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FAKE First Year Together: Justice (June), Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Hi patient Fake fans! Here's Justice chapter 8, but since it's apparently too large for LJ, I'll have to post it in two parts. Hence, this is part one.

Fake First Year Together: Justice (June)

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Eight: The Forms of Things Unknown

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee/ Ryo
Rating:   Not worksafe, but don't get your hopes up because there's only a teeny tiny bit of naughty activity in this chapter. I really had a lot of plot-ground to cover.
Spoilers:  To Volume 7
Timing:  Set in June,  a month or so after book 7 ended. Dee and Ryo recently became a couple in May. FAKE First Year Together: A New Day left off on Sunday night. This chapter takes place a few days later on Thursday night and Friday afternoon.
Summary: Ryo is coming to terms with what it means to be a gay man in a straight world. He and Dee are also hunting the dangerous Lieutenant Abernathy...but who is hunting whom? 
Disclaimer:  I am not making any money for the writing of this work of fanfiction, nor do I own Fake or any of the characters created by Sanami Matoh. Lieutenant Mike Abernathy is mine, however, and so are Bikky's friends Thomas and Dave. Other Brit characters are Detective Greenspan and her partner Detective Ruth Massey of the 99th Precinct.  Eliza and Allison are two female characters I added to the CI team. James Chang and Sheldon Arios are also part of the team. Leona is the Chief's secretary. Helen is the Commissioner's secretary.
Author's notes:  I see Ryo and Dee as equals. One Police Plaza is sometimes referred to as 'The Palace'. Thank you for reading!
Please send some love to my wonderful betas, the_ladyfeather, tripple_p, and  shelley6441. They all beta-read this chapter twice for me! 

Justice, Chapter 8: The Forms of Things Unknown

     When Ryo and Dee returned empty-handed, Ted wasn't surprised. Their guy had shot out of the bar with a real good head-start and while the crowd had instantly parted to facilitate his escape, it had closed implacably behind him, which caused his two pursuers from the 27th to lose a lot of time fighting their way through.

     Ted had called for back-up the minute shit started going down, and he reflected with satisfaction that it was entirely due to him that a pair of paramedics was currently loading that behemoth bodyguard onto a stretcher. He had heard them saying something about a herniated disc.

      Two patrol cops were checking the IDs of patrons and communicating with the dispatcher, respectively.

     Roadies for the band Rockit Fire were, rather optimistically, in Ted's opinion, setting up for their band. He couldn't imagine who they thought they were going to play for. The presence of police uniforms and flashing blue and red lights tended to put a damper on concerts. A significant number of the clientele had disappeared as soon as the trouble started. Of course, one or two people had hung around just a little bit too long and lost their chance to skedaddle. Like the breakdancer, for example. Ted had him cuffed to a chair and was doing his best to shut out the guy's whining.

     "Sir," said the breakdancer for about the fifth time. "I really gotta go! Can you uncuff me just for two minutes so's I can take a whiz?"

     "No," said Ted shortly as he waited for Dee and Ryo to pick their way toward him. "Shut the fuck up, okay?"

      To Ted's annoyance, Dee veered off to talk to the remaining member of Steelshot, who was standing gloomily over a pile of equipment, some of which was damaged. He was glad to see that Ryo, at least, made straight for him.

     "I collared one for the team," Ted said proudly, indicating the breakdancer. "Kid's only 19. Shouldn't be in a bar."

     Ryo peered at the young man Ted was pointing at. "Good going, Ted. But... are you sure he's okay? He looks pretty agitated."

     "Officer, sir!" the breakdancer yelped, wriggling madly on his chair. "I gotta go to the john, like right now!"

     "Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait," Ryo informed him, "but it won't be too long. Depending on how cooperative you are, we'll either let you go in about fifteen minutes, or we'll take you to the station and book you, and you'll be able to use the facilities there."

     "Or you can just shit your pants," said Ted matter-of-factly.

     "It's not number two, sir," grumbled the boy, his dark cheeks flushing darker.

     Ted ignored him. "What happened out there?" he asked Ryo.

     Ryo sighed and shook his head. "He was fast, Ted, super-fast. Even so, I think Dee might have caught him if a woman in a car hadn't pulled up out of nowhere and driven off with him."

     "Plates?' asked Ted, but Ryo shook his head.

     "Too far away."

     "Hey punk," said Ted to the breakdancer. "Why the hell did he run?"

     "What kinda dumb-ass question is that?" came the squeaky reply. "You the police! Cat see dawg, cat gonna run."

     "Yeah but innocent people don't run before the police even say hi," said Ryo. "Alan didn't run. No one else ran."

     "Yeah, even you didn't run," Ted pointed out. "You just tried to slide out the front door, all casual-like. Ja Romeo ran for a reason."

     "Maybe he didn't wanna answer no questions." The break-dancer shifted unhappily in his seat.

      "Yeah, well maybe he didn't have to piss as bad as you do," Ted said with a grin. "We've got a couple of questions for you, too. Each good answer will get you one step closer to the john, but if you--"

      "Excuse me, officers." It was a female voice, serious and determined, and it turned out to belong to Ramona, the manager of Rockit Fire. Her hawk-like gaze went from Ryo to Ted, obviously sizing the two men up. She was neither beautiful nor young, but there was a certain fierce vibrancy to her. "I was wondering if it would be possible for you to question him somewhere else. My band has a set to play."

     "Now just a second, lady..." Ted began, but Ryo stopped him.

     "I think we could work something out, ma'am," he said. "We'd like to question you, too."

     "What about?"

     "Ja Romeo. Or Rick Romero, whichever one you know him as. Anything you could tell us would be most appreciated."

     "That lousy, useless maggot." Her lip curled derisively. "He's a no-talent wannabe. A wannabe rapper, a wannabe gang-banger, and a wannabe man. He thinks he can get famous without paying his dues or doing anything real. The only thing he's famous for is ripping off original material from up and comers all over the city."

     Ryo glanced at the stage where the three members of Rockit Fire stood watching them silently. Dee and Alan were busy carrying Steelshot's equipment past the stage toward the side exit.

     "Tell your band to start playing," Ryo said to Ramona, "then come out and join us in the alley, please."

     She agreed and went to give instructions to the band, while Ted unlocked the breakdancer's cuffs from the chair so they could take him outside. When he jerked the break-dancer to his feet by one elbow, the kid exclaimed and almost stumbled. Unmoved, Ted once more cuffed his wrists behind his back.

      "Hey sir, don't forget I got a full bladder here," the breakdancer reminded Ted in aggrieved tones. A moment later, he peered anxiously up at Ryo. "We-- we goin' out to the alley?"

     "Yep," said Ryo. "Let's go."

     "W-wait! You ain't gonna beat the crap outta me, are you?"

     Ryo looked surprised. "Of course not! Why would you think that?"

     "Well, I'm a black man, you the police. That's how it usually goes, don't it?" He was walking as slowly as possible, eyes big with fear.

     "Not this time, buddy," said Ted cheerfully. "We're not gonna lay a finger on you. We're just gonna watch you piss yourself unless you give us something good about your pal Ricky the Rapper."


     Ryo flipped on the light in his and Dee's new temporary office at One Police Plaza and looked around speculatively. As the Commissioner had promised, it was much larger and better appointed than their office back at the 27th.

      He noticed that there were now two computers. The old one that he and Dee had always shared was currently set up on Dee's desk, whereas a brand new one with what looked like a twenty-one-inch monitor sat on his. The spacious room boasted two decent-sized windows and one of them had a new-looking air-conditioning unit on it. A large, glossy calendar featuring an image of the Trevi fountain in Rome hung on the wall. To Ryo's surprise, they had been given their very own coffee-maker as well as a small half-fridge set up in one corner. Someone, probably Helen, had put a cloth and a glass vase of fresh yellow tulips on top of the fridge.

      Ryo glanced around, not really knowing what he was looking for until his eyes fell upon the very thing that he sought: a clock. There was one on the wall behind him, above the door frame. It told him that the time was eight forty-five. He sighed. He had more than two hours left on his shift. He figured he had better get busy transcribing his notes and researching the information that he had been given by the breakdancer, whose name, as he had learned earlier, was Bobby Alexander.

     They now had a lot more information about Ja Romeo than they had before. Steelshot was on at least two major social networking sites under the name 'Romeo Steelshot', although the content was visible to friends only. Thanks to the fact that he had access to Bobby's log-in information on his own Facebook page, Ryo was free to view it. There were pictures galore. Romeo Steelshot had 3,056 'friends' on one site and 1,792 on another. Ryo had his doubts about how many of them were actual fans, but that didn't matter. He needed to talk to Marty. Some of the pictures featured guys that Ryo knew vaguely from the gang scene. There were many more people that he didn't recognize, but that was certainly understandable since he and Dee didn't work directly with the gangs of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

     He looked at the clock again wondering when Dee would show up, and even if he would show up. It was technically his day off, although he had elected to accompany Ryo to see Steelshot at Teddy's Bar and then had volunteered to drive Alan Radley home in Car Four with all of Steelshot's musical equipment. Dee wasn't crazy about paperwork, and Ryo couldn't realistically see Dee coming back to help out with that. It was a lucky thing that his partner had been at Teddy's with them, though. They had really needed a third man, as it turned out. Ryo and Ted had been kept busy questioning witnesses at the bar before taking Bobby Alexander back to the station to scare him into giving up as much as they could get out of him about Rick's habits and hangouts. Alan Radley, the most important witness of all, had turned out to be an old acquaintance of Dee's, and Dee had taken over that job.

     Rick's sudden departure had apparently left Alan in a bind. Their agreement had been that Alan would go to Teddy's early and be ready to look after the equipment when Rick's buddy dropped it off. Then Rick would make arrangements for it to be transported away again after the show. Most of it belonged to Rick, anyhow, except for the sax and the smaller synthesizer.

     But Rick had forgotten all about the equipment the minute he laid eyes on Ryo's police badge. Why had he run? Ryo was still wondering about that. His instant flight pointed to some sort of culpability. All they wanted to do was ask him a few questions about Lieutenant Abernathy, but Rick didn't know that. He just ran like hell as soon as he realized that Dee and Ryo were cops.

      Ryo hoped that Dee was getting some more information from Alan about Rick. They would need to track him down soon before Lieutenant Abernathy had a chance to come up with a plan. Ryo wouldn't put it past Abernathy to have Rick killed, like he suspected he had with Eddie Calvetti. Eddie was another guy who had run on sight. Sadly for him, he later turned up dead. They had no proof, of course, that Abernathy had been behind the deaths of Eddie Calvetti and Tamara Stanley, but both Ryo and Dee were sure of it.

     They didn't yet know what the connection was between Rick and Abernathy, but Essien Ibo, the gravely injured leader of the Stone Blood Boys had seemed to think it was important. And there was no denying the fact that Rick had been the pimp of the late Tamara Stanley. She had died from a fentanyl-boosted hit of heroin that Abernathy had meant for Eddie. Ryo wondered how much, if anything, Rick knew about Abernathy's involvement in her death. He was really looking forward to finding out.

     His stomach growled for the third time in fifteen minutes, letting him know that it was very unhappy about the fact that it had missed dinner. "Quiet, you," he muttered and continued scribbling notes into an open file next to his keyboard.

     "I thought I was being quiet," said a familiar voice from the door, and Ryo paused for a moment to make sure that his face was wearing a neutral expression before he turned around.

     "What, Ryo, no smile for the man who's bringing you dinner?" Commissioner Rose stood there in the same suit he had been wearing earlier, but with his tie removed and the first three buttons of his shirt collar open. One large hand gripped two cans of cola, and the other held a bag from which emanated delicious smells.

      Ryo's stomach growled again, much louder this time, and he smiled ruefully with a quick glance at that part of his anatomy that was making all the noise. "Hello, sir. I guess my stomach heard the word 'dinner'. What are you still doing here at this time of night?"

     "Oh, I've been working on a proposal to get more state funding for building improvements, but I'm about ready to take a break. I was hoping you would consent to join me in a quick bite before we both return to work." The Commissioner held up the bag and looked at him expectantly.

     "I'd be glad to, sir." Ryo not only didn't see a way to gracefully refuse, but his hunger had been growing by leaps and bounds since he had caught a whiff of whatever was in that plastic bag. It smelled wonderful. "Um, where would you like to eat?"

     "How about right here?" The Commissioner set down the two cans of soda and pulled Dee's chair over to Ryo's work station. "If you don't mind giving me a corner of your desk, that is."

     "Not at all, sir. Please make yourself at home."

     The Commissioner thanked him and sat down. He removed two take-out containers from the bag and set them on the desk. "They're both the same," he remarked. "Teriyaki chicken and vegetables over rice. I hope that meets with your approval?"

     "Of course it does." Ryo accepted the packet of disposable wooden chopsticks that the other man handed him. "I don't know anyone who doesn't like Teriyaki chicken and rice. Well, except vegetarians, maybe," he added guiltily, thinking of a couple of his 27th precinct work-mates.

     The Commissioner grinned at him and took the lid off his container of food, releasing a small cloud of steam and a stronger aroma of ginger and sesame. "I don't think that there are any of those for us to offend in this room tonight."

      "That's true, sir." Ryo picked up his container of food and nodded at his commanding officer. "Cheers." He then lost no time in selecting a piece of succulent chicken with his chopsticks and putting it into his mouth. Oh, it was perfect. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn't realized how hungry he was getting. The Commissioner smiled benevolently at him and the two men didn't speak again for several minutes as they applied themselves to their food.

     Eventually the Commissioner set his food down with a satisfied sigh and reached for his coke. "Don't forget your drink," he said lightly and took a sip of his own.

     "I won't, sir," said Ryo, hoping that the Commissioner wouldn't stay too long. Not only did he have work to do, but when he had come in not too much earlier, he had observed that One Police Plaza was a lot emptier of people at this time of night than the 27th precinct was. There was also the fact that the Commissioner's blatant and unwavering interest in him made him uncomfortable and he typically avoided being alone with him if he could.

     "It certainly is nice spending some time alone with you, Ryo. I assume Detective Laytner has a day off today?"

     Almost as if the Commissioner's words had summoning powers, a set of familiar footsteps could be heard striding down the hall toward them. Dee's abrupt appearance in the doorway was welcome to Ryo, but not so much, he guessed, to the Commissioner.

     "Hey Ryo, are you hungr--?" Dee checked at the sight that met his eyes and his face immediately fell in a way that, almost against his will, Ryo found rather sweet. Dee too was carrying a takeout bag. He recovered his composure quickly, however and swaggered in, all sharp eyes and snark.

     "I guess not, huh? Oh well, I suppose we can eat mine for breakfast." Dee emphasized that last word and tossed a challenging glance at the Commissioner before glancing around the room. "So these are the new digs. Not bad, not bad. Whaddaya say, Ryo? Think we can work here for a few weeks?"

     Ryo, who had been quietly coughing into a napkin since Dee had said the word 'breakfast', looked up at him and nodded. "Sure, yes, absolutely. Did you notice we have our own printer and fax?"

      Dee dropped his unneeded take-out bag on his own desk and drew up one of the interview chairs, since the Commissioner was sitting in his. "Oh yeah. We're in the lap of luxury here. What'cha eating?" He reached out and picked up Ryo's food container and then mutely held out his hand for the chopsticks. After a moment's hesitation, Ryo handed them to him, but with his eyes narrowed in warning.

     He didn't like it when Dee was too obvious about flaunting their close relationship in front of the Commissioner and he hoped Dee was not about to start behaving childishly. Dee ate a few mouthfuls of Ryo's dinner before returning both food and chopsticks to him. "Not bad," he pronounced. "A little heavy on the MSG, though."

     "MSG?" Ryo looked anxiously at the uneaten portion of his Teriyaki chicken and rice, and glanced back at Dee in time to witness his partner smirking faintly at the Commissioner. To Ryo's annoyance, the other two men locked eyes for a testosterone-charged moment.

     "Now Detective Laytner, I'm sure you're mistaken," the Commissioner returned smoothly. "This food came from Yamagata Bistro. They're famous for serving only organic vegetables, and free-range meats and eggs. Ryo, go ahead and enjoy your dinner. I'm certain that Yamagata wouldn't dream of polluting their culinary offerings with MSG."

      "Oh yeah? Well, I heard they got closed down after a kid got an ecoli infection last year." Dee shrugged, looking innocent. "But I'm sure the food is okay now."

     "That wasn't Yamagata Bistro, and you know it, Detective." The smoothness in the Commissioner's voice gave way to a harder edge. "I believe you're--"

     "Stop it, both of you!" Ryo smacked his tub of food down on his desk angrily. "This is almost as bad as eating dinner with Bikky and a pack of his school-age friends." He glared at both men, as if daring either of them to say a word. "Now if we're going to talk at all, I suggest we talk about the case."

     "Fine with me," said Dee, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms.

     "I would be most interested to hear about your progress, Ryo," said the Commissioner politely, without so much as a glance in Dee's direction.


     Dee unlocked the door to his apartment and pushed it open, standing back so that Ryo could enter ahead of him. He glanced up and down the hallway out of habit before following his partner in and locking the door.

     "Okay if I have a shower?" Ryo was already halfway to the bedroom, stripping off his tie as he went.

     "'Course not. Make yourself at home," Dee called after him. A mental image of Ryo naked and wet in the shower with soap bubbles sliding down his gleaming skin crept into his mind, and almost immediately, he tried to push it back out. After all, he had promised his sleepy partner that he would hold off on his seduction plans until tomorrow, which meant he couldn't go to bed with a hard-on the size of Central Park's Obelisk sticking out of his shorts.

      He opened the fridge and tossed in the take-out Mexican food he had brought Ryo for dinner. It hadn't been needed because Rose, slimy rat-bastard that he was, had the same idea and had gotten to Ryo with his lousy Teriyaki chicken first. Bastard. He could understand that Rose might have a soft spot for Ryo-- after all, many people did. But that son of a bitch was just thinking with his dick. He changed lovers as frequently as he changed his suits. He made someone feel important for a while and then he cast them aside until he wanted them again. Well, he was never going to get a shot at Ryo. No way.

     Dee surveyed the contents of his fridge with satisfaction. Ryo would have nothing to complain about when he looked in the fridge tomorrow. It was filled with bacon, eggs, butter, a bag of spinach, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and apples. The selection of beverages was much better than usual, too: orange juice, milk, and beer. He and Ryo were going to have an awesome breakfast. Mushroom omelets with extra cheese. Ryo would probably approve if he put spinach in them. There would be toast, of course. Bacon on the side. Maybe they could have breakfast in bed!

     Recently he had been loving Fridays. That was his Ryo-day, and with the brat in school, they would have hours for sleeping, making love, or going out into the world together for lunch, shopping, or a workout. Dee usually had Thursday and Friday off, whereas Ryo, being a parent, scored at least one weekend day. Ryo's days off were Friday and Saturday. Of course that could change at any time, but the Chief would never give them days off that were totally different. Partners needed to work together at least four days out of five.

     Unfortunately, there was that damn CI department meeting tomorrow, right in the middle of the day, eating a valuable chunk out of his precious Ryo-time. Sometimes it sucked being a working stiff.

     Dee's hand, which had been hovering over the six pack of beer that he had on the bottom shelf of the fridge fell away. Did he really want to be breathing beer fumes onto Ryo tonight? It would be better to first ascertain whether his partner wanted to have a beer, too. Dee suspected the answer would be no. Ryo probably wanted some of that disgusting herbal tea he sometimes made them both drink in the evenings. Chamomile. Well, tough luck, if so. There certainly wasn't any of that in the house. A moment later, he was rebuking himself for not thinking of it when he had been at the store this morning. Would Berkeley Rose have remembered to pick up herbal tea? Probably. Asshole.

     He ended up drinking orange juice somewhat anxiously from the carton while waiting for Ryo to emerge from the shower.

     He didn't have long to wait. He never did. Ryo could be a space-case at times, but he was always very efficient in the shower, probably from his pathological aversion to being late. It had only been about four minutes by Dee's reckoning until the loud clanking of the pipes informed him that Ryo was done and was probably toweling himself off in there. A couple of suggestive images of Ryo rubbing himself down tried to force their way into Dee's consciousness, but he pushed them away. No, no, no. Ryo was tired. They were going to bed. Yeah, bed, but only to sleep. Argh, being in love was so hard sometimes. 

     "Dee," Ryo called from the bedroom. "Where did you put my things?'

     "What things?"

     "You know, my spare pajamas and briefs. And socks."

     Dee walked into the bedroom, bracing himself for the sight of Ryo in a towel. "Sorry," he said. "I kind of reorganized everything. Your stuff is here." He pulled a wicker basket out from one of the cubicles in the wall unit where he kept clothes that didn't need to be hung up.

     "Thanks." Ryo started fishing through the basket and even though Dee knew that he really ought to go and take his own shower, he just stood there and looked his fill. Ryo was about to whisk that towel off and try to get into his shorts as quickly as possible, and Dee meant to be there when that happened.

     Ryo put the wicker basket back and hesitated for a moment before turning around. "Dee," he said pointedly, "is there any particular reason why you're not on your way to the shower?"

     "Yeah, and you know damn well what it is."

     "Dee, you promised."

     "I did, and you can hold me to that." He held up both hands in a pacifying gesture. "I'm not going to lay a lustful finger on you. I just wanna see you naked, that's all."

     "Haven't you seen me naked enough times by now?" Ryo looked at him in exasperation.

     "No," said Dee. "And I'm pretty sure I never will. C'mon, babe, just let me watch you put your underwear on. Gimme a good image to take to the shower with me."

     "You're absolutely impossible!"

     Dee shrugged and gave him an irrepressible grin. "I'm just the way God made me, that's all."

     Ryo hesitated again, then quickly cast his towel aside and put his boxers on as fast as he could. He was blushing when he had finished, and shot Dee an annoyed little glare before getting into the big bed and pulling the sheets up to his chin.

     "I know what you're thinking," said Dee.

     "I don't care. Go take your shower."

     "You're thinking that you might change into your pajamas for an added layer of security, aren't you?"

     Ryo's only response was to turn away and start patting his pillow into the shape he wanted.

     "But it's fucking June, dude. Even you've got to admit that it's really too warm for pajamas. When I get back, you're gonna be practically naked under that sheet, am I right?" Dee chuckled to himself and headed for the door. He hadn't taken two steps before Ryo's damp towel hit him in the back of the head.


     When Dee returned from the bathroom, Ryo was still awake, which surprised the hell out of him, because his partner had been drooping with tiredness all day. He was also completely naked and hard as a rock, a fact which Dee discovered only after he had turned the lights out and gotten into bed.

     "Oooh, what's this?" he asked, surprised and delighted when Ryo's hard, hot body rolled toward him and a sticky-tipped erection nudged his hip.

     "Dee," Ryo breathed. "I can't sleep."

     "Well, no shit. A boner like that would make it hard for anyone to sleep." Dee closed his hand around it and began stroking it, and Ryo responded by making a little sound and arching his back.

     Dee kissed his lips and his cheek, and murmured, "Want me to take care of you, baby?"

     "Yes, please," Ryo whispered, moving sensually into Dee's hand.

     Dee understood that Ryo really was too tired for anything more heavy-duty than a quick hand job or blow job. He wasn't going to get on top of him and rub their dicks together, nor would he try to fuck him. Ryo needed a little stress-relief, that was all. Tomorrow there would be time and leisure for sucking and fucking and rubbing and long, hot kisses...

     "Dee, what about you?" Ryo's hand groped for Dee's penis in the dark. "You're not hard."

     "Don't worry about me, love. I already beat off in the shower. I didn't think you'd be up for anything like this tonight."

    "But...well, we don't have to do this if you're not..."

     "Ryo," said Dee, as he kissed his way down his lover's quivering body. "Just shut up, all right? I love you." He started licking Ryo's shaft, while expertly handling his balls. "Just because I'm not hard doesn't mean I don't want you. Let me... " He swirled his tongue around the head of Ryo's dick, savoring the salty wetness he found there. "Let me give you pleasure, okay? Then you can fall asleep, guilt-free. We'll make love for longer tomorrow."

    "O...okay," said Ryo softly. "Tomorrow I'll make it up-- ooohhhh!" Dee's hot mouth had just closed wetly over his penis, and after that, neither of them could talk anymore.

  end of part one.  But part two will be up any second now.
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