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The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon
Josh, Adrien
This past week I've had a hiatus between course modules, so even though I know I should have been working on Justice, I decided to re-read the first four Adrien English books before I read (past tense) The Dark Tide (Thanks, S!), which I've had for a while and had been looking forward to reading.

My apologies to all those who were waiting for a new chapter from me, but I just couldn't write. The last two weeks of my online course module absolutely killed me, especially with not being able to sleep in a comfortable position thanks to my shoulder injury. I had back-to-back assignments during that time, as well as quizzes and finally an exam. When it all ended, I focused on sleeping, relaxing (when I wasn't working) and healing. I tell ya, being able to sit around and read for pleasure in the evenings after work instead of working on deadlines was just so NICE. It was like being on vacation! That's how I felt.

Anyway, on to the book. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I just want to say how much I enjoyed it. I love that whole series. I'm a big fan of Josh Lanyon's, but the AE series is far and above the best of his work. I can't even say which book I liked the best. For the longest time, I thought the one I liked the best was A Dangerous Thing because I loved the way Jake and Adrien's relationship started developing, plus I enjoyed the companionable cabin domesticity between them. At the same time, the one I liked least was The Hell you Say, since Jake was such a jerk in that one. Death of a Pirate King contained many shockers, and was, oddly enough, the first book I read in the series. I thought it was really amazing, too. However, since reading them all again back to back, I can't say that I liked one better than any of the others. The whole series depicts a slow unfolding of Jake and Adrien's relationship and the many almost insurmountable obstacles they face. All the side characters are so interesting, even the unlikable ones, and Josh is so subtle in the way he presents information. I love his sense of humor and I always seem to discover new details when I reread these books.

The first sex scene between Adrien and Jake in A Dangerous Thing remains, to my mind, the most beautifully crafted sex scene I have ever read or could have imagined reading. It is just outstanding. It's my own personal Holy Grail of sex scenes!

My head is very much in Adrien's world right now. I feel like I'm hovering over all the characters, watching them and loving them all. Yes, even that bastard, Alonzo! I profoundly hope that Josh will write more books in this series.

Here is a handy list of his works: http://www.joshlanyon.com/the_works.html

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Sounds interesting. If this is a mixture of a good story, interesting characters and your Holy Grail of sex scenes, then I'm going to have to read it.
Is it necessary to start with the first book or can you read the books separately?

You can read the books separately. As I said, I started with Death of a Pirate King, which is the fourth in the series. The only thing I would strongly NOT recommend is starting with the latest one, The Dark Tide, because it's definitely a culmination and resolution of most of the tensions of the other four.

Hmm... I am intrigued. I love it when secondary characters are more than just part of the scenery. Add to that "companionable cabin domesticity" and the "Holy Grail of sex scenes," and it sounds like a winner!

No worries about the time, btw. I just finished my own exams on Thursday, and I didn't get a damn thing done over the weekend. You're right, it does feel good to just plop down and let your brain (among other muscles) unclench for a while.

Oh, I love that! Yes, my brain needed to 'unclench'. But today the new module started, so I must re-clench. *sigh*

Josh's AE books are just so damn funny, too! Each chapter is full of witticisms that I store in my brain for whenever I need a mental smile. Like when there's clenching going on.

Well said, Brit. I'm so glad I took your advice and gave "A Dangerous Thing" a try. One of the best m/m mystery series out there. Josh Lanyon is a gifted writer, and I believe that anyone who reads just one of his novels will be hooked.

Besides, that Jake Riordan is one sexy dude. And I love Adrien's sense of honor, justice and humor.

And yes, that creep Alonzo needs his come-uppance real. bad. Come on Josh - if you see this post PLEASE consider just one more AE book.

*is not ashamed to beg...again*

I doubt Josh will ever see this, but I for one am planning to track him down and beg for another AE book! He always said he would end the series with Book 5, but I'm hoping that his fanbase will cry out for a sixth installment.

I really want to know how Jake is dealing internally with everything that has happened and whatever scars may be left from burying his fear and self-hatred inside himself for so many years. I think it's too soon for happily ever after. His family and friends and ex-wife (I want to see more of her, too) may or may not ever forgive him for all the lies he told and the damage he did. That said, I absolutely love Jake. He always was like a real person to me. I think so many of Josh's female readers hated him precisely for that reason. He wasn't the fantasy hero of romance novels. He was deeply flawed. But like you said, one sexy dude!

Love Adrien and Jake

I read again all of the Adrien English mysteries when I bought the last and final book in the series, although I'm hoping that Josh will write another sometime in the future. Have you read his Snowball in Hell mystery that takes place in the 1940's...loved it and my second favorite series by him...and he's writing a second book in this series - was so happy to hear that. He's one of my fav m/m murder mystery writers! Like Victor J. Banis, too.

Re: Love Adrien and Jake

Yes, I've read Snowball in Hell. I've read and loved most of his work. The only ones I don't want to read are Somebody Killed His Editor because the main character, Christopher, is so very whiny and annoying and I just can't like him or identify with him, and another one I can't remember the title of where two guys go hiking together on a first date during which they get lost, and one of them bursts into tears and sobs like a little girl just because he's tired. I relate better to the stoic characters who get stuck taking care of wimpy, self-pitying drama-llamas, except that my heart is less tender than theirs! I don't find other people's histrionics remotely adorable. It's too much like my real life, I guess.

Anyway, even Josh has said in an interview that one of the things that people like about Adrien is that he doesn't whine. Both Adrien and Jake are stoic, despite both having been though so much.

I'm currently reading Don't Look Back, which I'll probably finish at the gym tomorrow. I probably would have broken down and read it tonight except that I had so much homework.

I haven't heard of Victor J. Banis. Can you recommend something by him?

Finished Fatal Shadows

Hello Brit! I saw your post and, since I was reading it while at a bookstore, decided to follow your recommendation. I just finished the first book in the series, Fatal Shadows--I love Adrien's character! Though I was 3/4 of the way through before I realized that Riordan was probably the Jake you all spoke of.
I went over the posts here, and was like, "Their relationship develops over all five books? But there's no such character!" Then I thumped myself on the head when I noticed Adrien only called the cops by their last names... oops. I thought it was strange how much information he was willing to share only with Adrien...but, hmmm. :)
I look forward to the next book, and thanks so much for the recommendation!
Hope classes are well!

Re: Finished Fatal Shadows

Oh, you're going to like the next book! It's the one where they first have sex-- that awesome scene I was talking about.

You know, now that you mention it, the readers didn't even find out Jake's first name until about three quarters of the way through the book.

I envy you, being at the beginning of this wonderful series with all the books to look forward to!

Yeah, classes are going well. My current module isn't as difficult and demanding as my last one, but I still have to do tons of reading and produce assignments every couple of days.

Please let me know what you think of A Dangerous Thing, too!

Finished A Dangerous Thing

Hello again, brit!

I finished A Dangerous Thing a while ago, actually, but I was waiting to comment because I thought I'd have time to move onto the next book first, but I've been so busy! I loved it--and thought it was better than the first one. Both were still good, but this one had me laughing aloud much more often, and I felt the case was much more interesting and thorough. Not to mention...their relationship develops so well! I was so supportive or Adrien throughout the book as he waited for (and generally put up with) Jake.(Though somehow I love Jake too.)

I'm concerned for the next book for many reasons. One: You said Jake is such a jerk, which only seems like a hop, skip and a jump away from some of his current moods. Two, If Adrien gets wrapped up with another dead body, the police(minus Jake?) are gonna lock him away for good measure. And three, if they're gonna be back in the city, Jake's probably going to get all distant and seem ashamed of his relationship with Adrien...(I guess this ties into number one, huh?)

Well, I look forward to it none-the-less. Oh, and how could I have forgotten, but the sex scene was indeed hot! XD

Hope things are going well for you!

Re: Finished A Dangerous Thing

Hi Kudorox, sorry for the late reply.

I loved A Dangerous Thing too! It really was the funniest of the books. I can still make myself laugh by recalling certain lines.

And somehow I loved Jake, too! Just because he had some bad qualities didn't make me blind to his existing good qualities.

So... what happened? Did you read The Hell You Say? Please let me know if and when you do!

So I totally went and bought the first book in the series and I was blown away. I finished it in about a day and now I am sad that it was so short! I want more!

Thanks for the suggestion Brit! I'm really glad I checked it out!

<3 Neengy

I'm glad you checked it out too. Did you buy the compilation of the first and second volumes, or just the slim first one? What I'm trying to get at here is exactly how far along in the series you are, so I can comment.

I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Adrien and Jake will always have a special place in my heart, very much like Dee and Ryo! But no more fanfiction couplings... I'm just going to stick to Dee and Ryo.

*Sigh* I only got the first one. (Makes me sad) But Amazon was out of stock of the double compilation except for Kindle for some reason.

Anyway! I hope to save some of m money and get the next one as soon as I can!

<3 Neengy!

sounds really good!!! But sadly, not in our bookstores :(

Not in ours, either! I remember the futility of searching for these books in Chapters. I think they're available in print now, but I had to get them all as ebooks.

After some searching, and searcing, and some more searching.....

Thank you SOOO much for making a post about this book!!!

It was wonderful! And Im not really a first person kinda gal but wow can this man put words on paper! Im almost onto the last book! :D

I'm glad you found the books! Aren't they wonderful?

You know, I've always liked first person better than than any other viewpoint. I don't know why. I think maybe I like the intimacy. Or maybe I like not having access to the other characters thoughts and feelings, except by what has to be revealed by the main character's observation. I'm really not sure. I was surprised when I realized that a lot of people didn't like it. Why is it that you prefer other viewpoints to first person? I'm just interested to know.

Oh man, I want to thank you so much for mentioning this series! I went and bought them and read them all within a few days and my gods! I'm in love~ So thank you, thank you~~ I've recommended to all my friends!

Also, Jake has two brothers, the youngest's name is Danny, right? Did we ever find out the other brother's name? I loved Jake so much.

Hey, you're welcome. And thanks for letting me know you went and read them. I feel honored that you would take my recommendation!

I love Jake, too, figurative warts and all! I miss him, actually. I'm dying to know how he's adjusting to his new life as an 'out' gay man. I have my doubts about whether he'll be able to stay away from his Master/Slave club altogether. I can't really believe that a person would just drop a major sexual preference like that. He could suppress it for a while, but it would have to come out eventually.

You know, I totally forgot the brother's name. I can't even remember which book it was mentioned in. All I remember is that Jake's younger brother graduated from the academy and is really upset with Jake for being gay. That's another example of why Josh needs to write another book for us. Can you imagine Danny's reaction to Adrien when they meet for the first time?

I mean I liked you before because of you amazing FAKE fics, but this put you on another level of awesome!

I just want to hug Jake. I agree on some levels that it would be difficult for him but he really does love Adrien so I don't see him doing anything stupid liking getting back into that whole scene behind Adrien back....and to be honest I don't think Adrien is that opposed to some...ideas...maybe~

Seriously, I want another book simply for the whole Jake's family meeting Adrien thing. So Danny was the one at the hospital, right, so meeting Adrien again would be really wtf. Oh and I want to see some Angus and Natalie couple stuff, because I'd bet my right arm that it was going in that direction.

Wow, thanks for your kind words. I'm thrilled that someone thinks I'm awesome. That's something it's really difficult to get from our family members! Except my cat, who has voted me his mom. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm awesome, just for having the colossal good taste to love him!

Maybe if Jake really does need to go back to the club, he could just beat a willing ass or two and then bring all his bottled up sexy energy home to Adrien-- if Adrien was agreeable to this, of course.

What we don't know is whether Jake's desire to dish out physical pain is a deep-seated part of his sexual identity or whether is was a temporary manifestation of the fact that he sort of hated that part of himself that was gay. If it's the former, it will be hard for him to close the door completely on that side of himself, even for love. But if it was the latter, then he will maybe be able to let go of it as he learns to love himself as a gay man. And that's certainly going to be a slow and difficult process. But at least he has Adrien!(and a puppy and a kitten)

I want to see some Natalie and Angus couple stuff too, if only for the fact that Josh will write it with such wit that I can feel myself getting ready to roll on the floor laughing at the very thought of how he would write their exchanges and misunderstandings. I can't wait for Lisa's reaction!

Hello again!

Well, I figured I'd follow through and let you known that I finished a Dark Tide too! I had a bit more trouble finding it, and in the end I bought an ebook off of Josh Lanyon's website. It was worth it-- I was so impressed with this last book, and I wish many times over that Josh will decide to come out with another. I know he said this is the last one, but a man is entitled to change his mind. :) Thanks again for the recommendation, and I hope life is allowing you a dinner party or two to relax with friends!

We ALL wish that Josh would come out with another! I sure hope he will. Maybe he will in a few years. Recently he's been taking his writing in new directions and experimenting with different genres, like Fantasy.

Re dinner parties: nope, not really. I've had to say no to a couple of them recently because I just had too much damn homework. But I've finished today's assignment early and my next one isn't due until Tuesday, so I figure I can take a break tonight. One of my long-time girlfriends has invited me over to her place for her special, super-duper, from-scratch Caesar salad tonight. She can't believe that pretty much every time we've gone out for lunch together in the past five years, I order a Caesar salad. I don't know why, but it's always the thing I keep returning to on the menu. Of course, all bets are off if the restaurant has any kind of hot crab and cheese dip! I probably order a Caesar salad for 7 out of 10 restaurant meals. It's the predictable Taurus in me, I guess.

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