brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

A minor update on my doings and Happy Birthday wishes to Twiyah

Hello to all who come and check this journal! No this isn't the next chapter of Justice, I regret to report. I AM working on that, but it's nowhere near ready to go to the betas yet.

Most of you know me as a gym-going, bike-riding Ninja of Exercise. Well, maybe 'Ninja' isn't quite the right word, since I'm sure Ninjas don't indulge in chocolate, pizza, and red wine quite as often as I do. But nonetheless, despite my dietary failings, I can say with conviction that I swathe myself in rain gear, then get on my bike and ride somewhere pretty much every damn day of the year, rain or shine. (Black ice is a show stopper, though)

Today was no exception. I woke up determined to haul myself to the gym at some point in the mid afternoon, after shopping, cooking and attending to the needs of men and catfolk.

So, am I a ninja today? Hardly. Problem number one: It's pelting down rain, and has been since I returned from the grocery store at about 1:00 pm. Perhaps 'pelting' is not quite the right word. The rain is lashing the earth with its fury. The accompanying gale is shaking the house. It's dark and windy, and water is running down the windows in desperate sheets. I, um, REALLY don't want to go out there unless there is an emergency of some sort.

Okay, yes, I have rain gear,  and yes, I have ridden to the gym in weather like this many times before, but let's move on to problem number two, which is that the rear tire of my bike is flat, and I don't know why. I suspect that I have a puncture, since it went from fine to irredeemably flat in a mere twelve hours. This means that even if I don the gear and head to a gas station to pump up my tire, it'll probably go flat again halfway to the gym. My father is gone overnight with his car, and my husband has gone to work with his, so I can't drive to the gym today.

Faced with this dilemma, I studied the contents of my fridge and proceeded to heat up and enjoy last night's leftovers. Then when the post-meal chocolate cravings began to take me, I knew I had to make a cup of coffee with cocoa powder in it before I pigged out on the lovely Japanese chocolate (Rummy!) that a friend of mine brought me back from Japan. I hastily made coffee and scooped cocoa into it. The rain continued to thrum against the roof and the wind howled mournfully. The chocolate dravings did not abate.  Finally, I poured a liberal slug of Bailey's into my coffee, and POW! No more chocolate cravings. I'll have to remember this.

Twiyah! My fellow exercise fan. Happy, happy birthday. I hope you're enjoying yourself with your friends and don't have any big, stressful school assignments due this weekend. A big hug, a big slug--of Baileys-- and best wishes for health, success, and happiness on the day of your birthday and for all the days that go by until the next one. I hope you know how much I appreciate and value all your kind and thoughtful encouragement over the years.

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