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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
You know, sometimes I want to sit down here and write something positive and interesting, but all that comes to mind are complaints. And although I admit that I indulge in bouts of complaining more frequently than I'd like, it doesn't actually make me feel better. Therefore I should stop. It's far better for me to suffer in silence and labour behind the scenes to change the situation. The problem is, that despite being an all-round creative person and problem solver, I'm just not that good at solving problems that involve people with more power than me delegating all their crap to me. And I don't have anyone to delegate to in turn. My talents are being wasted, dammit. A major recurring fantasy of mine is being invisible. Ha, try and find me now, evil delegators! It's not like I would be out helping myself to fine jewelry and free desserts, though. I'd be hiding somewhere entirely predictable, like in front of my computer, or in one of the armchairs at my favourite coffee shop. The tapping on my keyboard or the slurping of the extra whipped cream I always ask for on my peppermint mochas would give me away. And, I'd be cold, ( because I always am) so I'd have to wear lots of sweaters etc., which would TOTALLY negate the few remaining effects and benefits of being invisible, and in fact would just get me picked up by C.S.I.S. or some Black Ops branch of the military. (Come on it's just marginally possible that Canada might have one of those) Then I'd have to explain to them that I couldn't perform their top secret missions for them on account of (a) sucking at that kind of thing and (b) always being cold and having to wear lots of sweaters on top of my invisible form, which would tend to alert people to my presence. Ahh, they'd probably just torture me until I agreed not to suck or wear sweaters. And then the delegating would start up again, worse than before! Dammit.

What it all comes down to is power. If I had more of it, no one would dare to delegate boring, time-consuming tasks to me. I'D be the one doing the delegating, and all would tremble and scurry before me! Well, no they wouldn't, because I'd do it nicely, and say thank-you and reward them for their efforts. But...how to get power? Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

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I have no suggestions, but Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope it was a good one!

Why, thank you. Yes, it was a good one. I dragged it out to last the whole weekend. There was chocolate. There was wine. There was lunch at a cute little restaurant. There was a drive in the country. There was much purchasing of organic vegetables. There was pizza. Normally, I make my birthday last a whole week, but this year I didn't have the energy on account of my fast approaching trip to Turkey and all the stuff that has to be done at my two jobs before I go. Next year, I'll be back to normal.

I'm really enjoying FMA, by the way. It's growing on me by leaps and bounds. I especially like any episode that involves our heroes travelling by train, and I have no idea why, because I'm not really a train person!
Barry, the cross-dressing psycho-butcher was scary. Poor Ed.

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