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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I don't want to go to work today, but of course I must, and everything will be fine when I get there. I know I'll enjoy myself this afternoon, and then as long as a steady stream of co-workers doesn't stop by to chat with me, I might even get the website update for my department done.

What I REALLY want to do is search the internet for good-quality FAKE stories and just immerse myself in that world for awhile. Then I want to spend a couple of hours working on my own FAKE story. Oh well, it's not going to happen, so I might as well bite the bullet and get going with my workday. Sigh.

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I have a links list that you might enjoy - you have to have a yahoo account though. It's pretty easy to sign up. Go here:


Thank you for address for Yahoo's Fake links archive. I'll get on that when it's not 2 AM, which, unfortunately, it now is.

Yes, yes, yes, I would love help getting a picture up! If you could tell me how to do it, I would be very grateful. Just explain it like you would to a child, though, because I'm slow and a lot of the terminology is unfamiliar to me.

I've seen some lovely Fake and anime icons that I haven't been able to use.

Hehehe! You ARE tired! When you're signed in, you should see a grey box with an 'x' inside next to the time/date stamp. Delete your duplicate comment by clicking on the 'x' - a pop-up box will confirm that you wish to delete first. I'll try to explain uploading pics in your other post.

Thank you, that worked. I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure that out myself? At this point, I shudder to think.

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