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(no subject)
My husband and I just had a rousing political argument that began in the living room and then took us from room to room as we each expressed frustration with each other's naive, illogical and out-of-touch views on the true ramifications of various real-world events. He followed me to the kitchen to shake his head in dismay and rant about how ill-informed I am, while I loaded the dishwasher. I then trailed him to the bathroom and invaded his masculine shaving time to refute his erroneous arguments with much-needed logic and to roll my eyes at some of the more idiotic of his beliefs. Together, we waved our hands around, raised our voices, and thoroughly put each other in our places. Somewhere along the way, I lost my glasses, so I'm typing this with my old ones on.

I don't have political arguments with anyone but him, and I wouldn't do it for anyone else. I hate politics and I hate arguing, and I even hate any kind of discussion that becomes passionate because other people's uncontrolled negative emotions are so very annoying and why, I ask you, WHY, should I subject myself to that when I could be reading or writing quietly in the soothing comfort of my own gentle and unexacting company? However, all that aside, I am capable of holding my own in arguments about global political issues, and will occasionally pick such a fight with my husband. Why? Because he bounces up off the sofa and gets all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and sort of adorably apoplectic. I just can't do it too often because it can get pretty wearing and one must be in fighting trim.

When I kissed him goodbye and sent him off to work tonight, he was munching on an apple, feeling stimulated, alive, and at least partially understood as a political animal. He's determined to best me the next time opportunity presents itself. However, that's not going to be anytime soon, since, as I mentioned earlier, I hate politics and arguing. But I love my husband and he loves arguing about politics, so once in a while, I've got to take a couple of shots at him. Just to, you know, keep him happy.

You unmarried single girls should enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!

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Pff, you tend to forget that while there's lots of 'peace and quiet' it tends to get lonely and very much too quiet.
The kind of quiet where you can get startled by the heater coming on.
The kind of lonely where you don't know what you want to do, and don't really care to do anything.
The kind of quiet and lonely that supports a life of narcolepsy, because you rarely want to get out of bed.

Just saying.

There's so little peace and quiet in my life that it's difficult for me to relate. I wish there was some way you could ship me some of yours! My life is so full of people. I can almost never do anything alone, and yet I've always been a loner at heart. All my strongest hobbies and interests are things that must be done alone, and it's so hard to find time for them. And I always, always know what I want to do, if I'm lucky enough to get a piece of quiet time to do it in.

This is an actual conversation I had with a co-worker two days ago:

Her: What are you hoping that Santa will bring you for Christmas?
Me: Hmmm. Apart from socks? Peace and quiet!

I hope you don't feel lonely and narcoleptic often. *Hugs you*

I mostly live alone. Even when I should/do have a roommate, most of the time we're at different enough schedules that we rarely see each other.
As for friends, most of the time they're busy with their own lives, so usually I only see them once a week at most. And only then for a few hours between classes or in the evening.

It's not so bad, but on those days when I'm really feeling sick or cruddy, (especially when sick, because then I'm in my room all by myself all day) I don't see anyone. Not that I wouldn't be overjoyed if they stopped by, just that they don't have the time or don't really notice that I wasn't there, and/or don't know what happened.

Even when I'm at my parents house over breaks and summer, I'm usually holed up in my room for the majority of the time (but that's because I don't really feel I get along with my folks- I'm not pals with my parents, and wonder how other people could be).

In any case, I'm mostly used to it.

Brit, you are something else!

I am capable of holding my own in arguments about global political issues, and will occasionally pick such a fight with my husband. Why? Because he bounces up off the sofa and gets all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and sort of adorably apoplectic. LOL!

I, too, hate arguing and conflict. But I think it is healthy to honestly, and fairly, express what's on your mind with whoever it is that you love. You just can't do that when you are single, and it does get lonesome at times.

I really hate arguing, but sadly for me, my husband loves it. He sometimes complains that we can't discuss things because I get up and walk away. It's true, I do. I like 'discussions' to be calm and civil. If it's a debate type of argument that is not personal to me (like politics), where we go at it and good-naturedly insult each other's positions, I can handle that in limited doses sometimes. But not real anger and ill-feeling. I grew up the quietest member of a loud and emotional family, and my pattern is to withdraw.

I've meaning to ask you-- who's the hot guy in your icon?

who's the hot guy in your icon?

Finally! Brit, you are the first person to ask about the super HOT and talented Callum Keith Rennie, Canadian actor and my latest obsession! My icon is an older photo of Callum from the 90s when he played Det. Ray Kowalski on 'due South'.

I don't know what it is about him - he's not my usual type (tall, very slender, blond) but his acting is incredible (imho) and he strikes me a kinda shy in real life, like me. He also loves doggies which is very sweet.

If you've seen the indie film 'Last Night' Callum won the Canadian equivalent of an Academy Award for best supporting actor. Gad, I'm babbling like I'm his personal fangirl. lol!

I admit I am completely besotted! :D

Btw, he also appeared in a TV program called 'Da Vinci's Inquest' which I've been renting from Netflix. I love to watch shows like this one - none of the cops ever pulled their weapons which is a refreshing change.

Thanks for asking, my dear.

Thanks for giving me a giggle. I actually can argue with someone - some how a friend of mine (female) and I have managed not to tick each other off to the breaking point for over 30 years (of course it helps that both of us were out of St Pete and on our own paths for at least 15 or more of those years). She put up with my flights of anger when I was young and unmedicated for depression and I put up with her inability to control her own spending. So we can argue with full knowledge that beliefs about minor things do not a friendship make.

But I have to admit that at 55 and staring nothing but ill health in the face, I wish I had a husband. Or even a good lover. Hell, at this point I'd just like a guy to hug occasionally. There's a lot to be said for the male sex. :)

I avoid discussions about religion and politics for these very reasons. But they are fun to provoke/tease, aren't they? *grins*

My fiance & I do the same thing with the school system and Florida weather. ^__^
(& yes, it should only be done once in a while. x.x)

That's just too funny! Yes, my husband is oh so detached and is able to calmly watch politics while I fume in the background!!! Pacing, arguing, saying not so nice words to the talking heads that happen to be spewing their opinion at the time! :)

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