brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Better Than Cake, part ((((2))))

Better than Cake

by Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee/ Ryo
Rating: NOT worksafe. Less worksafe than last time, actually.
Spoilers:  To Volume 7
Timing:  Set in August of Dee and Ryo's second year together.
Summary:  Dee orders Ryo to assume a position on the sofa... No, they're not doing yoga...
Disclaimer:  I am not making any money for the writing of this work of fanfiction, nor do I own Fake or any of the characters created by Sanami Matoh.
Author's notes: Happy Birthday (Part two) to my dear friend shelley6441. I know you'll like part two better than part one....
This story has not been beta-read by anyone, so please forgive any mistakes you see. Actually, feel free to point them out to me and I'll be happy to fix them.

Better Than Cake
Part two

by Brit Columbia

From his position on the floor, Ryo blinked languorously at Dee's come-streaked face. He felt like he ought to jump up and go fetch Dee a towel or something, especially since in addition to being Dee's host, it was also he who had made the mess, but somehow he couldn't make himself move just yet.

Dee solved the problem by leaning over toward the coffee table to grab a paper napkin that had been left between their plates. He used it to swab at his face.

"Ryo, love, get up on the sofa."

Ryo came a little bit more alive. "What? You want to do it on the sofa?"

"Well, if I screw you here on the carpet, we're both gonna get rug-burns."

"B-but... the sofa? Where people sit? What if we make a mess?" Ryo quickly sat up.

"Don't worry, I'll get one of your old sheets. Be right back. Don't think so much, babe." Dee disappeared down the hall.

"But Dee," Ryo called after him as a new apprehension belatedly struck. "What if Bikky comes home and catches us... in the middle of things?"

Dee didn't answer, but Ryo heard the linen closet door close and a few moments later Dee strode back into the living room carrying a folded pale blue sheet and a plastic bottle of lubricant.

"Did you hear me?" Ryo demanded anxiously.

"You don't have to worry about Bikky," Dee said, his tone dismissive. "He's sure not gonna come home in the middle of basketball. His team is playing a grudge match against Southside today, remember? The absolute earliest we're gonna see him is 4:00 pm. Even later if his team wins. Now get on the sofa."

"Give me the sheet," said Ryo, taking it from Dee's hand. He cast an uneasy look at the sunlight pouring in through the big living room window before unfolding the sheet and arranging it over the upholstery of the sofa.

"No one can see us through the sheers in daylight, babe," Dee told him reassuringly.

"I suppose not," said Ryo. "Um, what position should I get in?"

"Hmmm." Dee thoughtfully studied Ryo with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "How about you kneel on the sofa facing away from me? You can hang onto the backrest for support while I pile-drive into you."

Ryo got into the position Dee had described and looked at him over his shoulder. "Like this?"

"Oh yeah." Dee quickly dragged the coffee table to one side without taking his eyes off Ryo's buttocks. "But stick your butt out a little more, you know, like you really want it. Fuck, yeah. You want it, don't you?"

Ryo naturally ignored the question. He turned his face back to the wall, feeling self-conscious, but excited. Pushing on the backrest of the sofa experimentally, he asked a question of his own. "It's not going to thump against the wall, is it?"

"Nah," said Dee. "Sofa-beds are as heavy as cars. Remember how many of us it took to haul this sucker up the stairs?"

"I guess you're right." Ryo heard the snap of the lid on the lube bottle and his heart began to beat a little faster. He didn't turn around to look, not even when he felt the weight of first one and then the other of Dee's knees settle on the sofa behind him.

The hand holding the lube bottle snaked around in front of him and caught him in a powerful one-armed hug from behind. He found himself being jerked back against Dee's body. A very hot and insistent erection rubbed against his hip and right buttock. Dee's free hand squeezed his thigh before running firmly over the flat planes of Ryo's muscular stomach and up higher to grip one pectoral. His touch was anything but gentle.

Ryo felt teeth sink firmly into his shoulder and then the side of his neck. "Ready to take me inside you?" Dee's voice growled into his ear.

Ryo shivered and nodded. He closed his eyes when Dee's hand slid down to his penis and began stroking him back into readiness. Ryo arched his spine, pushing his buttocks back against Dee's erect shaft, letting it know it was welcome, that he truly did want it.

This made Dee chuckle. "I'll take that as a 'yes', you sexy thing."

Dee's left hand stopped its slow caress of Ryo's erection and moved upward long enough for the right hand to pour a stream of lube over his fingers.

Ryo gasped in anticipation when that sticky, wet hand immediately moved between his buttocks and began smearing cool lubricant around. Just being touched there felt amazing. It sent tingles of electricity shooting into his belly and down the nerves in his thighs. But what was really exciting to him was what this touch portended. In a few moments, Dee would push a finger inside him and start to stroke him from the inside.

"Play with yourself while I loosen you up," Dee told him, still holding him in place with his right arm. His left hand continued to tease Ryo's entrance. "Go on, baby. Pull on your dick. I know I didn't suck all the life out of it. I left you a little for round two."

Ryo didn't need to be told twice. His right hand immediately curled around his penis and began moving up and down its length. He tensed slightly when Dee's finger nudged at his entrance. Dee had been right earlier in his assessment of Ryo's level of soreness. Last night they had gone two rounds, both quite passionate. Both he and Dee had been too impatient for proper preparation, and consequently it had hurt somewhat when Dee had thrust into him. Not that he cared at the time. Or even the second time. But it was true that he was a little on the sensitive side today.

Dee's finger slid slowly into him, just an inch or two, before slipping out again. His hand came back around in front for more lube, then returned to its job. This time Dee pushed his finger in all the way, and Ryo whimpered between clenched teeth and stiffened, arching his back in pleasure. Yes. This was what he wanted. This was the beginning of what he wanted.


"Yes, Dee." He turned his head, rubbed his cheek against Dee's mouth. "Don't stop."

"Get real. I have no intention of stopping."

Dee worked him for a while with a single finger, teasing his prostate gland at intervals. Ryo moved with him and continued to stroke his own penis. His heart was starting to beat faster and it occurred to him that it would be very easy for him to come like this, just like this. But that wouldn't be fair to Dee, who had yet to have an orgasm.

"Dee-ee," he moaned, wanting to warn his partner that he was getting close and that maybe things should move along.


"Dee, I..." As usual, Ryo could not bring himself to speak the words.

"Feel good, baby?


"Want more?"

Ryo's thighs trembled. He pushed back on Dee's finger. "Yes, please."

Dee chuckled again. "So polite."

A soft cry escaped Ryo when Dee thrust two of his big fingers inside him and scissored them slightly.


Ryo shook his head, even though it did a little. But every time Dee's fingertips brushed against that sensitive spot inside him, the head of his penis wept another big drop of excitement. He could feel the wetness on his own stroking palm. Meanwhile, his partner's two long fingers continued to move purposefully inside him, stretching, working him, taking him closer to heaven.

A third finger joined the other two and Ryo tossed his head back with an involuntary cry. When they touched that magic spot again, he moaned, long and low, and ground himself back onto Dee's fingers, moving his hips in a circular motion.

"It-- it's time, Dee," he finally muttered. "Don't make me say it. Just make me... love it."

Dee laughed, sounding delighted. "Oh, well, when you put it like that," he said, pulling his fingers out and wrapping them around his cock, "how can I say no?"

Ryo clutched the back of the sofa with both hands as Dee lined up his penis with Ryo's well-prepared and very welcoming opening. When Dee pushed in slowly and gently, Ryo yelled, "Harder! Dee, more!"

Dee instantly obeyed, burying himself to the balls, which was probably what he wanted to do anyway. Ryo shouted and bucked in his arms, quivering with the tautness of a newly-strung bow.

"Jesus," grunted Dee against his shoulder, trying to hold him still, even though his arms were shaking with effort. "Oh fuck."

The lube fell somewhere on the sofa between them as Dee's arms tightened further around Ryo.

"Dee! Dee," chanted Ryo breathlessly. "Keep going, okay? Don't stop on me, don't stop..."  He writhed in Dee's grip, moving his buttocks as much as he could, trying to get Dee to thrust in and out of him.

"Baby, quit that, you're killing me..."


"Awright, you asked for it..." Dee's hands abruptly slid up Ryo's arms and locked into place over the backs of his white-tipped knuckles. "Hang on, sweetheart, I'm a gonna take you to the moon."

Ryo didn't hear Dee's last few words because he was too busy crying out his appreciation of what Dee's hips were doing lower down. Dee was pounding in and out of him now, 'pile-driving', as he had earlier indicated he planned to do.

Panting, Ryo clung to the sofa with Dee all but pressed against his back. He felt like a stallion, a racehorse, being ridden to glory, being pushed to his limits, the thighs of his rider gripping his sweat-soaked flanks, taking him down the final straightaway toward the waving flags and a heart-thudding finish.

Before he knew what was happening, Dee was grinding all the way into him, yelling, "Fuck! Ryo! Goddammnit!" The length of his penis swelled inside the furthest reaches of Ryo's channel and Ryo felt pulses of heat that had to be Dee's effluence shooting inside him. He struggled to free his hands from Dee's and curled his right hand around his penis in time to take himself to the same heights his partner was just coming down from. Dee grunted as Ryo's insides contracted forcefully around his slowly softening length, and they pressed desperately against each other to maintain contact and friction for the next few seconds.

Ryo spurted madly all over the sheet in front of him, shouting unintelligibly as he did so. Dee clutched him, straining to keep going until Ryo was done.

As the last of the contractions subsided and the bright sparks of pleasure faded away along Ryo's nerve endings, he allowed himself to sag forward on the sofa so that he could rest and catch his breath. He felt Dee shifting behind him, but his partner must have lost balance or concentration for a moment, because he suddenly slipped out of Ryo's snug hold.

"Dee!" Ryo exclaimed in disappointment and accusation. He had wanted to hold on to the feelings a little longer. Also, because he was upright, he could feel Dee's ejaculate starting to leave his body and trickle down his thighs.

"Wasn't my fault," muttered Dee. "Your butt just booted me out."

"Oh God, how very romantic. Where are the tissues?"

"What tissues?"

"Didn't you bring tissues? Or a towel?"

"Uh, no, I just brought a sheet and lube..."

"Oh, I should have known," grumbled Ryo, rolling his eyes.

"Well, you could have sent me back to get towels and tissues right at the very beginning, you know," Dee reminded him, starting to grumble himself.

"Do I have to think of everything, even when I'm being seduced?" demanded Ryo, pushing Dee off the sofa so he could get to his feet.

"You!" Dee stared at him in outrage. "I just busted my ass to give you a fucking mind-blowing orgasm-- no, TWO fucking mind-blowing orgasms, and you-- you--"

"No, you busted my ass, not yours, " sniffed Ryo, wrapping himself in the towel and stalking off to the bathroom. "Your ass is just fine."

Dee stared after him, speechless. No witty comebacks sprang to his mind even after Ryo slammed the bathroom door. Goddammit. That man. He bowed his head morosely. At that moment, his eye happened to fall upon Ryo's unfinished cake and he picked it up with interest. After all, a man had to keep his strength up, particularly when he had an ungrateful lover to satisfy.

A forkful of chocolaty goodness was halfway to his tongue when he heard the bathroom door wrench open again.

"Well?" Ryo's voice said.

"Well what?" Dee tried his best not to sound defensive, but somehow he didn't think he was succeeding.

"Well, are you going to join me or not?"

The fork clanked violently against the plate as Dee thrust it back down onto the coffee table.

"Coming!" he called.

Taking a shower with Ryo was going to be way better than cake.

~end of Better Than Cake~
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