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I feel frustrated because I'm so technologically inept! I want to do things online and off that I don't know how to do. When I try to learn, I don't understand the terminology. I'm embarrassed to ask for help because I don't understand the explanations that people give me. I don't want to burn out the patience of the people who have been kind enough to help me. This reminds me of that time in Germany when I consulted my dictionary/guidebook and learned how to say, "Wo ist eine toilette?" and then stood there helplessly, not understanding a thing, while a very helpful girl gave me a detailed set of directions.

I know it's a step-by-step thing and a year from now, I'll look back and marvel at the depths of my ignorance. I'll mentally congratulate myself for having learned so much and come so far! I will vividly remember the frustration I'm feeling now. I will read this journal entry!

My goal for February ( since it's really not going to happen in what's left of January ) is to learn how to upload, if that's the right word, a picture onto my LJ page and to use a picture for any other online discussion I want to take part in

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