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The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon

This past week I've had a hiatus between course modules, so even though I know I should have been working on Justice, I decided to re-read the first four Adrien English books before I read (past tense) The Dark Tide (Thanks, S!), which I've had for a while and had been looking forward to reading.

My apologies to all those who were waiting for a new chapter from me, but I just couldn't write. The last two weeks of my online course module absolutely killed me, especially with not being able to sleep in a comfortable position thanks to my shoulder injury. I had back-to-back assignments during that time, as well as quizzes and finally an exam. When it all ended, I focused on sleeping, relaxing (when I wasn't working) and healing. I tell ya, being able to sit around and read for pleasure in the evenings after work instead of working on deadlines was just so NICE. It was like being on vacation! That's how I felt.

Anyway, on to the book. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I just want to say how much I enjoyed it. I love that whole series. I'm a big fan of Josh Lanyon's, but the AE series is far and above the best of his work. I can't even say which book I liked the best. For the longest time, I thought the one I liked the best was A Dangerous Thing because I loved the way Jake and Adrien's relationship started developing, plus I enjoyed the companionable cabin domesticity between them. At the same time, the one I liked least was The Hell you Say, since Jake was such a jerk in that one. Death of a Pirate King contained many shockers, and was, oddly enough, the first book I read in the series. I thought it was really amazing, too. However, since reading them all again back to back, I can't say that I liked one better than any of the others. The whole series depicts a slow unfolding of Jake and Adrien's relationship and the many almost insurmountable obstacles they face. All the side characters are so interesting, even the unlikable ones, and Josh is so subtle in the way he presents information. I love his sense of humor and I always seem to discover new details when I reread these books.

The first sex scene between Adrien and Jake in A Dangerous Thing remains, to my mind, the most beautifully crafted sex scene I have ever read or could have imagined reading. It is just outstanding. It's my own personal Holy Grail of sex scenes!

My head is very much in Adrien's world right now. I feel like I'm hovering over all the characters, watching them and loving them all. Yes, even that bastard, Alonzo! I profoundly hope that Josh will write more books in this series.

Here is a handy list of his works:
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