brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Hi readers and Fake fans!

I'd like to thank all the people who weighed in on my lemon dilemma in the last post. Most of the respondents wanted the same thing (Ryo riding Dee), so that's what I wrote.

My hard-working and helpful betas got the chapter back to me with all my dorky mistakes fixed, so I'll be posting the last chapter of Slave to a Gladiator tomorrow night (that's Saturday Feb. 06th). Lemonsville.

Tonight I made quesadillas for dinner for my husband and me.  The first two were soggy as hell, but the second two were crisp and perfect. I'm so full! I made more than I had originally intended to because of the disappointing sogginess of the earlier efforts. Leftovers are in the fridge. My husband will be home at 3:00 a.m wanting food, so he can eat the leftovers. IF he can find them. He's always claiming he can't find things in the fridge, even after I have put them on the top shelf  at eye level with big signs taped to them. And he's supposed to be the one with the 20/20 eyesight, too!

I now have my sister's glasses, which I like much better than my own. She has 4 pairs: I have one. I traded her my old glasses for these new ones. My old glasses used to fall off my face or the top of my head at least eight times a day! It drove me insane. Hers fit me much better. We seem to have the same prescription, not that I've looked at her paper prescription.. But her glasses are so comfortable for me. They haven't fallen off my face even once in the last 14 hours.

In boot news, I also got a fabulous pair of shiny orange pearlized leather boots on sale for a hundred bucks off! I love them. I'm so lucky they had my size. But they're still in my office at work since I lost my home boot storage during the boot-destroying deluge.

Now I must go shopping for an orange sweater to match my boots. I always wanted orange boots! Lands End had some clompy ones a couple of years ago, but I waffled and then they got sold out in my size.

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