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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I was delighted to read about Canada's first marriage of two gay cops. They're RCMP officers, and they're going to get married in their bright red dress uniforms! Someone has GOT to make a movie about this.

Check it out at http://halifaxherald.com/Front/504265.html

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(Deleted comment)
Hello cwwriter!

My LJ ID is a bit of a giveaway, isn't it? I'm very familiar with Vancouver and Whistler. I used to live in Vancouver, in Kits, but now I'm in a smaller place. E-mail me at brit.columbia@gmail.com if you want.
I went to your LJ page and finally learned what 'JF" was. Wow! Grumpy Demon has been referring to it, and I didn't know what she was talking about. What cool artwork and stories. Is it fan faction, or are those original characters? Do you, yourself, write stories for JF, or anywhere else? I wish I didn't have to start getting ready for work now, because I want to go explore that site!

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