interest them. Ice, for example. They love water (including dirty, scummy pond water, ick!), but they won't chomp on ice. Besides, the crackers have peanut butter inside! LOL! Like we'd ever have just plain crackers in the house. Heh. Even the saltines get used with PB&J or cheese dip. *giggle*

Most of the cats I've ever owned (or do own) will eat various versions of cheese and milk. Now Chocolat, on the other hand, will not eat people food. He tasted tuna once, pea soup once, roast chicken once. That's it. No second tries. But he does like to sit beside me while I eat, haughtily sniffing whatever is on my plate. He will eat the dog food though.

But he's a strange kitty to begin with. Being part Siamese he has the visual deficiency of albinos. Laser pointers are lost on this cat. He'll wander after one, but tends to lose it if it's moved too quickly. The only time he seems able to track it is when I shine it on the wall, above his head! But I wouldn't trade him for anything. Right now he's in his usual place,beside me.

Aw, what a handsome boy! He really wouldn't eat roast chicken? His ancestors cry out in disbelief!

Your husband, and poor Fluff! *titters like mad*

My kitty used to enjoy plain yogurt every now and then - but cottage cheese is kinda like regular cheese, which many cats enjoy. My baby loved mild cheddar :D

I'm sorry you tracked it around, Brit. I guess Fluff seemed interested, and your hubby wanted to share with him....lol

You're probably right. My husband started eating it and then Fluff said, "Can I have some? Can I have some?" and worked his cuteness until he got his wish.

My husband used to give him jam cake with whipped cream back before we quit most kinds of sweets. That went on for some time before I finally figured out why there were always bits of sticky cake on the hardwood flooring of the living room.

I have a cat that likes cream and she gets it when my mother makes coffee in the morning. But I've also had a cat that liked coffee beans and cantaloupe melon!

Also, my dog will practically anything for a banana. She's weird like that :P


I am stunned that your cat liked cantaloupe. I thought it was very strange for my husband to give cake and cottage cheese to our cat until I started getting all these comments about the wide variety of foods that dogs and cats like.

Did the coffee-bean eating cat get hyper after eating them?

Yes! He would get all caffeinated and then go stalk things in the back yard... He even took a leap at a deer once! (It was pretty awesome to watch)!


Wow! Brave, tough little kitty! I bet that was one surprised deer.

Do we know what possessed him to think this was a good idea?

I would say it probably had something to do with the fact that the cat can twist him around his smallest front toe whenever he wants!

This is my expert reconstruction of events, based on my intimate knowledge of both parties involved: Fluffy saw my husband eating something that looked and smelled exactly like cottage cheese, but somehow he managed to convince himself that it was tender, lightly seasoned steak instead. He began weaving and begging (twist, twist), whereupon he obtained the much coveted treat and spat it out in disappointment because it was--surprise, surprise!--only cottage cheese and NOT tender steak.

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