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Happy Birthday to me!
happy Dee
Well, here it is, my birthday for 2010. I took a day off from work, and fortunately there was nothing due class-wise today (tomorrow I have a quiz, though, so I should read up at some point). I got all dolled up to get taken out for a great lunch, which was tuna tataki, Caesar salad with bacon, french fries with mayo and a big glass of white wine. No dessert. No way, no room! Okay, maybe later...

Everyone gave me cat cards except Fluffy who is sleepily unaware that today might be different from any other day. Now I'm going to have tea with my husband and spend some time with him. Then later I'll leave him to his own devices while I go to see Avatar on IMAX with another friend.

I got an overseas phone call from a dear friend in Japan, which was the best thing about today. My heart is full.

Yea for the good day! I thought about sending Happy Birthday congrats, but all I am is a reader of your stories, not someone you really know. But I really, really enjoy your stories! Many happy returns of the day!

Hey, I love to receive Happy Birthday congrats, so don't let the fact that we've never met in real life hold you back! Warm wishes and smiles make the world go round, even if they're virtual ones. Thanks for stopping by and for enjoying my stories.

(Deleted comment)
Hi Erin! Yeah, I got your email. Thanks so much! Your email was what reminded me that I should post something if I wanted to get birthday congrats (and I do!)

This day is really my birthday. I'm a Taurus. Next year my birthday will be on a Saturday. I'd better come up with a really good plan!

That sounds like a great birthday,

Yes, it's really working out just the way I wanted. I even got to have a nap! And now I ought to get out of my nap clothes and put my cute clothes back on to go to the movie at IMAX. Thanks for coming by on my birthday.

Happy b-day. I didn't know, else I'd have sent a card. Speaking of which, did you get the campaign thank you card? I don't often mail international, so I'm always a little nervous about it.

(Why does Dee look so scary maniacal in this pic? It's frightening!)

Oooh, do I get a thank-you card? I haven't received anything yet, but sometimes international mail is slow. I'm looking forward to holding a little piece of your creativity in my own two hands.

Don't be scared of Dee. He's just having a lil' sugar high and he's about to start annoying Ryo.

(Deleted comment)
*starts setting out your cakes and cookies on platters for the LJ guests*

Thank you! I actually didn't get to eat any real cake today. I was too full form lunch and when the movie was over it was too late. Hmmm... Maybe I can extend the cake part of my birthday to tomorrow.

My sister actually called me from Safeway to ask me if I wanted her to pick me up a box of frozen chocolate eclairs, since they were seriously on sale. I begged her not to on the grounds that I can't be trusted with a whole box of frozen chocolate eclairs. I would just eat every single one of them approximately 118 seconds after they arrived in my house. My husband was SO disappointed!

He said, "What about me?"

I said "WHOSE birthday is it?"

Happy birthday! That sounds like a great birthday lunch, especially the fries with mayo (Homer Simpson drool). LOL, I hope you don't get a "present" from Fluffy. Yummy food, Avatar on IMAX, phone calls from faraway friends...it sounds like a great day, and I hope it continues to be so!

Thanks! Oh, they were lovely fries. I never order french fries, but if someone else orders them, I can't stop looking at them. I had to order my own side of fries in the end. Plus, I really, really like them with mayo and not ketchup.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Brit~, Happy Birthday to you!


You had better be thrilled I wasn't singing that out loud where you could hear me. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. XD

I'm very happy that you had what sounds to be a wonderful birthday! Did you get your dessert yet?

I think Fluffy knows that today's special. He's just not going to let on that he knows. :D

I hope you had (and continue to have) a wonderful birthday, Brit! *lots of hugs*

One of my friends called me after my nap and sang Happy Birthday to me. He had a surprisingly good voice. I had no idea! I told him he sounded exactly like Michael Buble.

But I enjoyed your virtual song! I appreciate the attempt, bucket and all.

No, I still haven't gotten any dessert, unless you count the half an Aero bar which my girlfriend handed me during the movie. it's too bad because the restaurant I was at earlier had a flourless chocolate cake on the menu, but I was just too full to even think about it. Fries and mayo will kind of do that to a person.

Thanks for the hugs! *Hugs back!*

Hi Happy birthday and many happy returns on your special day ... from 1 of your many fan fic fans. The birthday lunch sounded yummy (although if it were me, I wld have splurged on and tried for desert!) Am looking forward to reading your views on the Avatar. I loved the animae/cartoon series ... thought and effort that went into creating the whole series. Hopefully, the movie won't disappoint.

Thanks for the b-day wishes. I kind of regret not having dessert, but I didn't want to be uncomfortably full for the rest of the day. If I hadn't eaten those fries it just might have been possible.

The Avatar I saw was the one with the tall blue panther people, not the animated Avatar: The Last Air-Bender. I'm sure I would love that too since I'm such an anime fan. But my love for anime will have to wait until the future because I don't have time for any regular TV shows. I almost never watch TV, except occasionally with my husband when we're cuddling on the sofa or something. And unfortunately, he's the one in charge of the remote and he pretty much never wants to watch anything animated. Unless it's Shrek. He loves Donkey.

Happy Birthday to you, I hope you have a nice day! ^-^

Happy Birthday I am glad you had a great lunch.I just love reading your stories and can't for the next one.We May babies have to cheer each other because we are the best.I'm sure after your husband rest he will give you a very specail birthday present.Again Happy Birthday.

You're a May baby too? Yay May! Are you a Taurus or a Gemini?


(Yay for yummy food, fluffy cards, and lovely calls! And I'm sure you kicked that quiz's butt. ;-) )

I WISH I had kicked that quiz' butt. I did okay, but not stellar. *Sigh*


Thank you! I never did get any cake, but that's okay. I still haven't finished working my way through my birthday chocolate.

I sent you an email yesterday but I really should reply here too! As you can see, Dee is trying to guess your age- I won't tell! All I'll let out is that you're WAY younger than me!
Glad you had a great birthday!

Thanks for the well wishes and all the kinky gifts! Dee is trying to talk Ryo into calling in sick so they can play with them. Think he'll succeed?

Happy belated birthday, sounds like it was just as amazing as a birthday should be.

This Aries ought to know.


Thanks, Ms. Aries. I hope you had a great birthday, too!

I made a post for you, Brit. Have you checked it out?????

Happy birthday (again!)


No, I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was there! Thank you, thank you for your creativity. I'm writing a little surprise for you, but unfortunately I have to stop and get back to work. Later!