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Posting schedule and a new bed for the cat
Dee Blue waves
Well, I'm finally officially on holidays. I don't have to go back to work until January 4th, so this means I've got some time to write. I'm not going anywhere. I plan to stay here in this beautiful city I live in, and have all the fun I normally have to think twice about, due to my being a super busy person most of the time. I've got parties, lunches, movies, drinks, and coffee planned with various friends. I don 't want to do anything for the next few days, however, because I seem to be coming down with a cold. At least it's not the flu, like it was last year! I can write through a cold, but not through the flu because of the having to stay in bed factor. I'll be posting Chapter 20 of Slave to a Gladiator on Saturday night, probably late, as usual. I hope to get Chapter 21 out before the end of the year, but if it happens, it will be very close to year's end. Now that I have holidays,  I have more time to write, but I also know that my betas are busy people at this time of year with their own Christmas plans, so I can't presume too much on their time!

My husband bought the cat a nice new kitty bed. It's doughnut shaped with a round, padded floor. Since I had already gone through the disappointing experience of not once, but TWICE having bought the cat a nice new bed that he subsequently turned his little nose up at, I warned my husband not to feel too let down if Fluffy refused to sleep on his new bed. My husband scoffed at my warning and assured me that the reason the cat didn't like the beds I bought him was because I have absolutely no idea what the cat needs. As I am Fluff's primary caregiver, I naturally bristled at this charge and said, "Well, you'll see! He's not going to like your bed. He's going to continue to sleep on the bathroom mat and the sofa like he always does."
The bed was duly fetched out and placed before Fluffy, who viewed it with trepidation and backed away, eyes rolling. He's a bit of a Drama Queen, our Fluff.

"See?" I said.

"Wait," said my husband.

Fluff proceeded to ignore the bed for the next 24 hours. "SEE?" I said, keeping the glee out of my voice with a certain amount of effort.

"Hmm," said my husband. He then proceeded to pick up the bed and stuff it under my computer desk. The next time I sat down at my computer desk, Fluff followed me like he always does. You see, Fluff knows exactly who his primary caregiver is, and he follows me from room to room, to my husband's great amusement. My husband followed Fluff this time to see how he would  react to the bed. I shook my head in sympathy with the poor man's naive optimism as Fluffy once more regarded his new bed as a loathsome and possibly dangerous addition to his familiar environment.

"I tried to tell you," I said. "Have you still got the receipt?"

"Wait," he said. Well, about thirty seconds later, we heard loud, ecstatic purring coming from under the computer desk. There was our foolish cat, eyes closed in bliss, ears pointing forward, kneading rhythmically at his new bed with his front legs outstretched like a kitten pushing at his mother's milk.

"SEE?" demanded my husband.

"Go. Away." I pointed at the door.

I HATE it when he's right! And he's right quite often, I have to admit. But the worst part is his superior certainty that he's always right. I'm thinking of getting him a tee-shirt for Christmas that says "I'm right!" like that annoying guy in the bank commercial.

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The cat was right, of course. Doesn't matter what the owners say, as long as the kitty has the last meow, we're all just kitty litter!

Oh, I do know that your one beta is on vacation too, until January 4th. Happy holidaze Brit!

Congratulations on being on vacation! Isn't it a great feeling? I have to say that a part of me actually misses work, though. I think I should bonk that part with a kitchen implement.

Happy hols, brit
Whether they be cat-tastic or not.
<3 ~J

Thank you and same to you! I just hope I don't end up semi-catatonic in bed, like I did last year.

At least you'll be well rested then?

Oh I'll be enjoying myself any which way I can.

Oh, cats and their beds. My cat would rather sleep in a paper bag than in her bed. She only uses it as a kind of nest for the poor birds and mice she catches.
But as long as the cats are happy, their willing slaves (thats us) are happy too, right?

Enjoy your Holidays, Brit!

My Fluff is no hunter and couldn't catch a mouse or a bird even if he were starving and if the critter was old, slow, and already injured. And if another cat caught a mouse for him and tossed it down in front of him, he wouldn't know how to go about eating it. He's SO domesticated!

However, I'm glad he's not a hunter because my sister's cat is, and he's always bringing half-dead rodents into the house to be his toys. Of course when he gets bored and falls asleep, they creep off and hide. There's a rat living in my sister's closet right now, thanks to her cat!

Yes, we love our darling cats and we want them to be happy. Is that stripey little wonder in your icon your kitty?

Yes, that's Mimi. I wish she was as peaceful as your Fluffy, because I totally know this problem of your sister! There is a mouse living in the cellar and someone has to kill it before it propagates, but I don't want to get it killed!

Sounds like the placement of the bed, in a room w/o couch or some other ready comfy substitute, was more the deciding factor than the bed itself. Location, location, location, they say.

Well, that's what I said, too! If the bed had been left in its original location, which was next to the sofa, I think Fluff would have continued to ignore it. But he likes being under my computer desk, and I like having him nearby, although now I can't stretch my legs out anymore.

Eh, just rest your feet on the cat. They're warm, that's what they're there for.

Peacewish, are you by any chance a dog person?

"Go. Away." I pointed at the door.

I just about fell out of my chair. I could see the pout and the outstretched arm pointing at the door.

My boyfriend does the same thing to me all the time. It's aggravating... perhaps me should get a double order on the tees...

I'm glad you're on vacation, you deserve one. I too am on holiday from school! We just got 4 inches of snow last night and my entire family went outside to play! I managed to get my sister and dad in the face with it. *chuckles evilly* I have until the 10th of January before I have to go back, and I intend on spending it all in front of the fire and outside in the snow!

I can't wait for more stories! (When are we getting more New Day?)

with love (as always)

lol, I think your cat was listening to you, and just waiting for you to say it, so he could prove you wrong. It seems cats love doing that. One of mine will do exactly the same thing, hating everybody until I tell someone that he's "not a 'people' cat," at which point he'll start crawling on laps, twining around legs, and purring like crazy. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

Contrariness is in their DNA. What I especially hate is when he loves a particular brand of cat food passionately-- until I make the mistake of buying it again. Then he hates it just as passionately!

I'm surprised that Fluffy waited more than 24 hours to inspect, and use, his new bed. But I knew he would LOVE it if he gave it a chance. The purring and the kneading is so sweet!

But at least he knows who butters his kitty kibble.

The purring and the kneading makes my heart melt every time. I'm almost willing to forgive my husband for being right on the grounds that it was HIS Christmas gift to Fluffy that produces such outrageously adorable kitty behavior.

Anyway, I think he only waited 24 hours because, like Peacewish said, the bed's location was very important.

By the way, I LOVE that icon you're using! It's like dessert-porn for pastry lovers...

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