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Slave to a Gladiator, chapter 20

Slave To A Gladiator
Chapter 20
By Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:   Not worksafe. No sex yet, but there's some kissing and a naked man on a bed getting his butt whacked by a mighty gladiator. That's probably not worksafe.
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer: Dee, Ryo and Bikky belong to Sanami Matoh, who created the popular manga, FAKE. I was not paid in any way for writing this story.
Summary: Ryo and Dee go to the bedroom. Dee's still a slave. It's punishment time, and he's hauling out the puppy-dog eyes in the hopes of saving his sorry ass!
Author's notes: Please read and review. I'll post again in two weeks.
Thank you to the_ladyfeather, tripple_p and shelley6441 for culling out all my mistakes. You guys are awesome!

Slave to a Gladiator
Chapter 20

"What the holy fucking hell?" Dee stared in horror at the bundle of objects Ryo was laying out on the bed.

"Don't be a big wimp, Slave." Ryo's voice was stern, but it held a note of barely-suppressed laughter. He selected the black plastic spatula that he normally used to flip pancakes with. "Hmmm..."

"Hey, you gonna, um, you gonna spank me with that? 'Cause if Bikky ever finds out, he'll never let you cook him breakfast again."

"Maybe this, then." Ryo picked up a wooden spoon and turned it around thoughtfully. When he gave his hand an experimental whack with it, Dee flinched.

The next thing Ryo touched was a wet hand towel. He squeezed it gently as if checking to see how much moisture it had in it. Dee rolled his eyes in a futile act of bravado.

"Is that for wiping down my butt before you use your precious kitchen tools on it or is it for soothing the pain after?"

Ryo met his gaze with a faintly amused look. "Neither," he said, as he shook it into a coil and then snapped it out to the side.

"Aw shit!" Dee put a hand over his eyes, imagining how much the wet towel was going to sting when it connected with his flesh. "I don't wanna see any more of those torture devices you got there."

Something made a rattling sound, and Dee couldn't resist peeking out between two fingers to see what was causing it. When he saw what it was, he recoiled, and scrambled as far back on the bed as he could get from Ryo. The man was holding a winged corkscrew in his hand. The long metal screw glinted cruelly in the lamplight.

"Ryo! What the hell are you gonna do with that?" he asked, his eyes big with fear.

It was Ryo's turn to roll his eyes. "Nothing, idiot. I brought it in as a joke! My God, you really do think I'm a monster, don't you?"

"No! Well, maybe. Well, I'm not sure, actually, since I've never seen you acting like this before..." Dee's eyes darted around nervously as he tried not to look directly at the other items on the bed, like that small wooden cutting board with a handle on it. He had only ever thought of it as a cutting board or a cheese tray, but now it was looking an awful lot like a paddle. And a yellow plastic thing lying next to it that looked like the longer of Ryo's two shoehorns. A hairbrush, too. Jesus Christ. He recognized the influence of Serena at work.
Although Dee had been permitted to have a smoke outside the hotel before they got into their taxi, that cigarette seemed like an awful long time ago now. It looked as though Ryo was getting set to give him the ass-whaling of his life, and Dee felt that he needed to be better fortified with nicotine than he currently was. He knew that there wasn't a chance of getting another smoke, though.

"Hmmmm," said Ryo again, sweeping his eyes over the array of utensils that he had laid out neatly in a straight line on the bed. "It's so hard to choose..."

"Take your time," said Dee magnanimously, hoping to delay the moment of truth for as long as possible. He tensed anxiously as Ryo selected an eighteen-inch long rattan back-scratcher, and then relaxed slightly as his lover put it back again. That thing would have hurt like a sonofabitch.

"Oh, I almost forgot," said Ryo, withdrawing the plastic sword from its scabbard at his waist and putting it down at the end of the row. "This belongs here, too."

"Ryo," said Dee slowly as a horrible thought struck him, "you're not, er... you're not planning to use ALL those things on me, are you?" They'd be up 'til friggin' midnight, if so. Not to mention the fact that he'd have no butt left, to speak of, tomorrow.

"No," said Ryo, shaking his head briefly.

"Oh, good. That's what I thought. So it's just a matter of choosing one or two, then?"

"No, Dee. I'm going to use some of them on you; I'm not sure yet how many. You're going to use the rest on yourself."

"I'm..." Dee's mind temporarily went blank. "I'm what?"

"You heard me." Ryo wasn't even looking at him. He was holding the cutting board paddle in one hand and the shoehorn in the other and his eyes were going back and forth between each item.

"Wait a minute, just so I understand this right, you're gonna actually make me beat my own ass with these things? You-- you--" Words failed Dee. He stared at Ryo, completely unnerved.

"Yes, I am. But go ahead and finish your sentence. I believe you were about to call me some sort of sadist."

"Damn right I was! And you're not some sort of sadist-- you're the worst friggin' kind! Cold and cruel and calculating, that's what you are! You're like the reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade himself! You could give that fucking guy lessons! You could--"

"Enough!" The cheeseboard 'paddle' came down hard on the bed right next to Dee's thigh, and he let out a startled yelp.

"Slave," said Ryo with a smile that Dee found disturbing and scary, but also, for some reason, sexy as hell. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees."
Dee gulped and scrambled to do as he was told, whereupon Ryo walked around the bed admiring Dee in his new position. He paused to tie Dee's leash to the brass headboard.
"This is just in case you were thinking of running away, Slave," he said.
Dee looked offended. "Me? Run away? Not a chance. I signed on for this and I'm going to see it through to the end, no matter how deep the waters of sadism turn out to run in you."

"Oh, you're just going to grit your teeth and bear it, are you?" Ryo leaned over Dee and ran a hand down his naked back until it rested on one of his upturned ass cheeks. "Well, I'm telling you right now that I don't want any of that silent, stoic taking of punishment, like you did back at the hotel. If it hurts, I want you to express that. I expect to hear whimpers, groans and screams." Ryo's hand stroked Dee gently. "Well, maybe not screams," he added. "It sure wouldn't be a good end to the evening if the neighbors came knocking, or called 911 on us."

Dee was in complete agreement, at least about the first part of what Ryo had said. He had only been strong and silent at the party because he was in public. Now that he was alone with Ryo, he was definitely going to scream, howl, and holler, whether Ryo liked it or not, and even if Ryo didn't hit him very hard. He wasn't going to risk being silent and heroically forbearing in case Ryo found it necessary to start spanking him harder to get a reaction out of him. He planned to snivel, plead and beg and make puppy-dog eyes in the hopes that Ryo might even cut the punishment short and 'comfort' him. Dee thought he had a reasonable chance of success. Ryo might have a hardass side, but he was a nurturer at heart, and a total sucker for the puppy-dog eyes.
"And now, let's choose a safe word for you." Ryo moved his hand over to Dee's other buttock and caressed that one, too. "Hmmm, how about 'jerk'? Or 'self-centered asshole'?"
"Aw, Ryo." Dee hung his head.
"Or 'punchbowl'? Or maybe 'zucchini-brain'?"
Dee was silent. He obviously didn't like any of his options.
"Do you want to choose your own safe word, Slave?"
"Yeah. How about 'forgive me'?"
Ryo smiled. "Okay, if that's what you want, that's fine with me. But don't forget yourself and say it too soon, or you know what's going to happen."
"How could I forget? You made that part crystal-clear. If I wimp out too early, I go to sleep with a mildly sore ass and a case of blue balls."
Ryo gave Dee's right buttock a hard squeeze and then leaned down to kiss it. "Your ass is very beautiful, Slave."
"You think so?" Dee rubbed it against Ryo's face, unable to help grinning. "Then don't treat it too harshly, okay, Master?"
"Well, I think making it a deeper shade of pink won't do it any real harm. Do you?"
"Uh, if you say so. Pink, sure. Light pink, pale, pastel pink. Just not red or purple, okay?"
"Scaredy-cat," teased Ryo softly, as he moved back from behind Dee and went to consider his row of implements again. He noticed Dee looking nervously over his shoulder at him, and said, "Maybe I should blindfold you."
Dee's eyes widened for a moment. "No, R-- I mean, Master! Blindfold me another time, okay?"
"Why not now?"
"Because there's a really hot-looking gladiator behind me in a leather breastplate, and even though he's about to-- to... beat the crap out of me, I'm still getting off on looking at him."
Ryo couldn't help laughing at Dee's blatant flattery. "All right then, I'll blindfold you tomorrow when the costumes have gone back to the store. But that means you're going to have to look at each instrument of your punishment before I use it on you. Can you handle that?" Ryo removed his hand from Dee's body in order to lift the black plastic spatula and wave it around.
"I can handle anything you dish out," said Dee bravely, and then let out a cry of pain as Ryo suddenly brought the implement down loudly against his ass. "Hey! No fair! How about giving a guy a little warning?"
"What a whiner," Ryo said dismissively. "I was totally holding back."
"Like hell you were!" Dee sulkily rubbed the buttock that Ryo had struck.
"Slave, get your hands back on the bed and keep them there. You may NOT rub your ass this time."
"But-- but-- oh shit." Dee closed his eyes tightly as Ryo swung again. There was a loud splatting sound as the hard plastic spatula connected once more with his rump. Dee made a strangled sound in response.
"Well, that certainly made a nice pink mark," remarked Ryo cheerfully.
"Ryo," Dee groaned, panting. "Not so hard, please!"
"I don't think that was very hard at all." Ryo put the spatula down and picked up the hairbrush. It had a smooth flat, plastic back. "This one's definitely going to hurt more. I'd bite a pillow, if I were you."
Dee started to say something, but Ryo cut him off by giving him a good, solid smack with the hairbrush. Dee's body convulsed and he bucked on the bed, causing half of Ryo's punishment implements to fall onto the floor. "FUCK!" he yelled. "Oaowww!"
"Dee! Shhh! Mr. Hilroy is going to start banging on his ceiling with a broom if you don't keep it down."
Dee pulled a pillow over his head and moaned loudly under it. "Oh shit, ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow-OWW!" His mildly pink butt cheeks swayed in front of Ryo, who looked at him doubtfully.

"Come on, Dee, it wasn't like that was a whip. It was only a hairbrush."
Dee flung the pillow aside and glared at Ryo, red faced and bright-eyed. "Whaddaya mean, only a hairbrush? Have you got any idea how much those fucking things hurt? I'm probably gonna have a bruise right there where you hit me!"
"Well, I'm about to hit you again, so maybe you'd better grab on to that pillow and stuff it into your mouth, or something."
"Nooo! Not with the hairbrush! Please, Ryo, hit me with something else, okay?"
"Well, okay. But I reserve the right to return to the hairbrush, later." Ryo got off the bed and picked up the tools that had fallen to the floor. "I think it's wooden spoon time."
"No," whimpered Dee. "Not the wooden spoon...."
"Hairbrush or wooden spoon?" asked Ryo sternly.
"Umm..." Dee hesitated, trying to buy a few more seconds.
"Wooden spoon, then. Here it comes. Try to be a man about it this time."
"A ma-- AAAAgh!" Dee's feet thumped up and down on the bed as he sucked air through his clenched teeth and quivered in theatrical torment.
Ryo waited skeptically for the thumping and the hissing to cease, and then said, "All right?"
Dee glared at him, his eyes very green in the redness of his face. "All right? Man, oh man. I'd sure like to know what the hell you mean by 'all right'..."
Ryo's mouth set in a determined line, and he hauled off again.
"Yee-OWWWWW!" Dee belatedly stuffed the pillow into his mouth and made a series of agonized sounds as he rode out the aftermath of this latest blow.
"Slave, I must say, I'm shocked at how childish you're being," Ryo said, as he put the wooden spoon down and selected the rattan back-scratcher.

In response, Dee grabbed a corner of the comforter and pulled it protectively over his body, which caused Ryo to shake his head and raise his eyes briefly to the ceiling.

"Slave, put the comforter back, right now."

"Sure!" Dee's voice was muffled by layers of fabric. Instead of tossing off the blanket, however, he started to roll himself up in it, no mean feat, considering he was tied to the headboard by the leash on his collar. "I'll be out in a sec."

"Slave, I'm losing patience with you." Ryo tugged on the duvet, but Dee was well and truly rolled up in it. "Get out of there this minute, or you're going to be sorry."

 "I'm trying, Master." The big mound of blankets wriggled energetically, but not, to Ryo's mind, in a way that conveyed a real desire to obey.

"All right, I warned you." Ryo began unpeeling Dee like a banana, working his way up from the bottom. He pulled the comforter up off Dee's legs, tugging it higher and higher until he could almost see his partner's ass cheeks. He heard Dee make a sound that might have been 'Uh-oh," and Ryo knew that if he didn't move quickly, Dee would turn over onto his back so as to protect his exposed and defenseless posterior. Accordingly, Ryo quickly straddled the big pile of rolled-up blankets that Dee was still buried in from the hips up, and picked up the back-scratcher. Dee heaved under him and muffled begging noises issued from the vicinity of his head.

Ryo grinned to himself and brought the back-scratcher down in a diagonal stroke, firm, but not too hard, of course, across Dee's exposed buttocks. The holler this action produced was mighty indeed, and Ryo felt quite relieved that it had been muted by blankets. Before he could get in another whack, Dee had succeeded in bucking him off and had thrashed his way out of the imprisoning folds of the duvet.

His face was flushed and he was panting and clutching his buttocks, against orders. He glared indignantly at Ryo. "That was-- Ryo, that was HARD! Do you have any idea how much that fucking hurt?"

Ryo nodded and stepped off the bed. He turned around and raised the skirt of his gladiator costume, revealing his thong-clad ass to Dee. Two longish, livid bruises marred its otherwise perfect appearance.

"Aw, baby... aw, baby..." Dee blinked at him, looking stricken. "I'm so sorry. I'm such an idiot....Shit."

Ryo ordered Dee to spread the comforter back on the bed so that it looked neat and tidy, and then had him resume his all-fours position. Dee obeyed without a word of complaint, the sight of Ryo's bruises seeming to have silenced him for the time being.

"I'm returning to the hairbrush, Slave." Ryo noticed that Dee's thighs were spread a little further apart this time than last time, making for a very sexy sight, indeed. "Brace yourself. You may express your pain, but in moderation. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," whispered Dee. "I'm all over the whole moderation thing. I'll try not to make too much noise."

Ryo nodded in approval and gave him several light, but rapid smacks with the brush. Dee let out pitiful whimpers as his buttocks contracted, tightening defensively under the blows. He remained where he was, however, and Ryo murmured a few encouraging words of praise. He ran his free hand caressingly over Dee's derriere. It felt hot and that excited him. Dee pressed his burning ass eagerly back against Ryo's hand, seeking comfort. Ryo gave it to him for a moment, pushing firmly with the pressure Dee needed, soothing and stroking him with both hands. His penis stirred at the sight and feel of his partner's feverish haunches. He knew what he wanted to do to that ass, and Dee knew, too. He was sure that Dee wanted it as much as he did. It wouldn't be long now. He just wanted to push Dee a little further, as long as Dee was willing to hold still for it.

He moved back from Dee and picked up the wet towel. "Get ready, Slave. Remember, 'moderation'." But he didn't really expect compliance. If he knew Dee, and he did, his partner would continue overplaying his suffering to the best of his ability.

"Yessir. Moderation. I'll do my best."

However, when the wet towel snapped across his ass, it was quite clear that Dee's best was nowhere near equal to the task. "Yeeaauuughhhhh!" he roared, his right hand flying back to clamp down on the spot where the towel had struck.

"Dee?" Ryo looked down at his lover, feeling more than a little concerned. Dee appeared to be sobbing into a pillow, while his knees and hips made anguished little movements on the bed. This sight caused Ryo's resolution to waver, as a vague sense of guilt crept over him. He wasn't really experienced with snapping wet towels at people. Could it be that he had perhaps gone just a little overboard? He hoped Dee wasn't in as much pain as he seemed. Maybe it would be a good idea to fast-forward proceedings a little.

"Come on Dee, enough drama." Ryo gave Dee's shoulder a bracing thump. "I don't believe it hurt that much."

"You idea...Oh fuck... butt ... hurts..." Dee mumbled incoherently.

"Come on now. Don't tell me you didn't snap a hundred defenseless boys with towels when you were in high school," said Ryo, gently but firmly separating Dee from the pillow he was hugging. Dee wouldn't look at him. "Well?" continued Ryo. "Were you or were you not a holy terror with the wet towel?"

"No fair, dude! Every teenage boy snaps a towel now and then. It's the nature of the beast."

"Well, consider this karma, or something," Ryo said with a smile. "Now for part two of your punishment."

"Part two? I was hoping we were finished!" Dee dabbed at a corner of his eye with the pillow case, which had slithered off the pillow during Ryo's efforts to get it away from him.

"Dee? Are you...crying?"

"No, Master. My eyes are watering that's all. It's a normal physiological reaction when a sadistic-- when someone beats your butt with a whole truckload of torture tools, even though one would have done the trick."

Ryo hesitated and for a moment Dee thought he could see a crack starting to open in his partner's 'master' facade. But in the next moment, the crack was gone and Ryo was handing him the plastic shoehorn.

"Let's see if the same thing happens when you beat yourself with the 'torture tools'," said Ryo heartlessly. "I order you to give yourself two good whacks with this shoehorn."

"R-- I mean, Master! Don't you have any compassion at all?"

"Nope. Now, less yapping and more slapping." Ryo folded his arms and regarded Dee with that same scary-sexy smile as he had earlier.

If Dee's butt hadn't been stinging so much, he could have perhaps gotten off a little on that smile. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and scowled petulantly from Ryo to the long piece of yellow plastic in his hand and back again. Fine. Ryo wanted a show? He would get a show. But it was almost time to bust out the puppy-dog eyes. As far as Dee was concerned, his new motto for what was left of this rapidly shrinking evening was going to be less spanking and more boinking. And since Ryo was so worried about noise, neighbors and 911, it certainly wouldn't hurt to turn up the volume a little, either.

"How do you want me?" he asked "Bed? Floor? Standing? Kneeling?"

"You choose," replied Ryo with a chivalrous gesture. "Whatever's most comfortable for you."

 "Yeah, right," muttered Dee under his breath. "This is ALL about my comfort, after all."

"What was that, Slave?"

"Nothing!" Dee got to his feet, then bent over the bed with his right hand resting on it and his butt sticking out. He could feel that aggravating leash taut against the collar on his neck. He swung the shoehorn and gave himself a tentative smack on his left buttock.

"Slave, that one didn't count," said Ryo sternly. "Put a little muscle into it."

"Yes, sir." Dee glared over his shoulder at him, and then swung as hard as he could. "Owtch!" Damn, that had hurt more than he expected.

"Now, again," said Ryo, and Dee obeyed, although with a showier swing and a louder cry. He squeezed his eyes shut and panted loudly for a while, hoping that he could awaken a little sympathy inside Ryo.

"Not bad, Slave." Ryo removed the shoehorn from Dee's twitching fingers and replaced it with the paddle. "Now do it again with this. Harder."

Opening one eye, Dee looked at the paddle and then Ryo, dismayed to see no sign of sympathy. "Harder? Are you trying to kill me?"

"No, Dee, I'm trying to teach you a lesson."

"I get that. I do. And I know you don't believe me, but I already learned it an hour ago."

"Yeah, right. Sure. Now, quit stalling. Give it your best shot."

"All right. If that's what you want."  Dee swung the paddle and gave himself a good, loud smack. "YAAAAAgghhhh!" he hollered and promptly dropped the paddle while his heels drummed a pattern on the floor. A thumping sound arose in response from the center of the bedroom floor. Dee hid a smile. Good old Mr. Hilroy and his broom. It had sure taken the bastard long enough.

"Dee! Shhh! Get back on the bed."

Dee obeyed, flopping down onto his back and pathetically rubbing his buttocks against the cool comforter. Stopping to snatch up the fallen paddle, Ryo advanced on him sternly, only to be met by a pair of melting, reproachful, puppy-dog eyes.

He stopped uncertainly. "Dee," he warned. "Don't pull that trick with your eyes..."

"It's no trick, Ryo. I'm in p-pain. This is what my eyes look like when I'm hurting."

Ryo snorted. "I don't believe it. I didn't hit you hard and you know it. I've seen you take way worse pain than this."

"Yeah, but it wasn't cumulative. And it wasn't administered by someone who..." Dee's voice trailed off and he lowered his eyes, which was a calculated risk on his part, since he knew Ryo could never think clearly when he was looking right at the puppy-dog eyes.

"Someone who what?"

"N-nothing. Never mind." Dee let his voice quaver and then drop huskily. 

"Dee, quit being coy. Just say it. I order you to."

Dee hesitated and then nailed Ryo once more with the puppy-dog eyes on full power. "Someone who... allegedly... loves me."

"What?" Ryo dropped the paddle, and stared unhappily at Dee. He was fully aware that he was being manipulated, but he couldn't stop an awful feeling of self-condemnation from washing over him like an ice-cold wave on a winter beach. "What do you mean 'allegedly'? Dee, you know I love you!"

Dee hunched his shoulders defensively and winced as he clutched his buttocks with both hands. "Is that why you wanna beat my butt black and blue, even after I SAID I was sorry?"

Ryo couldn't take his eyes off his partner. Dee's face was flushed and his hair was still tousled from when he had rolled himself up in the comforter. He reminded Ryo of a small, naughty boy, a child who knew he had done wrong, but nevertheless wanted to be forgiven and reassured that he still had value.

"Dee," he said softly, "Be fair. Your butt is not even close to being black and blue. I didn't hit you very hard and you know it."

"Maybe you don't know your own strength," mumbled Dee reproachfully. "Besides, there's a psychological component too. I think the fact that you want to hurt me hurts almost more than the spanking..."

Ryo closed his eyes briefly and called upon inner reserves of strength and patience before opening them again and reaching out a hand to cup Dee's face. "Dee," he said, "you are lucky you're so damn adorable because even though there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that you're playing me right now, there doesn't seem to be a damn thing I can do to resist you." He watched Dee carefully for that telltale twitch which would be his partner's natural smirk trying to break through, but Dee's control was too good.

"Ryo!" Dee's face and tone conveyed quite a convincing sense of wounded affront. "You're accusing--"

"Shut up," whispered Ryo, leaning in to kiss his lips. "Don't snow me anymore. You've already won, you sneaky sonofabitch. Do you want me to forgive you now?"

Dee pulled back and looked at him warily. "Is it okay? I mean, has enough time gone by? And do you...really?"

"Huh? Is what okay? Do I really what?" Ryo was unsure which question to answer first.

"Do you really 'forgive me'?"

"Yes, Dee." Ryo reached for him again, pulling him close and kissing his hair and the side of his throat, above the tooled leather collar. He reached out with his free hand and swept the rest of the spanking tools onto the floor. Just like that, the punishment was over.

"And...and Ryo?" Dee was still pushing at him, wanting to look him in the eye. "Do you still love me?"

Ryo laughed softly and shook his head. "How can you even ask that, you foolish, impossible man? How could I ever stop?"

"Other people have stopped," mumbled Dee, his voice faltering slightly. "After I pissed them off enough..."

"Yes, but they were stupid," Ryo murmured, straddling his naked partner and looking down at him appreciatively. "They were like those stupid people we hear about in the news who find a Picasso in their attic and then sell it in a garage sale for five bucks."

"Really?" Dee looked up at him with a hopeful little smile on his lips, and Ryo smiled back, knowing that Dee was still manipulating him, although this time it was because he wanted to hear compliments and expressions of love.

"Yes," he confirmed, and kissed the tip of Dee's nose. "But unlike them, I realize what a treasure I have. And I'm hanging on to him. Even though he's sometimes a dick."
Dee put his arms around Ryo and drew him close so he could lay his head on his partner's shoulder. "I love you, Ryo. I'm sorry I was a dick."
"I know. I love you too. But try not to be a dick again, okay?"
"Okay, you got it. I'm going to be so fucking good, you won't believe it." Dee nuzzled Ryo's shoulder and neck. "Say, are you going to, um, take my mind off my pain now?"
"Yes, baby. But let's take a shower, first, okay?"
Dee's cock sprang into an almost immediate state of hardness at the sound of Ryo calling him 'baby'. Ryo was not a pet-name sort of guy, as a general rule, but Dee had noticed that whenever Ryo felt like being the guy in the saddle, he would sometimes call Dee baby. And now Ryo was telling him to report to the shower. A happy gleam came into Dee's eyes. First they would get all squeaky clean as per Ryo's usual specifications, and then Ryo would bring him back here and start giving him sexy orders. Or maybe he was about to get slammed up against the shower stall with nothing but soap for lube! His enthusiasm was momentarily dimmed by the memory of the last time they had done that. Soap had not been the best of lubricants as he recalled. There had been a certain amount of stinging and complaining, even though orgasms had been eventually achieved.

Unaware of Dee's thoughts, Ryo got off the bed and started unbuckling his breastplate. "Don't forget, you're still my slave, even though the punishment is all done," he reminded Dee. "I'd like you to pick up all this kitchen stuff and put it in the sink to soak before you join me in the shower. Don't dawdle. I'm waiting for you."

"Aye-aye, Master!" Dee jumped up eagerly and began to gather the tools that had so recently been used on the bare and now burning skin of his posterior. You're waiting? I've been waiting for this all night, he thought, as he opened the drawer of Ryo's nightstand and fished out the bottle of Astroglide. It would be best to be prepared, just in case he got lucky in the shower.

~end of chapter 20~
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