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Sexy Boys

Sexy Boys

by Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee/ Ryo
Rating: NOT worksafe. Don't risk reading this at work unless your boss is as big a perv as you are! 
Spoilers:  To Volume 7
Timing:  Set in September,  four months or so after book 7 ended.
Summary: Dee thinks he has tricked Ryo into a seduction situation, but they're both manipulating each other toward the same end.
Disclaimer:  I am not making any money for the writing of this work of fanfiction, nor do I own Fake or any of the characters created by Sanami Matoh.
Author's notes: This is my apology for needing more time on Justice.
Thank you to the_ladyfeather and tripple_p for the beta help.

Sexy Boys

Dee leaned back on the bed, naked but for a small silver cross on a chain around his neck. He was propped up by several pillows, and was trying not to laugh. Ryo, looking adorkable in his heavy-rimmed reading glasses, was sitting between Dee's open legs and studying his penis with great concentration. Unfortunately, Ryo was not naked. His beautiful body was swathed in his blue bathrobe.

"Wanna borrow my slide rule, Poindexter?" Dee could feel Ryo's cool fingertips as his dick was moved from side to side, and his balls lifted and examined. His breath caught as Ryo's thumb brushed a sensitive spot near the head of his penis. Had that been by accident? He hoped not.

"Shush." Ryo didn't look at him. With his right hand, he made a note on a small pad that was propped against one of Dee's thighs.

"What did you just write?"


"Come on, I saw you. Tell me."

"Not now." The heavy glasses slipped, and Ryo nudged them back up his nose.


"I'm trying to think." Ryo tapped Dee's thigh with his pencil. "Quit talking."

"I'd quit talking instantly if you'd just continue the examination with your tongue, babe."

"Maybe later. If you shut up."

"Later! You think I'm gonna fall for that? Knowing you, 'later' is likely to be fucking Tuesday! C'mon, just one little lick..." Dee's tone had turned wheedling.

"This is your own fault. You had to go and trick me into writing this ridiculous haiku, so you can just wait patiently while I compose it." Ryo turned his attention to his notepad again, his pink tongue flicking out to lick the end of his pencil just below the eraser.

Dee was sure that hadn't been an unconscious action. "Ryo MacLean, you are a big, fat tease," he accused.

"Fat?" Ryo raised his eyebrows.

"Well, okay, not fat. But cruel! Yeah." Dee nodded as if to punctuate his point. "And I notice you're not denying the part about being a tease."

Ryo sighed and rolled his eyes. "Waaah," he said in a bored voice. "Is the mean boy teasing you? Would you like a hanky, you big baby?"

The pencil and notepad went flying as Dee surged out of his nest of pillows and launched himself at Ryo. It happened so fast that Ryo couldn't have explained later how it was that he ended up flat on his back on the floor, struggling beneath Dee in surprise. He stared up at Dee with wide eyes and an indignant expression, grumpily aware that his glasses had fallen down his face and were hanging from one ear. He sometimes forgot how fast his partner could be.

"Whatsa matter, 'mean boy'? You never met a bad boy before?"

"Get OFF me, you caveman."

"What was that? You want me to get you off?" Dee emitted a low, sexy chuckle and ground his package against Ryo's. "Nice boner you got growin' there, bud."

Ryo tried to twist out from under Dee, but his robe had opened and Dee seemed to be kneeling on part of it. Besides, Dee was right about his being hard, and when his erection rubbed against Dee's, it sent hot sparks jumping into his belly.
"See, I know all about mean boys," Dee whispered, and kissed along Ryo's jaw. "Some of 'em are mean until you smack 'em around behind the school and show 'em who's boss." He raised his head and grinned down into his partner's eyes. "Others are mean until you fuck 'em in the ass and make 'em beg for more." Under his grinding hips, Dee could feel Ryo's cock get even harder, and he laughed softly. He was sure now that this was what Ryo had wanted all along. "I know exactly which category you fit into, sweetheart. Go on, admit it. You want me to fuck you and we both know it."

"Maybe I don't want that at all," murmured Ryo, his voice a little breathless. "Maybe I just want you to let me up so I can finish your stupid haiku and get on with my day." He unhooked his glasses from his ear and held them in one hand.

"Aw, baby," Dee began rhythmically rubbing his dick against Ryo's. "We both know you'd die of disappointment if I did that." He ignored the soft huff of outrage that came from his partner. "I'm gonna let you up all right, but only so I can stick my bad-boy dick up your hot little mean-boy ass and make you start begging. Okay? Getting up now. Don't even think about making a run for it."

He captured Ryo's mouth in a brief, claiming kiss before rising to his knees and then standing up. He took a few steps back and offered Ryo his hand. Ryo smacked it away impatiently and got up by himself, his erection bobbing as he did so. His flat, muscular stomach was smeared with shiny trails of precum, both his own and Dee's.

Hands on his hips, he demanded, "Is this what you did to guys who pissed you off in high school?"

"Yup. But only if they were hot. And sometimes a second time as a special reward if they'd done my physics homework for me or something."

"Did you even like them?"

Dee shrugged. "Sorta. Mainly I fucked 'em." He jerked his thumb at himself and smirked. "Bad boy, remember?" 

Ryo stared at him for a moment feeling indignant on behalf of the boys Dee had obviously used for sex in high school, but feeling jealous of them too.

"Did you... kiss them first?"

Dee stepped closer to him and took Ryo's face in both hands. "Only if a guy had a sexy mouth..." He kissed Ryo tenderly but with an underlying current of passion. "Like you. But you have a sexy everything. You are everything I ever wanted."

He felt Ryo's arms go around him, felt his partner's hot face press against his shoulder. Dee held him tightly and reassuringly. He regretted talking about his conquests in high school. He was skating close to breaking one of his rules. Even before he and Ryo had become lovers, he had resolved not to talk about his past sexual experience. Ryo had never reacted well to it. Either he got jealous and insecure, or he got intimidated and didn't want to play anymore.

"There were lots of things I didn't feel for them, didn't do with them. But I wanna do pretty much everything with you..." Dee kissed Ryo again and pushed his robe back off his shoulders. It fell in a silken puddle at his feet.

"Pretty much?"

"Well, I draw the line at threesomes. Never gonna share you." Dee looked hard at Ryo as if the very thought pissed him off. "Now, get on the bed, baby. Hands and knees. Show me that gorgeous ass of yours."

Ryo hesitated looking at him suspiciously. "Wh-what are you gonna do?"


"Okay, but... no, um, rimming, Dee, okay? No staring, either."

"No what?" asked Dee, trying to hide his grin. Ryo had said the word 'rimming'!

"You heard me." Ryo turned away and got on the bed on all fours.

"How about biting?" Dee ran appreciative hands over Ryo's firm and sexy behind.

"Well... okay."

"Can I slap your ass a couple of times?"

"Dee, for Pete's sake, quit asking me questions! Did you ask those boys in high school for permission to do stuff every two minutes?"

"Nope," said Dee, and promptly slapped each of Ryo's ass cheeks, enjoying the small jiggle this produced. Ryo seemed to want to be manhandled.

"Gonna teach you who's boss, babe. Don't be thinking you can talk trash to me." He bent down and bit Ryo's ass for him. He loved biting Ryo's ass.

"Ow! Not so hard."

"Shut up, 'mean boy'. You're about to get buttfucked, and you know what? You're gonna like it, too."

"How do you know I'm going to like it? Maybe I'll hate it." Ryo seemed shyly willing to enter into the spirit of the game.

Dee shrugged. "Like it, hate it, don't matter to me. You're still gonna get it. Don't think I'm gonna stop, either." He knelt behind Ryo and licked his balls from behind. Ryo moaned and quivered, and instinctively pushed back against Dee's face. Dee bit him again, more gently this time, mainly to stop himself from sticking his tongue inside Ryo's tight little hole. Damn, he wished Ryo would get over his hang-up about rimming. His hand was on Ryo's dick, pulling it slowly, but rhythmically. Ryo was rocking into his hand, and this movement made his butt cheeks rub against Dee's face. Dee rubbed back.

"Dee," whispered Ryo.

"You like that?"

"Y-yeah. I think so."

"Told ya. Gonna get the lube now. Stay there and don't move." Dee jumped up and yanked open the drawer of the nightstand. In seconds the tube of lubricant was in his hand, and he was back behind Ryo's waiting ass. "Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, sweetheart."

"What? No! Are you out of your mind?" Ryo's appalled face looked back over his shoulder at Dee, and he started to turn over.

"Whoa!" Dee dropped the KY so he could grab Ryo's hips with both hands and haul him back into position. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I am NOT going to--- um... what you said."

"No problemo, it was worth a try. Now stay still. I'm gonna lube us both up." After first applying KY to his penis, Dee squeezed a generous amount of lubricant onto the crack of Ryo's ass and began to slowly stroke it up and down. He added more to his fingers and just worked that whole area in alternating circular and vertical movements. There were lots of sensitive nerve endings all around Ryo's anus, perineum and testicles, and Dee knew from experience that that if he touched him there with his fingers long enough, Ryo would get very aroused and impatient for more. Ryo had been excited about being penetrated from day one. Well, day one of their sexual relationship, to be more specific. Before that, he had just been freaked out. Dee suspected he had probably been illicitly and secretly turned on by the idea of it even back when he had been vehemently refusing to face up to the fact that he was gay.

"Gonna drill a little respect into you," said Dee with a grin as he slid one finger in. This brought forth a soft gasp from Ryo, and then another one when Dee purposely ran his fingertip over Ryo's prostate gland. Dee teased him this way for a while, enjoying the way Ryo's legs trembled and his hot little furrow squeezed and tightened around the invading finger.

"You're just lucky you didn't sass me worse, 'mean boy'," murmured Dee, "or I wouldn't even bother to prep you like this. I'd just lube up and stick it in and listen to you beg me to go easy."

Ryo said nothing, but then Dee didn't expect him to. There were limits to how much talking he could get out of Ryo during sex. However, one thing he was dead certain about was that Ryo got off on hearing him talk dirty. Within limits, of course. He had to be careful not to go too far. Despite Ryo's silence, Dee noticed that his breathing got heavier. Ryo whimpered softly when Dee added another finger and started actively stretching him.
"Almost there, babe. Gonna teach you a lesson you won't soon forget." Dee gave Ryo's gland another fleeting stroke as he pulled his fingers out. Ryo moaned and quivered deliciously as Dee lined up his cock and pressed it against the slippery ring of muscle between his cheeks. Dee shoved the head of his dick in and enjoyed Ryo's reaction. His lover cried out and tightened up involuntarily. He pretty near always did that. Ryo wasn't really the kind of guy you could just ram it into, all in one go.

"Oh yeah," Dee said with a smirk. "You're gonna take it, all right. In another minute, the whole thing's gonna be inside you."

"Oh!" cried Ryo and clutched at the sheets.

"Come on now, let go. Quit arching your back so tense like that. Take a deep breath. Yeah, good boy. Now another one." One of Dee's hands remained around his cock, keeping it braced until he was sure he was past the point of no return. On the exhale of Ryo's third deep breath, Dee felt a slight loosening occur down there and, accordingly, he pushed in another inch and let his bracing hand fall away.

"Dee! Oh God..."

"Here comes the rest of it, babe." Dee took hold of Ryo's hips in both hands and slid his cock in to the hilt. Ryo buried his face in his arms, groaning and panting. He had broken out into a sweat, and the fragrance of his shower gel mixed with his own personal scent rose toward Dee's nostrils. Dee bit his lip and shook his head silently at how incredibly sexy and responsive he found his partner. He really wanted to pile-drive into Ryo, but he knew it was too soon for that. Besides, it would make him come in about ten strokes, and what he really wanted was to hear Ryo beg him for more. One of these days Ryo would forget himself and actually say "Fuck me." It had been several months since they had started being sexually active with each other, but Ryo had so far never said 'fuck' in bed, although he had said it out of bed, usually when he was angry. "Fuck you," Ryo had said to Dee on several occasions during arguments. But never "Fuck me". Oh well, thought Dee. I can wait. He found Ryo's little hang-ups endearing anyhow. He was sure that someday he would succeed in wearing Ryo down on the rimming and dirty-talking issues. Well, pretty sure. Maybe not. Ryo could be surprisingly stubborn.

Ryo whimpered and struggled feebly under Dee, which made him grin. 

"See what happens when you shoot your mouth off at school? It just makes someone like me decide he's gonna shoot a load up your ass." Dee ground into him a little and then pulled part way out so he could shove it back in again. This produced more noises from Ryo. He sounded distressed, but Dee knew his partner was loving it. He deliberately held off from touching Ryo's cock, even though he knew it was as hard as a rock, mainly because he wanted to see Ryo give up and touch it himself. He was going to tease him about that too. In fact, maybe he would order him to do it. Taking a firmer hold on Ryo's buttocks, he starting pushing in and out of his tight and well-lubricated passage.

"Go ahead and pull on your dick, 'mean boy'. I know you're getting off on getting your ass fucked. I mean, it's pretty damn obvious. What'd I tell you, huh?"

Ryo did as Dee said, reaching under himself and jerking his own cock. This made him even more excited and he started moaning and gasping in a way that Dee recognized as being a precursor to orgasm. He let him do it for a while, mainly because he was really into fucking Ryo's hot, slick, squeezing little hole and he was receiving great pleasure from his partner's enthusiastic response. He figured Ryo had been wanting this since he woke up, and the thought made him grin. It had taken his partner a couple of hours to manipulate him into seducing him. When Ryo wanted to top, he had no problem putting the moves on Dee, but when he wanted a good hard fucking, he had an ongoing shyness about asking Dee to take care of his needs.

"You're so fucking cute, you know that?" Dee leaned over him, grinning, as he pumped. "And sexy!" In his own excitement he momentarily forgot to maintain the high-school fantasy. "Man, if the guys at work ever saw you like this, it would blow their fucking minds. JJ would die of jealousy if he had any idea how fucking hot you are." Dee reached under Ryo and slapped his hand away from his cock. Ryo's defiant hand came right back again, and Dee chuckled.

"Oh no you don't." Dee realized he was getting a little breathless. "Get your hands in front of you where I can see them. I don't want you coming yet. Wanna fuck you for a little longer. Like this." Dee stepped up the pace, fucking hard into Ryo, and then doing him with short, but deeply-penetrating strokes.

"Oh! Dee! Yeah!" After those three discernible words, Ryo got pretty incoherent, just gasping, groaning and pushing back. He slowly sank down onto the bed, his knees spreading further and further apart, until he was lying on his stomach with Dee on top of him. Dee didn't let up however. He just kept giving it to him the same way. He knew why Ryo had sunk down like that. His partner was busily rubbing his dick against the sheets since he had been prevented from touching it with his hands. Dee decided that the time had come to make him beg.

Accordingly, he stopped and pulled his cock smoothly out of Ryo's slippery, horny, grasping little ass, and knelt above his lover, while slowly jerking his cock.

"Dee, no!" Ryo's disappointed face looked back at him. "Why did you stop?"

"Gonna spunk on your ass, sweetheart."

"What? Now? But--but..."

"But what, babe?" Dee grinned evilly at him.

"Dee, put it back! Now!"

"Put it back where, exactly?"

"You know where." Ryo pressed his cheek against the mattress and lifted his buttocks hopefully toward Dee's penis.

"Ask me nicely, babe." When Dee smirked at Ryo, the dismay on his partner's face was almost comical.

"Please, Dee," Ryo whispered. "Please."

"Please what, Ryo?"

"Please put it back. It was feeling so good...Do it again, please!"

"Oh all right," said Dee magnanimously, guiding his cock back between Ryo's helpfully offered buttocks. "Since you seem to like it so much..." He shoved it back in on a single lunge this time and Ryo's desperately aroused body welcomed him eagerly.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" Ryo groaned, once again resuming his rubbing rhythm against the sheets. Not more than a minute after that, he exploded. It was evident from the way his anus tightened and spasmed around Dee's cock, as well as from his movements and the way his voice rose to a hoarse shout.

Ryo's ecstatic writhing sent Dee spiraling into his own orgasm. He didn't even think of pulling out. He just hung on and blew his load as far up inside Ryo's ass as it would go. "Take that, you mouthy little punk," he growled when it was over and he had collapsed on top of Ryo.

"Dee, hold me," murmured Ryo from where he lay, still face down among the tangled sheets.

Dee's arms tightened around him in response. "Love you babe. Love you so much." Dee squeezed his eyes shut and nuzzled against Ryo's hair and neck as the familiar post-orgasmic weakness took him. At times like this, his love for Ryo was almost too much for him to bear. He felt filled with it, overwhelmed by it, grateful for the fact that this man beneath him returned his feelings, but also terribly fearful that he might someday lose that love. "I need you, love you, you don't know how much...umf. Need you."

"I do know, you idiot. Don't forget I need you too. Who else is going to make me write dumbass haiku poetry and teach me all the schoolyard lessons I missed when I was actually in school?"

They snickered softly together and then Dee started to fall asleep.

"Oh, no you don't," said Ryo, pushing at him. "You weigh a ton. Get off me if you're gonna go to sleep."

As Dee rolled off him, he felt his partner's softening penis slip out of him, and he anxiously reached for the box of tissues on the night stand. Why did something so wonderful have to make such a Godawful, sticky mess? He was going to throw these sheets in the laundry as soon as Dee woke up and he could get them out from under him.

Ryo cleaned himself quickly with kleenex while looking down with affection at his sleeping partner. Dee's handsome face always looked so relaxed and innocent in sleep, especially when he had just had sex. It was like he dropped ten years and became a boy again. Ryo suddenly forgot about his desire to launder the sheets. What he really wanted to do was to lie down with his very own personal 'bad boy' and sleep with his head on his shoulder. Bikky wouldn't be home for hours, and they didn't have to work until later tonight.

He stretched out beside Dee, who automatically reached for him and mumbled something about school. That made Ryo smile. "Are all bad boys this good in bed?" he whispered, sure that Dee was asleep.

A moment later, his body jolted with surprise when Dee mumbled sleepily, "Nah. Just me."

"Shut up and go to sleep."

"Okay. Love you..."

"Duh." Ryo smiled and kissed Dee's shoulder.

~end of Sexy Boys~

Additional author's notes: Thanks for reading! If you liked it, leave me a comment and let me know. Oh, and if you feel moved to contribute a haiku about Dee's manly equipment, don't hold back. Remember, the haiku is a three-line poem with 5, 7 and then 5 syllables in each line.

Example:  O mighty mountain 
                 Sweet dreams of scaling your heights
                 Heart pounding with joy!

Not that Ryo would have written anything like that. He would have gone for subtle sarcasm because he thinks that Dee is too cocky by half. But you get the idea. 5-7-5.
Tags: fake, one-shots

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  • Dragon Lady, Chapter 06

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