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Part one of a lemon will be coming up later this evening...
D & R kissing
 Hello faithful Fake readers!

Sorry for my long silence. School has been demanding all of the brainpower that my job doesn't take from me first. There has been hardly any energy left for creativity.

However, I'm back with good news. I'll be posting a Happy Birthday lemon for my pal and beta shelley6441, but I've run out of time right now. My husband is waiting impatiently for me at the gym, and then when I come back, I have to get dinner on.

I didn't want to post yesterday to give you a heads up because I honestly wasn't sure if I could do it in time. But I can now say with confidence that part one will for sure be posted tonight, even if it's late.

If some of you smut puppies have to go to bed early, you can always catch it tomorrow!

Ciao for now

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, I'm back, sort of. And I'm even working on Justice! But, yes, school is very evil. And sometimes it's hard to go to the gym, but I find I sleep better if I do.

(Deleted comment)
I think I sleep better because of endorphins and blood circulation. I've always had circulation problems, even when I was a kid.

School won't kill me all the way-- I won't let it! It's just this year, I keep telling myself. This is a tough year, but it's necessary for my current career path. My classmates are all exhausted, too. It sure was great giving myself permission to write again.

Hoorah! Brit's back, and she's bringing lemons with her! *cheers*

Uh huh. I know how that is. I was so happy to finish school, but now I have 2 jobs that take all my energy anymore. *sigh*

I'm glad to see you back! I'll have to catch the lemony goodness tomorrow night, because I'm heading for bed, but I can't wait! Yay!

Welcome back to LJ, Brit! We've missed you! Lol.

Oh yeah, I know all about having two jobs. Jobs eat all our time and burp back a little bit of money in return. School not only eats our time but eats our money too!

I hope you're having a good sleep.

Mmmm. Lemons, with lemon icing, and candied lemons, with lemon filling, and lemon sprinkles.


I am SO excited to read my bday fic!!!!!

Thank you!

*hugs tight*

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