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No, honest, I'm not on drugs...
Dee Blue waves
First of all, I'd like to thank all the people who were kind enough to weigh in with their two cents on my previous post Two things I'm considering and need advice on. I haven't been able to answer everyone yet, but I'm going to make a point of doing that this weekend.

Here's an update on one of those two things. The laser eye surgery is a no-go.In October of 2008, I was told by an ophthalmologist who works for a company that performs this surgery that I was a good candidate for it, but being a student of human nature, I took his recommendations with a grain of salt. I've spent the past year thinking about it and asking people for their opinions about the idea. One hundred percent of the people I talked to said that they (or their family members or friends) had a positive experience with the surgery and would do it again. So I started to get excited and began looking forward to the day when I could hand my glasses over to one of those third world charity programs that provides glasses to people who couldn't otherwise afford them, and step confidently out into the world as a person who no longer needs corrective lenses.


I went to get a second opinion from an ophthalmologist who does not stand to make any money from me, and he told me that I am not, in fact, a good candidate because my prescription is still changing (as in getting worse) every year, and that if I get the surgery now, my eyesight will be better for a while, but it will still continue to deteriorate. Also, and this was by far the stronger of his two points, he said that my ability to read unhindered by corrective lenses would be lost if I had the surgery. If I allow the surgeons to improve my middle or far distance vision, it will be at the expense of my close-up vision, which remains excellent. I don't have to read with glasses on.  In fact, I can't. With regular glasses, I can't see close-up items at all, unless I put the glasses on top of my head, or push them low down on my nose. This happens all day long, the pushing up and the pulling down. Anyway, I don't want to do anything to compromise my ability to read!

The doctor recommended that I wait a few years and get a different kind of eye surgery, which is the kind they do for people with cataracts. I just wouldn't need the part where they cut out the cataract, because I don't have that problem. I would just need the part where they replace the eye's natural lens with a clear intraocular lens (IOL) implant. These things are apparently not rejected by the body and they last for 25 or 30 years. However, the doctor said that it's best to wait because new advances are being made in that field all the time. Sigh!

I'm glad I went to see him, though, despite having my hopes dashed. The first ophthalmologist I talked to last year didn't tell me any of that stuff. He made me believe that laser eye surgery could give me the 20/20 vision I never had. Now, however, I've found out that laser eye surgery can't even give me back the imperfect vision I had ten years ago.

In addition to giving me the bad news about the surgery, my doctor yesterday also informed me that my prescription had changed yet again. I wandered morosely into the Lenscrafters store next door to try on frames, but unfortunately I couldn't fall in love with anything. I had so been looking forward to NOT having to wear glasses anymore, that I didn't want to look at my face with glasses on it. Plus, the selection process was hindered by the fact that the ophthalmologist had put drops in my eyes and everything was extra fuzzy anyway. 

Fuzziness notwithstanding, I decided to cheer myself up by going to a shoe store. After all, the universe owes me some boots, right? The staff looked askance at my dilated pupils, so I assured them that I was not, in fact, on drugs, but had merely come from an eye appointment. They relaxed and started showing me boots, and I exited the store 15 minutes later with a brown pair of cowgirl-style ones and a very fashionable grey pair with a ruched leg and a cleverly hidden low wedge heel. Yep, it only took 15 minutes! The store was small, and besides, I'm a decisive kind of shopper.

Just on a side note here, I still can't get an LJ cut. The only way I've been able to make my last two posts was because I made my main post on Dreamwidth and then crossposted here. Come on, LJ, get it together!

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"People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..."

"...uhh, would you like insurance? And a pension's very sensible you know."
I had to do the Izzard quote once I saw your title.

Yeah, I remember that- they didn't want to do any eye surgery on me while i was still a teen because mine was changing so drastically then. Though now, since I can't even stand contacts, I've kind of given up on the whole affair. At least I can take the glasses off, and rest my eyes, eh?

As to the lj-cut, weird. I've gotten it to work on my journal in the past few days. <3 Here's hoping it doesn't just hate you and it's all a gigantic fluke.

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

I just tested the LJ cut problem again on Safari in case it was only a Firefox problem, but it won't work on either browser. I don't know why. Last time I tried to get an LJ cut on my Mac and also on my little PC netbook. I can't imagine what the problem is, not having a particularly technical turn of mind. I certainly HOPE LJ doesn't hate me! At least I can post via Dreamwidth.

That's how I feel too-- take the glasses off and rest the eyes! I do that as often as I can.

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

do you use the real text editor to post? (the fancy one) or the plain text? Cause maybe there's a problem with the fancy text poster?

I like doing it, but it rarely helps in the case of headaches. Potassium tablets only make so much of a dent too. So I dunno. I'm just too used to 'taking off my eyes' to rest.

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

I tried it with both, cleverly using HTML codes for the beginning and end of the cut with plain text, but neither approach worked.

What's this about potassium tablets? Is there a connection to eyesight?

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

Huh, livejournal's just being a bit of a bastard then.

Oh, I got some advil specifically for quick migraine relief a week ago, and noticed that all they really were, were liquid capsules of ibprofen with added potassium. I just thought it was funny, and expanded the idea to wonder if monkeys ever had headaches, and needed their "concentrated banana pills" 8D

I've given up on relieving my headaches- it's gotta be because of my blood pressure, so there's really no quick cure.

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

Acetaminophen with codeine is the only thing that can relieve my headaches, and even that's not a sure thing. When I was in the hospital, I didn't actually have much pain from the surgery. I had some pretty powerful headaches though, which they kept trying to give me Tylenol Extra Strength for. I steadfastly refused to take those pills and also asked them to unhook my self-administering morphine clicker (my first experience with morphine-- I was quite disappointed) and held out for something with codeine. They had to get special permission. I don't know why everyone acts like acetaminophen with codeine is like crack cocaine! I've had better highs from a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar. Anyway, I eventually got my A with C on the grounds that I was not exactly being a pig with the meds.

But hell, I'd be willing to try your concentrated banana pills! Can they be chewable and chocolate covered?

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

I get headaches a fair amount of the time- It's usually the question of "when DONT I have a headache" that'd be harder to ask.
Ah, morphine, you're a deceiver indeed.
Though vicoden just makes me more focused oddly. Same for it's substitutes.
Maybe it's because you can build up a resistance to it? That'd be my guess.

Now now, they don't taste like bananas- they're liquid-filled capsules so technically they taste like plastic. And it's just my joke of "concentrated bananas" since they're stuffed with potassium. (Bananas *are* potassium, right?)

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

Oh yeah, bananas are very potassiummy. I just wish pills and vitamins could be sweet and tasty like candy. Why do I have to swallow big, stupid bitter pills when I could suck sweet, yummy ones?

Re: "People think I'm on drugs, but I'm not! It's just m'coffee! I mean when I'm on drugs I'm like..

Let me guess- you get the chewable orange-flavoured vitamin c tablets don't you? (I was so addicted to those when I was younger, until my tastebuds changed)
I'm too used to medicine tasting bad, even if they tasted good to begin with- it's the matter of more or less mandatory consumption that makes them turn sour.

My eyes have been in a constantly shifting state since I was about 8 yrs old. I'm 55 now. I will have cateract surgery someday (I've been told I'm getting cateracts) but not until I can get medicare. And then I will still wear glasses because the corrective lenses are not covered by medicare and cost around $5,000. I can't even if that's for one or both - didn't matter, its too far out of reach. My glasses cost about $800 every 12 - 18 months, even when I had insurance. Back then I got the good end, now I get the crappy stuff but with no insurance its still around $1,000. I have lineless bifocals, I questin the idea that you will never need corrective reading lenses. That's a pretty normal consequence of getting older.

The intraocular lens implants cost $5,000? Is that for both, or is it per lens? I should check the prices in Canada, because I'm certain the surgery won't be covered and I'll have to pay for it. The price will probably be a lot higher by the time I'm ready to have the operation because of the way inflation is driving up prices on everything here.

Wow, your glasses are really expensive. I'm sure that cost is mostly for the lenses.

I've considered that I may need reading glasses someday, but so far, I've been lucky. My mother never needed them for reading, but my father does. I guess I'll have to wait and see if my eyesight follows his path or hers.

Hi Brit! I'll agree with Jirel that you will eventually need reading glasses. It may not be for a while though. I'm just starting to need them all the time at 63. I'm glad you found some boots, even if you couldn't see them clearly.

I would hate to start needing reading glasses. I had graduated lenses a few years ago, with clear glass in the reading part of the glasses. They were supposed to help me stop all the pushing up and pulling down. I tried to read through the clear glass part, but it was too uncomfortable. I realized I hate reading with anything between the book and my eyes. However, I'm afraid the day may come when I'll be grateful to be able to put on a pair of glasses that makes it possible for me to actually see the words on the page.

Yeah, I want to wear my new boots, but I was lazy about waterproofing them with mink oil, so I have to wait!

It was irresponsible from the first ophthalmologist not to tell you everything that was important for you to know. It's not nice to discover you can not trust the "experts".

I went shopping for boots today, too, fruitless, my good, old combat boots have to hold out a little longer. But I'm glad for you that you at least found some shoes! That was the least you deserved after such bad news!
Have you tried glasses without visible frame? I'm not sure how it's called in English, the dictionary gave me marginless and rimless, do you know what I mean? They are less visible and don't change the face so much.

No, I haven't tried glasses without frames, but the next time I feel up to glasses-shopping, I'll try on a few of those. Maybe that's the answer I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh, yes! Nothing like trying on eyeglass frames when you can't see. I know all about eyeball dilation - but even with the 'reversal' drops my eyes take about 5 hours to return to normal. Nothing like going into a shop wearing sunglasses to get folks to stare rudely! LOL

I like your reading device - at this great price I might have to invest in one, as well. I was never keen on the Kindle - I like this one much better.

I'm sorry to hear that your eyesight is getting worse every year, but you are in good company. If that makes you feel any better, Brit. I have to use reading glasses now, especially when I do anything on the pc.

Your cowgirl books sound devine! I love western boots but I prefer a shorter shank because my legs get too hot otherwise. And the grey pair sound very fashionable, indeed.

Nothing like retail therapy to make one feel better!

Thanks for the update, my dear.


I almost bought that reading device until I learned how much duty I'd have to pay just to get it across the border from the US into Canada! My new plan is to wait until after Christmas and then see what comes up on eBay, Canada only.

These cowgirl boots actually do have quite a short leg. They're just a little bit higher than an ankle boot.

Oh yeah, that retail therapy did the trick all right. It almost turned into pizza therapy too, when I got home, but I controlled myself and had a tasty ham sandwich instead!

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