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Slave to a Gladiator, ch 22

Hello readers,

Here's the final chapter of Slave to a Gladiator. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. It was definitely the silliest of all my Fakes stories so far, but, hey, there's a lot to be said for silliness and humor in this sometimes cold, cruel world!

I'm afraid I have to apologize, but I'm not going to be able to post any
new chapters or stories for at least six weeks, even though I'm dying to get back to Justice. The reason is that in addition to job #1 and job #2, I've started doing an online course (my first ever) and I've gotten way behind in my reading. There's a big difference between reading for pleasure and reading to memorize! I hardly even have time to do anything for myself anymore, although I have been pretty active on Yaoi Daily. I wish I could give that up! It's so addictive.

Anyway, I will definitely be back, but for now I have to buckle down.
Rating:   Not worksafe!

Slave To A Gladiator
Chapter 22
By Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:   Not worksafe!
Spoilers:  to Volume 7.
Disclaimer: Dee, Ryo, Bikky and Ted belong to Sanami Matoh, who created the popular manga, FAKE. Serena the whip-mistress is mine, however. I was not paid in any way for writing this story.
Summary: Sex of the graphic variety between two men who love each other 
Author's notes: Please read and review. 
Thank you to the_ladyfeather, tripple_p and shelley6441 

Slave To A Gladiator
Chapter 22
By Brit Columbia


Dee leaned back against the large cushions that Ryo had thoughtfully placed against the headboard for him, and gave his hands a couple of experimental flexes. Nope, the fit was good. He wouldn't be able to slip his wrists out of the manacles. Ryo had woven the chain connecting them through the spokes and curlicues of the brass headboard in such a way that Dee's arms were spread to either side and his upper body had very little mobility. It was a completely different set-up to the way that Dee had attached the chains to Ryo's bed earlier when their positions had been reversed. Dee had manacled each of his wrists and then had simply tied the chain loop to the headboard with the sash from Ryo's blue dressing gown. He had done it that way because he hadn't wanted Ryo to be distracted by worrying about the possibility of the gold chain scratching his heirloom headboard. Ryo's solution, a little different from Dee's, had been to wrap the gold chain in his black cashmere winter scarf.

Dee was touched when Ryo lit a couple of candles and placed them in different locations in the room. Their low, flickering light lent an air of unfamiliar exoticism to Ryo's standard box-shaped apartment bedroom. The light seemed to jump off the brass and fine wood of the furnishings in a way that Dee rarely got to see. It felt special because Ryo practically never lit candles. He tended to be fretful about the chance that unattended candles might start a fire, and also about the possibility of candle wax harming the finish on his furniture. But the fact that he had lit candles tonight meant that even though he wanted to play master and slave, he planned to make love rather than fuck. Dee was glad of that, because his ass was feeling somewhat hard-used from Ryo's urgent attentions to it in the shower. If Ryo was thinking about screwing him again, it would hopefully be slowly and gently.

"Um, you know exactly where the keys are to these things, right?" Dee moved his wrists so that the muffled chains thunked slightly against the headboard.

Ryo smiled secretively, and didn't answer. He just stood silently at the foot of the bed and admired his handiwork. There was so much heat in his gaze that Dee felt almost self-conscious. His cock twitched and began to fill and lengthen in response to the evident appreciation in his partner's eyes. That was a relief because he had blown an awful big load in the shower a mere twenty minutes earlier while being fondled and jerked off by Ryo. He had been a little worried about his recovery time, especially since he'd had two orgasms before they'd even gone out the door to Diana's party a few hours ago. He had recently turned thirty, and although thirty was still young, the years when he could get it up four or five times a night were definitely behind him.

Without breaking eye contact with Dee, Ryo climbed slowly onto the bed and straddled him. Dee gazed back at him, trying to look both nonchalant and seductive. He wondered what Ryo was going to do next. His natural instinct was to reach out and touch him, but chained up like this, it was impossible. 

Ryo ran his hands over Dee's shoulders and chest, stroking, exploring and even tickling slightly.

Dee chuckled against his will and twisted in his bonds, trying to avoid Ryo's naughty fingers as they danced over his ribs. "Master, please don't tickle me! Not that. Oi!" He laughed out loud, an almost painful sound, and struggled harder.

"Quiet, Slave." Ryo was obviously trying not to smile. "Let's see if your feet are as ticklish as your ribs..."

"NO!" Dee drew his knees up and tried to dig his feet into the bedding. "Ryo, don't do it. You'll regret it!"

Ryo stopped and looked at him. "I will? Why?"

"Look at that nice boner I've got there. It's already starting to shrivel. Tickling does that to him, you know."

This time Ryo couldn't stop himself from not only smiling, but laughing even louder than Dee had. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand, however, not wanting any more ceiling-to-floor communication from their downstairs neighbor, Mr. Hilroy.

"What's so funny?" Dee demanded. "You're not the one who's being tickled!"

"How about if I tickle 'him' instead? Would 'he' like that?" Ryo's laughing eyes danced from Dee's penis to his face.

"Oh, he'd love that," said Dee, raising his hips hopefully toward Ryo's hovering hand. "Look at him. He heard you and he's growing again."

Ryo wrapped his hand around Dee's penis and began stroking it in the way he knew Dee liked. A good firm grip and a flick of his thumb against the sensitive spot on the underside of the head on the upstrokes had Dee moaning in no time.

"Oh yeah, that's good, real good..." Dee closed his eyes and began thrusting into Ryo's hand. This was infinitely better than being tickled. When Ryo's other hand moved to fondle his balls, he gasped and opened his eyes. "Oh yeah, baby, just like that."

Those warm, knowing hands immediately left his male parts and moved up his chest again.

"H-hey, why'd you stop?" Dee whined almost breathlessly.

"You should call me 'Master', not 'baby'." Ryo lowered his warm body onto Dee's and began inching up Dee's torso, and Dee bit his lip when he felt Ryo's hard, velvety cock slide over his own, just for a moment.

"I'm sorry, Master. It's kind of hard for me to get used to being a slave. But I'm going to try my best!" Dee was determined not to piss Ryo off again. "Say, do you think you could rub your dick against mine again, like you just did?"

"Like this?" Ryo did it again.

"Hell, yeah. I mean, yes, Master. Love that. Um, can you do it some more?"

"You're a very talkative slave," said Ryo. "You're surprisingly full of requests, too."

"Sorry, Master." Dee wriggled underneath Ryo, trying to get a harder cock-to-cock contact. "Is that bad?"

"Well, I know a way to shut you up."

"Really, Master?" Dee hoped it was his favorite way of being shut up, as opposed to the dreaded gag Ryo had threatened him with earlier.

"Yes. A couple of ways actually." Ryo's face swam in close to Dee's, and his open mouth touched Dee's lips gently before moving back out and returning at a different angle. Dee turned his head slightly in an effort to capture Ryo's mouth with his own, but Ryo continued to tease him by coming in for brief, light, open-mouthed kisses with just the barest hint of tongue.

Once more, Dee silently cursed his bonds. If his hands had been free, he could have taken hold of Ryo's face, pulled him close and kissed all that distant, bossy authority right out of him. Ryo had always been gratifyingly susceptible to his kisses.



"Please, kiss...nnhhh...kiss me deeper..."

"Full of requests, like I said. Tsk, Tsk." However, Ryo did as Dee asked, taking Dee's jaw firmly in his hand and sliding his tongue into Dee's hot, sweet mouth.

Dee kissed back for all he was worth, sucking on Ryo's tongue and darting his own tongue against Ryo's lips and teeth. He had to make Ryo want him, had to increase his lover's desire before there was any more talk about tickling or gags or God knew what else. He wasn't about to forget that Ryo was capable of teasing him for a long time, of working him into a state of pleading desperation-- after all, he had done it before-- and Dee was definitely not in the mood for any more mental or physical torture. What he needed was an emotional and physical connection with Ryo after the stressful events of the party.

Ryo pulled back and said, "Slave, are you trying to take control?"

"Your slave is only trying to please you by kissing you to the best of his ability."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Master, don't you like the way I kiss you?"

"No, I don't like it." Ryo narrowed his eyes at Dee. "I love it, you bastard, and that's the problem."

"Why should it be a problem?" whispered Dee, his eyes dropping to Ryo's lips, which were slightly kiss-swollen. "I love kissing you; you love kissing me, we both enjoy it, no problem. Let's kiss some more."

"Later," murmured Ryo, moving further up Dee's body until his knees were on either side of Dee's shoulders. His erect cock bumped against Dee's lower lip, and Dee's tongue promptly came out to taste it.

"Yeah, do it, babe! Sorry, I mean 'Master'. Fuck my face. Let me--" Dee's next words were cut off as Ryo nudged the head of his penis into Dee's mouth.

"Shhhh," said Ryo and pulled back out to swirl the tip of his penis against Dee's lips before pushing it back in again. Not too far, of course. He would let Dee set the pace for now. He wasn't sure if Dee could take his whole length in this position, and he didn't want to choke him. God, that soft, searing mouth felt good.

Dee groaned in pleasure, letting the vibrations of the sound reverberate along the length of Ryo's hard dick. He moved his tongue strongly against the underside of it as it slid slowly in and out of his mouth. He wished he could get his hand free so that he could fondle Ryo's testicles. If he had more freedom of movement, he could have moved his head right off Ryo's cock and at least licked them. But, sadly, it was impossible with the way Ryo was straddling his shoulders and fucking his face up against the headboard. All he could do was take it, and moan and use his tongue as best he could until Ryo changed the rhythm.

Although he couldn't touch, he could feel the quivering tension in Ryo's body. He knew his lover's thighs and stomach muscles were really hard. Ryo would last longer this time; that shower fuck had taken the edge off for him. Dee moved his hips this way and that in a futile effort to try and rub his own neglected dick against something. Goddammit, it was frustrating being chained.

He wasn't consciously aware that he had been straining against his bonds until Ryo stopped thrusting into his mouth and pulled out enough to poke Dee's face with his spit-wet cock.

"Slave," said Ryo. "Stop pulling on the chains. You're going to hurt your wrists if you keep doing that."

"Huh?" Dee glanced up at him. "Oh, right. Sorry about that." Ow. Ryo was right. His wrists were throbbing. Better stop pulling on the chains in case he inadvertently dented Ryo's heirloom headboard. This had been Ryo's parents' bed and Dee was pretty sure he'd never hear the end of it if he caused it any damage.

He took the opportunity to nuzzle Ryo's balls. They smelled of soap and Ryo's natural male musk.

"You know what your problem is, Slave?"

Yes, thought Dee. I'm restrained by a set of goddamn costume-rental chains and I can't grab you and grope your pecs and your thighs and then throw your gorgeous body down on this bed and have my way with it. However, he didn't think that Ryo, in master mode, would be pleased if he came right out and said that. So instead, all he said was, "No, Master. What's my problem?" between long, wet licks of Ryo's cock and balls.

"You're not able to surrender," Ryo said. "You always have to be the guy in charge, the one on top."

"Um..." mumbled Dee around Ryo's dick. "Is sak bab?"

"No, it's not bad, unless your partner has chained you to a bed and you're playing gladiators and slaves."

"So it's bad, then?"

Ryo moved his knees back from Dee's shoulders and Dee stuck his tongue out as far as he could in one last attempt to lick his retreating dick. But--oooh-- as Ryo moved down his body, Dee felt parts of Ryo brush against his lonely and straining cock. He closed his eyes briefly and rubbed it against his partner.

"Dee." Ryo was looking into his eyes and smiling. "What if I order you to surrender?"

Dee looked back at him helplessly. "I can't, baby. This is me. Might as well order me to have blue eyes or grow fins."

Ryo bent his head and kissed Dee's chest. "I don't want you to have blue eyes or fins. How about if I order you to relax and trust me?"

"Well... Are you planning on tormenting me any more? Like spanking or scrubbing? Not that I'm trying to say I didn't deserve it, but..."

Ryo flicked at one of Dee's nipples with his tongue and then nibbled it softly with his teeth. "No more pain. I promise."

"Are you going to tease the hell out of me, then? Because that's almost as bad as pain if a person is... all chained up and can't move."

"I'm going to give you pleasure, only pleasure," Ryo murmured between the slow, sensual kisses he was planting across Dee's chest. His hands slid from Dee's strong shoulders and up his raised arms as far as he could reach, squeezing and exploring their hard curves. "I might tease you a little bit, but I won't be cruel."

"Maybe your idea of cruel is different from mine."

"Dee, I know that being restrained like this is hard for you, but--"

"Hard? Hah!" Dee smirked broadly. "What are you talking about? The only thing that's hard is-- mph!"

"Quiet, Slave!" Ryo's whole hand covered Dee's mouth. "Don't bother bullshitting me. I already know."

Dee blinked back at him with eyes that were trying to look innocent and confused. "Know what?" they seemed to say.

"I know that being restrained makes you nervous."

Dee tried to respond to this, but Ryo kept his hand in place.

"I'm also aware that you can handle it, tough guy. But I would like you to try to relax and trust me. You're not in control-- I am. I've already made up my mind what I'm going to do to you. You have no say about it, any of it, so you might as well accept it. Try to relax, okay?"

Dee looked back at Ryo with a combination of fearful anticipation and adoration. He had given up trying to hide his feelings at the moment that Ryo had told him he knew about his sentiments regarding being chained. His lips moved only to kiss the hand that was covering his mouth, which brought him a smile from Ryo.

"Now," said Ryo in a voice that portended his increased dominance of Dee. The look in his eyes-- amused, possessive, knowing-- made Dee shiver.

"Let's see about making you relax, shall we?" Ryo removed his hand from Dee's mouth, caressing his jaw and tracing the outline of his lips as he did so. He loved looking at Dee. The man was movie-star handsome, except better-looking than any of the movie stars Ryo had ever seen. But it was his fiery, cocky, confident personality that added the gilding touch to his attractiveness. It was really the personality that Ryo had fallen in love with, although the packaging that it came with was something that he quietly enjoyed on a daily basis. He wasn't sure that Dee understood that though, since he played up his looks and the power of his appearance every opportunity he got.

He caressed and kissed Dee all over with firm, masculine strokes. No light, torturous caresses or tickling, as he had promised. He just wanted to enjoy exploring the scents and textures of the helpless and bound masculine body that was thoroughly at his disposal.

It was amazing how different Dee's skin felt at various locations on his body. There was the fine-grade sandpaper feel of the stubble rising on his jaw, the marble smoothness of the tops of his shoulders, which gave way to the faint roughness of hair as Ryo's hands moved steadily down his arms. The rugged, jutting bones of Dee's strong wrists were a new delight, especially in contrast with the tender skin on their undersides. The skin on the back of Dee's hands felt almost leathery from years of sun; his palms were softer, although there were a few light calluses in the place where the fingers began. The skin on Dee's fingers was rough, more so on his left hand than on his right. The knuckles also had ridges of calluses, not unlike Ryo's own, except that Ryo's had come from repeated punching of a heavy bag in the pursuit of his Karate skills, whereas Dee's had come from regular street fights, both before and during his years as a cop.

Ryo kissed each of Dee's hands and moved his attention to the man's torso. Dee was well-muscled, but lean. His body gave an impression of aesthetically pleasing delineation of muscle, rather than bulk or raw power. However, the quality of Dee's muscle was very good, very dense. Ryo, who had been in full-contact martial arts since he was fifteen, had many years of experience of sizing up opponents. He could tell just by looking at a person and watching how he or she moved, who had dense and heavy bones, who was fast, who was flexible, who had a sturdy enough core to withstand repeated blows to it. Dee had all of those things. He was heavier than he looked, immensely strong and quick, and his physical coordination would have made most aspiring pro athletes green with envy.

Ryo nuzzled the broad, flat pectoral muscles, breathing in deeply through his nose the spicy aroma rising from the furry tufts in Dee's armpits. It smelled like equal parts designer deodorant (Ryo's own, as usual) and the wonderfully individual pheromone-laden scent of Dee himself. The skin of his chest was smooth, his little masculine nipples were satiny soft, initially wrinkled and malleable, but quickly rising to firm attention when tugged, rolled and licked.

Ryo's tongue and fingertips together traced the line of hair that began at Dee's navel and led the way down his muscled abdomen to the neatly trimmed thatch of dark hair at his loins. Dee's torso rose and fell under Ryo's touch as Dee's breath quickened. "Please, please..." he whispered.

Ryo glanced up at him from where he was paying homage to one of Dee's lean hips. The skin was impossibly smooth here, so smooth that it gleamed softly. "Please what?" Ryo's fingertips tugged slightly at the skin, watching it slide over the bone of Dee's hip and the hard muscle and sinew around it. He quickly pressed his lips to the area, once again inhaling the potent scent of Dee's body.

"Please... my cock. Lick him, touch him, even just for a moment?"

Ryo had been purposely ignoring Dee's penis, although it wasn't easy. It lay against Dee's flat belly, pointing toward his chin, very hard, quite red at the tip, and drooling a little trail of precum. "I'll think about it, Slave." He eyed the wetness on its crown, wanting to lap up the moisture, to taste the salty stickiness on his tongue, but also wanting to make Dee wait just a little longer. He caressed Dee's thighs, pushing them apart that he might lick the sensitive skin on their insides, biting gently at the hard muscle on their outsides, enjoying the sensation of male body hair under his lips. He had kissed female thighs before, pressing his face into their hairless, yielding softness. They were so very different from the male variety, which he now understood that he infinitely preferred.

He lifted his face and ran his hands firmly down Dee's legs, squeezing as he went in a motion almost like massage. He paused to gently kiss the bullet wound on Dee's thigh, the one he had been given by John Hale years ago before being left to die with Bikky in a bomb-rigged school. Whenever Ryo looked at that wound, it brought a surge of emotion out of his heart. Although shot and bleeding, Dee had saved Bikky and disarmed a bomb, somehow managing to survive the other explosions. Afterward, Ryo had sobbed limply in his arms; the relief and gratitude that overwhelmed him at that time had been the most powerful emotion he had felt in the ten years since his parents had died. This memory was one of many that helped him to make his decision when the time had come to choose Dee as his life partner. For so many years he had been an automaton: breathing, working, eating, sleeping, failing at relationships because his heart was essentially closed. It had been Dee and Bikky who had, each in his own way, brought Ryo back to life.

He looked up at Dee again. His lover was watching him through half-closed eyes, trying not to look too desperate. However, his thick black lashes were unable to block the naked arousal in his gaze.

"Please," Dee repeated, and Ryo relented, moving up Dee's thigh to lap at his partner's testicles and lick his way slowly up the length of his penis. It was so hot and hard, the skin like velvet, another astonishing texture he knew he could never get enough of.

Dee groaned in response and moved under him, rocking his hips up against Ryo's mouth. "Yeah, oh yeah..."

Ryo sucked it for a while, his own arousal increasing alongside Dee's. He was rubbing his own erect penis against one of Dee's legs. His whole groin area felt sensitized, his balls, his perineum, even his anus. He voluntarily contracted the muscles around and inside that area, and felt a familiar hunger. He wanted Dee inside him, and soon. He wanted to be filled up. He almost couldn't believe that he wanted that particular pleasure again, only a few hours after he had last had it. It was now his favorite sexual activity, although the mere thought of it had once filled him with terror. Dee had taught him how to relax and trust and take cock up his ass-- in fact, had not only taught him how to take it, but also to enjoy it. It was uniquely pleasurable, although one had to take care, as pain was always lurking just around the corner. There were times when he wanted it hard and rough, and other times when he wanted it slow and gentle, wanted it inside him for a long time, relishing the sensation of being joined with the one he loved, his heart beating in time with Dee's.

When he raised his head off Dee's cock, his eyes went immediately to the bottle of Astroglide on the nightstand. He had brought it out of the bathroom himself. It was time to torment his slave a little.

Dee's eyes followed his with a questioning expression on his face. Ryo grinned at his lover, enjoying the fact that Dee had no idea what was coming next. He rose up on his knees and reached for the lube, noting that Dee didn't move a muscle.

In fact, Dee was focusing his whole being on trying to stay calm and loose. If he was about to get it up the heinie again, it sure wouldn't do to be tense, sore as he was. That evil grin of Ryo's told him everything he needed to know.

Ryo knelt astride one of Dee's thighs, and flipped the pop-up cap off the bottle of lubricant. He poured some onto his fingers and then took his penis in hand, stroking himself up and down, watching Dee as he did so.

"Um, Master," began Dee. "Could you--"


Ryo next poured some lube onto Dee's penis and stroked it as well.

"Mmmmm," said Dee, enjoying it, but still looking a little uncertain.

When Ryo poured lube onto his fingers again and then reached under his balls to lubricate his own ass, Dee's eyes widened in surprise. Ryo noted with amusement that he also looked rather relieved.

"Master!" said Dee mischievously. "I didn't know gladiators were in the habit of riding their slaves."

"This gladiator does," said Ryo, pushing a second wet finger into himself. "But, then this particular gladiator once was a pleasure slave himself."

"And a mighty fine pleasure slave you were, too," said Dee. "You've gone from a slave to a gladiator in just a few hours."

"Your fortunes have changed as well," Ryo reminded him.

"Yeah, but as long as I'm your slave, I'm happy with my lot in life." Dee smiled up at him and then looked down to where Ryo's fingers were busily moving. He wished he could see the point of entry, but the angle was wrong. "How does that feel, Master?"

"I like it better when you do it," Ryo confessed, "but don't get your hopes up that I'm going to unchain you." He added more lube and resumed working his nether entrance. His face was growing pinker the longer his self-prep lasted. He knew from experience that it was harder for him to impale himself on Dee's hard penis than it was when Dee took care of the penetration, and that adequate preparation with lots of lubricant was the key to success. He felt a little self-conscious that Dee was watching him pretty much fuck his own ass with his fingers, but Dee clearly thought it was hot, so he didn't let it bother him too much.

Finally, he deemed himself ready, He snapped the lid back down on the bottle of Astroglide and then tossed it down on the bed next to Dee so that it would be handy if he needed more. He moved into position, straddling Dee's hips and reaching back with his hand to hold his partner's penis steady. He felt a momentary wavering of his confidence. The last few times he had done this, Dee's hands had not been restrained and he had been able to help with the angling and the steadying of his member. This time, Ryo would have to do it all himself.

He looked down at Dee's excited face and the sight emboldened him. All Dee's nervousness was gone. His eyes kept darting from Ryo's face to his cock and then back again. His hands still clenched and opened unconsciously in the manacles, but he no longer seemed apprehensive. Ryo leaned down to kiss first Dee's forehead and then his lips. He fixed his supine lover with a stern gaze.

"Slave," he said. "I expect you to please me. Do you understand?"

"Uh-huh," said Dee, nodding rapidly. "I'm in the doghouse if I blow my load before you, right?"

"Yes. But you'll be more than just in the doghouse. If you come before I do, then you're going to sleep in these chains. Is that clear?"

"Master!" From the depths of his considerable repertoire, Dee managed to summon up a very piteous expression.

"I said, 'Is that clear?'" Ryo frowned down at him.

"Yes sir. I got it. I'll do my best, Master, even if I have to use mental images of the Chief... and his wife... naked togeth--"

"Okay, that's enough," said Ryo hastily. "If you have to think such thoughts, please keep them to yourself. Now get ready, Slave. Your master desires you."

"Ooh," said Dee. "I'm a lucky, lucky slave..."

"Shut up. I mean it." Ryo tried to focus and relax at the same time, a feat every bit as difficult as it sounds.

He could feel the blunt head of Dee's cock pressing up against his well-prepared entrance. It achieved a certain amount of pressure and then seemed to abruptly slither out of the way. He and Dee both sighed in frustration and tried again. Dee's dick badly wanted to go in, Ryo wanted the same thing, but at least two more times they had the same problem, until on the fourth attempt, Ryo felt that they had the angle down perfectly.

"Easy, baby, easy... Take it slow," murmured Dee, although not that long ago he had been forbidden to speak.

Ryo let out a little cry and tossed his head as he and Dee together unexpectedly broke through his defenses. Dee jerked up into him and then froze. Ryo held his breath for a moment, one hand on Dee's chest, the other on the cock that was now partially lodged inside him. In a surprisingly short amount of time, his tight muscles let go and allowed gravity to do its work. Ryo slid down further onto Dee's erection, stopping briefly when he was about three quarters of the way in, just long enough to let a passing spasm run its short course.

Dee's eyes had been closed during the slide. Now he opened them and gazed up at Ryo. "You," he gasped out, "are a Roman god. So tight, so beautiful..."

"Hush," breathed Ryo for lack of ability to speak. He had no real expectation that Dee would keep quiet, however. Taking a deep breath he rocked his hips forward experimentally, which caused Dee's cock to slide all the way home. He almost lost his balance with the shock. An incoherent whimper escaped him. Every inch of his lover's manhood was now buried inside him. It was quite long and thick. The strong ring of his sphincter muscle clung tightly to the base of Dee's cock, but the rest of him was adjusting very rapidly. It was almost as though he had been born to do this, to express his sexuality in this way that most of society considered unusual for a man. He was so goddamn full. It was the most heavenly physical sensation he was capable of feeling. And he was the one in control.

He tightened the muscles of his thighs and rose up three or four inches before angling his hips forward and letting himself slide all the way back down. The movement caused a fleeting pressure to his prostate gland; intense pleasure of a more localized variety broke over him like a wave on a beach and he immediately did it again. Yes. Oh, yes.

Dee growled and twisted in his bonds, trying to thrust deeper into Ryo.

"Dee," said Ryo in a shaky voice, "Remember what I said about holding back."

"Sure, yeah, anything you say," Dee whispered, and then groaned as Ryo's entire channel tightened on him all the way up his length. "Holy Mother of God!"

Ryo rode Dee  with uninhibited and single minded intensity. As Dee had predicted, the orgasm in the shower had taken his edge off, which left him with a certain amount of staying power. Dee gazed up at him lustfully, relishing the sight of Ryo on fire, and trying his best not to let the breathy moans and whimpers his lover was making send him over the edge. Ryo was fucking him, taking him, demanding pleasure and fulfillment from him, albeit from a traditionally passive position. The tight sheath of his anal passage was squeezing Dee's dick rhythmically, almost as though it were trying to milk him. Dee gritted his teeth and thought of the Chief, along with the elderly Mr. Hilroy, whenever it got to be too much. Ryo was going to come first, dammit, no matter how long it took. He was pretty sure Ryo had been bluffing about making him spend the night in these chains, but he wasn't in a hurry to test his theory. Ryo had surprised him more than once this evening.

At one point, Dee put his knees up and tilted his pelvis to try to get in deeper, but when his hard thighs made contact with the whip bruises on Ryo's buttocks, Ryo gasped in pain and ordered Dee to keep his legs down. Contrite, Dee obeyed, but it was difficult for him when he understood how little movement this prohibition, along with the chains on his wrists, was going to afford him.

For his part, Ryo was reveling in being the one with the power. For once it was he who was setting the pace, he who was controlling the outcome. He had to admit that he liked being in control. He liked ordering Dee to obey him, to service him. Of course, he also enjoyed being held down and taken by Dee, which was what usually happened on other occasions, but for now, being the commander of his own pleasure as well as his partner's, certainly had a lot to recommend it. The only downside was that with Dee's hands chained, he couldn't tell Dee to pull his penis for him. Ryo stroked himself slowly and steadily, fondling his own testicles and feeling the stickiness of the preseminal fluid he was releasing mix with the lubricant he had applied earlier. Despite his own desire and abandon, he managed to remain at least somewhat alert to Dee's level of arousal, slowing his pace a little whenever he thought Dee might be getting too close. Dee was trying too, and it seemed to be working. Ryo experimented with leaning both forward and backward, and with raising his knees until he was lowering himself up and down on Dee's cock from a crouching posture. However, he returned to the position that was best for him: upright, knees on the bed and leaning forward a little. Dee's penis had an upward curve to it that made it bring natural stimulation to Ryo's prostate gland. In addition, this position allowed Ryo to bend down and kiss Dee at intervals, murmuring words of love and encouragement. He could see how hard it was for Dee not to let himself go. At least once, he had to reach back and squeeze the base of Dee's cock at Dee's request, to keep him from shooting.

"Can I come soon, ba--, uh, Master?" Dee panted

"Soon," Ryo moaned, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as he felt the pressure start to build in his balls.

Dee recognized the signs, having seen them many times before. Ryo's face was already flushed, but his breath quickened and his muscles grew taut. He increased the pace of his thrusts and his well-lubed rear channel became so tight that Dee felt as though a strong hand was jerking his cock.

"Baby, you'd better be planning to go this time," Dee warned urgently, hoping Ryo would take himself back from the edge. "I'm not gonna be able to hold out much longer if you're gonna ride me hard and-- Oh God-- deep like that."

Ryo didn't answer because at that moment his orgasm lunged up and took him. Waves of ecstasy swept over him and his penis pulsed its effluence over his fingers.

"Dammit-- you-- aw fuck, fuck!' cried Dee as he felt Ryo's insides contract spasmodically around his dick. A moment later he was grinding up into Ryo as hard as he could, shooting his climax far up into Ryo's body.

Ryo ground back, his eyes still closed and his mouth temporarily slack. He was still flying, the waves of his own orgasm still rippling faintly through his insides. The head of his cock felt raw and sensitive and his balls felt lighter.

"Baby! Jesus, that was hot." Dee panted and grinned up at him, twisting his hips under Ryo's, trying to squeeze out the last little bit of sensation.

Ryo glanced up at the headboard to where Dee had started pulling on his chains again. "Dee, stop that. Keep your hands still."

"Huh? Oh yeah, right." Dee glanced at his hands and made an effort to stop. He looked up at Ryo appealingly. "Master... Can you, uh, can you...?"

"What, another request?" Ryo said sternly, but then softened the words by reaching down to gently brush Dee's thick, still damp hair off his forehead. He gave him an affectionate smile because he had some notion of what it might be about.

"I need you," Dee said simply.

"I know," said Ryo and eased himself carefully off Dee's rapidly softening penis. He snatched a couple of tissues out of the box on the nightstand and wiped Dee off quickly with them, doing the same for himself when he had finished. Only then did he look down into Dee's anxious face and tell him the words he needed to hear. "I love you, Dee. Never doubt that. You're my everything."

"Ryo, c'mere!" Dee's voice held a tone of urgency. Now, as always, it tugged at Ryo's heartstrings and awoke every nurturing instinct he possessed. He thought it was adorable the way Dee always got emotional after sex. It had been a big surprise that the cocky, swaggering Dee Laytner would have such a weakness. Prior to sleeping with him, he never would have guessed.

"You big silly," he said softly, lowering himself onto Dee's body and nuzzling affectionately at the side of his neck. He slid his arms under Dee's shoulders and held him tightly. As he was still restrained, Dee couldn't return his embrace, but he lifted his legs and wrapped them around the backs of Ryo's thighs, effectively hugging him with his lower body. He nuzzled back, whispering with unintelligible passion, endearments which Ryo couldn't really hear.

He didn't need to hear, however. He understood the gist of it. Dee was deeply in love with him, just as he was with Dee. They belonged to each other for life, through the good times and the bad. They were each destined to make mistakes, but somehow, Ryo knew he would always be able to find it in his heart to forgive Dee for anything he did. "I love you," he repeated, the sheer power of that feeling flowing through him, its certainty echoing in every molecule of his being. "My Dee..."

The man beneath him gradually relaxed, and after a while, Ryo raised himself enough to look down at him affectionately.

"Hey," said Dee. "What's our story?"

Ryo's brows drew together in a little frown of puzzlement. "What do you mean?"

"What's our story in the fantasy? You know, like earlier, I was a gladiator who won you by fighting for you. You were a brand new slave who hadn't been trained."

"Oh." Ryo thought for a moment. "Okay, how about this? We're both gladiators, and we're both good fighters. You challenged me to a fight to determine who was the best. The loser had to be the other gladiator's slave for the night. I defeated you and collected my winnings. But first I punished you for your insolence."

"I like it," said Dee, grinning at him. "You know, babe, you're good at this stuff."

Ryo flushed with pleasure.

"Maybe we can play this game again sometime."

Ryo shrugged, trying to look casual. "Maybe."

"But next time it's YOU who gets tied to the damn bed!"

Ryo shrugged again. "We'll see," he said.

"'We'll see', nothing! You, not me. Got that?" Dee gave Ryo a fierce look.

Ryo rose to his knees and looked down at Dee questioningly. "Do you want to be unlocked now, or not?"

Dee's eyes widened. "Oh, yes, please, Master. I'm sorry if I offended you. Please unlock me right now, Master, please!"

Ryo got off the bed and started moving things around on the top of the dresser. "Uh-oh..." he said.

"Ryo, what the fuck?" Dee's head whipped around and he stared in alarm at Ryo. A second later, he relaxed visibly and rolled his eyes.

"I could have sworn I put them right here," murmured Ryo perplexedly.

"Nice try, babe. Don't play cards for money with that face, you hear?"

"But, Dee, the keys aren't here!"

"Give it up, dude." Dee yawned sleepily. "You know, it's not that I blame you for trying out a little payback, but I ain't buying it. I think you know exactly where those keys are. Now, come on, cough 'em up and get me out of these chains!"

"Maybe after I've had another shower," announced Ryo, looking slightly peeved. "Back soon!"

"Hey!" yelled Dee, but Ryo was striding out through the bedroom door.


Even though it was past their normal bedtime, Ryo was in the kitchen setting up breakfast materials for tomorrow. The coffee maker would be ready to go with the push of a button, and now he was neatly arranging mugs, bowls, spoons and boxes of cereal on the table.

Dee, meanwhile, had seized the opportunity to help himself to certain items from Ryo's closet that he hoped he would be allowed to wear tomorrow.

He paused in the act of rootling through Ryo's sock drawer to answer his cell phone. "Ted, is that you? Speak up, man, I can hardly hear you."

"Dee, you asshole, I can't speak louder," Ted hissed. "I'm in the bathroom on my cell right now. She's waiting for me in the bedroom and-- and-- dude, you wouldn't believe what she wants to do!"

"What does she want to do?" asked Dee, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"She's got-- get this-- a COLLECTION of dildoes, and a-- a strap-on harness and she wants..." Ted's voice trailed away.

"Yeah? Go on."

"Well-- you gotta promise me that no word of this gets out to anyone at the 27th, you got that?"

"Got it, man."

"I'm serious, Dee! I kept my trap shut about you and Ryo, so I think you owe me one."

"Yeah, dammit, I do." Dee sighed. He had been looking forward to embarrassing the hell out of Ted the next day. "Don't worry, I won't tell a soul."

"Well, she wants to-- you're not going to believe this-- she wants to stick those dildoes up my ass! She wants to wear that goddamn harness and-- and do me like a girl!" Ted's voice rose in indignation on those last few words, and Dee's shoulders shook with suppressed snickers. He clamped his hand over his mouth so that Ted wouldn't hear.

"Dee? Hey buddy, you there?"

"Yeah, uh-huh, I'm here."

"Well, what the hell should I do? I mean, Jesus, I'm really in a bind here!"

"Look, Ted, you were the one who wanted to go home with a dominatrix."

"I know, but--"

"You were the one who bent over backwards to convince her you weren't Mr. Vanilla."

"I know, but--"

"So now I think you should just bend over forwards and take it like a man."

"WHAT? You fucked-up sonofabitch, you're no help at all!"

"Teddy boy, YOU got yourself into this, let me remind you." Try as he might, Dee couldn't keep the gloating note out of his voice. "Anyway, you can totally do this, man. It's not like she's a guy, or anything. She's an incredibly hot, sexy woman, would you not agree?"

Ryo's frowning visage abruptly appeared in front of Dee, and Dee winked at him to let him know he shouldn't be jealous. Ryo looked doubtfully at him, but then was immediately distracted by the sight of his second-favorite pair of socks in Dee's hand. He took them away from Dee and stuffed them back in the drawer.

"Yeah, she's gorgeous," Ted was saying. "But-- Dee! Nothing has ever... gone up my ass before! Ever!"

"Dude, there's a first time for everything," Dee said, walking toward the kitchen so that Ryo wouldn't overhear the next part. "Besides, this is her number one fantasy, you know?"

"What? Her number one fantasy?"

"Yeah, I've known her a long time and she was always like that. Nothing gets her hotter and wetter than pegging a guy. She likes fucking girls too, but when it's a man, that really does it for her."

"Aw, fuck. I'm doomed, aren't I?"

"Not necessarily. She knows what she's doing, so you're not gonna get hurt or anything. Besides, getting pegged is better than getting whipped, which is the other thing she likes to do to guys."

"Oh man," Ted whimpered. "I gotta get outta here."

"Are you dressed?"


"Are your clothes by any chance all over the floor in the bedroom?"

"Uh, yeah they are, 'cause I've been eating her pussy in there for, like, an hour. But, crap, I think one of my shoes might be in the living room."

"Idiot. Then getting out of there isn't going to be easy."

There was a brief silence, and then Dee heard Serena's voice calling to Ted from presumably right outside the bathroom door, "Ted? Are you okay in there?"

"Yes, just fine!" Ted called back brightly.

Dee snorted with glee when he heard her say, "Are you almost done cleaning your ass?"

"Almost!" Ted called back. "I'll be right there. Just wait for me in the bedroom, okay?"

"Oka-a-ayy. Don't keep me waiting too long."

"I won't!" Ted's cheery voice suddenly dropped to a whisper. "Dee, you gotta help me."

"Look, Ted, it's real simple. You either go out there and tell her that you're very sorry but you're totally vanilla after all, just like she was afraid of back at the party, or you open up your mind--and your ass, of course-- and get ready to broaden your sexual horizons a little. You're not gonna die, either way. But you gotta be a man and make a choice and deal with it."

"But-- but Dee, couldn't you, like, call me on my cell in ten minutes and pretend you're the Chief and say there's an emergen-- Dee? Hello? Hello?"

Dee, who was holding his phone right above the rushing water coming out of the kitchen tap, said, "What was that? Ted? I can't hear you. You're breaking up, man!"

Ted's voice was still squawking out of Dee's phone when he hit the 'end' button and terminated the call.

Dee turned around and saw Ryo standing in the entranceway of the kitchen with his arms folded, looking suspicious.

"What?" Dee asked defensively.

Ryo's eyes went from Dee's guileless expression to the phone in his hand and then back again. "You're up to no good, aren't you?"

"Come on, babe. Always ready to judge me so harshly. I was just giving Ted a little 'woman advice', that's all. It's up to him whether he 'takes it' or not. I was sick of listening to him whine, so I pretended we got cut off."

Ryo, nodded, satisfied with this explanation. "Whatever. Are you ready to come to bed?"

"More than ready! Let me just turn off my cell phone in case Ted calls me back..."

~end of Slave to a Gladiator! Thank you for reading it.
Tags: fake, slave to a gladiator

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