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Brit in pain! But no sympathy, please.
The first of three things that are new with me (second and third to follow in a day or two):

1. About five days before my birthday, I fell off my bike and bashed myself up. No, no, dear friends, please don't give me pity. I appreciate the kind impulse, but I never want pity or commiseration. I believe (very strongly) that pity and commiseration weaken a person. I don't need this and in fact, it's not helpful. When someone is in trouble, practical help is worth all the sad-eyed pity in the world. I realize that if you're far away, you can't offer practical help, but I do believe in the power of prayer and positive well-wishes, so go ahead and do that for me if you want.

As I lay there on my back in the middle of the road, completely numb all down the right side of my body and absolutely unable to get up, I soon found myself surrounded by concerned people all (ALL) asking me if I was okay. I swear I got asked that question ten or twelve times in two minutes. I blinked dully at them and said that I was pretty sure I was okay; it was just that I couldn't move quite yet-- I was waiting until I felt ready and then I was going to try to roll over and get up. "No, no," I said, alarmed, when people produced cell phones and offered to get me an ambulance. "Please don't call 911." (Fellow Canadians will understand why not)

All I wanted was for them to prevent me from getting run over by a car until I could stand up again. That was really important to me. You see, I knew I was basically okay, just bashed up and bruised, but certainly able to recover. But the potential prospect of getting run over by a car would have made me feel a thousand times worse. Assuming I lived through it to feel anything, that is!

To cut a long story short, they agreed to protect me from cars, and eventually I did get myself back on my feet. So thank you, nice strangers! I appreciate your help.

Anyway, I have been slowly getting better. I only missed one day of work, but tonight was the first time I've felt that I had enough range of motion and strength in my right arm and shoulder to ride my bike again. Yesterday I dared drive a car for the first time since the accident. According to the specialist I saw yesterday, I've got fluid in my shoulder joint, which is absolutely KILLING me. But I'm sick of taking pain pills and being groggy when I'm trying to work or study. I'm also sick of trying to sleep on either my back or my left side. I can't sleep on my back-- I'm a side sleeper! I like to shift from one side to the other all night long.

According to the specialist, I have two choices: cortisone shot or acupuncture. I'm going for a special Japanese acupuncture treatment tomorrow at 3:30 PM. At least the right side of my neck and all the muscles on the right side of my body have stopped cramping randomly.

Maybe the acupuncture can help me with my pizza cravings! It's worth mentioning, don't you think?

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All I wanted was for them to prevent me from getting run over by a car until I could stand up again. That was really important to me.

I think that would have been my primary concern as well. Getting squished by a car would have been NOT GOOD.

My sympathies--especially with the whole ruining your sleep aspect. Being tired just makes everything else worse. Good luck with the acupuncture!

Thanks. I haven't been able to sleep deeply ever since this happened. It hurts more when I lie down, for some reason. Luckily it didn't happen on a busy road!

Okay, Brit, no pity. It sounds like your cool bike was not damaged. However did you fall? Were you swerving to avoid a pothole? A pedestrian? Hopefully, not a car!

Anyway, I am glad that you were not seriously hurt. Hopefully, the acupuncture will be successful, both for the shoulder pain, and the cravings.

Here's wishing you some good sleep this weekend!

*hugs you gently*

*hugs you gently* LOL! That's what I have to keep reminding everyone to do. I like hugging under normal circumstances, but for the last couple of weeks it's been something that makes me flinch!

No my cool bike isn't damaged, although my nice green coat got a case of road rash. But, better the coat than my skin.

I'm kind of excited about the acupuncture! I hope it doesn't hurt. I'd be so happy if it could take care of the pizza cravings, too. I ate pizza twice in the last few days, and I may eat it again tonight!

Well, if I know her, she was drag racing an 18-wheeler, downhill, on a curve. Kidding aside, that's one bad present you gave yourself! Good luck with the treatments; acupuncture is amazing!

Well, that's what my sister says. She started going a few years ago for back pain, but it apparently brought all kinds of side benefits.

Me? Drag-racing an 18-wheeler downhill on a curve? That would be funny except I've done it many times... but not since I was a teen! And I wasn't drag-racing. It was just that we all had to share the narrow gravel roads in the boonies where I lived in those days, and as you can imagine, an 18-wheeler takes up all the lane and then some. The scariest part was this one section of road that had a narrow bridge at the bottom of a hill. It's really freaky to ride a bike with any kind of vehicle thundering along right beside you, but at least on the road you have the option of hurling yourself into the ditch. On the bridge, I had the semi beside me about 18 inches from my shoulder and my bike pedals scraping the sides of the bridge railing on my right! That was when I learned that I had nerves of steel. If I had given way to panic, I would have gone under the wheels. My parents would have freaked if they'd had any idea of what a bike ride to my girlfriend's house actually entailed.

Gutsy little kid, weren't you? I had the feeling you did such things, only not with 18 wheelers. I remember the things my kids did on their bikes, thus the comment. I've never ridden a bike, and it's way too late to start now. I prefer my Mustang anyway.
Mother Lane send her prayers for you.

Oh, I did all kinds of things. My favorite spot to read was in a tree 40 feet in the air. When I was seven, I climbed our of my second-floor bedroom window and jumped off the roof. Not one time, but several times. You see, I was absolutely certain that the ability to fly was a matter of belief (not physics or evolution) and that if I believed hard enough, I would be able to do it. Luckily I didn't hurt myself, but eventually, thanks to tattling siblings, my mother realized what I was doing and forbade me-- with threats of rescinding all pocket money for a year-- to do it anymore. I think my guardian angels had their work cut out for them in those days.

You have the coolest icons! I think this may be the first penguin icon in the history of FAKE.

Ack! *sends a nice soothing hot shower and your favorite detectives for a massage*

Feel better! *hugs*

Ooh, thanks! I'm going to have a not bath soon because I want to be squeaky-clean for my acupuncture appointment, in case partial disrobing is required.

Can I just watch my favorite detectives massage each other?

Having had a bad enough wreck on my own bike a few times in the past, I know exactly what you mean. Though I was never wearing a coat (my usual attire is jeans and a tshirt when biking, as I tended to bike most when it's nice out, and am rather indifferent to temperature anyway) so I ended up with nice eventual-blood-dripping scrapes and burns over my arms and legs and, once even, my face.

The most amazing thing to me, is that my worst tumble, in which I was trapped under my bike while skidding nearly face first a yard down the road, wasn't even at the worst part of the road! It was the gentle part of the hill, without any curves or treacherous turns, and the only car was a good 30 feet off on the other side! I fishtailed trying to get back on the road, on the only rough dropped-off berm edge on that section! And even then, when the car stopped and the concerned adults got out and offered to at least take me home ("you're all scraped up! please!") I kept shrugging off the offers, because tired and battered as I was, I simply could not see how I could get my bike home as well, with their sedan (I was a mile from home yet too) and I needed the bike for work the next day. (I think I might have been in a bit of shock as well, I didn't notice I'd slid on my face until I'd gotten home and seen the bloody rash, nor was aware I was seeping blood from various gravel cuts- I just knew I burned like hell with the pain) I still went to work that next day too. Crazy stubborn pain I am.

So keep that unflagging stubborn spirit up, and everything will be fine.

Now that is a vivid story of an encounter with pain! My nerves flinch for you. But I totally understand about getting the bike home. We always have to get the bike home.

Of course! It is our most reliable transportation vehicle!

More reliable than most automobiles, and quicker and more flexible traveling as well. Also, don't need a license to travel on one! 8D


Yeah! And don't forget how easy it is to park them. And how much money we save in gas!

Hi Brit, glad to hear that you were ok and managed to celebrate your birthday. I hope the acupunture helps. I think that's a gd choice once u have acertained that there were no fractures etc as I find that acupunture tries to fix the problem at the core rather than taking pain killers which pu a band aid on the problem. Plus I'm all for alternative theraphy. You may also want to check out a chiropractor to make sure your spinal alignment is ok. Hang in there ...

Thanks for the suggestion about the chiropractor. I have an awesome one and I went to her to make sure that my spine was not out of alignment. Miraculously it wasn't. Yeah, I like alternative therapies, too. In a choice between cortisone and acupuncture, I didn't hesitate to choose the acupuncture.

(Deleted comment)
I think the acupuncture may be working! I have my third session on Wednesday. This time it's after work, not before. It usually makes me feel sleepy and dreamy for hours, which is not a good state to be in if one is supposed to be working!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I know what you mean about needles! How do I handle it? I (a) don't look and (b) think of England. Well, actually, I think of Reynaldo Gianecchini.

I totally understand about accidents. (I'm sure I've told you of my various accidents over the years). Anyway... I hope you feel better soon and that the acupuncture works well. Be well hydrated when you go and make sure that you don't tense up! It works better that way!

Could you clarify on the ambulance thing for us non-canadians? You said that and I was like *Hmmm.... what could that mean?!* :D

Cheers to you regaining your shoulder and getting back to sleep!

Neengy without sleep --> @_@ = baaaaad

<3 Neengy

Hi Neengy,

In Canada if one is unfortunate enough to end up in the Emergency department of the hospital, he/she can count on being stuck there without food or medical attention for the next 6 to 8 hours. If you came by ambulance, you have a better chance of their taking a cursory look at you when you come in, as opposed to if you arrived under your own steam, but the fact remains that unless you are actively and obviously dying and/or bleeding messily all over the waiting room floor, you'll get put on the back burner and left to pass out in your plastic chair. Screaming in pain will get you moved into a bed either in a hallway or a kind of 'next-step-up' room where you lie in a bed and get some kind of sedation. And you still have a problem getting home at the end of it, which, if it's between midnight and 5:00 a.m., means there are no buses running.

The upshot is that unless you're sure you're dying, you shouldn't go to Emergency because you'll suffer without treatment for many hours and you can actually suffer more comfortably at home. If you can hang on long enough to see your doctor the next day, the doctor can use his/her authority to move you much closer to the front of the treatment line at the hospital, assuming you still need to go.

Pff, that happens in the US too!
I've ended up in that scenario a few times. It's why I'll take great pains to get back to my room/house if I'm feeling horrible. (Well, that, and I don't have medical insurance anymore)
Could just be that particular hospital I was stuck at, but it seems it's true in a lot more places than I'd've hoped.

And I thought New York Hospitals were bad with the whole waiting room suffering thing, but compared to this....we are doing pretty well.

Can you sleep on your right side again? A year ago, when I had my left ear pierced a few times, I was trying to sleep on the 'strange side' for some time and It.Just.Didn't.Work. Irgh. I try to hold back the sympathy.
I don't understand what's wrong with Pizza, but I hope the acupuncture had the desired effect. Did it hurt or was it relaxing?

Hey, nothing's wrong with Pizza (the great love of my life-- sorry, hubby), unless you think about it every waking moment and want to eat it twice a day every day. I would like to be able to have it every couple of weeks or so, which means I've got to find a way to dial down the passion. Come to think of it, I haven't eaten it for at least a week, so maybe the acupuncture IS working! Unfortunately, I woke up thinking about it today and I've thought about it at least twelve times so far since then.

No, I still can't sleep on my right side and even my left side still hurts. At least sleeping on my back is pain free, which is an improvement. The acupuncture didn't hurt, even though my sister assured me it would be "excruciatingly painful." It made me feel very sleepy, relaxed and dreamy.

Pizza-addiction is underestimated. When I have my after-midnight pizza cravings (like right now, after looking at your icon) sometimes it helps to look at pictures of people with perfect, sporty bodies. To have an inspiration and to see what you are fighting for while you withstand the callings of molten cheese.

Good to hear your sister wasn't right and you're getting better. How were you able to relax after she said that? *shudders* Little sisters can be too honest from time to time.

I read what you wrote about calling 911 and its worrying me a little, since I want to go to Canada for Work and Travel in a year or so. Did you have to experience this yourself or is it Canadian general knowledge that you better stay at home than going to a hospital?



Be careful- don't take chances - traffic is dangerous

*starts tearing up*

*takes deep calming breath*

*starts pacing and talking to self*

I'm gone for just a short while and this is what she gets herself into. If I get my hands on her *shakes fist*



Don't tear up, Dax! Every cyclist falls off their bike occasionally. There was no blood and nothing got broken. Even my nice coat is going to make a full recovery. I'm glad I was wearing a helmet and a lot of layers.

It'll be nice to have you guys back at the cabin. Let's have a little welcome back pizza party! And then maybe you could get Ted to massage my sore shoulder for me...

Happy Birthday!


Hey Brit,


That sexy little car you gave me for my Birthday got us here in no time flat....of course barring the fact that I had to outrun a few Troopers, but we're here and rearing to party.

Ted send the call out....and get Bertha out of storage. We've got a BBQ to throw.

Hey Brit you bring the pizzas and the beer, we'll take care of the rest.

*puts on aviators*

Later Brit

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