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update on my next post
Dee Blue waves
Hello FAKE fans! Don't give up on me yet. I'm still alive and breathing and walking around. I've just had a really nuts schedule for the last few weeks. Jeez, and I thought I was busy before I started doing demanding online courses!

I got a Brazilian Blowout back in February and I love my hair! It's supposed to last up to ten weeks, as long as I don't wash my hair every day, which I don't. It was an arm and a leg, though. $300 with cut and tip!  That's more than I usually spend on my hair in a year. I don't really think I can do this regularly because I can't see spending that kind of money on my hair every two and a half months.  besides, if I wait long enough, I bet the Brazilian Blowout formula will eventually come to drugstores, once its inventor has made enough money selling it to select hairdressers. Only two shops in my city currently offer this service.

I've been doing lots of studying-- more than I thought I would have to. I don't have much experience with online courses. I didn't think it would be this intensive. The problem is that I want to do well (and I have been!), so I'm willing to work an extra two or three hours even on small assignments just to get nine out of ten instead of eight. Or better yet, ten out of ten, instead of nine!

Anyway, I'm planning to continue with the courses right through to the end of this calendar year. I have several more modules to complete, which means my posting is going to be slower in 2010 unless I manage to become a lean, mean studying machine. The good news is that that actually might happen. Usually it takes a while to get used to something new and to find the short cuts.

I'm in a little hiatus right now between the first course and the next one, which starts in April. I got 98% on my final exam, by the way! My plan is to work on stories to post for you, my faithful and patient readers! Oh and I also have to do my, my husband's and my father's taxes. :(

I'm just about ready to post   chapter 7. I need to make a few more tweaks, then I'll put it up here on my LJ sometime tomorrow. I hope you'll come by to read it.

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Congrats on the A! You are right to put your education first. We may not like waiting but we can deal with it

Thanks for being so supportive. I understand about not liking to wait because I also hate waiting.

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Thanks! I need luck and energy. Especially energy. And maybe some cookies.

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Sorry to hear about your grandpa's funeral. May he rest in peace. Funerals certainly take a lot of energy. Thanks for being willing to share your cookies! *Starts nibbling*

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Doesn't he just? That's the gorgeous Reynaldo Gianecchini, AKA "Giane', whom I think is the most handsome man alive in the world today. He's the physical embodiment of Dee! I have a ton of userpics that feature him.

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Yes, exactly. I think it would be easier to find a Berkie than a Ryo. I wish I could find a Ryo. I think everyone pictures him a little differently, but most people who have seen my Giane icons always comment that he looks like Dee.

Whooohoo! 98% Congratulations! I'm impressed. And don't worry about updates. I've got you on my e-mail, so I know when an update comes along. Other than that, as eager as I am to read your wonderful work, I fully understand that real life (and especially school, work, and taxes) come first! *giggle* So have fun, take your time, and we'll all still be here whenever you're ready! *hugs*

'School', 'work' and 'taxes' are not three of my favorite words, that's for sure. But we all have to do them, and I suppose that on some level, we should be glad that we can.

Thanks for the congrats and the support! I'm very pleased with my 98% because I can't say it came easy.

My hair dresser recommended the Braziliam Blowout for me to, but I dye my hair (otherwise I am 41 and totally grey and people call my kids my grandkids) so we figured it would only last about 5 weeks. But I am glad to hear you liked it and it was good. Maybe I can turn grey again?

Really, only five weeks? I talked to my hairdresser about it and she said that color had no effect. She recommended that I color my hair either one week before or one week after. I colored it three days before with my new color 'Toasted Almond'. I use temporary colors, so I don't know whether that makes a difference. I don't think I specifically mentioned that to her.

How long ago did your hairdresser recommend this? I ask because the BB formula has changed in the last 6 months. It used to be a harsher chemical that made everyone's eyes water and had to be allowed to 'set' for two days, but now it's much gentler.

I had to look up "Brazilian Blowout" to find out what it was. :) Doing massive things to your hair is always fun. I used to dye my hair various colors and let people cut it anyway they liked because 'hair always grows out' and its a hell of a lot easier to change than your body. LOL!

Slower updates - well, we may hate it but its not a major problem. We're just enjoying the words not depending on them for our lives. That said, please don't every fully stop. You ARE a lot of fun to read.

Yes, I totally agree about the hair! It's not like a tattoo that a person will have pretty much for life. Hair grows out, so it's fun to change colors and styles. I often let students cut my hair because I absolutely don't care if they make a mistake. For the last year, a friend of mine has been cutting it for me. She's not a hairdresser or even a student. Well, actually she is a student, but for mathematics, not hair. But she cuts her own hair and she's willing to cut mine. However, recently when I got my BB, I sprang for a pro cut.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I don't think I'll ever fully stop, at least not willingly. I'm finding world-building too addictive!

Grats on the 98%! Online programs are certainly just as hard, if not harder, than analog ones. I've taken a few, and god help you if you have a complex question. Or worse, if you have tech problems. Everyone who passes deserves a medal. Or at least a T-shirt.

I had to google Brazilian Blowout to find out what it is, but WOW! It looks pretty amazing. I wish I could get one, lol.

Don't stress about the updates; it sounds like you've already got more than enough on your plate. We'll all still be here when RL slows down a bit. That said, woohoo! New chapter tomorrow (today?)! My inner FAKE fangirl was AWOL for a while, but she's now returned with a vengance.

First of all, let me just say that I'm so glad that your inner Fake fangirl came back. What a relief! Just in time for my chapter, too.

As a matter of fact, I did have tech problems during the exam. The countdown clock was positioned over top of the first few words of the first question on each page. Scrolling wouldn't budge it. I had to do a lot of guessing. At one point, the key word of the question was blocked and I had no choice but to call tech support. I lost ten minutes of exam time doing that.

(Deleted comment)
Three courses and ALL foreign languages?? You must either be very smart or very much a glutton for punishment! Or both! Well, okay, I already know that you're very smart, but I don't know how much you may or may not enjoy punishment...

I most definitely will not have fun with those damn taxes. I will probably successfully procrastinate for the rest of the week, but sooner or later, I'll have to buckle down and do them. *Waaiil!*

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