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A minor update on my doings and Happy Birthday wishes to Twiyah
Dee with wine and suspicious look
Hello to all who come and check this journal! No this isn't the next chapter of Justice, I regret to report. I AM working on that, but it's nowhere near ready to go to the betas yet.

Most of you know me as a gym-going, bike-riding Ninja of Exercise. Well, maybe 'Ninja' isn't quite the right word, since I'm sure Ninjas don't indulge in chocolate, pizza, and red wine quite as often as I do. But nonetheless, despite my dietary failings, I can say with conviction that I swathe myself in rain gear, then get on my bike and ride somewhere pretty much every damn day of the year, rain or shine. (Black ice is a show stopper, though)

Today was no exception. I woke up determined to haul myself to the gym at some point in the mid afternoon, after shopping, cooking and attending to the needs of men and catfolk.

So, am I a ninja today? Hardly. Problem number one: It's pelting down rain, and has been since I returned from the grocery store at about 1:00 pm. Perhaps 'pelting' is not quite the right word. The rain is lashing the earth with its fury. The accompanying gale is shaking the house. It's dark and windy, and water is running down the windows in desperate sheets. I, um, REALLY don't want to go out there unless there is an emergency of some sort.

Okay, yes, I have rain gear,  and yes, I have ridden to the gym in weather like this many times before, but let's move on to problem number two, which is that the rear tire of my bike is flat, and I don't know why. I suspect that I have a puncture, since it went from fine to irredeemably flat in a mere twelve hours. This means that even if I don the gear and head to a gas station to pump up my tire, it'll probably go flat again halfway to the gym. My father is gone overnight with his car, and my husband has gone to work with his, so I can't drive to the gym today.

Faced with this dilemma, I studied the contents of my fridge and proceeded to heat up and enjoy last night's leftovers. Then when the post-meal chocolate cravings began to take me, I knew I had to make a cup of coffee with cocoa powder in it before I pigged out on the lovely Japanese chocolate (Rummy!) that a friend of mine brought me back from Japan. I hastily made coffee and scooped cocoa into it. The rain continued to thrum against the roof and the wind howled mournfully. The chocolate dravings did not abate.  Finally, I poured a liberal slug of Bailey's into my coffee, and POW! No more chocolate cravings. I'll have to remember this.

Twiyah! My fellow exercise fan. Happy, happy birthday. I hope you're enjoying yourself with your friends and don't have any big, stressful school assignments due this weekend. A big hug, a big slug--of Baileys-- and best wishes for health, success, and happiness on the day of your birthday and for all the days that go by until the next one. I hope you know how much I appreciate and value all your kind and thoughtful encouragement over the years.

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Oh no, snow! If there's one thing I hate more than lashing rain, it's snow. That's because white fluffy snow becomes black ice when the sun goes down.

This is my chocolate! http://www.flutterscape.com/product/no/781/lotte-rummy-rum-raisins-chocolate-alc-3-7-season-limited-ver

My good friend brought me ten bars from her recent trip home to Japan. She brought them to me on Thursday night. I broke down and ate two whole chocolate bars at midnight on the same night. Since that low but joyful moment, my self control has sort of come back. Except for right now, of course, but hey, it'll pass! It's December, after all, the Annual Month of Chocolate!

(Deleted comment)
Hey don't feel bad. I have a bookcase full of books that stamp me unmistakeably as a geek.

A small sampling:

How To Stay Alive In The Woods by Bradford Angier

Killoe by Louis Lamour

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Comickers Art by Comickers Magazine

most of the Flashman books by George MacDonald Fraser

The Roman History: The Reign of Augustus, by Cassius Dio

Jarhead by Anthony Swofford

Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

Polly and The Stupid Wolf by Catherine Storr

and of course, everything I've ever been able to get my hands on by Norah Lofts and Georgette Heyer.

I'm naturally not counting all the manga and M/M books, most of which have been a sad waste of money.

When I used to live in Japan, I learned Katakana and Hiragana, but ran screaming from Kanji on account of it being too damn hard. Now I've forgotten everything except for a few important verbs and food nouns!

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(Deleted comment)
He does look like Dee, doesn't he? That's why I can't stop myself from making icons of him!

Kanji requires too many memory cells in a person's brain, and my memory cells are too busy trying to remember more mndane things such as whether recycling day is this week or was last week and did I actually charge my laptop or just think about charging it, and where the hell did I put my glasses anyway?

(Deleted comment)
Aw, I just can't find a Ryo. Someday, someday, my Ryo will come...

Maybe Berkely will be a little easier! I haven't gone looking for a Berk yet.

(Deleted comment)
Twiyah! I'm so glad to hear about your party with your friends. It must have been hard to even think about going a whole day without studying, but it's great that you did. And how empowering that you didn't just slide into so-called 'laziness' but you proactively gave yourself permission!

No, I'm afraid I didn't get my tire repaired. The rain has been pounding this part of the world for fifteen plus hours without letting up or slackening even an iota. Our garden is flooded. So is our basement. My bike's flat tire is probably taking on water. I'm not going anywhere until this stops. I was really feeling guilty about missing my exercise until I read your sensible statement: "Skipping one exercise never hurt anybody." That's very true. I'm not used to being so sedentary, but I'll make up for it tomorrow!

Yes, it's been years that we've 'known' each other, and I also hope that you will continue to visit my LJ for many more years!

Happy Holidays to you too, and best of luck on your final exam!

(Deleted comment)
I went out in a snow storm and it's your fault. I was content to stay inside and make do without going to the store this weekend, but then you got me thinking about chocolate. Thankfully, the store isn't far away, but while they had a lot of yummy chocolate it wasn't the kind I really wanted. I think you made a post not long ago about the orange shaped chocolate you break apart. I love it, but it's not sold anywhere near me. The Fannie May was still tasty. :)

Well, I'd say that if you were motivated to go out in a snow storm for your chocolate, then you must have REALLY wanted that chocolate, and it was therefore necessary for your health and well-being, thus none of the calories count!

While I'm always willing to take the blame/credit for making people want chocolate, I think that in your case I just pinged a craving that was already there.

I've got another Terry's Chocolate Orange now! I'm working on a dark chocolate one. So far, I've been very good. I ate three slices last night, gave six to my father, then wrapped it back up and put it away! (That sentence totally deserves an exclamation mark, because it illustrates a certain strength of will on my part which I am, in equal parts, proud of and baffled by)

TCO's were on sale at my local supermarket recently, and it was impossible to push my cart through the stores without encountering random displays of them. There was a display in the deli, another one in the frozen foods aisle, and a final one on the border of the produce section and the pharmacy. I'm every bit as suggestible as you are, so the marketing worked, and I bought two. I told myself I was going to give the second one away, but in fact, that's the one I opened last night. I also did something I learned from my sister, which was to help myself to about ten extra one-dollar-off coupons from the display. They had these booklets of coupons mounted almost at eye level as an extra incentive to Buy More Chocolate! So I have a whole bunch of coupons in tho pocket of my coat, but I think they got really drenched the last time I attempted to ride my bike in a deluge. We're getting a lot of deluges nowadays.

What's a Fannie May? I thought it was a defunct financial institution.

Oh geez, I'd much rather have snow than pouring down rain like that. At least the snow stays for a while, and doesn't flood and make the horses (and me!) miserable.
And that's a real concern when I'm stuck feeding them half the time.

Also, that mysterious effect wherein while it snows, it's somehow warmer than it was before it started snowing. You don't really get that with rain- what with the damp wetness and all.

I'd say, if you want to find the puncture, fill it up with air and stick it underwater (you seem to have enough of that around ;D) and see where the bubbles escape. Then patch with some good ol' duct tape or gaff tape or electrical tape even. Something relatively waterproof.

I've been pretty good. Been drinking tea at work every other day to help chase the morning chills away. also makes me less hungry come breakfast time Otherwise just been preparing for Xmas. Should also start preparing to head back to school soon; get the paperwork in gear. Otherwise just goofing off with all sorts of games and sleeping long hours.

Yes, it's true that snow doesn't flood. Our basement was seriously flooded last night. I was doing laundry in my wellies and wondering if I was going to get electrocuted. (My father said no)

However, I still prefer rain to snow! The main reason for that is that I'm a cyclist, and rain, while wet and unpleasant, doesn't turn into black ice and force me off my bike, or to be more accurate, doesn't send me hurtling off my bike. If it's raining, it means it's not cold enough to freeze. Once the rain turns into snow, that means you have to start watching out for patches of ice. A secondary reason is that where I live, it doesn't snow very often, so the community is completely unprepared to deal with snow. Buses stop running, you can't buy a snow shovel because stores don't want to waste retailing space stocking something that is so rarely needed, and people in these parts can't drive in snow. Even the ones that can drive in snow-- usually refugees from Canada's colder provinces-- can't take their cars anywhere after heavy snow because the local municipalities don't have snow plows!

It is of course quite different in the parts of Canada where it snows regularly. They're prepared and experienced.

I've assigned the project of finding the puncture in my tire to my father. If he can't fix it, I'll take it to the bike shop.

I'm glad to hear you're sleeping long hours! Sometimes getting enough sleep is challenging for you.

I have to be very careful about drinking tea because it's a chocolate trigger. If I eat chocolate without tea, I'll eat just a few pieces of chocolate. If I make a cup of tea to have with it, I'll eat enough chocolate to satisfy six people!

Ah, see, our land is practically all flood-plain between two large hills. (Except for the house, that's halfway up the one hill, and the hay barn and lean-to, on the other side) The spring months, during the thaw, is especially scary, but the real scare is heavy rain before the thaw- it floods the entire field that way!
I've waded through the field where the water level was at least a foot throughout! Made for very grumpy horses, splashing me with my wellies, all sloshing along, demanding lots of grub as compensation.

I hear ya on the snow deal. Nevertheless, I'd still rather have the snow. We're in a very hilly/mountainous area, so the weather here is literally hit or miss. There have been times where, not 3 miles away, they got three feet, while my house got nary a flake. But rain rarely misses. It comes in giant masses that last for hours, building themselves up against the mountains and then letting loose on us. Snow usually only falls for a half a day.
Still, people 'round here always act stupid about it until they all finally pull it together and get the municipal plows out and the various neighbors get their snowthrowers and snowplows and salt and everything's fine again.

Well, I'm sleeping long hours on the days I have off, to make up for the days I have work. I sleep horribly the nights before I work, and then tend to crash the following evening, and sleep most of the next day, then back to work again. Since I'm only part time but well-paid part time! it works rather well, in it's broken way. 8 hour work days tend to find me zoning out in the afternoons.

Note to self: when making tea, give Brit all your chocolate.
I tend to lose my appetite when I drink tea. Guess my stomach thinks it's broth or something? And I'm weird, in that I have an on-again-off-again craving/revulsion with chocolate. One week I'll be snacking on Hershey's kisses with gleeful abandon, the next, won't touch those M&M's even with a empty stomach. Though that's pretty much the same with all desserts and me- I'm weird like that.

Jeez, I wish I had an on again/off again relationship with chocolate. Unfortunately, I'm deeply in love and will forgive chocolate anything!

Ah, but see, that's when I go, "ooh, I'd love some crab chips" or "I could really go for some double-stuffed oreos" or "What would I do for a Reese's Klondike bar?" My cravings don't go by any discernible cycle, but there will always be a craving for something, even if it's for something I can't figure out, but we probably don't have to eat.
In which case I shrug, and find something edible to at least fill my stomach. Eventually it either goes away, or changes to something I know what it is.

woke up determined to haul myself to the gym at some point in the mid afternoon, after shopping, cooking and attending to the needs of men and catfolk.

LOL! Brit, you always make me laugh and smile. You know how much I admire your dedication to riding your bike, and exercising. However, even if your bike had not had a flat rear tire I think it would have been prudent to skip the ride in that wild sounding weather.

A lovely, stormy day is perfect for eating leftovers, chocolate, and your own version of cafe mocha. I always add cocoa to my coffee - so yummy! But I think I need to try out your slug of Baileys...at least if I'm not headed out anywhere.

I hope the rain has slacked by now and you have had your puncture repaired.

Thanks for checking in -


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