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Posting schedule...Lemon approaching
Dee Blue waves
My dear patient FAKE fanfic readers,

I must apologize for something. I had indicated in recent replies to comments that the next chapter of Justice would be up soon, but I'm afraid it isn't. The reason for this is that although I got the damn thing finished and off to the betas on the second day of my new online course, the sad fact is that this chapter needs surgery. Major surgery, on account of the fact that one huge scene needs to be either cut out altogether, or sliced and diced with cuisinart-esque skill. Whoa, LJ's spelling-bot really didn't like that word. But I digress. Back to Justice and my sucky chapter.

I feel I've been doing better with Justice than I did with A New Day. You know, not going off on tangents, trying to limit the number of OCs, keeping it tighter and more action-oriented. So now is not the time to do a rush job on a chapter that will still be online ten years from now, just because I was off work sick for several days last week right when my online course started up again. I need time to think about how to fix this chapter, and time is the thing I just won't have any of for a while.

However, please hang in there with me. I have an upcoming lemon for you. I wrote this about 6 or 7 months ago because I like to have one-shots or lemons to keep on hand for posting emergencies like the one I feel I'm in now. I've got three incredibly helpful betas helping me by fixing the mistakes in it.

This story is really hot if you're a fan of Top!Dee and Bottom!Ryo. I'm going to post it next weekend, most likely Saturday the 24th. However, it could be Friday. As soon as it's realistically possible, I'll get it up there for you.

As for Justice, I'm truly sorry, but we have to wait until May. But please don't lose faith in me. Those of you who have been following me for a few years now know that I'm a plodder who gets the job done in the end. (Classic definition of a Taurus right there)

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You are more than entitled to take the time you need.

No point spoiling us by sacrificing quality over quantity.

Make sure you take ample time to recover too.

Catch you later! (and never think we don't like hearing simply about you in the meantime!)

Thanks! You're so sweet. Actually, I often do think twice about posting in the meantime because I don't want to disappoint people who were hoping to find a chapter but instead found me talking about boots or online courses.

I recently ordered a bunch of new clothes from Lands End. I order from them sometimes because I hate shopping and have no time anyway. This time, it was my husband who pushed me to order because they have lots of jewel-toned men's clothing and he has always loved strong, bright colors.

I find if I order upper-body clothes like shirts and tee-shirts, it's hard to go wrong, but if I order lower-body clothes like pants and skirts, it's pretty hit and miss.

The latest order was a success except that my husband liked two of the tee-shirts I ordered for myself and is appropriating them! I'm letting him because I love him.

Understandable, but we love to hear about you too! Or at least I do!

Lol, it's convenient to shop online, but I find it enjoyable to be able to try on the clothes and browse in the stores. I usually don't mind going somewhere just to 'window shop' because rarely do I have enough money to seriously consider purchases ahead of time, and I'm a bargain hunter/opportunist to begin with.

Yeah, it's easy to find a top you know would look good, but the lower half is a very size and shape-conscious area that's difficult to accommodate for.

Lol! I'd just order another two of the same to replace them, and put a markered letter on the tag to tell whose is whose. (My mom did this for ages, on everything from bras to tshirts, though I believe she has quite a few of my old jeans now)

That's a very good idea, thank you! I was thinking I'd go ahead and order two more exactly the same, but I didn't know how we would tell them apart. My husband says we can 'share' them, but what if one of us slops tomato sauce on 'our' shirt? (It's sadly more likely to be me than him) I see we can solve the problem by having our own shirts with marked tags. But I draw the line at us wearing matching shirts on the same day!

Lol, don't want to be half of a whole and show such off to the world? Is he just that immature and embarrassing? Or are you that way? 8D


No, no, neither of us wants to wear the same shirt on the same day. But the possibility of it happening is there. I think HE should be the one to change, not me.

(xD so you two ARE embarrassed to so obviously show your coupledom, at least by intentional mimicry)

Of course, with that stubborn insistence, you know neither of you is going to change on the day when that accidentally happens.

(Deleted comment)
This icon of Dee, elated? That's because your exuberant spirit catches the feeling!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Erin! I'm touched that you were thinking about me. I often think about making a random post about one of the many odd and interesting things going on in my life because Lord knows, I'm never far away from a computer, but then I just... don't. I'll try to do that a little more often. It might bring a smile to someone's face, who knows?

Well, I sure enjoy my lemons, and I'm honestly glad that other people do, too. Sometimes I re-read old ones and want to tweak them (but don't). I bet people read them and experience the same urge! "Oh why did she use that squicky word?" they think, but then I imagine that they try to put it out of their minds.

Don't worry, you won't have to wait years! Just weeks, unfortunately five or six of them.

Thanks for being excited. You always rev up my energy levels for me!

You were ill again? I'm sorry to hear that, do you feel better now?
Like dauphkantus already said, quality is more important than quantity. Not that I'd notice when you posted something you are not content with, I have loved everything you wrote so far. I'm always a little disappointed when you haven't posted, but the thought that it is going to be even better is making worth the wait. Because I know that I am going to read it again and again and then the date of the post doesn't matter anymore.
Upcoming lemon makes me hopeful and happy!! :D
And thank you so much for always informing us!

Yeah, I got sick again, thanks to my husband. He picked up a bug and when his super-efficient immune system successfully fought it off, it decamped for greener pastures-- me! I called in sick four days running. I thought I would only be off for Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday were worse. I couldn't do anything except lie in bed and sleep on and off. It was actually kind of nice, except for the huge volume of school assignments and unwritten reports at work hanging over my head.

I think it's only fair to keep you guys informed. After all, you make the effort to check my journal and invest your time in reading what I write.

Thank you for all your kind words. I can't wait to give you the lemon!

I am sorry you were sick but it happens to everyone but I am glad you are well your health is more important than a story,So take all the time you need to get better then do your story can't wait for your one shot but health first story later.

Thank you! Make that health, school and work first. *Sigh* And cleaning up the kitchen. No, that one can wait. But it sure is inconvenient getting sick when one has a million things to do. At least now I know I won't get sick again for a while!

Don't hurry yourself, take the time you need to produce the product ("the story") you wish to have. :)

Besides, I'm about 50% through A New Day (May), so.... ;)

Well, you may want to take a break after that one, anyway. I can't see you converting what we have of Justice so far into an ebook. I wonder if you'll want to wait until it's finished? I'm really impressed and thrilled that over the three years it took me to write A New Day, you kept it in the back of your mind as something you wanted to read when it was completed. Thanks again for the ebook of it, btw!

Well, I thought about it, since it's not that much work (now that the openoffice template is complete). However, it would be more difficult to maintain consistent formatting between the chapters, so I'm going to wait for June to be finished as well. :)

And you're welcome about the ebook. Remember, I made it for completely non-altruistic reasons! (As in: not wanting to damage my back for hauling all the chopped up trees around that would be required to hold May on paper.) ;)

Btw. is it ok to add the review to the summary post of May or shall I send it by email once it's done?

You may be waiting a long time for Justice to be finished. It's not slated to be anywhere near as long as A New Day, but now that I'm studying as well as working, my chapter posts will be fewer and further between. I mean, look at me now! It's almost 3:00 a.m. on a work night and I only just got done studying. (Big assignment due tomorrow, but I had an online quiz to contend with earlier, and a ton of reading)

Ooh, a review! Like everyone, I love feedback. And remember, I'm not the type to be crushed if you want to offer concrit, because I have total confidence in my ability to improve. You can add it to the summary or email it; whichever you prefer.

I'm glad that your back didn't have to get hurt and that no trees had to die. Someday there will be cheap readers available everywhere, and no one will buy paper books anymore.

I think I've already shown how patient I can be, though I might well give in to temptation and read it screenwise in the meantime.

Don't worry about writing taking time. I prefer quality over quantity every time and my own fics don't update fast because of that, too. I know that good writing, while studying and/or working in real life, takes Time (with capital T). :)

Regarding paper books. I don't wish them to die. I love to get the books special to me on paper, thus becoming truly unique after the first (or tenth) reading leaving coffee marks, folded corners, and fingerprints in it. But I love to have an option for everyday reads or stuff I know, I'm not likely to reread indefinitely. I hope there'll be a coexistence in the end. Like there is between paper- and hardback novels.

Never fear, take all the time you need! I'd rather have something knock-my-socks-off amazing in a month or two than something merely okay tomorrow, if that makes any kind of sense. Your updates always make me smile, whether they're fanfic or just an tidbit of your life. It's always nice to hear about the ongoing Saga of Brit.

Squee! Lemon on the horizon! Guh, you have no idea how good some gool ol' FAKE PWP sounds right about now. Having a stash of little bits and pieces to tide one's readers over is a damn good idea, and oen that a lot of published authors use frequently.

Whatever and whenever you decide to post, we'll be waiting!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, sweetie. I can't help feeling bad about it, though.

I'm still not completely recovered, but back at work on half a tank of gas. And I've been having technical problems with my old computer and its old-ish programs that are driving me crazy when I try to read, download and upload certain files. I guess that's one of the effects of Mercury retrograde, too. But thanks for the support; it makes me feel better!

From one Taurus to another, here's to plodding on!

(Part 4 of "Not as Dumb" finally to beta, btw!)

And yes, another one in favor of random natterings from you whenever the spirit (or need to rant) so moves.

And commiserations on getting KO'd by someone else's cold. One of my relatives insisted on visiting me during the December holidays while snuffling, and I still want to tear a strip off her for that, since my crappy immune system pretty much turns anything I catch into extended bronchitis.

On a happier note, one of my best friends in fandom is well aware of that and even though we'd really, REALLY been looking forward to seeing each other last weekend, promptly cancelled our geek date when her kid came home with something buggy from school. (I mean, not good that I didn't get to see her - it's been months - but I'm just so pleased that she took my immune issues seriously.)

[/rambletudinal online socializing]
*sends virtual bananas* (or other energy booster of your choice)

You're a Taurus too? Yay for us plodding (yet sexy) bulls!

Congrats on getting your chapter to the betas! For me, most of the time, anyway, that's 90% of the work done. Except occasionally, like with J8, the chapter comes back with beta recommendations for a radical overhaul. That's what lack of time will do to a writer. I resolve not to try to do any more rush jobs on my chapters just because I'm up to my eyeballs in RL, technical and Mercury Retrograde difficulties.

Sorry to hear about your overworked immune system. Is there anything you can do about that (i.e, increased intake of vitamins, quitting sugar, more fresh air, etc.) or are you stuck with it?

I believe that my immune system was temporarily compromised by the fact that I gave blood a week and a half before, and then developed a five day low-grade headache, which was probably from dehydration. I'm always dehydrated, despite drinking 2 or three liters of water per day, but after giving blood, the body needs extra fluids so it can make more blood, and in my case, it didn't get them.

That was nice of your friend to cancel her date with you. How disappointing, though!

Thanks for the bananas! I could use the potassium. Of all the members of the fruit family, that's the only one I don't hate. And I'm chronically low on potassium and magnesium, so I really should try to eat one of those suckers every day.

Okay, from now on I'll try to do more random posts.

Yep. I totally fit the classic profile, including the "born between 30 April and 10 May" specification. (I'm not actually all that into astrology, but the tennis forum I frequent was chatting about signs last night as well.) Stubborn and indolent, that's me.

The balance between "how much time can I afford to spend on this" vs. "can I live with posting this as is" is one I definitely wrestle with. And FAKE fandom being so small and scattered and comment-light translates into cross-posting to way more comms and archives than I otherwise might bother with, which is yet more time to steal from, say, writing sellable work. :-/

The immune system is a mix of bad luck and bad maintenance. The bad luck is having contracted pneumonia as a kid, which left me more susceptible to lung infections, but I definitely could do way, WAY more in terms of all those things you mentioned (including more sleep, more exercise, and less Coke). I'm actively bribing myself to turn working out back into a habit: we'll see if the allure of cheesy French pop songs can overcome my massive attachment to my couch.

That's gotta be rough, hating fruit -- I would imagine it has a way of showing up in dishes when it oughtn't. (Does your hatred include raisins? I remember the first time I saw raisins in school cafeteria rice pudding. Sheer horror doesn't even begin to cover my reaction.)

Ok, that's enough rabbitting on from me. Hope your weekend is treating you well!

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