brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting schedule...Lemon approaching

My dear patient FAKE fanfic readers,

I must apologize for something. I had indicated in recent replies to comments that the next chapter of Justice would be up soon, but I'm afraid it isn't. The reason for this is that although I got the damn thing finished and off to the betas on the second day of my new online course, the sad fact is that this chapter needs surgery. Major surgery, on account of the fact that one huge scene needs to be either cut out altogether, or sliced and diced with cuisinart-esque skill. Whoa, LJ's spelling-bot really didn't like that word. But I digress. Back to Justice and my sucky chapter.

I feel I've been doing better with Justice than I did with A New Day. You know, not going off on tangents, trying to limit the number of OCs, keeping it tighter and more action-oriented. So now is not the time to do a rush job on a chapter that will still be online ten years from now, just because I was off work sick for several days last week right when my online course started up again. I need time to think about how to fix this chapter, and time is the thing I just won't have any of for a while.

However, please hang in there with me. I have an upcoming lemon for you. I wrote this about 6 or 7 months ago because I like to have one-shots or lemons to keep on hand for posting emergencies like the one I feel I'm in now. I've got three incredibly helpful betas helping me by fixing the mistakes in it.

This story is really hot if you're a fan of Top!Dee and Bottom!Ryo. I'm going to post it next weekend, most likely Saturday the 24th. However, it could be Friday. As soon as it's realistically possible, I'll get it up there for you.

As for Justice, I'm truly sorry, but we have to wait until May. But please don't lose faith in me. Those of you who have been following me for a few years now know that I'm a plodder who gets the job done in the end. (Classic definition of a Taurus right there)

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