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A common cat complaint
Dee Blue waves
I was roused from the warm, drifting tides of sleep this morning by an unmistakable and familiar sound-- that of a cat retching. The responsible half of me considered getting up to deal with it right then lest my husband wake up and step in it on his way to the bathroom, but the lazy half decided to go back to sleep and deal with the cat vomit later.

When I got up about an hour later, I searched for the puke puddle(s), but to no avail. I asked Fluff, but he just blinked sleepily at me and then led me hopefully to his dish.

Now I'm nervously wondering where and when I'm going to get a nasty surprise.

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Ah, but mine also use stealth pukes. They are invisible until you step on the hard, dried carpet that bites into your foot. That type is also a rude awakening in the middle of the night, though not as bad as the ones that squish between your toes. Been there, done that, don't EVER want to do it again.

EWW! Well, since I haven't discovered it yet, it will probably be the hard, dried kind. Wet and squishy is easier to clean, but, I agree, much worse to step on.

I have this cat, Karl, who just fills me with "URGHHHH" because he does so many annoying things. Like he pretends to start vomiting but when you go over to place something down to catch the puke he runs off, thus a game of tag starts up and half way through he forgets he was trying to vomit and wanders off. :/ He's lucky he's so damn cute.

Well, this just supports my husband's oft-stated assertion that exercise is the cure for everything!

Check your shoes... (Mine is particularly fond of finishing half her dinner, yakking it back up on my gigantic pain-in-the-ass-to-clean comforter, then calmly finishing her dinner.)

Okay, I just checked my shoes and my slippers and there's no puke on them, thank God. Maybe I should go look under the table. We've got a dinner guest tonight. I would just die if he stepped in some cat puke.

So far, Fluff has not puked on my gigantic pain-in-the-ass-to-clean comforter, mainly because the one time he tried, I popped awake and pushed him onto the floor. But he has barfed on my dad's bed many times. I try to head off his urge to hurl by brushing him 6 or 7 times a day. It has really helped a lot, but he still retches something up about once every ten days or so.

Awww...poor brit! If you're lucky, he was just faking you out and didn't actually puke. We have six cats, but they're all outdoors. If they sick up out there, I don't care. Between goose poop (thanks to having a freakin' pond in our yard), dog messes, and the little presents the cats leave on the front porch now and again - usually just bits and pieces of the innards - we just steer clear of the grass most of the time, and never ever leave the house without shoes.

I'm beginning to hope it was just retching without any actual puke production. I haven't found anything at all. The dinner guestS-- there were two, but my husband neglected to mention the second one-- have been and gone and if anyone found any well-hidden cat regurgitation, they sure didn't speak up about it.

Oh, good! Worst case scenario avoided! And did he forget about the second one? Or just didn't tell you? Lol!

He 'claimed' he didn't know, either! *Snort!*

(Deleted comment)
Oh say no more. Pee surprises are the worst, and there's no kind of pee worse than cat pee. At least hairballs and puke don't leave lingering odors that stick around for weeks or months. Fortunately my cat has an iron-clad bladder.

Have you thought about getting a pair of crocs for just wearing about the house? At least until the dog starts to understand the concept of not peeing indoors?

Oh geez, I sympathize. My current two do not puke, pee, or even crap heedlessly around the house, thank the gods, but the dogs have been trying in their puppy times (and right now the one is occasionally dripping blood, in her heat).

I've been there, with the wet and smelly foot and the inexplicable carpet stains and the hiding incontinent cats before though.
Good luck with ever finding it.

Thank you! A different set of friends came for dinner tonight and INSISTED on taking off their shoes. I tried to discourage them, although without going so far as to come out and tell them the truth. Fortunately, nothing happened to their feet except that Fluff bit the girl's toes. He didn't do that with the boy. Maybe it's because the girl has a cat of her own and Fluffy smelled the cat on her, whereas the boy lives with three German Shepards, so his feet probably smelled quite scary.

(I'm actually laughing too merrily and incoherantly to say anything besides...)


Let's hope it was just false alarm.
How old is Fluffy, by the way? He looks very cuddly.

I remember cats and guests incidents... Once I had to take out a hissing, wildly struggeling cat, who was carrying a mouse that was struggeling as well, squeaking in panic, surrounded by two hysterically screaming teenagers. One of them was my younger sister, the other one was the poor french exchange student...

Oh my God, that's so funny! Well, maybe not for the mouse.

That reminds me of the time I was driving two Japanese girls to Home Hardware in my car. One of them, I was shortly to learn, was deathly afraid of caterpillars. The one in the passenger seat suddenly discovered that she had a caterpillar hitching a ride in her arm, so she screamed and smacked it off her arm. It landed right onto my gear-changing hand, where it wriggled and clung on for dear life. The two girls freaked and shrieked non-stop until I pulled into the parking lot. While I was parking, the caterpillar slipped through my fingers and fell onto my big toe, which was exposed because I was wearing flip flops. The girls scrambled out of the car and clung to each other, hyperventilating. When I shook the caterpillar off my toe, the screaming started again. Later, they thanked me for staying calm and not crashing the car! The truth was that a part of me had wanted to freak out too, but as I was the driver, it just wasn't an option.

Fluffy IS very cuddly! I think he loves to be cuddled almost more than he loves to be fed. He is extremely furry and is a very big cat. He's too long to fit on anyone's lap. We don't know how old he is because we got him as an adult cat after he had been abandoned by his previous owners. I estimate that he's about ten.

Really? A caterpillar? But those look so funny when they move!
Anyway, I wouldn't like to have one sitting on my big toe either, even though that's a great picture. :D

I love big, calm cats. They are like concentrated peace.

Me too! My big, calm Fluffy just asked me very politely for his dinner. He's very well mannered and always asks permission before coming up onto the bed or the sofa.

My husband and I were watching cat videos on Youtube today, and we saw some cats that were very talky and whiny. I said to him, "Aren't we lucky Fluff doesn't do that?"

When I was in my teens, I used to have a very noisy, nag-bag of a cat with a strident and imperious meow. He drove us all crazy when he began loudly demanding his dinner-- always early. I vastly prefer Fluff's silent guilt trips!

Brit, you are making me laugh!!!!!

That is the one sound that has me leaping out of bed no matter what. If it's on the bare floor I don't mind so much - anywhere else is a headache.

Fluffy, where did you hide your vomit?


Well, day two is almost over and I still haven't found the vomit, so either he retched without bringing anything up or he hid it really well! Most of my floors are either hardwood or click, but for some reason Fluffy always seeks out a mat or a rug to toss up on. I have no idea why.

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