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Slave to a Gladiator, ch 17

To my wonderful readers: Happy Halloween! I hope you're in the mood for more slaves and gladiators.

I wish the kids would hurry up and start trick or treating. I've already torn open my bags of Halloween candy. So far I've eaten one mini Oh Henry bar, four Reece's peanut butter cups, and one little bag of Reece's pieces. I also ate two mini Crispy-crunches, one mini Wunderbar, and one mini Mr. Big. So far I have not succumbed to the siren call of the Caramilk, but it's only a matter of time. Hurry, kids! Save me from myself!

Slave To A Gladiator

Chapter 17

By Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  I'm not sure whether to rate this chapter worksafe or not. One man enslaves another and punishes him, but no one takes their clothes off or gets felt up. Is that worksafe?
Spoilers:  to Volume 7.
Disclaimer: Dee, Ryo, Drake, JJ, Commissioner Rose, Diana and Ted all belong to Sanami Matoh, who created the popular manga, FAKE. But James and his girlfriend Lily, Serena the cat-eared whip-mistress, Cliff the palanquin bearer, and Niko and his EMO slaves are mine. I was not paid in any way for writing this story.
Summary: Dee has agreed to be Ryo's slave at a Halloween party, but he's having a little trouble with the concept.
Author's notes: Please read and review. And, just in case I haven't mentioned it recently, I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee.
Thank you to the_ladyfeather and tripple_p for beta-ing this.

Slave To A Gladiator

Chapter 17

The Commissioner stood in the lobby, his sumptuous red cape hanging regally from his powerful shoulders. He was looking forward to the fine cigar he would soon be smoking with that oddly-dressed cigar and whip devotee, Niko Kominos. Rose wondered how it was that Diana knew such a person. Had she slept with him, perhaps? The man seemed to have quite a strong interest in the BSDM scene. Could it be that his Dee-Dee had dabbled in that world? Rose tried to imagine it - Diana, tearful, naked, her hands bound behind her and a red ball-gag in her mouth. No. The picture just would not consolidate. She was too tough and impatient to hold still for games like that. After all, this was a woman who was trained for combat with sixteen different types of weapons, unless she had added a few more since they had last talked about it. She could kill a man with her bare hands. She presided over a staff of thirteen and had been known to reduce them to quivering jelly if they disappointed her. No, he couldn't imagine her being submissive with anyone - except occasionally himself. He smirked at the thought.

Ah, there was Niko now, at the top of the wide, sweeping staircase, talking self-importantly to his mute slave. His ridiculous black leather and brass ring costume must have cost a fortune. About halfway down the stairs, Niko paused to flirt with a young woman wearing a very skimpy nurse's outfit. To the Commissioner's utter mystification, she stopped and flirted back.

Rose noted with annoyance that Niko, like himself, was also wearing a cape, except his was made from a heavy black velvet. Niko struck him as a man much taken with appearances, who was clearly trying to reclaim his lost youth. The Commissioner snorted softly to himself. If Diana had slept with Niko, he definitely wouldn't have ended up being the one holding the whip.

The two whips brought by Niko and Ryo respectively, had certainly livened up the evening. The Commissioner's mouth twitched in amusement as he recalled watching Ryo jump about in pain, his hands pressed to his tush after Laytner had inadvertently cracked a whip across his co-worker's buttocks. Rose felt guilty for enjoying the sight, but oh, he did enjoy it. First of all, there was the payback issue. Ryo had just socked him in the jaw and caused him to land ignominiously on his ass with a large, dusty curtain on top of him, in front of a roomful of people. Secondly, there was the way Ryo's very short tunic lifted and flapped with his movements. As Rose already knew from his hurried fondling of Ryo back in the alcove, the man was wearing a tight, silky black thong. A very revealing thong that would have remained hidden from all eyes if not for the unfortunate twin mishaps of punchbowl and whip. To Berkeley, the thong was emblematic of Ryo's sexuality. The young detective projected an external image of being very proper and easily shocked, but deep down, there was a well of hidden passion so deep that not even Laytner, for all his obvious effort, seemed able to plumb the depths of it. But I could, the Commissioner thought to himself, if he would just let me. His sweet, innocent, blushing Ryo must be a real animal when he let loose. 

It had been hard to see the globes of his ass cheeks since his hands were covering them, but the Commissioner got a couple of glimpses of the undersides of them. He had always known that Ryo had a very beautiful ass; he had just never expected to see it practically bare in a public place. What a fascinating person that young man was, full of contradictions and surprises. Imagine wearing a thong with a costume like that!

But the part he would never forget was that couple of minutes when he had first climbed onto the chaise lounge behind a sleepy Ryo, and laid hands on him. The young detective moved so sensually under his hands -  welcoming him, even asking for a kiss! It was unfortunate that Ryo was under a misapprehension about just whom he was being caressed by. Wonderful though his warm responsiveness had been, the Commissioner had still found it vaguely hurtful when Ryo discovered the truth and reacted with such... disgust. That was the only reason he could think of as to why he had gone further beyond the bounds of propriety than he had originally intended. It hadn't been very prudent of him to seize Ryo a second time and taunt him about the sex play he had evidently been engaging in earlier. He closed his eyes in self-recrimination at the memory. He couldn't believe he had actually asked Ryo if Dee had 'fucked him after.' That was the only time he had ever used the 'F-word' in Ryo's presence. He made a point of never using that word in his daily life unless it was in a sexual situation with a lover. And Ryo was definitely not one of his lovers.

He sighed. However... something else, something rather intriguing tugged at his memory. If he wasn't mistaken, it seemed to him that there had been a kind of instinctive response from Ryo at the moment when the Commissioner had crushed his large body against the younger man's, and boldly caressed the weals on his still-warm ass. He used that hand to pull Ryo's groin toward him, and he felt - he was certain of it - a stirring in front. Just a flicker. But then of course had come the shock of the fist to the jaw, and those few brief moments of intimacy had been lost in the subsequent pandemonium. Feeling vaguely melancholy, he put a hand to the sore spot on his jaw. It was very, very rare that anyone rejected his advances, particularly with the use of violence. That was twice now that Ryo had punched him. Had Laytner received the same sort of vehement rebuff? He had to wonder.... The sound of his cell phone ringing jerked him out of his reverie. He plucked it from his belt and checked the call display. It was Diana.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Is Niko with you?"

"Not yet, but I see him coming down the stairs with his slave."

"Well, before he gets there, I just want to fill you in on a couple of details about the kidnap case."

"What?" Rose was genuinely surprised. "Would this be the very same case you mentioned to Pamela earlier?"

"Yes, Berkie, it would be. Now please stop talking because I--"

"Well, well, Dee-Dee. I confess myself astounded that you have time for work on top of everything else you've accomplished this evening. I was under the impression this kidnap case was merely a figment of your imagination designed to smooth rough waters and send Pamela home with a minimum of fuss."

"This is no figment, Berkie. It's the real deal. I need your help."

"Can it wait until after my cigar?"

"I'll need you to look at the paperwork later, of course, but for now, let me just fill you in quickly before Niko gets down the stairs. This involves him, so don't let on what we're talking about, okay?"

"My dear, you intrigue me."


"What now?" asked Dee, feeling extremely self-conscious. Serena and Ted stood next to Ryo, looking him over with unconcealed interest. Actually, in Ted's case, it was more like unholy delight.

He was snickering, the foul bastard. At least the Sea Hag was off to one side, intent on a phone conversation she was having with someone. Dee didn't think he could stand it if she teased him about his ill-fitting new costume and his soon-to-be punishment, whatever the hell it was.

Frankly, he was more than a little worried about that. Ryo had evidently been talking to Serena, and Dee remembered from the old days how very imaginative Serena was on the whole subject of punishment. There had been a few times when he and Serena had worked on Kelly, his ex-girlfriend, together, and remembering how she had made Kelly thrash and squeal made him want to break out into a cold sweat as he considered that the same treatment might be applied to him. Apart from the obligatory initiation spanking, he had never bottomed in that crowd. He had only functioned as a top. There were lots of things they liked to do that he wasn't really into.

He hoped that none of those things were going to happen to him in what was left of tonight. Sneaking a quick peek at his watch, he confirmed that it was close to nine o'clock. Surely, Ryo was starting to get tired.

"Nice," said Serena, giving Ryo an admiring look. "You make a splendid gladiator."

"Thank you," said Ryo, who privately agreed with her. He felt he should have had this costume from the beginning. If he and Dee ever dressed like this for Halloween again, next time they could both be gladiators. Dee should have considered that in the first place.

"Dee," he said, turning to his sulky-looking partner. "Are you ready to accept me as your master?"

"Yeah," said Dee, looking uncomfortable.

"Well then, put the slave collar around your neck, hand me the leash, and speak the words Serena taught you."

Dee heaved an exaggerated sigh and did as he was told. When the collar was buckled into place around his neck, he handed the end of the leash to Ryo, and said, "Master, please take me as your slave tonight."

"Will you obey all my commands without question?"

Dee hesitated, and Ryo could see how nervous he was. But he had no choice. "Yes, Master. I will."

"Good. Then, I accept you as my slave."

Serena and Ted applauded, and a couple of other people nearby clapped, too, even though they didn't seem to be totally sure what they were clapping for. Dee wished they would go away.

"Nice dress, there dude," said Ted. "Next time, try to buy one in your size. You're kinda showing a lot of skin. The zipper doesn't even do up at the back."

"Shuddup, asshole."

"Dee!" Ryo spoke sternly. "Slaves are not permitted the luxury of insulting non-slaves. Apologize immediately."

Dee flushed and glowered at everyone. "Sorry, asshole," he said to Ted.

Serena and Ryo exchanged glances. Dee eyed them uneasily for a moment before returning his hostile gaze to Ted.

"Someone's gonna get it..." sang Ted softly.

Dee couldn't stand it. It took every ounce of self-control he had not to rip off Ted's lion ears and stuff them down his throat.

Slave," said Ryo, "bend over this sofa right now."


"You said you would obey me without question," Ryo reminded him softly, but his eyes were severe. "That sounded an awful lot like a question."

"But- but-"

"Do it." Ryo's voice, still soft, nevertheless managed to cut like a whip.

Dee felt himself flush even redder as he took two reluctant steps to the sofa and bent over it as directed.

"Ooooh!" said a chorus of female voices, and Dee swore softly under his breath. They seemed to be attracting a few onlookers. What the hell was Ryo going to do? The skirt of the slave costume was so short that once he had assumed this position, it rode up quite high in back. He was really fucking glad he wasn't wearing a thong. Whoever had invented thongs for men deserved to be hunted down, shot, pissed on and then hung up by his underwear. It was partly because of that thong he had talked Ryo into wearing that he was in so much trouble tonight.

Ryo's next words, which were spoken quite close to Dee's ear, echoed that very thought. "Aren't you lucky you're not wearing a thong?"

"Yes, Master," muttered Dee, head down. After a moment, he risked a quick look at Ryo out of the corner of his eye. Ryo was shaking his head, but was smiling at him. Although the little bastard was clearly enjoying having him in his power like this, there was affection in his eyes as well.

"Slave," said Ryo straightening up. "I regret the necessity of having to punish you, but you've brought this upon yourself." He slowly withdrew the plastic sword from the scabbard that hung on his new costume's sword belt.

"Oh no, not the sword!" quavered Ted in a dramatic falsetto.

Dee gritted his teeth and consoled himself with thoughts of what Ted's unsuspecting and virginal butt was likely going to feel like later, after Serena had cracked open her box of toys and gotten busy on him.

"How many, Serena?" asked Ryo.

"Just three whacks for now," she said. "This is only his first lesson, after all. Three hard ones will let him know you mean business."

"I can't believe JJ is missing this," said Ted. "James and Drake, too. Hey Dee, should I call them?" He got out his cell phone and waved it around.

Dee turned his head and stared incredulously at Ted. "Not unless you want to end up in surgery later, getting that fucking thing removed from your left lung."

Ted took pity on him, mainly because Ryo was also looking a little nervous at the suggestion that his co-workers might return.

"Don't worry, I'm kidding," Ted said. "I'd hate to interrupt whatever JJ's doing about Drake's 'curiosity', and I'm pretty sure that James and Lily are already knockin' boots by now."

"Ready, Slave?" asked Ryo, fondling his gladiator sword. It was about two feet long and three inches wide, and made of fairly stout grey-colored plastic.

"Yes, Master," Dee replied quietly.

Ryo swung the sword back and quickly, before he lost his nerve, brought the flat of it down across Dee's buttocks. Dee's ass cheeks contracted tightly with the shock of the blow, but the only sound he made was a very soft grunt.

"Ouch," said Ted appreciatively.

"Ryo, perhaps a little harder on the next one," suggested Serena.

"Now just a God-damned minute!" protested Dee.

"Quiet, Slave!" ordered Ryo and Serena together.

Diana turned around, still talking on her phone, and her face lit up at the sight of Dee bent over the sofa with his 'skirt' hiked up and his black briefs on display. "Berkeley, darling, I'll call you back later," she said quickly. "That's all you need to know for now. Just make sure he pays the tab for the ballroom before anything else happens, 'kay?"

Grinning appreciatively, she strolled over to the group by the sofa. "Wow, I knew you'd get into trouble in your first thirty seconds of being a slave," she said to Dee. "Hey Ryo, are you done or will you give him a few more whacks?"

"Two more," said Ryo, raising the sword again.

Dee cringed in anticipation, but luckily for him, there was an interruption. Cliff, the only sober member of Berkeley's group of palanquin bearers, came rushing up to Diana with his jacket over his arm.

"Ma'am," he said, his face creased with worry. "I'm afraid I have to leave immediately. There's an emergency I have to take care of. Have you seen Berkeley?"

"Oh gosh, an emergency? So sorry to hear that," said Diana, wide-eyed. "How awful for you. Of course I understand that you have to say good-night, and I wish you the best of luck with it."

"Thank you," he said quickly and then asked about Berkeley again.

"Oh, he's around here somewhere," said Diana, waving a casual hand. "I'll be sure to tell him that you had to leave."

"Actually, he's--" Ted began, but Diana interrupted him in that scary-sweet tone that could be so frightening at times. "Ted, darling, let the man go. He did say it was an emergency, after all." She made shooing motions toward Cliff. "Go, sweetie, go. Don't let us hold you up. Kisses!"

Suitably dismissed, Cliff turned and hurried away.

"What happened?" asked Serena. "Is anyone hurt?"

"No, nothing like that," said Diana. "Just some problem with his business, I heard." She turned back to Ryo and Dee and rubbed her hands together gleefully. "Well, Ryo, are you going to give him those two smacks or not? If not, can I do it?"

"No, Ryo, I mean, Master!" yelled Dee in panic. "Don't let her touch me!"

"I'll think about it," said Ryo to Diana. "Maybe later. But for now, the pleasure is mine."

"Aw," said Diana. "Well, okay then. At least we get to watch. Hey, Dee," she said teasingly. "You gonna bawl like a baby? You gonna beg him to go easy on you?"

Dee glared at her with dislike. "Let me remind you," he said, "that I grew up in an orphanage with a bunch of short-tempered nuns. With rulers."

"Oh yeah? I've heard some guys have fantasies like that. But no matter how many lickings you got, I'm sure you deserved them all. Just like you deserve this one. Ha. This is going to be good. Let him have it, Ryo."

"Diana, please stand back," Ryo said politely. Then he swung the flat of the sword again, this time in an undercut motion so that it landed with a loud thwack! on the undersides of Dee's buttocks, lifting him onto his toes.

Again, Dee made no sound, but his face and neck got really red and he appeared to be holding his breath.

"Now that was a good one," said Serena approvingly, but Ryo looked concerned.

"Dee, are you okay?" he asked.

Dee didn't answer for a moment, but then he slowly let out his pent up breath. "Yeah, baby," he whispered, and even managed to summon up a reassuring grin.

Ryo stepped back. "Okay, last one," he said.

It landed right across the middle of Dee's ass, and as before, he didn't make a sound. His hands clenched at the sofa cushion however, until the pain passed. He hoped this didn't have to happen too many more times tonight. He knew he wasn't cut out to be an obedient and well-behaved slave.

"Slave, you may stand up now," Ryo informed him.

"Master, may I rub my ass?" Dee asked, straightening up with an exaggeratedly pained expression that made Diana and Serena giggle.

"Yes, you may," said Ryo magnanimously. He tried not to smile at his partner, but his eyes danced and gave him away. He had enjoyed whacking Dee's butt with the plastic sword, and, in truth, much of his desire for revenge had been assuaged. However, he intended to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be Dee's master in a public place. He wanted Dee to get the full benefit of feeling helpless and half-naked for a little bit longer. After all, he himself had been forced to spend a large portion of this evening feeling that way because of Dee's earlier ill-considered actions.

"What are you going to make him do next?" asked Diana. "'Cause if you don't have any ideas, I've got lots."

Ryo assured her that he had a couple of ideas of his own, and over the next fifteen minutes, he sent Dee over to the bar to fetch him a glass of water, made him help Todd by collecting discarded drink glasses on a tray, and finally ordered his new slave to kneel on the floor in front of him and give him a foot massage.

Dee was relieved. This kind of shit he could do. What he couldn't do was kiss the ass of anyone who taunted him. He couldn't even keep his mouth shut. But as long as all Ryo required was foot massages and the sight of him on his knees, no problem, he could handle that. As long as it didn't go on for too long, that is. What was interesting was that ever since Ryo had spanked him, his partner had suddenly gotten extra possessive of him. At one point, Diana had held out her hand for the leash and asked Ryo if she could take his 'pet' for a walk, but Ryo had refused, to Dee's great relief. He just KNEW the Sea Hag was planning to get him into trouble. Spankable trouble for sure. But fortunately for him, Ryo kept Dee's leash wrapped around his wrist, and kept him close by. Dee noticed that Ryo's eyes kept returning to him, again and again, too. He was pretty good at reading his partner by now, and he began to hope that Ryo was thinking about taking him home and continuing this Master/Slave game in bed.

A short distance away, Ted stood with his arm around Serena, whispering in her ear. "Come on, gorgeous, let's go back to your place. If Ryo doesn't wanna beat on Dee anymore, then this is just plain boring. I mean, are YOU getting off on watching those two make lovey-dovey eyes at each other while Dee rubs his 'master's' feet?"

"Maybe you're just jealous," Serena said with a smile. "However, I'm not ready to go anywhere yet. We're due for another round of fireworks any moment now."

"What? But half the guests have gone home, and the other half are pretty sloshed. What could possibly happen now?"

"That," said Serena, nodding her head toward the door. Commissioner Rose had returned from his smoke, and was heading straight for them, Diana on his arm.

Dee saw him at the same time Serena did. "Aw, shit," he muttered, his eyes glittering with fury. What exactly had happened between Rose and Ryo in that alcove? Ryo had said something about Rose trying to treat him like his own personal plaything. Whatever that slime-weasel had done, it had made Ryo mad enough to take a swing at the Commissioner. He hadn't done anything like that since Rose had kissed his mouth on a public street about two and a half years back. It had to have been something pretty serious this time, too. Maybe even more than an attempted kiss. Dee could feel himself getting hot all over. His hands stilled their movements on Ryo's foot. It was all he could do not to clench his hands into fists and rush forward in his poorly-fitting slave costume to knock his rival down.

"Who is it?" Ryo asked, seeing the look on Dee's face.

"Rat-bastard, coming this way. Ryo, get me out of here before I take that son of a bitch apart."

Ryo's fist wound quickly around the slack in Dee's leash and tightened on it right on Dee's neck. He jerked Dee's head closer and hissed, "You will do nothing of the sort! I'm the master now, and you are the slave. You promised to obey me, and you will. Do I make myself clear?"

"Er...Roger that. I mean, yes, Master." Unable to move his head, Dee glanced up at him from the corners of his eyes. He hoped Ryo would release him before Rose arrived. He could just imagine the way that asshole was going to look at him, all malicious and amused.

Unfortunately, he had striped the wrong ass when he had last had a whip in his hand, but he sure didn't need a whip to make that overgrown skunk pay for what he had done to Ryo. Now, if Ryo would just let go of his leash, or at least, not hold onto it quite so hard and so close to his collar...

end of Slave To A Gladiator, Chapter 17.

Additional author's notes: More in two weeks!
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