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Dee Blue waves
Hi readers and Fake fans!

I'd like to thank all the people who weighed in on my lemon dilemma in the last post. Most of the respondents wanted the same thing (Ryo riding Dee), so that's what I wrote.

My hard-working and helpful betas got the chapter back to me with all my dorky mistakes fixed, so I'll be posting the last chapter of Slave to a Gladiator tomorrow night (that's Saturday Feb. 06th). Lemonsville.

Tonight I made quesadillas for dinner for my husband and me.  The first two were soggy as hell, but the second two were crisp and perfect. I'm so full! I made more than I had originally intended to because of the disappointing sogginess of the earlier efforts. Leftovers are in the fridge. My husband will be home at 3:00 a.m wanting food, so he can eat the leftovers. IF he can find them. He's always claiming he can't find things in the fridge, even after I have put them on the top shelf  at eye level with big signs taped to them. And he's supposed to be the one with the 20/20 eyesight, too!

I now have my sister's glasses, which I like much better than my own. She has 4 pairs: I have one. I traded her my old glasses for these new ones. My old glasses used to fall off my face or the top of my head at least eight times a day! It drove me insane. Hers fit me much better. We seem to have the same prescription, not that I've looked at her paper prescription.. But her glasses are so comfortable for me. They haven't fallen off my face even once in the last 14 hours.

In boot news, I also got a fabulous pair of shiny orange pearlized leather boots on sale for a hundred bucks off! I love them. I'm so lucky they had my size. But they're still in my office at work since I lost my home boot storage during the boot-destroying deluge.

Now I must go shopping for an orange sweater to match my boots. I always wanted orange boots! Lands End had some clompy ones a couple of years ago, but I waffled and then they got sold out in my size.

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Woot! Grats on the new boots and glad to know any writer's block you had is now gone. I hate having that >.< (Not that I've really written much of anything good in the past year, but still.)

I can't believe you're almost done with Slave. I haven't been reading anything much lately, so one of these days, I'm going to devour the whole damned thing!

I hope you will. It was written and posted over the course of two years, yet all the events of the story take place over about five hours, so it's really meant to be read all in one sitting.

I can't believe I'm done, either! It's kind of exciting (and a little sad) to think of putting this story to bed for the last time. However, it will also be an accomplishment to actually finish another multiple-chapter story. This project was only half the size of FFYT: A New Day, but it was still fairly major.

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Well, there's a story behind those boots. I spotted them on the feet of a friend of mine and was immediately arrested by their gleaming beauty. I asked her where she got them; she wasn't sure of the name of the store or the street. I prowled four downtown shoe stores looking for them, to no avail. Finally, one day I ran into her when she happened to be wearing them. Again I pressed her for the place and told her of my efforts. She said suggested that we go downtown together right then and there. She was pretty sure she could find the shop again.

When we got there, I swept my eyes over the display shelves and saw no orange boots! However, because she was with me, I was able to snag a sales guy and point to her feet as an example of exactly what I was looking for. He said he was sorry but those particular boots had sold out. I was crushed! But then another salesperson, a woman this time, came up and said that they had one pair left in the back that had been returned. It just happened to be my size! It was meant to be.

(Deleted comment)
It's up now! I hope you've got time to read it.

I <3 your icon big time!

Mmm - pearlized shiny orange leather boots! Sounds very hip and mod. I admire a woman who can actually walk in boots - they are so stylish especially during the winter months. I have my eye on a pair of low-heeled cowgirl boots. LOL! they are right up my alley: stylish, cool, and orthopedically engineered. yes!

I hope you find your matching sweater, and congrats on the glasses. I thought you meant readers. I have a small, but growing collection that I use at work (especially) and occasionally at home. Some of the frames are so decorative and fun. But the best part is being able to see!

Good luck on your midterm, Brit!


Thanks! *Hugs back-- thrives on hugs*

I can read just fine without glasses, but I need them to see anything that isn't within two feet of my face. I have ongoing feelings of gratitude for these new glasses of mine. My husband complained and said the last pair looked better, but I think he's just being difficult. I think that this pair looks just as good on me as the last pair did. My sister's glasses are definitely prettier and the frames are lighter..

The boots are really beautiful. Sometimes I just hold them and admire their lovely lines. I'll send you a picture of them after I have retrieved them from work. They're in my office right now, under my desk. I had too much to carry when I left work for the week and I wore my running shoes to exit the building since I was headed to the gym anyway. I didn't want to take my boots with me, so I left them there.

Anyway, they're so gorgeous! Definitely the most expensive pair of footwear I've ever bought, but I knew I would have regretted it forever if I let the price tag daunt me enough to leave them in the store.

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